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Concealed carry never stops mass shootings. Except when it does. Granted, the anti’s would say since there was no mass shooting involving lots of dead bodies they can drag around for fundraising, it never actually happened!
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I might not blog that much any more which is sad because with my woodworking, I’ve had a lot to talk about. One thing I’m trying to do though is get tools. I’m purchasing a band saw probably on Friday because I seem to need it more than a drill press. Many times, a band saw would make short work of things I’ve been doing with a jigsaw by hand (and be less destructive since there’s support under the blade). Once I get the band saw, I’m thinking about making a few 1911 pistol grips for myself....
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Sean Carana sent me this the other day Wallace Sterling <>Your groups negative response to the request by the St. Pete Police Chief to leave weapons home during the St. Pete Pride Festival is: misguided, homophobic, un-American and...crazy.  SHAME. Let me get this straight. We want everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, to be able to defend themselves with the best tools available with no interference from the state. This view is both shameful… and...
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It’s simple and straightforward. I’ve already seen anti’s try to say “It’s not the same thing” when all this image does is swap out the nouns. Sentence structure doesn’t change simply because you use breakfast instead of arms.
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Better to just block people than to admit error
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Is that I don’t remember writing half of them. Just got through cracking myself up. Figured I’d share with you all.
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Please IMMEDIATELY send an email to Governor Rick Scott to tell him that Charles McBurney should never be a judge. In the subject line put: Charles McBurney is unfit to be a judge There is not much worse than being betrayed by someone who pretended to be a friend. Representative Charles McBurney has betrayed your trust and now he wants the high honor of being appointed to one of the most important positions of power in government, he wants to be a Florida Judge....
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