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Hospitals are an odd thing, especially when you have a baby. My poor wife was woken up every hour in the night to take her blood pressure. Every hour, they also need to check the baby's vitals. Luckily for us (this time), the nurse on duty did both at the same time. With Georgia, it was 2 different nurses on 2 different schedules. Now, add in a baby who needs to eat like mad, and you've got a very, very tired wife. Not to mention grumpy.On the 2nd day, Kari was snoozing when one of the nurses...
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Georgia was walking around sans pants this evening. When we asked her why she was naked from the waist down, her response was “I’m married”. I can’t tell if I should be worrying or not.
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Man, I’ve not even bothered reading many blogs since Irelyn has been born. And you know what? It’s kind of liberating. Not that I don’t care about the world, but it is a nice change of pace to worry about different things, things I can control rather than world events and politics where all I can do is screech in my little corner of the ‘net. So, what’s Glenn up to these days?
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Man Irelyn is hungry*. *I seriously wonder how many people will get this ;)
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Took this shot yesterday of Georgia while we were taking Irelyn's photo for her baby announcements. A simple change of color temperature and I now have a new wallpaper for my computer.I'm usually not one for artsy-fartsy pictures, either I like them black & white or in their original colors, but this one just jumped out at me.
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Mother Nature has a mean streak. First she makes you wait 10 months (not 9) for your child to be born. Then she lets the Boobie Fairy pay your wife a visit. But you don’t get to play with them because they’re the property of someone else for a while, and they’re sore. Stupid Mother Nature….
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Since I'm not really able to sit in the office, I've had to use my ancient laptop to do most of my computer stuff, including most blogging. Not that I'm doing too much blog reading as I don't have time to read how ticked off liberals are that Bush didn't nominate Bill Clinton for the SCOTUS or how ticked off the wingnuts are that he didn't recommend Jesus himself. For me, there are more important things to concern myself with.Take for instance, the POS laptop I have to work with. I get a...
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Have your water heater catch fire....Apparently a pipe that carries hot water from the AC exchange popped a little hole in it and it drained inside the electrical elements. The top thermostat's hot side shorted out, catching the insulation on fire. The house smells lovely, I tell you.What really bothers me is that it didn't pop the circuit breaker. At least we were home when it happened and could shut off the power.Have I mentioned how bad it smells in here? Almost makes you welcome baby poop.
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Love this picture!
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Here at SaaM, we get tons of fan mail and we try our best to answer each and every one personally. Sometimes I like to highlight the best correspondence by posting them to the blog. Here is one of my favorite letters I've received in a while.Do you know where i can obtain a vulture of any kind?I live on farm land with cows, rabbits, a horse, pigs,and even a duck. In a koi pond. One of mygreatest loves is vultures, and would love to know howto get ahold of one. Please e-mail me back...
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Irelyn Mackenna AllenBorn July 18th, 2005 @ 1:25 AM7 pounds 10 oz.19 inches long Full gallery here!
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Time will tell if we stay and get ‘r done, or if we’re sent back home to continue waiting…. Meanwhile, here’s where all the pictures will be – See you soon!
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Knowing one is about to go off. I got some inside info and now I’m cringing as I wait for the damn thing to go off. Which, incidentally usually happens when I’m on the crapper, but this time I’ll just enjoy the screeching a mere 3 feet from my head. Anticipation sucks…..
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Well, the Mrs. is having a hell of a time with Pre-labor. She’s had Braxton Hicks contractions (minor, small tightenings of the uterus) since 18 weeks. Most people don’t get them until a few weeks before actual birth. However, the past 2 weeks have seen something more severe than the regular BH type contractions. She’s had full blown, gotta sit down, damn this hurts, ouch my back! type contractions. The problem is they never get regular and they usually start strong and then...
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Google finally released their toolbar for Firefox! Ain’t life grand?
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Depression is just anger without enthusiasm.
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Had to put the headphones on and crank them up to avoid the conversation of the lefties this morning who, sans actual proof you know, were talking about how Rove was guilty of outing Plame and how he should be shot, hung, drawn & quartered, keel hauled, and forced to watch Rosanne Barr pleasure herself in the shower. It’s amazing the pretzels people turn themselves into trying to manufacture ‘facts’ to fit their world view. The same thing happens with the wingnuts,...
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Look, I’m an ex-smoker. While I was stupid enough to vote for a smoking ban, I realize now the error of my ways. However, if some idiot proposed a ban on smokers from using elevators, I’d probably vote for that sucker too. Man, do people go outside, light up, and exhale into their shirts? Why is it that all the elevators we have here smell like someone rolled themselves in a wet ashtray? Add to it Perfume Woman (a lady that you literally can tell everywhere she’s been in the...
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Last week, and old project of mine that had been shelved for almost a year suddenly became priority #1. I had to open my code and relearn what I had done so long ago. I was surprised at the level of, ummm… ‘incompleteness’ as I thought I had written a bunch more for this application like an installer, configuration screen, et cetera but apparently that was done for another app. So I worked all last week trying to get everything in order. This morning I found was looking at...
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Well, color me utterly surprised. I honestly didn’t think my wife was going to make it through the weekend, but she did. So now I’m back at work, trudging along, hoping to get that call that she’s in labor. It’s kind of funny that I’ve got ‘short timers’ disease. I hate to start any new projects and the ones I have aren’t getting tons of effort thrown at them because I keep thinking I’m not going to ‘be here tomorrow’. Oh well,...
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In a Flickr photo session regarding this morning’s London bombing, instead of photos of what’s going on, this dickhead posts a derogatory cartoon of Bush. Much palaver ensues, most of it pure,100% hatred. In all the muck, a lone voice speaks LLeufer  says: Every public forum website I've visited on the internet this afternoon has had people from every walk of life arguing on it and throwing accusations and slanderous comments at random. Most of us, I'm sure are sickened by...
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I honestly have been waiting anxiously for my wife to go into labor. Irelyn’s not due until the 22nd, but it’s common for a second child to pop out early. I had really wanted her to show up on the 4th as she would be perfectly healthy at that time. However the 4th came and went, and no baby. Didn’t matter though as I constantly joke to my wife that I am sending her subliminal messages (as well as some not so subliminal ones) to start with the real contractions. Today, I hope,...
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Morality And The Will Of The Masses Whether it's witch-burning, political re-education through gulag vacations, or forcing the reduction of debt to umpteen dozen countries located in luckless Africa, the will of the masses is not always a good thing - particularly if you are a witch, a Russian dissident or an American taxpayer.  
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Sometimes, even in the face of evil, a laugh is just what you need. From Tim Worstall’s comment section on the London Bombings, TigerHawk says: There is no way that this is the work of the IRA. Sky News is reporting that the bus was blown up by a suicide bomber. Irish people don't blow themselves up. There is no Guiness in the afterlife. Update:Even more good ones in there Hey, no one said al-Qaeda was smart, only that they're bloodthirsty. Today is yet another sign of their...
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Back in 1995, I purchased an extra 4 megabytes of memory for my computer at a cost of $160 (each 1M SIMM was $40 and you had to buy them in pairs). Today, my PC has a Gigabyte of memory which you can get for $100. Think about it. The amount of memory I have today would have cost $40,000 only 10 years ago. Memory is approximately 400 times cheaper. That’s like buying a 2015 BMW in 2015 for $100. Of course, that ain’t gonna happen, but it’s still an interesting thought.
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Won’t link to Kos because I don’t want his brainless zombie minions to waltz back here dropping shit everywhere, but damn those are some of the most disgusting excuses for humans I’ve ever seen. I’m afraid to go to a Free Republic site as it will be just as bad, only in the opposite direction. Kossaks are, predictably, blaming Bush. Bush’s folly in Iraq caused terrorism, blah blah blah. I swear these people cut and paste their comments because they’re all...
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I’m sure 100% of the blogosphere will be talking about the terror attacks this morning in London. I want to offer my condolences and prayers to those people and families devastated by this attack.
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Georgie PorgiePuddin’ and pieKissed the girlsand made them cry.When the boysCame out to playGeorgie Porgie had to inform themThat he was a registered sex offender
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Holy crap. I’m on hold with the credit card company (apparently, it is physically impossible to ‘pay off’ a credit card as they’ll charge you interest on the interest on a day to day basis, so mailing in a few thousand dollars just isn’t enough. Bastards.) and every 5 seconds some dude is reminding me of how important my call is. Every 5 friggin’ seconds??? I can’t even enjoy the fabulously annoying elevator music without some butt nugget...
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Imagine this scenario: You head to Uncle Lumpy's Shakin' Shack for lunch . You know, the place with the 'Putting the Buff back in Buffet' sign? Suuuurre you don’t…. Anyway, you fill your plate with lukewarm chicken patties and order a $20 lap dance. A few minutes later ‘Misty Mounds’ is earning her Andrew Jackson a mere quarter-inch from the frontal apex of your trousers. The DJ’s halfway through the second refrain of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell,...
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So I watched House of Flying Daggers this weekend. It’s a good movie albeit a little slow at times. Martial arts movies are a lot like pornos – nobody cares about dialog, they just want to see the action. HoFD relied heavily on the story and while enjoyable, I guess I was more in the mood for a heck of a lot more action. The fight scenes that it did have were phenomenal, don’t get me wrong. Totally enjoyable on that level, it’s just that sometimes the in-between...
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I'm still the #1 Google search for 'show me your tits'. While no one has taken me up on my offer, I at least can show you mine.
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There’s like 3 people at work today, including myself. Of my team of 5, there’s me. Think I’m starting to get a mild case of dysentery that requires a trip home.
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Especially around me. A friend logged into his PC from mine. He forgot to log out. Now, when he opens his C drive, he’ll be greeted with this….
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