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Because I love each and every one of my visitors, I feel it's important that those who leave the most profound of comments and / or emails should receive their time in the spotlight. Hence, I shall answer my fans here where all the world can see.First off Sender: mUrl:IP Address: EXCLUSIVE!!!! We have the John Kerry - Julia Thorne divorce papers!!!!What drivel.  And not even clever.Go pick on a worthy target like Bush. . . . Thank...
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I survived. It was rough, but somehow I managed to get through vacation without Internet connectivity or email! And, judging by the amount of comments and email I got, I should go away more often. Maybe this blog suffers from the same thing Kerry does. I get more popular when I keep my yap shut!Anyway, as I pour through the mail and comments, it came to my attention that some of these nuggets of wisdom dropped by others are too good to keep buried in the past, so I shall bring them to...
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Mrs. Marble is kidnapping me and taking me to an undisclosed location on the beach! I am being taken against my will. She claims it's a "vacation" but I know better. She is forcing me to live like a savage, far away from email or an Internet connection! Please help!If you are near a beach, look for me! I will be the guy wandering around the sandcastles looking for a network jack or a cooler with WiFi capabilities.I may not make it through the weekend, so please, hold digital vigils for my...
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Sigh....Maybe I'll just make this blog a collection of my comments from other blogs. Damn, I forgot about 'context'. Never mind.
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It makes a perfect accessory with a "I had an abortion" t-shirt
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Me: Wow! It's really nice to finally get to meet.....Jeff G: Shhh! Not now! I'm talking to a Mac.
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     Yeah, that seems about right...
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Have you seen it yet? The new Planned Parenthood t-shirt? It's so darling with a catchy little slogan on the front. It says "I had an abortion"*. Cute eh?Those four words illustrate why I am rabidly pro-life. It's no longer a weighty decision to these monsters, it's a catch phrase, a conversation piece, a badge of honor. Instead of having to deal with the consequences of taking a life, it's now a Hallmark moment. Happy Abortion Day! Junior would have been 5! Think of all the money you saved on...
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What? You were expecting something else?Pervert!
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You read crap like this...  They found that five young people had erected a bamboo tripod and hung meat hooks from it. A young woman, her feet brushing the surface of the shallow water, dangled from the frame, hooks embedded firmly in her shoulders.My favorite part?Lt. Tom Brazil of the Coast Guard said a young man, who also had hooks embedded in his heavily pierced and tattooed skin, told him the group was “just enjoying the afternoon.”Now, they're looking into if there is anything the...
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"Testicle" and "Piñata"
posted by by Robb Allen @ 7/26/2004 2:23:00 PM | Feedback (0)'ve been like this before. The object is to keep the drunk guy walking. Use your mouse to help him stay upright. Too far either way and he's taking a cement nap.It's in German, but there's nothing needed to translate, really.
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The Puppy Blender opines about Orrin Hatch's latest travestyThe Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a bill Thursday that would hold technology companies liable for any product they make that encourages people to steal copyright materials.Critics say the bill would effectively outlaw peer-to-peer networks and prohibit the development of new technologies, including devices like the iPod. The Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (S. 2560) was introduced last month by Sen. Orrin Hatch...
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Walter Williams in TownhallThe Fraser Institute, a Vancouver, B.C.-based think tank, has done yeoman's work keeping track of Canada's socialized health-care system. It has just come out with its 13th annual waiting-list survey. It shows that the average time a patient waited between referral from a general practitioner to treatment rose from 16.5 weeks in 2001-02 to 17.7 weeks in 2003. Saskatchewan had the longest average waiting time of nearly 30 weeks, while Ontario had the shortest, 14...
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[click to enlarge]Hudson has zero stress. Even with Georgia pounding on him with her toys, this feline simply keeps his cool. Here's a shot of him resting (as usual) amidst the toys in Georgia's room.
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One would think that someone who purchases a $3200 digital camera and uses it for a business would realize that sRBB and Adobe RGB aren't the same.I have to admit, until today, I've not been really thrilled with the color response of my Nikon D2H. Sure, it's a beast of a camera and yeah, it does 8 FPS for those photo shoots for Sports Illustrated, but the colors always seemed to be flat. I would have to literally correct hundreds of shots in Photoshop because of the color problems.Turns...
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From the 9/11 commission reportBin Ladin and Islamist terrorists mean exactly what they say: to them America is the font of all evil, the “head of the snake,” and it must be converted or destroyed.And all this time I thought it was Garamound! Does Helvetica at least get a mention?
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Wow, not only does He Who Must Not Be Let Near All-You-Can-Eat Buffets lie by sneaky editing of part-truths, but he's now been caught deliberately cutting and pasting non-existent news stories to further his agenda.I responded to a post over at Buzz Machine about Moore, and it's amazing to see the logical pretzels his defenders have to shape themselves into. He lies, period. Requoting my response from there and my own blog"Michael Moore is a convicted sex offender. Who would want...
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While other societies are busy trying to find ways to kill non believers, look what NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency are up to.Nine days before it entered orbit, Cassini spacecraft captured this exquisite natural color view of Saturn's rings. The images that make up this composition were obtained from Cassini's vantage point beneath the ring plane with the narrow angle camera on June 21, 2004, at a distance of 6.4 million kilometers (4 million miles) from Saturn. The...
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I own two firearms - A Dan Wesson .357 Revolver with 6" barrel and a .22 made out of old M4 parts. Yeah, I know it's a .22, but it's a mean looking .22!Anyway, I can't conceal the Wesson very well so I'd like to purchase something more compact. I'm a big fan of .357, don't like 9mm, and am OK with .40. I really want a Sig 226 or 229 with both Sig.357 and .40 options but damn, they are expensive!So, I was looking at cheaper options like a Glock or the Sig Pro. Anyone reading this know (a)...
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Being a viktim of the publik skool system, I'm not the best writer. In real life, I've got a blazingly fast sense of wit and keep people in stitches a lot, especially since I'm not afraid to cut jokes in 'serious' situations. Trust me, I'm a hoot at funerals.However, switch me to blogger mode, and I stumble for words. What I want to say doesn't come out right or just isn't always funny. And this is compounded in weirdity when I look at my comments in other blogs where I do happen to pull it off...
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I guess we know what the demands will be.....[Full Story]H/T Slant Point
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Just look at this picture for a minute.No, I'm not talking about Jenna sticking her tongue out. I'm talking about the secret service agent to the left. That's the ugliest woman I have seen in years. I bet she could stop a bullet with her face. I mean, if I were planning an attack on someone and she popped out to protect them, I think I'd run for fear of being turned to stone.And just in case that's a dude and not a woman, Rod Stewart should sue for hair style copyright infringement.
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From the International Herald TribuneThe head of Paul Johnson Jr., the American who was kidnapped and beheaded by militants in Saudi Arabia last month, was found by Saudi security forces during a raid on a militant hideout that left two militants dead, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday. And in a refrigerator, nonetheless.Hat tip - Twilley
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I don't believe it. I don't want to believe it. Iraqi security reportedly discovered three missiles carrying nuclear heads concealed in a concrete trench northwest of Baghdad, official sources said Wednesday.This story has already been called 'stupid' by the Iraqi Interior Ministry. I'm inclined to believe him because I don't want to think that we just happened to 'stumble' on nukes. That would mean the possibility of more of them hidden in Iraq that we'd have no idea where they are but some...
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Linda Rondstadt, who was recently canned for opening her pie hole for purposes other than singing, is in dire need of our help. She saysIt's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know.We here at the Sharp as a Marble Institute for Assisting Has Been Performers would like to offer to join the pledge to help Ms. Rondstadt by not actually attending any of her shows.In...
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That didn't take long. The King of Deception cries like a baby and gets it all wrong as usual. Check out this lovely tidbit Moore wrote a letter to Timmins, and posted it on his web site Monday night. "What country do you live in? Last time I checked, Las Vegas is still in the United States. And in the United States, we have something called 'The First Amendment.' This constitutional right gives everyone here the right to say whatever they want to say. All Americans hold this right as...
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SpongeBerger ScandalPants.Take that, michele! 
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{click for full size}Makes me wish I was a cat.
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Wow. And you think we have problems casting votes?
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Well, my standing in the TLB Ecosystem is guaranteed to drop since the light posting for this weekend. Sorry about that.We just got through upgrading our portal software over the weekend at work. Actually, it was more like a new install and recreating tens of thousands of items from scratch, but lets not go there.Posting will be light this week, at least for the first few days. In the meantime, please check out some of the fabulous blogs in my blogroll.
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This morning, Bush took a commanding lead in the Bumpersticker Poll 2004.Bush: 3Kerry: 0These numbers flip flop so much you'd think Kerry was deciding them!
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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm busy working on upgrading a piece of $h!+ software at work. 12+ hour days on this and it's just not going well...Oh well, could be worse. For the interim, go read Ramblings' Journal
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Over at the Captain's Quarters, there's a discussion on how tax payers are going to have to start paying the health costs associated with obesity. I strongly am against this. However, I just wanted to point out one of those priceless comments that makes blogs so much funThe cost of "treating" Michael Moore alone will be staggering.And that's just mental health treatment. Imagine the obesity treatment!Posted by: Jerry at July 16, 2004 07:29 AM
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Time to mobilize people. Bill at INDC needs your help getting the word out.
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Hot Abercrombie Chick's got the scoop. Speed of thought had it first.f*#@ing assholes....Also rolling with itWizbang
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I've been adding some more of the weblogs I read over to the side there. If there are any of them you've not visited, please give them a look.
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Weezie is finished movin' on up.
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Most of my referrals come from Google searches. Most popular are my Exclusive Kerry-Thorne divorce papers and The Boring Side of Bob & Tom.So, I was thinking. If you really want to drive hits to your site. Post phrases in your articles that are highly searched on by Google. You can look at to find out what the most popular are. Then, you can throw in words like euro 2004, harry potter, and wimbledon to toss your blog a few bones here and...
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Glenn isn't a journalist trying to be objective, I will grant him that, but he blows it here when he saysI TOLD YOU SO: The Federal Marriage Amendment failed miserably yesterday, and there's reason to believe that it's backfiring on its sponsors.From my understanding, the vote was 48-50 (12 short of the needed 60). That's not miserable. Miserable would be 8-90. That's close, if you ask me.I think what Glenn is doing here is common amongst all of us. When you want something to be true, it's much...
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Wow, look at yesterday's numbers!NameForAgainstBush02Kerry20I think there's a trend though that shows Kerry's support comes from a lot of the Anyone But Bush crowd. I wonder if a lot of those people will simply stay home on election Day?
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Rick Santorum after the FMA cloture vote failed:"I would argue that the future of our country hangs in the balance because the future of marriage hangs in the balance," said Sen. Rick Santorum, a leader in the fight to approve the measure. "Isn't that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?"You've got to be kidding me? I mean, I'm not all in favor of redefining marriage at all but it's crap like this that makes reasonable discourse damn near impossible. There...
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At least one Northern Virginia moviegoer walked out in a huff after watching just a half-hour of "Fahrenheit," and she wants our readers to know about it. Loyal Republican Lenora Tomalin, 81, called us to report that she left her relatives in their seats at the Regal theater in Sterling and headed for the lobby during the scene when Moore, in a voiceover, suggests thoughts President Bush might have had in a Florida classroom the morning of Sept. 11. "I was enraged . . . I thought it was very...
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Bill at INDC is discussing abortion. A hot topic I don't care to cover here as flame wars are bound to start. However, I would like to expound on this concept of "A women's choice to do with her body what she pleases".Why can't women go topless then? Or nude completely? If it is so important that women* have complete control over their bodies, why do they allow the government to tell them they must cover up their breasts and genetalia?I'm not trying to be snotty, it's just that it perplexes me...
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Seems to be hoax season. The lady who was attacked in France, claiming it was because she was mistaken for a Jew is now claiming she made it up.Stupid @!#$.....Also Talking - AceSpoons
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Seems I'm not the only lonely blogger out there.I wonder if there is a way to 'Google bomb' the TLB Ecosystem? Hmmm...
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So I've been feeling pretty down lately. The right hates the left. The left hates the right. Bush is equal to Hitler in all ways, high school kids are looking at Arafat as some sort of hero, and my upgrade at work isn't going very well. Lies are printed as facts in the news and when those lies are exposed, they are covered up. People flock to Fahrenheit 9/11 for their "2 hour hate" while Rush Limbaugh continues to blame the Democrats for everything from Love Bugs to poor quality shoes.Then...
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One of the big stories going around the Blogosphere right now is about the talk of postponing the election if there were to be a major terrorist attack. Of course, such utterances have increased the sales of aluminum foil ten fold.It is sad that people crave conspiracy theories to satiate their hatred of any political party. That's why I'm going to spring the first ever, SaaM conspiracy theory:First, Karl Rove creates the scandal by releasing the discussions of voting postponement. This causes...
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According to the TLB Ecosystem, a few weeks ago I was an Adorable Rodent. Last week I had slid to Flappy Bird. Now I seem to be a Reptile and well on my way to 'A Splotch of Primordial Goo'.Let this be a lesson to you kiddies out there. Blogging is hard if you're not interesting.
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For both sides of the political fence, I offer this hilarious flash movie from Jib Jab. How nice to be able to laugh at both parties at the same time!The Bill Clinton / Hillary part made me shoot coffee out my nose!{h/t Misha}
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The dark green ones are Jalapeño, not Watermelon.
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Well, Kerry & Edwards have had more pictures taken of them touching each other than my wife and I have had in over 5 years.Now, there's a plethora of people out there making plenty of fun about this and yes, I find it humorous, but I also have to speak my mind about it.I'm one of those guys people might call touchy-feely. I like physical contact. I am secure enough in my heterosexuality that another man touching me doesn't bother me at all. So it doesn't irritate me or set off my...
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Who said the following on Feb. 24, 2002?I think Iraq is the most serious and imminent threat to our country.A) Dick CheneyB) George W. BushC) Condi RiceD) John EdwardsThat's right! D- John Edwards!Just sayin', that's all!{h/t Puppy Blender}
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Kerry Fails to Get Lift From Edwards' Pick, Zogby Poll Shows July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic candidate John Kerry's standing against President George W. Bush didn't improve following his pick of North Carolina Senator John Edwards as his running mate July 6, according to a Zogby International poll. Well, maybe because those who already have made up their minds aren't going to change them regardless if Kerry had picked Jesus as a running mate?Look, I'm all prepared to accept J&J if...
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A criminal investigation has been launched into the disappearance of Marine Corporal Hassoun.Like I said MondaySomething here is starting to raise a big, red flag. When all is said and done, I think we're going to find out quite a bit of strange information regarding this case.Looks like I'm a modern day Nostradamus, eh?Other Blogs talking:Slant Point Speed of Thought Wizbang
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Took this shot of the little one yesterday. Thought I'd share it with everyone.(click to enlarge)Nikon D2h1/400s f/4.5 at 85.0mm
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Wow.To me, the hardest thing about superhero flicks is to get me to suspend disbelief. I'm so anal about picking apart the technical aspects of superheros that I tend to lose the movie. If you entertain me enough, I won't question how a guy could produce webbing from his wrist that is strong enough to stop a train yet miraculously disappear on it's own.This movie did just that. I never read comic books as a kid (the best I did was the entire first series of The Maxx when it came out) so, I...
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After only one day of using it, I am now switching my browser to Mozilla's Firefox. It is now my default browser on my PC. I plan on putting it on my other PCs, including the server and the Linux box.I'll be honest with you, I don't care for Mozilla. It is slow and pages just didn't render well enough for me. But for some odd reason, Firefox just seems to have it right.Finally! A browser than can stand up to Internet Explorer!(I'm not giving up .Net though. .Net still rocks)
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Read this.I still don't understand people's love with communist Cuba. 100% literacy is overrated when you can't even get a job.(hat tip Michele)Update - A response. And yet again, he gets his fanny handed back to him on a silver platter. I gotta give Val lots of credit, I'm not as patient and gentle as he is.
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Due to problems between my email server and Gmail, I haven't been receiving comments or any info from the Contact section of my site. I'm redirecting to a different address until I can fix this issue.If any of my 3 readers have tried to contact me, I apologize for not returning your email.
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This morning's boo-boo by the New York Post highlights one of the problems with mainstream news and media. For some, it's more important to get the story out first rather than getting the story right.And we're supposed to trust these people?I remember the brouhaha during the 2000 election where half of the channels were touting Bush's victory while the other half were shouting President Gore! Hell, on my site alone I've gone from mourning the death of a Marine to wondering if he was in...
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Has anyone else using GMail having issues with it? I'm not getting any messages I send to the account however all feedback from SaaM seems to work which is odd because they both use the same server.Just wondering because a lot of conversations I was having have fallen silent.
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The NY Post and MSNBC both picked someone too.This is why you should never trust the mainstream media to bring you news.
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I'm creating a new skin for the Blog. I have tested it on IE and Mozilla's Firefox, so let me know if it is working for you. It may jump around a bit as I try to fine tune it so pardon the mess.I have no idea why IE Users might see a little brown bar up top on the navigation. I'll work on that later. Please let me know how you like the new layout and if there's anything that bothers you. Thanks.R
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Corporal Hassoun, the Marine who was reported as being murdered but then reported as not, has now apparently been "moved to a safe place"Al-Jazeera said the statement it received Monday said Hassoun had promised not to go back to the American military. Something here is starting to raise a big, red flag. When all is said and done, I think we're going to find out quite a bit of strange information regarding this case.However, lest I be accused of moving goal posts, let me say this important...
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Just started using Mozilla's Firefox. It just might become my new, permanent browser! Very fast, and hopefully less security holes than IE.As a developer, I'm still stuck working with IE, but it's nice to have an alternative. Hopefully, my new Sharp as a Marble skin will work on all browsers (whenever I actually get it finished).
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 Hat Tip Wizbang for the original image
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According to several sources, the Islamofacist terrorists holding him are reporting that the claims he was killed were false.It is a dim, but hopeful light that Corporal Hassoun is still alive and will be rescued. Also reporting the storyCaptain's QuartersWizbangRambling's Journal
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Iraq Militants Claim Marine Beheading from Yahoo News / AP "We would like to inform you that the Marine of Lebanese descent has been killed, and you will soon see the movie with your own eyes," said the statement, signed in the name of the group's leader, Abu Abdullah al-Hassan bin Mahmoud.The U.S. military in Baghdad said it was checking into the report of the 24-yer-old Hassoun's death but had no confirmation for the moment.This is aimed at ruining the 4th of July. I hope, instead, that it...
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Laurence strings a bunch of one liners about children's games together - hilarity ensues
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Engine Lab called me today. The Jeep is ready. I have a 2:00 meeting, then my happy butt will be dropping off the P.O.S. Cavalier I'm renting, picking up a new battery (seems the one I had has had it), then grabbing my 240hp Super Jeep.Oh Joy! Happy Days are here!I will post pictures of the speeding tickets as they arrive.
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Saw a post on Ipse Dixit where Dodd said his blog box had gone down* which prompted me to ask a question. How many bloggers run their stuff out of their houses? I'm one. I use .Text as the blogging software. My server, Ford,  is an old Quad Pentium Pro. I use my Road Runner connection and No-Ip for dynamic DNS so I don't have to worry about IP changes (which rarely happen anyway). And now, I am using BlogJet as a way to write and update my site (w.blogger was a little...
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Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Teen  TAMPA, Fla. A 23-year-old middle-school teacher was charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student in a classroom, at her apartment and, once, in a vehicle while the teen's 15-year-old cousin drove. This story is disturbing in many ways. First off, and pardon me for being superficial but the teacher in question, Debra Beasley Lafave, is smoking hot. Now this bothers me because I look at her pictures and find her attractive and at the same...
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I've been slack in my Bumpersticker reporting. What generally happens is that I see a sticker when I'm about 3/4 of the way home and realize my sample won't be accurate if I hadn't been paying attention the whole time. Well, yesterday was the oddest day so far. Check out these numbers Bush: -1Kerry: -1 The only thing I saw was a “Re-defeat Bush” and a “Viet Nam Veterans against Kerry” sticker. Hell, maybe Nader has a chance!
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