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Now there’s a .45ACP offering to boot! Which I’d love to take for a spin, but I’d still probably go for the 9mm. 7+1 vs. 6+1 capacity. Still, $1100 for a pocket pistol is pricey. I have no doubt the firearm is well made and worth the money and there’s a lot to be said for the longer barrel in such a small space. I’m just budget conscious (aka my wife would suddenly learn how to shoot it the minute I brought it home, using my noggin for target practice).
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Haven’t shot in ages. A lot of it comes from the fact that my music hobby consumes a lot of my free time as well as my budgets, but being that I have a reloading bench and enough components for now, that’s not much of an excuse. I need to schedule range time. Budget for it. Make it at least a monthly thing that I can plan for so that it’s not a mad scramble to find time or money to do. In a way, it’s shameful to not hit the range as you lose your ability to get on target accurately if you don’t...
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Made a cup of coffee for my morning drive. Then I had a double espresso. Then another. Then another. Currently, I appear to be running at Planck time and am enjoying watching the Quantum Foam bubble up around the elves on my desk.
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Time short. Blog later.
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Interesting thing at the new job. We need a particular service that we do not have in house. Hiring people for this position is difficult because we do not know what to look for in a person to do the job, have little experience setting up the environment for them to do it, and don’t really know if there’s enough work to be done so that the person would still have a job in 5 years. I suggested they look at consulting as a way to get everything set up. It’s a short term way of rapidly getting up...
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House Bill 89 by Representatives Combee (R) and Edwards (D) in the Florida House, and Senator Evers (R) in the Florida Senate, was signed in to law today by Governor Scott. The new law clarifies that a person may threaten the use of defensive force in order to prevent or terminate an imminent or actual unlawful physical attack or commission of a forcible felony by an aggressor.  You can read the new law HERE The new law is designed to stop prosecutors from charging people who defend...
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And read this. Michael Z. Williamson absolutely nails it. I will be using this as a reference to those who believe encouraging self-defense is ‘blaming the victim’ or some such twaddle. It’s got stats. Links. Charts. Reality. None so blind and all, but it’s a nice, succinct way of putting it all in perspective. Now, here's the part that all these "experts" who don’t actually know how to fight want to pretend doesn't exist:  The cites above prove single most effective means of fighting an...
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Got my Kershaw Blur last night. Couldn’t be more impressed. The spring assist is nice and the size is perfect for what I’m wanting. It’s also nice to have a folder in my pocket again. I do this little Macarena dance any time I leave the area where I check for keys, knife, wallet, phone & pistol. Missing the one spot where the knife should have been was annoying. Not anymore. And I really like the coyote brown. Nice to have something that’s not all black. Haven’t cut anything yet, including...
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Haven’t been able to run in the evenings due to a combination of the normal evening thunderstorms we get this time of the year and the puppy not being able to be left by herself while the wife goes to get the kids from VBS (she’s getting worse & worse about panicking during storms. She’s destroyed a few doors / frames in the past week). So even doing the treadmill at the Y has been a no go. So I decided to get up an hour early today and run. Blech. One, the humidity was oppressive. At 80°,...
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I love seeing a gun rights advocate get his message out on the Joyce Foundation’s dime
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I’m doing it right. Georgia, on her own, decided that she was going to grow out her hair and donate it to cancer patients. Yesterday, while her sister was getting a trim, the stylist (knowing George was doing this) looked at her hair and told her it was now long enough. 10” chopped later, she went from this   To this (interestingly, she’s wearing the same shirt)   The after pics don’t do justice, mostly because they’re camera phone pictures and the wide angle doesn’t do justice, but...
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I loved my 5.11 XPRT, but the clip broke off even after getting replacement screws so it’ll take quite a bit of effort to get it back into carrying shape. Also, it’s a big, big knife and a) I need something a bit smaller for EDC and b) I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on something I’m going to abuse and throw away when it gets dull. So, after much help from many people who know knives, I picked up a Kershaw Blur Should be here by Thursday. I’ll let you know how it works out for me.
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This was neat
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It’d be a shaaaaame if someone came by and gave it a really, really odd name.
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Wife & I had been eying this house down the road from us for a while. Barely 1/2 a mile away, the lot is huge, the house was decent enough on the outside, but we could tell it had been abandoned for a while. The roof had tarps on it for a while so we knew it was probably in shaky shape, but we finally bugged out realtor neighbor to look into it for us. Interestingly, a few weeks ago, someone had bought it and started repairing the roof. Turns out, the guy was flipping the house and had got...
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Georgia was near tears, she was so happy to get her drums Pardon the messy floor. I didn’t have time to clean up the packaging before she hopped on ‘em. Neighbors won’t hear a thing. If you close the office door, it’s just dull thudding. There are 90 kits programmed in (plus 10 user kits) so she should have plenty to keep it interesting for a long time. Eventually we can run the MIDI to my PC, but I’ll have to get something that either converts DIN to USB or just a DIN enabled card or...
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They are claiming 74 “school shootings” since Newtown. Most of which are complete fabrications. I will give the group some credit – they know how to use an emotional ploy. They call anything that happens in the same zip code as a school a ‘school shooting’ knowing that many people will simply latch onto the emotional part and never dig any deeper to see if it was, in fact, a shooting at a school. They cheapen the lives of those truly taken by deranged killers by lumping them in with gang &...
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Parents use firearms to defend the life of their daughter from gunmen. They killed one guy, put the other in the hospital.
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Want to make artisanal cheese? The FDA has something to say about that This part, though, is where the real problem lies While most cheesemakers have, perhaps, begrudgingly accepted most of what has been coming down the FSMA pike, including the requirement of HACCP plans and increased federal regulations and inspections, no one expected this giant regulation behemoth to virtually put a stop to innovation in the American artisanal cheese movement. Emphasis mine. You accept it (even...
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I took the eldest-of-two-evils to the music store the other day to try out drum sets. She’s really, really doing well in her lessons and she is already not liking practicing on just a practice pad because she wants the feel of the kick pedal and the high hat being to her left. So, we looked at a few electronic sets they had since an acoustic set is too loud for now, both because the neighbors would hear it and being that she’s so new, there’s a bit of unintended syncopation involved. Also, next...
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Noam Chomsky said this. Don’t worry, he’ll still vote for the next statist prick without putting any critical thought into it because he’s an addled old puppet that is blind to any non-progressive politician. But still, this is kind of a big thing.
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Sustainable energy would be here today This guy demanded someone prove Bergdahl deserted his unit without using Fox news. Someone did, so he said all the other soldiers were lying for fame. So I asked him to prove it and he said “the soldiers themselves are the proof”. He also had a 4.2GPA in Political Science. So, that explains that word salad. Then, he claims that we’re sheep because we believe people who have NOT been interviewed and vetted by Glenn Greenwald. It boggles the mind.
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You can fully support open carry while calling out the Westboro Baptists of OC for their shenanigans. There was no need to apologize for the NRA’s statement on OCT as I assure you, even rabid OC supporters such as myself are risking concussions with all the face-palming over their stupid protests.
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I’m actually getting the feeling that I’m in a much better place now than I was before. There’s plenty of work to do (no more bench time), I’m not going to be switching between development environments like an ADD kid in a candy store, and I fit in rather well (lots of gunnies in my group!). However, I’ve neglected this blog and its main focus of firearm related material. Lemme settle in first before I go back full bore into blogging about boom-emitters, but it’s coming, I promise. On a side...
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Totally stoked. I don’t need to be in until 10, so I’m at home drinking coffee just anxiously awaiting when it’s time to leave. I’m also setting up my thumb drive with stuff I always need. Plus making sure I have all my paperwork & whatnot. Ten minutes and I leave. I’m a little too excited about working :)
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I set my run for 2.5 miles. When the app told me I had completed it and to do my 5 minute ‘cool down’ walk, I kept running. When it told me my 5 minutes was up, I was at 3 miles. I kept running. I did a 5k in ~28 minutes. On the pavement. No breaks, no slow downs, no stopping to catch my breath. The thing is, I’m pretty sure I had another half or three quarters of a mile left in me too. Now that the run is over, I’ve had time to come down off the runner’s high, and have showered, my calves...
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I’m helping vectorize a logo for Yakima Pistol & Rifle Association, but I was hoping to find some reference pictures of the pistol & rifle on the patch. Anyone have any idea what these might be related to?
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