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Gotta get my hits back up after vacation you know. Besides, after I welded a steel rod down the barrel of my Glock 29, encased it in cement, and melted the frame, it still fired (except for that one time I limp wristed it).
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I now need a vacation. Regular blogging will resume after I unwind.
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The hotel room has a data jack, and the Mrs. brought her laptop. This beach trip won't be as bad as I thought. However, blogging will be incredibly light. Gotta work on my tan.
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I will sell both my kidneys to get tickets to see this. I will not lie. As a kid I lived and breathed Tron. To see a new movie come out is exciting.
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Seems they had a hand in keeping Barack Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Vote Obama safe on his last little "I'm going to be the President of the World" tour Sen. Barack Obama has not been a fan of private police like Blackwater in war zones, and some news outlets even reported that they were spurned for his trip last week to Afghanistan and Iraq. But Whispers confirms that Blackwater did handle the Democratic presidential candidate's security in Afghanistan and helped out in Iraq....
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A truly awful story WEST KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - At least seven people were injured Sunday morning, two seriously, when a man opened fire inside a church in West Knoxville Sunday morning, according to NBC affiliate WBIR-TV. The shootings happened at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on Kingston Pike. One witness said police had arrived and the suspected gunman was in custody, according to WBIR-TV. Church members told the television station they did not know the man or his...
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Dear Madam, Thank you for your interest in joining the Israeli Defense Forces. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept you at this time as your photo on Am I Hot Or Not has only rated an 8.2. Our standards require that any female who joins the IDF must rate at least a 9. Thank You,IDF Recruitment Services
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Thanks to the Ammo Fairy, I hit the range last night and fired off over 100 rounds of 10mm, and about 200 .22's. A few observations - One, when you start getting "lines" instead of neat little holes, it's time to clean the .22. Two, my reloads are hotter than factory loads. By a long shot. Three, high temperature wheel grease works fantastically. And it's kind of hard to smell it over the gun powder. Four, when you do not worry about retrieving your brass, shooting can be a hell of a lot more...
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Seriously, you butt-badger, tell me why I don't have any friends, AND TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!! --- I wonder if this approach would work in making and keeping acquaintances, or getting people to see your point on certain issues. No? Hmm. You'd think some people would learn that.
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Another one of those carry permit holders the Brady Bunch likes to insult. "He comes in the room and says, 'I want your wallet and your cash'," recalled Dr. Charles Weatherbee who was seated with fellow doctors and drug reps. ... One of the doctors, who had been at target practice earlier, pulled out his gun and ordered the suspect out, saying, "Get out of the restaurant now!" That was pretty stupid of the doctor. Didn't he realize he was faced with a criminal? The robber could have taken his...
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Guns really are terrific equalizers. They make us realize that we are all just people - fingers on triggers, a breath between silence and noise. Breda
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Especially when you send this picture to Sebastian's father.
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If you choose to vote for Barack This Bud's For You Obama because we need a black man in the White House, then the only thing differentiating you from the KKK is a spiffy, white bed sheet with eye holes and a pointy top. So many people fail to recognize that the outcome of an event is separate from the intent of those causing it. Giving a specific treatment to someone based on the color of their skin is racism, regardless if you're giving them a promotion or denying them restaurant service. It...
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There's an IDPA match near me in a few weeks. I plan on dropping by to watch. Being that I'm heading out to Blackwater the following week, I'm not going to have any money to actually do anything for a while. However, I want to see if this feels like something I want to invest a little money into. For starters, I know I'll need a decent holster. My C-TAC probably isn't effective enough for IDPA, being IWB and all. Then, I need new sights for the Glock. I've never cared much for the standard ones...
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Let's say you're the mother of this "little angel" Nichols, 17, and four other teen girls were arrested in April, accused of attacking 16-year-old Lindsay and recording the beating on video. Investigators have said that the attack on Lindsay was in retaliation for online trash-talking with some of the girls and that the footage was going to be posted on MySpace and YouTube. Each of the girls is charged with kidnapping and misdemeanor battery. Nichols, Brittany Mayes and Brittni Hardcastle,...
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I forgot what happiness grilling your food can bring. The Weber's cast iron cooking grates make some fantastic grill marks too. Tonight, we had roasted carrots and grilled rosemary chicken (using home grown rosemary)   Buddy, that's some fine eating right there. Rosemary and a hint of garlic, and grilled to perfection.
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DoubleTapper delights with women of the IDF and their armament. I mean, seriously. I look at that first picture and simply start drooling. The word "beauty" doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm in love. I mean, that Trigicon paralex sight is simply gorgeous! The women aren't half bad either ;)
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If this is true, you'll be able to watch what little support I have not so much evaporate as sublimate. You know what? McCain is the right's Kerry. Kerry was a shitty little politician not worthy of election to head crap bagger at the local zoo, much less POTUS, but for the left, at least he wasn't BUSH!!!!! It was the only thing they had positive to say about him. That's the only thing I can say about McCain - he's not Obama. McCain is bad on freedom of speech? Hey, he's not Obama! Not...
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Yesterday, I had to get some gas for the lawn equipment after a haircut. The gas station on the way to the barber shop is usually not the cheapest game in town, but being that it was on the way, I didn't mind paying for a little convenience. The marquee stated gas was 3.899 which, oddly, was the cheapest I'd seen it locally so I didn't feel as bad. I had two gas cans, a 3 gallon and a 1 gallon since the 1 gallon container was used for the appliances that require mixing with oil. I managed to...
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Somehow, I don't think the Mrs. would have liked it though...
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Like Les is talking about Carry Permit Holders. Must suck to be the Brady Campaign to Stomp on Your Rights. They have to beg for funding and a bunch of gun bloggers, on their own sweet time (and dime, mind you), blow the Brady's pissy pants efforts right out of the water.
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So, I watched this video yesterday and took the guy's advice about getting some high temperature wheel grease for the Glock. I've generally used basic gun oil to lube all my pistols and rifles, but as Mr. Yeager said in the video, the oil is loose and runs out of every nook and cranny which invariably collects dust and gunk. My Glock definitely shows wear on the barrel, so I figured for $3.19 for a tub of it at the local automotive chain, if it didn't work I could use it for my car or...
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I don't do any sort of competitive shooting. In fact, I only shoot at the range. That doesn't help with having to move, reload, etc. I've been balking at competitive shooting. Mostly because it seems like you'd need some custom 1911 with 10,000 rounds a month of practice and I just can't afford it. But I'm starting to realize that my hobby requires that I shoot a lot, and something competitive would be a great way to do it. So, I'm asking opinions on things like IDPA, IPSCC, etc. I'm going to...
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Tank tops and shooting do not mix. Ever. Guess what happens when stubborn girl wearing tank top/sports bra combo focuses on upper body form and locks her left arm while shooting?      A.  Her hits are better.      B.  Tank top/sports bra combo makes perfect basket for hot brass.      C.  There is laughter on video.*     D.  All of the above. Drop by to see the video.
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New kid on the blockReader Danno has started his own digs - SandCastle Scrolls. I'm always supportive of the Blogging Arts and am happy when anyone wants to give it a shot.
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I happened to see the cover of Newsweek while buying groceries yesterday, and the current cover struck me as odd. It was all about Obama's faith. I seem to remember when George W. Bush's faith was ever brought up, it was as if he were some crazy fundamentalist with aspirations of creating a theocracy. Now, apparently, it's back to being a good thing. Is there anything that Barack I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Obama cannot heal?
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Certain campaigns to prevent gun ownership are trying desperately to increase their Google rankings of certain terms to try to shit on law-abiding gun owners. We'll see how fast their ranking goes down on carry permit holders.
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Google that is. In less than a day, a small gun blog with about 500 readers a day on average overtook the  Brady's spot on Google for Carry Permit Holders Give it a few days and they won't be on the front page.
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I can't tell you how pissed this article makes me If your child came across a gun, what do you think they would do with it? Tell an adult? Pick it up? Pull the trigger? We wanted to try something. With a Northside ISD police officer’s help, we put a group of children in a room with a real, unloaded gun to see what they would do when they thought no one was watching. We want to emphasize: News 4 and a police officer took every precaution to make sure these children were never in danger. No,...
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They use the side loading models!
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Happy 3rd birthday, Irelyn Mackenna (or, as she's known around the house, iMac)
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Sailorcurt (who I can't wait to meet up with before and / or after Blackwater!) decimates the Brady's argument using a large quantity of decimal places. Via SayUncle, I was led to the most recent Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership hysterics about a "law abiding gun owner" allegedly committing murder (thanks for the tinyurl need to add to their Google standings). It's obvious what they're doing...this is just an extension of their latest propaganda ploy: by contending that...
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Thanks to Caleb, the ammo fairy dropped this off today on my doorstep Being 10mm, that's something like $6.2 bajillion in ammo.
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Apparently, this is the basic model I'll be shooting at Blackwater. The Tac-S is the single stack version of Para’s best selling high capacity LDA, the Tac-Four. You get the great feel of a 1911-style pistol with a trigger that makes you a better marksman. The Tac-S gives you 7+1 rounds of potent .45 ACP firepower, solid steel construction, and the security and shootability of the LDA trigger system. Plus, the flush hammer and slim single stack configuration make for a more concealable,...
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This is a riot (from the Brady's blog. NO LINKY!) Florida Airports Get It- No Guns Allowed This story reports that an airport employee arrested for bringing a gun into the Miami International Airport doesn’t have a concealed carry permit. Except that doesn’t matter in Florida, where even its lax permit system and its new guns-at-work law don’t allow permit-holders to take guns into airports. Actually, that's not true. You simply cannot take guns into the sterile area. Going to pick up your...
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You'll pay your check any way you can It listed the possible cause of death of Mr Phyall as ‘complete transaction of the neck’ and ‘chainsaw wound to the neck.’ Luckily, Mr. Phyall didn't have access to a firearm because that could have rendered him suicidal.
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Coworker (showing the GPS feature on his new iPhone): See, it uses GPS and shows you where you are. Of course, it shows me as being in the parking garage. Me: Close enough for a Hellfire...
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And, well, pretty much this entire article. Did you notice there was already a round in the firing chamber when the magazine (ammunition supply) was inserted? Some people don’t; if they live, you see them limping around or at the graves of friends and relatives. See how the magazine holds seven rounds, and empty ones can quickly be replaced? People who do not practice markmanship think this will compensate for their bad aim, and end up spraying their houses and neighborhoods with wild shots...
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Gah. My code I was working on last night hit recursiveville, a place I try not to go unless the fate of the entire universe depends on it. It's hard enough writing a recursive function that returns everything below it and everything below what's below, but trying to get a 'path' that only returns actual matches gets sticky. I could brute force it, returning all paths, then simply matching any of the result sets, but that just feel hokey to me, and this is an exercise in stretching my brain to...
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Well, at least a guy who looks like him. Congratulations to Armed Schoolteacher who won the 11th spot in the training with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater, courtesy of Para Ordnance! Not that I would have denied anyone the 11th spot, but I am glad it's another blogger, and one I've read.
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The following statement was apparently uttered by the head of the AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation "We're a family-oriented association," Schuttauf said. "That's very important, and we've been saying that for 75 years. There isn't an awful lot of room for co-existence." Next up, CEO of NAMBLA claiming it's a way to get children closer to male role models...
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Bills, more than likely...
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Thanks to Mike W. I've spent a little too much time here, trying to debate logic and reason with what amounts to monkeys with handfuls of runny feces and poor gross motor skills. Granted, it's pretty low hanging fruit, but I try my damndest to argue with calmness and rationality even in the midst of some pretty welded shut minds. What I want to point out is the same thing that happened over at the Brady Campaign or the Huffington Posts and that is that the gun rights people are cool and calm...
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Man Brought Gun Into the Lackawanna County Courthouse The district attorney's office said Monday a man who was brought in on a suspected DUI in Jermyn had a small gun tucked into his underwear. How could this happen? The courthouse was a gun free zone. Those signs aren't kidding! When they mean gun-free, buddy they mean GUN FREE! I'm having a hard time comprehending this. The guy pointed the gun at some officers (who luckily wrestled the gun away from him before shots were fired). I mean,...
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I was planning on writing a little on the Para / Blackwater training when I realized, outside of Todd Jarrett being there at Blackwater, I didn't know much else about what was going on. I asked Kerby (the Para PR guy) about what would be going on and he told me The pistol training will be a condensed version of Todd's competition class with a shoot house thrown in for fun. I don't know if that's the advanced or intermediate class, but I definitely hope it's the intermediate one since I have no...
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Yesterday was range time. I decided to not abuse my shoulder as much and left the M44 at home. It was a good move too as the 12 gauge was simply brutal. I did find some reduced recoil slugs that were quite a bit less painful, so I can practice with those next time. Range time was good. I shot the Ruger for pistol time, but the battering of the shoulder took a toll on my accuracy so I only shot about 100 rounds before I stopped. It's still funny that at 15 yards I get ticked if I hit the 8 ring...
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Breda has one. Mom Fallacy and I had a wonderful mother-daughter afternoon at the range. When we arrived after reviewing the 4 Rules in the car on the drive over, we were warmly greeted by the range attendant. "Mom!!" he said when he saw her get out of the car. "What are you going to shoot?" My mom? Well, let's just say if you were to ask her to list all the things that make her happy in life, going to the gun range would be in the top 10 for sure. She used to could shoot through the same hole...
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Hitting the range today. I'm taking the 6.8 so a buddy of mine can shoot it as well as Sasha and Ugly Betty. I have a feeling my shoulder is going to be a lovely shade of purple tomorrow. The things I do to stay well regulated. It's all part of being a law-abiding gun owner I guess.
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Joe Healy, the man all fish fear, popped up on my Instant Messenger earlier today. I missed him, but at least he left some comments that made me laugh Joe Healy >««(o> says:   hey gun boyJOE'S FRIEND says:   my uncle had one of those m5Joe Healy >««(o> says:   sharpasamarble.comJoe Healy >««(o> says:   you'll like himJoe Healy >««(o> says:   he used to be a coderJoe Healy >««(o> says:   now he's a NRA lobbyist - part timeJoe Healy >««(o> says:   dam, he must...
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Died of complications from his colon cancer at 53.
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Here's a great recipe for homemade granola. Good stuff. I want to mix in some peanut butter next time.
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Ever look at the latest Brady Campaign's YouTube videos? You can't comment there nor rate them, either.  
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But when he does post, Breda's Mike does one hell of a job with it
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And by best friend, I mean "some gun blogger I have in my blogroll who wouldn't know me if I fell on him from 75 ft", but the man asks for a favor, I deliver. Check out his new online store at Tell him I sent you, and maybe I can weasel some web work out of him...
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We have a product roll out tomorrow so we have to be in at the ass-crack of dawn. My boss just walked by and let me know I could go home at 4 today. Which, while nice, doesn't do me any good. I always leave at 4... Oh well. At least I get free Chik-Fil-A tomorrow for breakfast!
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As in, that's all they're going to be able to look for now. They've reduced themselves to admitting that over half the gun deaths they claim are suicides. Sebastian has a good article on what that means for the Brady Campaign. So why are the anti-gun folks pushing this so hard?  Are they desperate?  Are they stupid?  I think the answer to the former is a little, and to the latter, no.  I couldn’t figure out why they might be latching on to an argument that’s clearly not going to get any...
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One of the major fallacies of anti-rights bigots when it comes to guns is that gun owners care nothing about crime. I hear it all the time that somehow, me valuing my rights equates to wanting criminals to have guns. Nothing could be farther from the truth. My point, and I would think where most of us gunnies come from, is that if you are waiting until a sale of a tool to prevent a criminal from doing mischief, you've not only missed the boat, but that boat has sunk off the coast as it were....
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You'd think with stories like these, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is being deceptive in their attempt to paint all law abiding gun owners as accident prone criminals in waiting Do you know what did not happen at this law abiding gun owner's house? The kids did not discover an unattended handgun and hurt themselves. My daughters were not drawn to commit suicide (one is still visiting from Delaware), and my firearms were not used against us. Pretty amazing isn't it?
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That's the first thing I though when I read this (not) SeaWorld takes an entirely different approach: That company supports the rights of its employees or visitors to transport legal firearms in their cars, "and we have for some time," spokeswoman Becca Bides said. I don't quite remember hearing about a disgruntled seal trainer shooting up the place. It's almost like having a firearm for protection in your car (for when you leave your job) doesn't quite cause the "blood in the water" scenario...
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Tom Teepen ( treats us with yet another moment of confusing law abiding gun owners with criminals in his PSH laden article Shootout over gun decision (do they actually pay people to come up with such unoriginal headlines?) Fans of an expansionist Second Amendment insist that permit holders are almost always good sober citizens. No doubt, but some are good sober citizens with itchy trigger fingers. No doubt many journalists are good sober citizens with itchy penises...
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The wonderful Mrs. just booked my flights for Norfolk, VA. Now all I have to do is get a hotel room for the night before and after the Blackwater training since said flights didn't mesh with the times. Looks like I'm going to have 200 pounds of sausage for a roommate (you can ask him what that means).
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Liberty points to this un-f***ing-believable story An off-duty Los Angeles police officer who was paralyzed after his young son accidentally shot him in 2006 filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the manufacturer of the gun involved in the accident. Enrique Chavez of Anaheim was shot in the back by his 3-year-old son after the boy grabbed his father's Glock 21 — a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol — from the back seat of his pickup truck. The lawsuit, filed in Superior Court, alleges that Glock...
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How do you say 'piss poor Photoshop job' in Arabic Farsi?
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What? You're not reading Breda? Are you Crazy? The Breda Fallacy is the TOP place to go for chicks with guns. And Octopus phobias. If you're in the mood, why don't you help Breda out and vote for her?
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Irelyn, who turns 3 in 9 days, just decideda few minutes ago to stop pronouncing her 'l's like 'w's. Why? I have no idea. But it's cute to hear her say "lollipop" instead of "wowwipop" and "I love you" rather than "I wuv you". They grow up so fast...
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Oh yeah, it's good. It's reeeeeeeally good. I ran out of CO2 halfway through force carbonation, but picked some more up yesterday. As of this morning it's accepting no more so it should be completely carbonated now. This picture is from last night where it was 80% carbonated and it was still delicious. Unfortunately, the only tap I have sucks. It's a standard picnic tap so it's either all the way or nothing. I have to regulate the pressure in the keg to assist with pushing it out and that...
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Blech.... Sometimes, saving money by bringing my lunch isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when others' lunches smell bad.
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Simply because they haven't molested any kids yet. At least, that's what this asshat from the Brady Campaign is basically implying when he says that CCW holders are simply people who haven't committed a crime yet. What a dick-weasel. I love how he equates law-abiding gun owners with terrorists by suggesting that someone like me, bringing a gun into a parking lot somehow means that I'm going to be able to leap into the sterile area and hijack a plane. Can I sue the Brady Campaign for slander?...
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Man sentenced in slaying over roommate's foot odor A Houston man was sentenced to 35 years in prison on Tuesday after prosecutors said he fatally stabbed his roommate during an argument about foot odor. William Antonio Serrano, 23, pleaded no contest to murder in May in the October death of Noel Quintanilla-Vaquero, 21. When reached for comment, the Vaquero family was grateful that at least their son was not killed by a firearm.
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I'm a software developer. My clients may be fellow employees, but that doesn't negate the inanity that I have to deal with from time to time. Right now, I have a "bug" that states "I put the square peg in the round hole, and the hole is claiming the peg is of an invalid shape." *Sigh* My job consists of me saving people from themselves. I'd make a good Leftist, wouldn't I?
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I've bitched about this before, but being that this is my blog I'm free to repeat myself (as well as say things over and over). The one thing the government has a legitimate claim to do is to punish criminals. Unfortunately, they've discovered that this is hard to do and instead have created a labyrinth of laws so complex that ever last man, woman, and child is guilty of something. Then, when the politicians' numbers are too low, they arrest a grandmother who purchased a set of...
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(Cross posted at The Line is Here) Reading the local dead tree paper this morning (someone leaves a copy in the men's room every day, I don't actually buy one), there was a letter to the editor bemoaning the fact that because of the high gas prices, the police department is having to cut down on the amount of driving the officers do. Imagine that. What really burns my Bundt cake was the writer's whining that he and his neighbors are having to set up a neighborhood watch and *gasp* protect...
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The scene: Blackwater - Todd Jarrett is instructing a group of bloggers on proper shooting techniques Todd Jarrett: So, you smoothly draw the weapon from the holster, maintaining a steady grip, and with your thumb, slide off the safety as you... yes, you in the back. You have a question? Robb Allen: I use my thumb to slide off what?
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Clay Bennett, a cartoonist, has great advice on gun safety Talk about straight to the point! Man, I can't believe it's that simple! We could apply that logic to everything and make the whole world safe as bubble-wrap! The Complete Guide to Safe Sex - Don't have sex.The Complete Guide to Vehicular Safety - Don't drive a carThe Complete Guide to Avoiding Accidents - Don't get out of bed. Ever. I take it abstinence only education is bad, unless it's about guns, then it's good. In fact, if the...
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Until I got a taste of a Tam-a-Lanche A man could get a big head over numbers like that. Now if there was only some way to keep those people coming back...
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Texans' demand for concealed handgun licenses rises Mrs. Denman is one of more than 52,000 people in the state who have submitted an application for a first-time concealed handgun license or renewal since the beginning of the year, according to figures from the Texas Department of Public Safety. That is an almost 5 percent increase over the first six months of 2007. Man, I wonder what it's like working for the Brady Campaign right now. The SCOTUS just passed a ruling that negates 80% of your...
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No really. You do. All of you. Thanks to you, I'm going to Blackwater to train with Todd Jarrett!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am to all of you who read my blog. I do this to entertain myself, but the fact that so many of you like what I write to drop by from time to time is humbling. At this point, it looks like Ahab and Uncle are joining me. Can't wait to see who else made it through. Again, thank you all. In the immortal words of practically every idiot who's ever won an...
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Uncle and Michael Bane both are talking about the Para AR that we might get to see at Blackwater. I like the idea that the spring is forward rather than in the stock. That 'twang' is actually so annoying I'm thinking about moving to a hydraulic piston system instead.
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You know, the more I think about it, I can understand some of the pushback against my position on external safeties and the more I think about it, the more I can see their point. If your firearm has an external safety on it, you should practice, practice, practice with it, integrating the motion of disabling the safety with the natural motion of prepping the weapon for firing. At no time should you disengage the safety and consider that a done deal. Here's the thing. I won't buy a particular...
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Now I have to wait to see if I won the Para contest... Hey, Mr. Vote Counter Guy, call me. I'm not above handing out bribes. Good bribes, too. We're talking Godiva chocolates. DO NOT MAKE ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS, INDICATING THE IMPOTENCE OF MY IMPATIENT WRATH!!!
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I bought my grill last night in a box because the only black one on the floor was dusty, dinged, and pre-scratched and I didn't want to wait the week before the grill builder guy showed up. Besides, shoving a fully assembled grill into the back of a Liberty would ding and scratch it. I figured I could attach the legs and doors like the best of them. Little did I know, assembling a Weber grill means getting out a riveter and arc welder along with the screw drivers and wrenches. Holy poop, that...
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Being right doesn't negate being an asshole. Seems a lot of people can't get that through their skulls. Pity. More people will listen to you when you treat them with respect.
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I can't talk long. I dare not hold my head up too high lest someone blow it clean off. It's D-7 and counting here in Florida. On July 1st, a stupid law went into effect that allowed a select class of people to legally be allowed to store a firearm in their cars when they came to work. The aftermath was predictable. It's been seven days of blood in the cubicles. Oh shit! There's a gun battle waging on right now over toner near printer 5. I think Mandy from accounting just submitted her last TPS...
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I need some legal advice. I want to see if I have a case against Home Depot. Yesterday I went to buy a new grill, a Weber Genesis E-320. While waiting for someone to get a forklift and get the last, black one off the very top shelf, I was forced against my will to listen to Hanson's Mmm-Bop. Nobody, not even terrorists, should have that kind of torture put upon them. I'm thinking about asking $12 million in damages. Sound reasonable?
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Here's another person Paul Helmke and his cronies at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership would rather see dead than have the ability to defend herself I have to admit I was a little dismayed to see it stored in a cupboard, I was rather impressed that she kept her finger well outside of the trigger guard while displaying the weapon. Hat tip Xavier
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Man... If only I were Jewish. And lived in Israel. And not happily married...
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Xavier responds to my piece on safeties My argument is that we fight as we train. If a person goes to the range and loads and shoots their pistol without ever disengaing the safety........Because they never engaged the safety, the liklihood is fair to high they will forget to disengage the safety in a crunch. However, if a person loads their pistol, chambers a round, engages the safety, and then holsters the weapon prior to drawing and shooting.......Every time they fire the weapon, then...
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When boiling water in your 5 gallon, stainless steel kettle over a propane burner on high, ensure that your daughter's favorite fishy plate did not somehow miraculously adhere to the bottom of said kettle while filling it up in the sink. Said plate is not dishwasher safe, and apparently not open flame safe either. Update From the comments, this is too priceless not to highlight re: Helpful brewing tips - BugSpray The four rules of brewing: Pots are alway cleaned before using. Never heat...
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So, there's a lot of hand wringing and PSH over the fact that over half of gun deaths are suicides. This is news? If I remember correctly, a well known blogger brought this up a long time ago. Glad to see I'm well ahead of the media in this regard. Funny though that the media wants to put the blame at the tool. No doubt about it, a firearm is a very, very effective tool to use for suicide. Nail clippers are very effective for trimming toenails, but you don't blame the nail clippers for...
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When your wife fails to call you and let you know how her doctor's appointment went, you can just read about it on her blog.
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I'm a Glock guy. I like the fact that I pull the trigger, Glock goes boom. I've become so accustomed to being safe by not putting my finger in the trigger guard that I only engage the safeties on firearms that are not for self defense. In a stressful situation, the last thing I need to do is add yet another step to the equation. Murdoc has a video that highlights why I'm like this The gun didn't go off because the safety was on That's the kind of thing that scares me. When you go into...
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Or, as Uncle says, Get your activism on. I need to do something, just got to figure out where the cash will come from. My wife isn't an activist so seeing our money go to these kinds of things can cause contention.
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Time to make some homemade beer again. 'Cept this time it's just going to be root beer since I don't have the time / $$$ to brew a real batch, but that has to change soon. I've been wanting to make my own sodas for a while. For about $10 total, I can make 5 gallons of some of the best damned root beer in the world. That ends up about 18¢ a glass. I'm using Gnome extract for this, but some day I want to brew it from scratch with wintergreen leaves and whatnot. Root beer now, real beer soon....
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