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And well worth your time to read The real "opiate" of the masses The real opiate of the masses isn’t religion; it’s the belief that somewhere there is a benefit that can be delivered without a corresponding cost. As Insty would say, read the whole thing. It's a great article on the dangers of creeping socialism. Hat Tip Oleg Volk
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Liberal writer goes to gun club. Assumes that people who would join a gun club are "must be some kind of militant, gun-toting, camoflauge-wearing guy resembling the offspring of Ted Nugent and G.I. Joe". Not so, it would appear. ...Not a single gun club member looked anything like G.I. Joe or Ted Nugent. In fact, most of the members I met on that second visit were children, and well-behaved children no less. I was amazed at how seriously the kids took the competition. They were careful with...
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Hey Paul, you might shut down comments, but we can still link to your posts. Not only that, but Google searches against your stories will also bring up blogs that link to them. And for every blog post you put up, many of us rights activists will put up our own and counter your arguments with facts that we can back up. The only people you're going to be talking to now are those who believe your lies anyway. Shutting down debate will only alienate those who might otherwise take your side. Your...
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Deputy shot by his own gun New Port Richey, Florida -- A deputy accidentally shot himself in the hand with his own gun late this afternoon, the Pasco County Sheriff's office reports. "A deputy was getting ready for work, putting his service weapon into his holster, when his 40 caliber Glock discharged hitting the deputy in the hand," the sheriff's office said in a statement.  The incident happened at the deputy's home, near Maxwell Lane and Embassy in New Port Richey. First things first....
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Videos of random things being microwaved. The Christmas lights were my favorite. Hat Tip Red Sugar Muse
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Stuff like this makes me grin so big it gives the Cheshire cat the creeps. Of course, the Gun Control Lobby gets free press. So many uneducated writers spill gallons of ink worrying about sniper and assault rifles when they couldn't tell the difference between .223 and the 1980's sitcom, 227.
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Jim went to the range with me today. Jim shoots a Glock 29 10mm like me. Jim does not reload. I get Jim's cases (which just so happen to be Starline, the same cases I use). I like Jim. On the way out, Jim looks at the rifles. Jim is single. Jim has no children. Jim decides to pick up a Heckler & Koch SL8. I no longer like Jim. Jim says he'll let me shoot it next week. I might be persuaded to start talking to Jim again. Of course, when I do, I'm going to tell him his gun looks like the ...
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Luckily for me, my wife had her camera. What's this world coming to when you can't even take your kids to a fruit stand?
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Gun buy-backs. Not only can you use them to get rid of your useless, non working guns, but you can use the money to help fund a local youth shooting camp
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So it seems Paul Helmke, tired of watching his efforts demolished by truth and fact, is planning on making some changes to the way the Brady Campaign's blog works. Now, it's all very hush hush right now, but since us rights activists are so helpful in pointing out the errors in Paul's posts, I thought I'd chip in and guess at a few of the changes being made Powered by Google search technology, every instance of the word gun will be replaced with something more gentle, like puppy, flower, or...
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My oldest daughter loves her swimming lessons. Even a 3 meter diving board poses no threat to her! (Click for full size) Now, don't ask me why a gnat in the car is such a terrifying experience for her because I can't explain that one.
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Granted, I'm probably the only one who uses his child's potty training for humorous effect.
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Go at it gun blogger, spread the word. There are two gun owners who VCDL is trying to get in touch with ASAP; both were arrested at a National Park and Philip Van Cleave can’t find their names or email addresses anywhere. He asked that I cross post this. If you are one of them, or have otherwise had trouble at a National Park, please contact him at One person was carrying on the Blue Ridge Parkway. His car had some kind of trouble. He fixed the problem and was getting back...
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He's got a stick, and he's going to use it! If I were given only one thing to change about our government, it would be that everything that doesn't involve national security to require complete and unfettered transparency. All records should be open to the public. All of them. Every invoice, every bill paid, every bid for a contract, salaries (although I could see generalizing that), everything. A government that fears transparency has something to hide. Kudos to David for not letting the...
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But it's still cool. I think it's some sort of MSN TV advertisement. But, not being French I don't know. Hat Tip Joe Healy
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The other day I was having lunch with some coworkers  at a pizza joint. After we ordered, in walked 3 plainclothes cops, all openly carrying. One would hope they were cops as they all had handcuffs, mace, and a badge (funny side note - one female had pink handcuffs) but those aren't exactly difficult things to procure. Heck, the badge alone is easy enough to fake, and nobody specifically asks to see them up close. Nobody even blinked an eye. Now, if I were to walk into a pizza joint with my...
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Esther Wilberforce-Packard is back. Honestly, if I was only allowed to meet one blogger in all my life, it would be her just to see what she's like in real life. I imagine not much different than her blog, and that would be so damned cool.
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Yeah, I'm jealous. So what?
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Would you deny this man the ability to protect himself? Jim: "When I was diagnosed with cancer I found myself and my family in need of protection. I was too old to fight, too sick to run and since cancer took my vocal cords, I couldn't yell for help. I purchased my first-ever firearm." You see, his handgun gives him a fighting chance against criminals. He can't run, but he can hold a handgun and apply 3 to 5 pounds of pressure. He will probably never need it. But it affords him true security...
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I've lucked out and managed to get a meeting with the manager at gun store & range to go over the possibility of me redesigning their web site. It's not a big site, and I'm sure that redesigning it won't be very time consuming for me since it is something I do for a living, but the payment is going to be in firearms (not directly, see below) so I can't complain. The law states that they cannot barter weapons, and I'm cool with that. So, depending on what they need, we'll work out a deal...
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I continue to believe that the best source of information regarding gun control and its follies remains The Brady Campaign Blog itself. Paul Helmke picks a single bad apple and declares the whole forest rotten in his inaptly titled "Reasoned Discourse". Paul is claiming that a single, tasteless fax illustrates how depraved us gun nuts (as they call us) are and why they can't have a reasonable discussion on the merits of gun control. Now, please, if you're on the fence about gun control, please...
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Drew Carey to host the Price is Right. I can see him doing a good job. Actually, I think with his sense of humor he'll brighten things up a bit. I can't decide though if I want them to update the sets or to keep them stuck in the 70's since that's just kind of represents TPIR. Oh, and a good friend on mine won a plasma TV and a massage recliner off the show. It was fun watching her on the stage.
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Since Uncle tagged practically everyone on the Interweb, I'll play List eight habits or facts about yourself. I cannot keep my legs still. Ever. They constantly move, or I'm tapping my foot, or whatever. I must wear socks at all times. My feet get cold easy, so you'll rarely catch me without a pair on. I only own 5 firearms total. 2 rifles and 3 handguns. As much as I love them, I cannot afford to buy everything I'd like. There's a slim chance I might get a chance to pick up a few in exchange...
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I've stayed away from all blogs and Intertube communication all weekend. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arrived on Saturday evening and I finished it up an hour ago. Didn't want the ending to be ruined for me by some ass-crack who thinks it would be funny to tell you if Harry dies or not in a title of a post. I'm not going to talk about it for a while. I don't want to ruin it for anyone.
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R.E.M. Currently listening to Don't Go Back to Rockville which, along with Find the River, belong in my top songs of all time.
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I think I might switch back to my old skin. I don't particularly like the ammunition themed one as much, although it is more apropos. It's drab, color wise, but I do like the layout a little better than Paperweight. So, over the weekend (if I even get 30 seconds to myself), I'll try to work on the old skin to get it up to par as to what it should be. Hopefully nothing blows up on me during the switch over, but I'm just feeling blah with the other skin and need a change, even if the change is...
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But not in the normal way Jim Marsh, of Salt Lake City, recently had Lasik surgery, improving his vision to 20-20 and enabling him to get a driver license with no corrective lens requirement for the first time in his adult life. With doctor's note in hand, he rushed to the state Driver License Division for his new, unrestricted license. He was issued a temporary paper license and was told the permanent license would arrive in two weeks, which it did. But shortly after getting his temporary...
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“When seconds count between life and death, the police are only minutes away.” Emphasis mine. From Pro-Gun Progressive and you should read the rest.
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Insty makes a little crack about it, but the problem is the uneducated really think that 500 rounds of ammunition constitutes some sort of armory. Go to Wal-Mart's sporting section and you'll see that you can pick up a 550 count box of Remington .22 Long Rifle bullets for about $11. I know, I just bought two of them. So, in my closet at home right now there are ~1100 rounds of .22, ~700 rounds of 7.62x54R, 200 rounds of 10mm,  as well as having enough components to make a few hundred more...
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You might just get your mug shot taken in it
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The third of the three best things to happen to me in life came into the world. Happy Birthday Irelyn Mackenna.
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When running your own DNS name server, it is well advised that you add MX (mail exchanger) records to your domains. Otherwise, you'll notice that all of a sudden, nobody seems to send you mail any more. It is also well advised that once you realize that your MX records are nonexistent that you do not simply point them to your server using the internal IP address. For some odd reason, 192.168 addresses won't route across the Intertubes. *grumble*
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Ouch. Get better Bill. However, that's a great phrase. As a wedding photographer, I'm going to be thinking about that every time I film 'em cutting into the dang thing.
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The oldest is sick and was unable to make it to swim lessons last night. Luckily for us, it stormed like hell and they canceled the class so we get a make up day on Friday. Since Friday was going to be range night, I hadn't loaded any 10mm up yet. So I had to rush to the range last night and just took the Ruger .22. I was kind of bummed because I've been wanting to shoot the 10 for a while, a little for the boom factor and a little for the fact that I need to stay in shape with my defense...
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Or, alternatively, why any form of gun control will not work. Say Uncle points us to a rather ingenious "work around" to allow Californians to own an AR-15 with a detachable magazine. And this example explains why any gun control method is doomed to failure unless it bans all guns, period. In my line of work (computer programming), you must understand the problem in its entirety or else you will not be able to write code to solve the issue. If you're not aware that the button needs to turn blue...
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So what if I failed to take into consideration what lemur years are... WANTED FOR THE BIZARRE MOUNTING of a SCRAWNY LEMUR $1800What's Your Blog Wanted For?
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Apparently, Kelli~ the world's most ineffective sock-puppet doesn't like me much. Anytime I can ruffle the feathers of an anti-gun person it brings sunshine into my life. Kelli~ is right though, I don't care about her safety. That's her job and I don't need to spend any amount of my day concerning myself about it. Unlike her, though, I won't try to stop her from doing whatever she feels is adequate for her own safety. Update - Now I disgust her! I swear, she's a mole for our side. Even the...
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But it does. Lio is a very, very odd comic strip (no talking!) and borders on the very bizarre, but this particular strip just makes me grin
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Than the Brady Blog itself. Read the comments. Notice how the anti-gun people (namely Kelli~ and macca) refuse to ever respond directly to any questions. Notice how the pro-gun people cite reference after reference, backing them up with links. Notice how the antis never, ever, ever do anything but comment on mundane things and avoid the topic at hand. I honestly suggest that if you are on the fence about gun control that you read what the anti-constitutional people have to say. You'll soon...
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Just switched over to the new network. From my place of business, I can see in, but that doesn't tell me the absolute truth. If you read this, please leave a comment and let me know you can see me. Thanks. -Robb Update - Well, according to the spammers, I'm back online. Didn't take long for those bastards to reconnect, did it?
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You know, as I get older, occasionally I will listen to some of the music I listened to as a teenager and think to myself "WTF? How did I ever think this was good music?". I listened to a lot of Metal and Thrash, and today it's just noise. But I seem to be on a Metallica kick. I mean the old school Metallica. Kill 'em all, Garage Days, Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning. And Justice for all was... ok. Then it just went commercial and started sucking. And I refused to buy Load. No Remorse...
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.Here I am waiting to go home to my new 20 Meg Interweb connection and some 75 year old bint in Sveeden gets a 40Gbps line installed. A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books - with the world's fastest internet connection. Sigbritt Löthberg's home has been supplied with a blistering 40 Gigabits per second connection, many thousands of times faster than the average residential link and the first time ever that a home user has experienced such...
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Ok, just so my 7 regular readers don't get scared, Verizon was out today installing the business Internet line. My wife called me during the ordeal and informed me that the installer had absolutely no clue what he was doing and even admitted so. So, now apparently I have two ONT boxes on the outside of my house, two battery backups, and two routers in the office. One for the FiOS TV service, one for the Internet. Two identical routers, might I add. Seems like you can't run a static IP on the...
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Is there anything these idiots won't put their f@%&ing noses in? WASHINGTON--AT&T's exclusive right to sell the Apple iPhone drew complaints on Wednesday from Democratic politicians, though it was unclear whether they were planning to do anything about it. "The problem with the iPhone is that the iPhone with AT&T is kind of like a 'Hotel California' service," Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey said--in a nod to the Eagles hit, of course--during a hearing. "You can check out any time...
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Sebastian is not only a fellow gun nut, but a fellow homebrewer too. Fantastic! Now if I could only get off my lazy ass and actually brew something.
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Pride swallowed. As a die hard capitalist, I had to come to terms with the fact that for many years, I was getting something for practically nothing - namely my web server connection to the Internet. Even though it's against their TOS, Brighthouse doesn't block port 80 so you technically can run a web server on a residential line. I should know, I've been doing it for years. You're reading this on it right now. Enter the Verizon fiasco. I was mad because they had the gall to ask me to pay for...
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"The 1,500-pound, 3-foot-wide ball broke loose from a crane cable and rolled nearly a mile downhill."
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Fucking Verizon and their bait and switch schemes. I waited years to get FiOS, their fiber optic network. Fiber carries a much higher bandwidth, and it was bound to make better TV and faster Internet. When it finally came to my door, I was ecstatic. I ordered the entire enchilada immediately - phone, TV, and Interweb. Then, they screwed up my install date. Then they screwed up my phone. Then they lied to me. You see, I run this blog off a server in my house. Port 80 isn't blocked by my current...
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You might want to think about a different diet pill Sometimes, you can’t stop your weight-loss secrets from leaking out. Dieters have been flocking to drugstores to pick up Alli, the first over-the-counter weight-loss pill to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, despite the scary warning: Stray too far from your low-fat diet and you just might poop your pants. Apparently, the pill causes you to not absorb 25% of the fat in foods. So, if you eat more than 42 grams of fat, this...
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So, here's the Ruger after range time (and before breaking it) and the associated hemoglobin spots. By the way, did you know that Hoppe's #9 doesn't remove blood very well?
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I mean, this article is talking about some guy who invented a new space glove. It's about space. And gloves. And inventors. It has nothing to do with politics. Which you wouldn't be able to tell by this paragraph Homer summed up the bulk of his research thus: “I spent a lot of time doing this.” He held a single index finger a few inches from a fixed gaze and flexed it up and down, like a late-night stoner, real slow. Homer, who is 45, is a strikingly handsome guy — John Edwards handsome. I...
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Listening to Metallica's Am I Evil. Remembering when I was 14 and thinking "HOLY SHIT! THIS ROCKS!" Next on the list - Breadfan!
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Maybe London should start posting signs like this. I mean, it works so well keeping madmen with guns away from schools and courthouses, doesn't it?
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Called Shoot Straight about my Ruger problem and talked to their gunsmith. Before I even finished explaining the problem he had started chuckling. "Yup. You bent the pin. Bring it in with your receipt and I'll fix it for you." I'll also ask him to show me how the damned thing is supposed to go back together.
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I'm not enjoying my new, $500 paperweight. I picked up the Ruger Mark III 22/45 Hunter last night. The very first thing I did was slice my finger open on the bolt and bled all over the damned thing before I had put a single round through it (I have pictures for later). I purchased some high falutin' CCI ammo from the store, but it wouldn't feed worth shit. I'd say 1/3 of the ammo crumpled on the feed ramp and half of the others wouldn't even eject. When they did fire, I was literally hitting 1...
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This will be mine by the end of the day. It's a Ruger 22/45 22LR pistol with 6 3/4" fluted bull barrel and Hi-Viz sights. The sight is simply amazing - it's a fiber optic that gathers light and shines almost like a red dot. I want a plinking pistol that I can practice on for hours at a time for cheap. I also want something the Mrs. can fire without flinching that will also help her start shooting better - something I honestly believe would make her want to go shooting with me more. The...
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Took the little ones to the Florida Aquarium today so they could play in the water area then look at fish. I so rarely get a picture of us since I'm usually the one behind the camera. Yeah, Irelyn looks like she's trying to get away, but that's just the way 2 year olds are.
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FIOS is here!!! Well, it's supposed to be here. Some ditz called me the other day to inform me that they couldn't install for another two weeks because of my phone. I had to explain to her that I'm on Vonage and that all I need is an Internet connection. After twenty minutes of arguing with her and her boss, her boss finally informed me it was an FCC thing and nothing to do with actual logic. So I called the installers, and they had no idea they were supposed to wait two weeks. So they should...
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Went to the range Friday to shoot the .357 Magnum. The required me to use a specific lane. They didn't want the .357 Magnum to set off the fire sprinklers. I think I pulled a muscle smiling so hard.
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