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from the Tweet place Turns out both lawyers used bad jokes: Zimmerman's lawyer with the knock-knock joke, the prosecutor with his case. #ZimmermanTrial— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) June 28, 2013
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Anyone need any logo or graphic work done? I don’t do full websites any more since there are easier, cheaper methods, but if you need a small logo for your blog or your new company, let me know. I may be unreasonable, but my rates aren’t.
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I completely forgot to mention Joe Huffman’s Windows Phone app – Field Ballistics. However, even without my mention, it’s one of the top paid apps in the Windows Phone store. Congrats Joe!
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Czech commenter #gunblogger_conspiracy chat "I wanted to move to US when it seemed like free country... now I think I might sooner move to Russia"
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This is the most chilling thing I’ve read in ages The administration has admitted to spying on everybody, including the press; collecting every bit of communications and personal data it can, including credit ratings, purchases, and browsing history. Nowhere have they said Congress is exempt. Verizon was the first phone company where it was admitted that everything they touch goes to the NSA. Upon taking office, every member of the House and Senate is handed a Blackberry to do everything on....
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This will be funny.
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Julie Golob takes her daughter shooting for the first time. Cuteness ensues
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I’m not a fan of it when people complain that [Some Popular Movie / Rock Star] is mouthing off against [Some Issue] and shouldn’t be listened to since their stardom doesn’t give them special insight and then the same people get all excited when [Some Other Popular Movie / Rock Star] agrees with their views and they trumpet it around like gospel. However, while I find Madonna to generally be an odious figure, her views on guns (insofar as what she said in this article) are correct In a recent...
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The more I get into my music, the more I realize I needed to broaden my ‘sound base’ either via new synthesizer modules for FL Studio or sample libraries for a more ‘ready to use’ kind of thing. Synths allow the most flexibility because they can create practically any sound you want and the sound’s duration doesn’t change based on pitch (well, technically it can). The drawback is… well, learning how to work the damned things. If you’re not willing or able to learn every facet of every knob,...
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I’ve always been proud to be a member of Florida Carry and last night’s board meeting reminded me why we’re a good organization. First and foremost, the group is more concerned about Floridian’s rights to keep and bear arms than it is about making money. The money is absolutely necessary to be able to file the lawsuits we do as well as fund activities necessary to push for the right kinds of legislation, but it’s not out primary driver. There were opportunities to simply take cash settlements...
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When we bought iMac her new guitar, she got so excited that she wanted to start her lessons right away. Since my brain has the fulls already, I didn’t have a problem letting her take over my slot right away and yesterday she had her first, real guitar lesson. Fish. Water. No assembly required. First off, she was excited for the lessons. I mean “can I wear my glittery guitar shirt?” type excited. Irelyn is a lot like me and very easily distracted, so when we find something that can maintain her...
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And wants you to know what it takes to take your first class
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Kid finds a gun in a Tampa theater. Cop realizes his gun is missing. Coincidence? I think not Hussey, 38, who has been with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for 13 years, was off duty that day. He had gone to Muvico Centro Ybor 20, according to the Sheriff's Office, about 3 p.m. and stopped in the bathroom before the movie. He put his Glock 26, a personal weapon, on top of a toilet paper dispenser — then forgot it and left. We’re always being told that only cops have that magic...
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So, iMac has really taken a liking to her guitar lessons given to her by Daddy, so we’ve decided to let her start actual lessons from my teacher. The problem was the cute 1/2 sized electric we bought her was, to put it nicely, a pulsating ball of suck and fail. It buzzed horrifically, and didn’t stay in tune from one fret to the next. I didn’t want her taking her lessons on that thing, so we bought her a new one. It’s a 3/4 or ‘travel sized’ guitar and unlike her other one, this acoustic is...
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Begging for a blog post. I got nuthin’.
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Wife and kids want a pool. While I’m generally a Dave Ramsey acolyte and never buy anything I cannot pay cash for, a pool is in that realm of “by the time I save up for it, the kids will no longer be at home enough to use it”. You do not buy a pool with any expectation of adding the cost of the pool to the sales price of your house – you’re going to lose that battle big time, especially here in Florida. A $30k pool will raise your house value by maybe $10k. The reality is that it would be...
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That I’m seriously considering shelling out $300 for the lower resolution, developer kit version of the Oculus Rift. 720p rather than the 1020i in the planned consumer model, sure to contain a few bugs that will be worked out later, and my development skills are in Line of Business apps, not gaming or stuff like this. But… just to play with it. Just to see it in action. I have no idea when they’re going to release them to the public, nor do I know the price. One almost has to assume they’re...
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This is why there’s always hesitation to invite us to her family events* He was actually just sitting on his leg when I photobombed him. *Wife’s family actually loves me. Must be the constant laughing.
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Technology moves on. Just don’t wear that while watching porn, otherwise you’ll end up starting and stopping the movie constantly.
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THIS is how you do it
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Otherwise the dead cabbie would have been worse off A cabby died a gruesome death in Brooklyn yesterday when a passenger fatally stabbed him through the eye with an umbrella during a robbery, law-enforcement sources said. Someone should tell the cabbie how lucky he was that he wasn’t shot with a gun (granted, you’re going to need a Ouija board to do so). You see, when they outlaw guns like they do in NYC, criminals will no longer kill over a few bucks because guns are the only tools used in...
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Remember, a nice person with a gun makes guns nice for everyone. A jerk with a pistol makes guns seem scary. From ExUrban Kevin
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Because this one (bitching about the new gas can designs and how shitty they are) simply is astounding in the stupidity You don't blame the government, the EPA mandated this crap and oversaw the design. From a comment in #gunblogger_conspiracy Phssthpok: That's like saying "Yeah, that joe is an OK guy, but his FIST is a real asshole!"
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Just another inchoate thought, but I think part of our political problems stem from the fact there isn’t a single source, or even a targetable source for the rot. At some point, everything became self sustaining. Teachers stopped teaching the three R’s and started teaching Socially Acceptable Behavior as Applied to Addition and Subtraction (I shit you not, they refer to improper fractions as ‘fractions greater than one’ because they don’t want the children using the word ‘improper’). While...
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Not that it makes up close friends and best of buds, but Kennedy follows me, which I can’t help but geek out over.
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In Boulder, cops seem to think they have full authority to enter your house simply because your doors are unlocked Chrissy Smiley learned this fact in surprising fashion on Thursday afternoon when she returned to her south Boulder condo after a 40-minute walk with her dogs to find a card from a Boulder police officer sitting on her dining room table. The cops are saying she left her door open, thus they had the right to enter at will (oh, after knocking of course! Because that makes everything...
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Not sure I could actually send anything besides this one anyway.
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So, this Snowden character has come out as the leaker of the NSA snooping information. The most fascinating aspect of this whole deal has been the complete dissolution of normal, political lines. Glenn Beck is praising Glenn Greenwald, some Obama supporters are cheering this guy while some righties are condemning him as a traitor, as if somehow fighting against a tyrannical government is traitorous. I’ve seen some comparisons to Manning, which I find unfair. Manning’s intent was to simply dump...
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Sometimes you need a pen. Not just any pen, but one that can withstand the blistering heat, freezing cold, and harsh conditions only the most operatingest operators operate in. You need, a Tuff Writer Tactical Pen. Now, I admit, I was skeptical at first. I mean, a pen is a pen is a pen. Doesn’t matter how sexy it is, being machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum and filled with thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed cartridge to 35 psi for up to 3x writing life, it’s a pen and if you drop it in a...
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Rest in peace my friend. You were a great cat and we will miss you dearly
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But that went much better than I expected. Whoever said they believed my girls would surprise me, they were right. Georgia cried, but not for long and never hysterically. Irelyn, as expected, was sad for 8.3 seconds then decided she wanted to go make goofy faces. I think the fact that we’ve mentioned this as something that was going to happen and not having it come as a huge surprise helped. Oh, Irelyn asked if we could go get a kitten. My voice broke telling them, but other than that I held...
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Is telling your kids. Today is their last day of school and they both have Taekwondo lessons, so we’re waiting until after that. Then we’ll let them know Bueller will be put to sleep Saturday morning and let them stay up as late as they want to spend time with him (if he’ll let them. He’s really not in the mood to be pet lately). I’ll offer to let them come with me and hope they don’t want to because it’s going to be hard enough as it is, but as a father it’s my duty to shoulder everything...
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The Firearm Blog is starting a new venture -  The site isn’t live yet, but it should be similar in format to TFB only centered around hunting and the outdoor life. Unless the outdoor life has air conditioning and a good Internet feed, I’m not all that interested, but I hear some people are quite keen on it so I thought I’d give them a mention. They’re giving out chances to win Cabela’s certificates to people who sign up to get notified when the site goes live, and Cabela’s...
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Screwtape embraces the Internet
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He had to do today what I’m doing this Saturday.
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Sometimes, that person is me…
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Bueller’s last steroid shot wore off in 2 weeks and he started chewing himself again. All of his paws are scabbed in between his toes, and his chin is literally black with dried blood from all the scratching. We had allotted another shot to give him some more time, but unfortunately I’m not sure it will do anything but extend his suffering. Thus this Saturday I have to take him to the vet’s for the last time. Right now, there’s a Marine with tears in his eyes typing this. I’ve had this little...
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When you want to see your citizens die The rash of weekend shootings comes against a backdrop of major gun control efforts by both New York City and state officials. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has emerged as one of the nation’s strongest advocates for stricter firearm regulations, and has long touted the city’s strict gun control rules as helping to bring about a significant drop in crime over the last decade. (The mayor’s office declined to comment on the weekend’s shootings.) Of course he won’t...
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Just got off a long Twitter convo with people who honestly believe that the white culture is the only culture that can value and promote freedom. I own guns for many reasons, one of them is to protect my ‘mixed race’ self and that of my children from such idiots who ever decide to act upon their bigoted, backwards, and completely incorrect views. I need a friggin’ shower….
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So there was this ‘anti-gun group’ that met recently near me. They weren’t going to take “No” for an answer, no matter how many Americans said it, they wanted gun control and they wanted it now. One lady was mortified that there were ‘assault weapons’ capable of firing “154 rounds a minute” (no clue where she got that number from) and I wondered if she’d be ok with revolvers being that Jerry Miculek has shown he can pop off about 240 rounds a minute with reloads. Nonetheless, I honestly...
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