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So I don't have to! Linoge lays out some hard numbers disproving the myth that more guns = more deaths, and he does so using a simplified graph. Granted, with the brain trusts that invaded my comments the other day, even lines drawn in crayon might be a bit too complex for some people to comprehend. Which, of course, is good news for the Brady Campaign.
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From a friend on Facebook Someone explain to me why a tax free weekend is such a big deal. I wouldn't rush out and buy a bunch of stuff it there was a 7% off sale.
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I saw this a while back from a crappy cell phone capture of the video, but seeing it in HD has awakened my 'geek gland'
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Thirdpower applies stick to hornet's nest over at HuffPo. Results are predictable.
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Because she's a heartless, cruel bitch and doesn't care how much effort you put into healing the sick animals. She'll turn them into lunch on a whim.
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At the time of this writing, there are 79 comments to my post regarding the forged Bush TANG Obama birth certificate memo. I received over 10,000 visits from it making it the most successful post I have ever done. It is also one of the most illustrating of the problems we face as a society. Namely the pure, unadulterated idiocy that has infected the populace. There are three types of people who read that post Those who realize it was a joke (even if they didn't get the reference to the...
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  Now my average hits (along with my ego) will be inflated for a little while. Updated – Woke up this morning to see I had 10,456 visits yesterday. That is far beyond anything I've ever been able to muster up, even in the days of my quasi-political blogging. Still… No Instalanche.
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Folks, this is big. I wasn't all into the whole 'birther' thing, but I just received this fax that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is not eligible to be President of the United States. This is an exclusive document found only here at Sharp as a Marble! I have verified its authenticity and feel that this is too important to keep quiet over. Ladies and gentlemen, proof positive that Barack Hussein Obama is not American born!
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Let's say you legally modified your firearm to keep it within specs. You did so using a legally approved method. Now the BATFEIEIO goes and changes that regulation making that particular method illegal without you knowing. You are now a criminal. Ah, harkening back to … what was it? Yesterday? Yes, it was.
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I'm not 100% on board with chiropractors. It's not that I don't believe realigning the bones doesn't work, it's that I don't think snapping your neck and spine can cure everything from backaches to athlete's foot. However, with my neck going haywire, the doctor suggested I try it out and get some therapy since it doesn't seem to be responding to the drugs. So, I made an appointment yesterday. Here's the funny thing – I wasn't a patient, but I called and got an appointment on the same day. So...
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The Gun Blogger Rendezvous has a snazzy new logo. Whoever did that was freakin' talented. I think any gunny or gun related web site should hire that guy to do their design. I hear he'll work for ammo / firearms / etc.
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The Civilian Gun Self-Defense blog has a great story about why "calling the police" isn't always the best option Cassidy Lockett was home with her young children late last month when she says two men tried to break into her home. She hid the children behind the couch, grabbed a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol and aimed it at a man who was already halfway through a window, climbing into her home. One woman and her young children. Two men who just escaped from prison. By the time...
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If You're Reading This, You're Probably a Federal Criminal: Radley Balko has an interesting post discussing the ever-expanding reach of federal criminal law. As he points out, the problem is not just that federal criminal law has expanded to cover many areas that are better left to state or local governments. It is that the scope of federal criminal law is so broad that the feds could probably find a crime to pin on almost any American adult. Emphasis mine. Let me bring up a quote from...
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This weekend a man with a gun walked into the local library, picked out some books he had waiting for him, then left and headed to Home Depot, then Wal-Mart to pick up cleaning supplies for this mind-controlling, weapons of death. The gunman also allegedly threw a birthday party for his 4 year old daughter and several of her friends in the very house where the instruments of mayhem were stored. Rumor has it some of them were even loaded with high powered assault ammunition. So far, no reports...
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The pup managed to snarf 6 strawberry cupcakes (with paper liners) and several breadsticks from the counter this weekend. We forget how tall she is. Apparently, there is no safe spot you can store food on the counters. Time to make a few habanero and Tabasco treats to leave up there.
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Thanks to JayG who sent me a copy of Monster Hunter International by world renowned Blogger and H&K fanboy Larry Correia (and to Heath, who is the actual owner of said book). I finished it last night and let me say, what a ride! It's got guns, vampires, werewolves, guns, monsters, and guns. Lots of guns. Larry is a former gun store owner, so not only are there guns in the book, they're accurately portrayed (including getting clip and magazine right!). If you've tried to find the book...
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Then there's PSH2 I have yet to see this much Pants Shitting Hysterics in one place at one time. Before you click on the link, be sure to wear a rain coat or something. You don't want to end up getting hosed down with it. Some samples Raids in Los Angeles this week that uncovered an extraordinary cache of illegal assault weapons were prompted in part by an increased use of high-powered weapons in San Fernando Valley shootings, police said. … seized 32 firearms, including...
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Joe Huffman sends a letter.  Damn if that's not funny!
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So, in my fantasy world where I actually have some cash to spend on toys, I've been thinking about what I would get if I had a few grand sitting around and could purchase a nice, new gun. Sure, I'd love a BMG and some year I think I might do it, however I'm still locked into the more practical mindset – I want something I can shoot the heck out of and would have a good use for. I don't hunt, although I'd really like to, so a nice hunting rifle would do nothing but collect dust. So, I've...
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Blog every day. Consider this my entry for Thursday.
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Sounds like a decent business plan to me
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It's been my goal from the get go. Mr "The health care bill isn't about me" all of a sudden says "YOU'RE GOING TO DESTROY MY PRESIDENCY". Perfect. Just what I wanted. I WANT the socialist to fail. I want his policies to be discarded into the dustbin of shitty history. I do this because I want what's best for America and nebulous "hope and change" isn't it.
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The other side has emotional appeals, a complete lack of facts to back up their assertions, and an appalling lack of apostrophes. We have Kevin Baker. For what Marc Rubin calls an irrefutable argument, Kevin sure as hell refutes quite thoroughly.
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This headline is so full PSH-like fail it's pathetic. No wonder papers are dying off The Strange Story of the Gun that Murdered McNair Got that, the gun murdered McNair. This is the strange story of the gun that killed professional football great Steve McNair. That the gun found its way into the hands of McNair’s 20-year-old mistress, Sahel Kazemi, is a tale of strange twists and turns and no small amount of misfortune. At any one of those turns, had something happened differently,...
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RUN AWAY!!! Seriously, congratulations. And I'm not just saying that because my wife might read this post.
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Jeff Soyer at Alphecca highlights this story about a true-blue liberal and his come-to-Jesus moment regarding guns A terrifying example - Now, before I go any further, I want you to understand one very important thing. Never before in my entire life was I so thankful to have a loaded gun in my hand as I was at that moment. Why? Because it gave my son and I a decent chance of getting out of this predicament alive. I've said it so many times I feel like I have Tourette's syndrome – Having.
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Little kids and their parents apparently quite safe. Stuffing in the streets yet to happen.
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Poor dog. I don't think she's ever going to feel like she's truly at home
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The third installment of "The Best Things To Ever Happen To Me" was born Happy birthday Irelyn!
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Artist makes fun of Nazis by sculpting a garden gnome giving the Nazi salute. He's now in deep trouble for his effort. "In 1942 I would have been murdered by the Nazis for this work," he said. And in 2009, he'll suffer an ever worse fate at the hands of political correctness.
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The money is for a good cause, Soldiers' Angels, and you can even win a Para GI.
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Don Gwinn of the Armed SchoolTeacher is now writing for the Examiner! Go check him out, why don't you?
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Because it's not just firearms you can't purchase simply based on having a common name A guy of middle-eastern decent (born in Afghanistan) wants to buy a car. We agree on the price, he fills out a credit-ap and we run it. Rock Star, as we say in the biz, 815 FICO score with 92% of his current credit available. Well employed at a famous medical school. Should be “No Problem” getting him financed, right? Wrong. His name brings up a flag on AMPAC, the American Patriot Act terrorist watch...
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Murderers, rapists, and lawn sprinklers. Glad they've gotten that all covered.
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Delivered fresh to your door daily
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Why couldn't this octogenarian just stay duct taped and blindfolded? As the intruder stalked through the house, the retired freight dockworker hustled to free himself, twisting and wriggling his arms first, then crawling to the kitchen to find scissors to cut his legs free. “I had to get my gun,” Parrish said. Meanwhile, the intruder found a 10-year-old girl in the first-floor living room waiting to continue her tennis lessons with Carlson. Give them what they want, right? What if...
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In this particular story however, Julius Caesaer comes out ahead Officers responded to a burglar alarm at BMW Motorcycles of Little Rock and made contact with an employee, Julius Ceasaer, who advised he was sleeping in the business when he heard a loud noise.  He then observed a dark colored Dodge pick up backing into the business.  Ceasaer advised that he grabbed his shotgun and approached the front door and observed a black male looking around at some of the motorcycles that...
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Thank God he didn't have a gun, or he could have hurt himself A taxi driver decapitated himself in his cab in what appears to have been a gruesome suicide. The man, believed to be in his 30s, tied a rope to a lamppost and the other end around his neck before driving off in Southwark, southeast London, on Friday. Best comment from Salamander - Too bad he was driving. If he could have super glued his hands to his head it would have looked like he ripped his head off with his hands
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The Chain SAW It was designed to have the ergonomics of a chain saw, and the firepower of a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). It’s based on the idea that heads up displays no longer require a gun to be held up to the face for aiming. Theoretically, this type of grip could be applied to many different weapons in the future. Somewhere, Josh Sugarmann just took a harder look at his nightstand.
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The Vicodin assisted unconsciousness kicked in before the show started, but on last night's Gun Nuts show Caleb and Breda had Michael Brendzel of Zel Custom Manufacturing, makers of the Tactilite .50 BMG AR upper on the show. Not only did I apparently miss a good show, I missed this priceless quote A .50 BMG upper makes Josh Sugarmann look at his bottle of whiskey and sleeping pills and think "maybe tonight is the night" I'm telling you, I need to find a bit of extra outside...
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Apparently you are supposed to try stronger drugs. Went to the doc yesterday regarding my neck problem which has not only made no significant improvement, the pain started moving down my back (I think out of compensation). They had me do some x-rays to make sure it wasn't anything boneular or whatnot, but they were pretty sure it was just one hellaciously kinked up muscle, so they amped up the drugs. In addition to the muscle relaxers, I was given Naproxen Sodium that is better measured in...
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The tree of liberty must be mulched from time to time with the pants of tyrants and patriots Yuri
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But this shootout didn't happen the way the anti's would have you believe
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Idiot in XXXL In an earlier article about the 2nd amendment I proved beyond a shadow of any doubt that the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with an individual right to own a gun. And the facts are irrefutable. Irrefutable!!! Well, minus the part where it's been unanimously determined by the Supreme Court. And countless other documents, articles, studies, etc. Oh, and reality.
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It appears that when you hassle the criminals rather than the law abiding, you get better results. “I’m strappin’,” criminals like to boast when they are carrying a handgun. It is a way to get “street cred,” to intimidate. But they are “strappin’” less these days, according to the police, because aggressive law enforcement and the threat of federal prosecution and imprisonment has scared them into altering their behavior. Cops on the streets, actually getting in the criminals' turf, and...
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The other day I was talking about possibly switching the Para USA Gun Blogger 45 for a 1911 style pistol in 10mm. Enough people chimed in that the Para is special and I'd hate myself for letting it go, and I've put a lot of thought into that. After my range trip last night, I'm not only positive I don't want to trade it, but I've actually realized the more I shoot the 1911, the less I like my Glock. At 10 yards last night, the Glock stayed on target, but there was nothing approaching a...
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Woke up this morning to a loud, constant beep emanating from the office. My nice APC UPS was informing me it was overloaded, so I reset it and everything was fine. Until a few minutes later when the same thing happened. Reset. A few seconds. Overload. Fine, I unplugged everything. Reset. Instant overload. Unplugged it from wall. Same thing. Decided unit was tits up, and removed the internal batteries. Hooray for expensive, broken stuff!
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I leave 'em alone for a while and find they've actually been listening.
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Providing criminals with an easy source of weapons since… forever. Law enforcement officers from two counties are searching for an unmarked police car loaded with weapons, ammunition, riot gear -- and possibly even an emergency light -- that was stolen from outside a Hialeah restaurant early Friday morning. Investigators are warning that the thief may possibly use the vehicle to impersonate a police officer by stopping an unsuspecting motorist. Must be all that extra training the...
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Grade A idiot.
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Because it generally is "Just shoot the bastard". However, if you are more inclined towards that kind of stuff, could you possibly help Christina out a bit?
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Got an email yesterday from the makers of a nifty little AR-15 accessory. It's the Tactilite, a .50 BMG conversion for the AR-15 rifle ( It's a single-shot, bolt-action .50 BMG upper that fits right on top of the standard AR lower. Helooooooooo sexy! Let's look at some of the awesome features of this thing of beauty It's a 50 BMG. I could stop here, but it keeps getting more awesome It fits right on your existing upper From the email I received, their midrange...
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Blogging from the iPhone. Not my preferred method of blogging, but I guess this will do in a pinch.
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So, just random IRC conversations has brought up the fact that someone might be interested in trading a 10mm 1911 for the Gun Blogger .45. While it's just talk at the moment, it really got me thinking. I'm dying for a 1911 pistol in 10mm. I love my Glock 29. I love the 10mm platform. Shooting 10mm in IPSC would be good for several reasons. Easy to make high power and don't have to worry as much about the old farts stealing my brass. Plus, ammo interchangeability with my carry piece is also...
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But if you ask the wrong question, you're going to get the wrong answer. In yet another ridiculous move by the anti-self-defense camp, a national “ASK” day was established about ten years ago.  Its purpose was to remind parents to be proactive about protecting their children from firearm accidents simply by asking their friends and neighbors about the use of guns in their respective homes.  Its intent was to remind parents to inquire of friends and neighbors that their children...
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Oh! There's a Will! Will's Workbench has moved. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through his blog. It's fascinating to see how learning to gunsmith works. Even the boring sanding and refinishing are interesting to me. If there was any possible way for me to go on hiatus, head up to Pennsylvania, and go through the entire Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, I would. Unfortunately my family has gotten used to eating and not sleeping in the rain, so that's not really an option.
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When the city does it, it's a 'permit'
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It was 12:34:56 7/8/2009 Not special at all.
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Joe Huffman So far, part way through the prologue, he is just complaining that the gun control movement has trouble getting any traction and all the pro-gun people have is bumper stickers. It seems to me that if your opposition is able to hold you down with a few bumper stickers then perhaps your vehicle is lacking substance under the hood. Poor Dennis Henigan. Can't get any traction because his opponents use (his words) "arguments in the arcane language of academia and in mounds.
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Half-naked motorist to cops: I lost my pants The pants free lifestyle may take time to get used to. This poor gentleman required alcohol and a flimsy excuse. Given time, Mr. Shultz will learn that there is nothing wrong 'high-tailin' it commando' and should be a beneficial member of society, sans pants. Pants-free driving is even better in a Jeep Wrangler without doors.
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I wrote a letter to Bill McCollum, my Attorney General, thanking him for signing onto the Amicus Brief Supporting Second Amendment Incorporation. If your AG has signed on, shouldn't you send them a letter with your appreciation? If yours hasn't, have you let them know? Update I got a response Thank you for contacting me on this vitally important matter of Second Amendment rights and the case of NRA v. Chicago. I am happy to have joined some of my Attorney General colleagues around the...
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Anti-gunners spout off. Facts are given. Anti's hit bottom, keep digging. When someone hands you your ass on a silver platter, that's not an invitation to put it back on and try again.
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Seeing two people in a fist fight and shooting them both? Not so good. There are idiots in the world, that's for sure.
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You're a political sheep. But it's not a swipe at gun owners.
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It was rumored that King Leonidas was told to lay down his bacon. He responded thusly.
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Oleg has it Tools. Incapable of making a moral or ethical choice on their own since the Big Bang.
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Two-thirds of State Attorneys General File Amicus Brief Supporting Second Amendment Incorporation Fairfax, Va. – Two-thirds of the nation’s attorneys general have filed an amicus brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to grant certiorari in the case of NRA v. Chicago and hold that the Second Amendment applies to state and local governments through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This bi-partisan group of 33 attorneys general, along with the Attorney General of California in...
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This is an interesting article, mostly because it manages to pertain to me and my decision for my carry piece The prosecution also made hay about Fish carrying a 10mm handgun loaded with hollowpoint ammunition. In an urban area, that may not be your preferred carry gun. But on a hiking trail that is probably the caliber of choice. It's enough bullet to drop most any four-legged predators you may encounter, and the hollowpoint round is a good choice both for stopping power and to prevent...
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He just happened to be born elsewhere. Like Joe's friend, I don't understand why people continue to think that socialism of any stripe is good. I don't get why people think corporations are bad but intrusive government is fine. One has no power to make you purchase their products or services, the other not only doesn't give you the choice, you can't go elsewhere if you're not happy with it.
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Figured I'd put my shopping list online so I can remember it easier. Hoppe's #9. Brake cleaner 10mm bore brushes .45 caliber bore brushes. cleaning patches that actually fit. I'm getting tired of trimming down what I have to fit the .22 brass catcher for the AR 6.8SPC brass Fresh batteries for the Crimson Trace grips on the Para. some sort of brushes that help get in all the nooks and crannies. The Mark III 22/45 is as bitch to clean. a better range bag. Actually,...
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'Fully automatic' gun fire and only 12 wounded? One of which was wounded by a car. But, I thought guns made killing so easy? It's almost like you have to aim the things or something. Hat Tip War On Guns who is probably correct that the 'fully automatic' thing is bogus.
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A broad daylight robbery using those guns you can't legally own. I mean, if criminals can't be bothered to obey the gun laws, what does that say for a society? Frankly, they should disarm their citizenry and that'll stop these shenanigans. Notice the sheep walking around? How about that old lady who couldn't run and just sat there instead? They're so much safer without guns, aren't they?
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Don't post pictures of you doing illegal things CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) - A Cedar Rapids man on probation for drug charges has pleaded guilty to federal gun charges after his probation officer spotted him on the social networking site MySpace holding guns. The next sentence is… odd. Twenty-9-year-old Gamaliet Figueroa I guess 20-nine didn't "flow"?
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Something I've had in mind for a tattoo for a long time was an icon for the muzzle of a 1911 and Molōn labe inscribed underneath. Even though I'd been thinking about it for a while, I hadn't gotten off my duff and did anything with it until yesterday. Then I came up with this I liked it so much that I went out and had it inked on my leg (with the decision to go with the inscription from the monument at Thermopylae rather than this font) I'm happy with it! Ink applied by Jarrod Connolly.
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Because I'm totally confused as to how this could have happened. Girl, 17, shot by stepfather who then turned gun on himself A teenage girl is seriously ill in hospital in Lincolnshire after she was shot by her stepfather who then took his own life by turning the gun on himself. Would someone please explain how in a land full of gun laws and rights violations deemed necessary to protect the populace have something like this happen? Maybe they can also explain why England is now...
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I'm up at 7:30. The girls are still asleep after the long night of fireworks. I should go wake them up. Then they'll finally realize what it's like!
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Converting urine into hydrogen! You drink beer. You pee it into a tank. You have gas to go get more beer. Really, I can't see a downside, can you?
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From Greg's niece, after her first day at the range This is BETTER than Sea World!
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Of yet another gun control myth. Sarah Brady Paradise, where the formerly Great Britain used to be, has much lower gun ownership, yet an astonishingly higher violent crime rate. It's almost like the anti-gunners telling us that gun control will reduce crime is a lie or something.
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Odd. Tested something. Worked on the local box. Pushed it into production and Ansible takes a dirt nap. Turns out, you can't cast a NULL into a boolean. Even if it works for some odd reason on your local box. Just updated the blogroll. Better sorting, and I can indicate who I've actually met. Now it's lunch time.
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I've dealt with Lloyd before. He has the standard talking points for a Flat Earther and wonders if we need guns in churches. He should ask Jeanne Assam if she needed hers, I guess. Now, Lloyd writes in a bit of tongue in cheek style (the dude wrote scripts for Frasier!!!!), so much of what he writes should be filtered through that lens. I know I write sarcastically, so that doesn't automatically rate dismissal. Lloyd's logical flaw, however, is that gun = violence. Automatically. There...
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Female gang may have killed midget wrestlers With a headline like that, the rest of the story is pretty much irrelevant. Hat Tip Traction Control
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Gun blog rankings. Good to see my name pop up from time to time! Of course, out of all those blogs, how many of their authors actually wrote their own blog software? Hmmm? That should count for something.
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Another apparent suicide at a gun range ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- For the fourth time in four months, there has been a shooting inside a Central Florida gun range. A man was killed Wednesday night at Rieg's Gun Range on Orange Blossom Trail. But since people are used to hearing gunshots no one noticed right away until they found him lying on the ground. I've thought about that at the range many times. A gunshot isn't out of the ordinary so you pay it no mind. In a stall, you're...
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Apparently, I do have a limit to what I'm willing to put on the internet. You see, when you get an anonymous packaged in the mail containing a small, bright pink, baby-t shirt that says this You try the damned thing on. Notice the neck and how stretched it is? I looked in the mirror and realized that if a picture of me wearing that ever got loose on the Interweb Tubes, I would risk losing my job, my wife, my house, my kids, etc. etc. I have finally found my 'shame' threshold. However, to.
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When asked about why he required unloaded weapons he responded insurance reasons. Oh, and people can't be trusted Not everyone who owns a firearm is necessarily always responsible or safe with them. … Just because a person owns a firearm, doesn’t means they’re safe and responsible anymore than a person who owns a vehicle means they’re a safe and responsible driver. Both true statements, but if he believes that there's an increased danger from gun owners, then why did he invite the...
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Being a gun supply company owner doesn't invalidate rule #2 State police say 53-year-old George Numrich was cleaning a rocket-propelled grenade training launcher when it discharged, firing a 7.62-caliber bullet. Sgt. Edward McKenna says the bullet hit Numrich in his left leg. I consider my leg something I do not wish to see destroyed.
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I once saw a bumper sticker that derided religion by saying "The Bible was written by people who thought the Earth was flat". Now, I'm not here to defend the accuracy of the Bible nor the religion itself, but to bring up a point about believing in a flat planet. Algebra was invented by people who thought the world was flat, as was most of the basis for science as we know it today. And why shouldn't they have believed that? There was no proof at the time that the Earth was a sphere....
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