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Apparently, CSGV has engaged it on Twitter. This is what you do when you can’t win. You take your ball and go home.
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Google believes in deodands.
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There was enough stuff on it that a straw was all it took, but why not do it with a little flair instead? This is our decline, people. I feel bad for my children for they are inheriting a soft tyranny. You can now be ‘taxed’ on something you don’t buy because you didn’t buy it. You think it’s just health care? Just like how we voted to outlaw smokers from public and they took that ball and ran into the high-fructose corn syrup, salt, and fat end zone, Romney? Unless he starts going full bore...
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“I was standing my ground” isn’t a phrase that casts a magic spell and prevents you from being prosecuted. HOUSTON – A man who claimed Texas' version of a stand-your-ground law allowed him to fatally shoot a neighbor after an argument about a noisy party was sentenced Wednesday to 40 years for murder. Raul Rodriguez, 46, had faced up to life in prison for the 2010 killing of Kelly Danaher. When there’s a body that reaches room temperature, there will be an investigation. If you’re...
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I saw this on a bumper sicker the other day and it struck me as rather profound (although I have no idea what the owner’s intent was) Don’t believe everything you think For me, this is important. As I’ve said before, I’m more concerned with shifting my views and beliefs to align with reality vs. “being right”. I’m not a gun rights advocate because I’m rationalizing my hobby, I’m one because logic and reason has shown that a well armed citizenry is an effective check against tyranny and...
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No…. No you can’t. Unless you’re wearing special goggles. CrimsonTrace is now making infrared laser sights so operators can operate in the darkest of operations.
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But every here and there some idiot pipes up and reminds me that there are people among us who really, honestly, and truly believe tools cause crime. I’m reading this Cracked article about the 8 most wildly irresponsible vintage toys which just shows how far we’ve fallen as a species, for the most part. I get the surprise at the radiation kit, we really didn’t know how dangerous it could be (mostly, don’t swallow the radium and you’d be fine) but the PSH over some of the others is just sad. ...
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Do you use RSS or ATOM feed?
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This would have never happened That's when Giancola went to a group home for the hearing impaired and stabbed four people, authorities said. … Shortly afterward, Giancola went to the Kenvins Motel in the nearby city of Pinellas Park, where he attacked the married couple who own the motel with a hammer, police say. … Around 11:30 a.m., investigators believe Giancola pulled up in front of a house in Pinellas Park and asked residents where he could find women. The residents told...
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From Jeff Bishop via Shall Not Be Questioned Falwell v. Hustler Magazine, the case widely misrepresented as “People vs. Larry Flynt,” was decided 8-0 on First Amendment grounds in favor of a corporation. Citizens United and today’s American Traditions Partnership decision were both decided 5-4, with all four liberals arguing in dissent that legal persons (corporations, LLCs, etc.) aren’t really “people” and therefore, any natural person with the audacity to form one should check his own...
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Turns out, going from “clean the gun between shots” to “clean? What’s that?” can lead to a lot of jamming after a year or so.
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I hate saying this out loud because it doesn’t help my cause, but I will – The biggest hurdle to regaining our 2A rights tends to be gun owners. Call it Fuddism or whatever you like, but working in this field it shocks me how many and how fast gun owners will turn on you. We’re not doing enough, we’re doing too much, we’re not doing it the way someone else does it. The bitching never stops especially from those who can’t even pony up $25 for a membership. Another thing is how even gun owners...
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Took the Mrs. to the new Family Firearms range today. They still have some sound proofing that needs to happen (eet was looooud) but I really like the stalls they had. Nice and deep (which kept your brass local) with plenty of space to put your gear on as well. Lots of ranges have these tiny tops that barely hold 2 guns and a box of ammo, but I had no problems dropping all my gear, including the KRISS, on it. Kari wasn’t as thrilled about the KRISS. In fact, she’s the first person who’s shot...
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My debut on The Squirrel Report is up. And for the rest of the day, the question on your mind will be “Was he wearing pants during his call in?”
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Yesterday I had to go to a new doctor’s office. Let me just say that our healthcare system is horrible. I called regarding an issue that had just popped up with a doctor I’ve never seen and because we don’t have Government Controlled Health Care like the rest of the world, I had to wait nearly two hours for an appointment. Anyway, had to fill out half a ream of paper with patient information. It’s amazing how poorly my ability to control a pen is now that writing is something I do once every...
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Lucky Gunner has delved into the blogging world with their first post of 5.56 vs .223 – What You Know May Be Wrong and it’s a doozy. Tons and tons of actual data, graphs, and tests. I avoided the entire 5.56 vs. .223 debate by just grabbing a 6.8 SPC, but it’s still useful information ;)
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But I want it nonetheless.
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  One of the sad parts about being sent T&E models of guns is that eventually, your time to test and evaluate them come to and end, and so today marks the end of that period for me and my beloved KRISS. I have never had such a fun firearm in my life. The recoil system and carbine format make shooting .45 ACP a blast, so much that there’s a particular smile everyone seems to get after shooting this thing. I find its looks striking, the rifle comfortable, and the accuracy beyond...
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Blogging advice: check your facts.
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Not only do I have 400# hogs running around my little patch of suburbia, I’ve got some owls in the wooded area behind my house. Two nights ago, the Mrs. asked if I heard a sound to which I replied “Sounds either like a cat getting ready to hork in our back yard, or it’s an owl”. There were some non-patterned yowling sounds that made me think it wasn’t really an owl after all, but after a while we realized it couldn’t be a cat. I told my daughters about it last night and they asked me what kind...
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Thank you. Unfortunately, the note only said “We’re glad you feel better” and I have no idea who sent it. So now I fear I’m going to seem like an ingrate for such an awesome gift (Vermont Teddy Bears are like the Porsches of the teddy bear world). So, here’s my open Thank You in case whoever it is happens to read my blog! R Update – Donor found. Thanks guys, that was awesome.
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Obama helps his buddy out by telling Holder that he can claim Executive Privilege so he doesn’t have to release Fast & Furious documents. Which opens up this can of worms “The assertion of executive privilege raises monumental questions. How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement? How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he's supposedly never seen?” I hate the concept of President Romney. I can rest assured though,...
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They go for spear guns as well Hat Tip Tango
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Looking at prices on Gibson guitars. $10,000+ for a Les Paul? Seriously? Does Les come back from the grave, give you lessons, and a happy ending before heading back to Valhalla?
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Yesterday in #gunblogger_conspiracy, we were discussing the NFA and how what is legal today is illegal tomorrow based on whatever particular agent was trying to throw you into jail. The phrase NFA Calvin Ball was brought up, and I could not think of a better way to describe the rules than that (for those that don’t get the reference, you may leave my blog now until you do get it). Again, we have a set of rules that are geared to prevent actions by restricting access to objects. Much like how...
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So one feature I’ve pondered is a time-limited window for a commenter to be able to edit their most recent comment. Shall Not Be Questioned has this feature and yes, it is handy for typos or bad links. It’s also good for epic trolling if you did it right. You could drop some major flame-bait, have a response, then go back and edit it to how you like puppies and wish you could find a cure for cancer, making anyone who replies look like an utter dick. I doubt this is a common thing and my blog...
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This weekend I was able to relax a little. I did so by starting my guitar lesson on pentatonic scales. At first, I thought I had found Jesus, but that was because I was looking at the Pentecostal scales by accident (don’t even ask what happened after playing a few ginandtonic scales). I was a fool when I was a kid. No wonder I never progressed to anything besides a mediocre rhythm player, I never learned some of the basics behind playing guitar. I keep learning things like “Oh, a Major C scale...
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June 18, 2012 Leesburg, FL - Motivated by the filing of a lawsuit by Florida Carry alleging violation of Florida's 25 year-old Firearms law preemption statute, the Leesburg City Commission has repealed their anti-gun ordinance. Ironically, the lawsuit could have been completely avoided had the city simply repealed the unlawful ordinance when they were originally notified that the ordinance was in violation of preemption by Florida Carry. On behalf of Florida Carry's membership, Executive...
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Last week was hell for me. I apologize to those who sent me things to discuss. Florida Carry has been busy as hell and there’s a lot of articles I would have loved to comment on, but… well, sick daughters come before blog material. I’ve missed quite a bit of stuff going by, from Fast & Furious news, to tons of local stories. I’m probably not going to go through an entire week’s worth of emails and news feeds to write about things that are past their freshness date anyway. I’m back now....
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At St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, the entrance has a dark red sign (sooooo easy to read…. *eye roll*) that says Absolutely No Weapons Permitted. I was concerned because practically every person who was in the hospital was armed to the teeth. The nurses carried sharp scissors and pens that could stab. There were scalpels. The sheer amount of poisons just sitting around were scary. The chairs were not bolted to the floor, making them bludgeons you can sit on. People were allowed to walk...
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As Ansible 2.0 is taking shape, I’m trying to rethink how this blog actually functions. The problem is, I have no good way of doing user studies because most of you people live too far away from me to observe. Those who I do observe locally tend to have restraining orders against me. So, I’m going to have to do it by having you people tell me a few things. I’m trying to figure out how to do my layout. I’ve had the same design practically since day 1 back in 2004. Each time I tried to change...
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Heading out so I can take my daughter home.
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ANC counts were 1250. Bone marrow aspiration (according to the nurse) is not necessary so that’s a relief. No idea yet if discharging her is an option. They may want to make sure her counts are at 1500 before sending her home, they may assume since she’s gone from 100 to 1250 in 48 hours that she’s rebounded enough, I don’t know. I just want my baby home. That, and I want to sleep in my own bed without beeping machines and nurses that wake me up every hour or so. If I never go through this...
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Irelyn’s neutropenia has been upgraded from severe to moderate, meaning she’s now winning the battle against the virus. As long as it continues on its path, she will not need the bone marrow aspiration scheduled for tomorrow. She’s out of that ‘danger zone’ of secondary infections being a major concern. With a little luck, she’ll be home by Saturday. If not, no big deal. I’ll just keep sleeping at the hospital. I’m lucky insofar as where I work   So a brief swim across alligator...
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So I got the call yesterday that Irelyn's white blood count had dropped again, so we had to get her into the children's hospital. Our doctor called and there was a room ready when we got here. iMac is a tiny thing, and they tried several times to run an IV with no success. 6 year old little girls don't handle pain that well. They had to bring in IV specialists to finally get one run. Several minutes of screaming later and it was in. This is a sight that makes a grown man crumble...
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Is the worry that comes with your kids being sick. iMac has had a fever for 6 days. The first trip to the doctor yielded no information – all cultures came back negative, so it’s not the flu nor was there any indication of any particular bacterial infection like strep. Her symptoms have primarily been a fever that doesn’t drop much with Tylenol or Advil and an occasional general ache, but for the most part she feels fine. We took her back to the doctor yesterday and she had her blood drawn for...
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I’ve not kept up to date on the details, but it would appear that some leftists, devoid of arguments, logic, reason or humanity (i.e. a normal day for them) decided that since they cannot beat their opponents in a battle of wits, they’d just try to kill them with a tactic known as SWATting. Somehow the leftists spoof a person’s home number, call 911, and make some sort of threat like they just killed their family or something, prompting a SWAT team response to the target’s house. Make no...
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I was watching some videos yesterday on YouTube with Joe Satriani handing out tips on how to be a great guitar player. Watching his fingers move was almost like watching water wind its way around an object. There was no superfluous movement, at no point did he lift a finger any further off the fretboard than absolutely necessary, and each and every note he hit was perfect. The same thing can be said about the top shooters. Watch them move. Everything from the draw to the trigger break to their...
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  Because I’m betting there’s going to be a lucrative market for them soon!
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If that doesn’t work, give up The Tampa City Council dropped plans today to appeal Florida Gov. Rick Scott's decision against banning concealed handguns in downtown Tampa during the Republican National Convention. … City Council members had considered a proposal by Councilwoman Lisa Montelione to appeal the decision. But Montelione withdrew her proposal, saying today that a special legislative session would cost too much and expanding the security perimeter would make it too difficult...
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I have ever seen (This one ain’t too shabby either)
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Businesses move We have exciting news. GunUp is relocating to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 1st. Washington is truly a beautiful state with a vibrant startup ecosystem and we are sad to leave but it was becoming increasing clear late last year, after doing business in Seattle for over a year and a half, that we needed to find a more business and firearms friendly environment. South Dakota by far, of all the states we talked with, was the most welcoming and accommodating. South...
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Tam, on the other hand, has her likeness on Day by Day.
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Roadkill calls it a day. Bad news folks, I’m not going anywhere soon.
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From a chat session regarding Unix-Jedi driving his Citrus Green Honda Insight Unix-Jedi: Now that I got a 10 day tag for the Insight, when dixie and dixielet napped after dad left yesterday, I went to to practice driving Unix-Jedi: Fuuuuuuuuuuuu. Unix-Jedi: Manual transmission with a 60 HP engine = not good Unix-Jedi: But getting onto the main road, I have to tell you, I got severely tempted to try and sell the Insight and make $3k or so on it pdb: why's that? .
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Guess where I got to go at USPSA today? That’s right! I got a free trip to Welcome to DQ-Land, population me. At least it wasn’t something stupid. I had a case that got stuck. Hard. Extractor couldn’t grab a hold of it and pull it out, so I had to grab the slide with my left hand and whack at the frame with my right. That got the slide unstuck, but when it went home, it couldn’t get the case out, so I did it again. Except the second time, I hit it too hard with my right and didn’t have...
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First, I have an itchy trigger finger. Literally. Hit the beach yesterday with the family and good Lord, how do you white people deal with this? Up until a few years ago, sunscreen was nothing more than a quaint suggestion. I used to sit on the beach all day and never get so much as light irritation and now I’m burnt to a crisp. Including on top of my hand, hence the itchy trigger finger. Staying out in the sun again today just sounds… Ugh. Two, I woke up this morning with a proto-migraine....
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Is invalid During their search, police reportedly retrieved the head and hands. When they interviewed the suspect, he told them he cut up the victim with a knife and cannibalized the heart and portions of the brain, reports CBS Baltimore. They’re here already. It may be too late.
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Tam located the ‘handloads caused guilty verdict’ cases that, up until this point, I had started to consider were urban legend. I had heard about them but nobody ever seemed to be able to find the case numbers and whatnot. I was aware of the Fish case, but I still believe that was more a case of incompetent defense. The problem is that it was always implied that the reason these people got a guilty verdict was because they used handloads and somehow the jury was swayed by the fact that...
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I think it was Tam who uttered that phrase one time and started the wheel a’ rolling in my brain, but I want to talk about risk stacking and how it pertains to firearms and why I think we argue amongst ourselves over the minute details because of it. Life is dangerous. The death rate is 100% and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. While modern life has prolonged the inevitable, each breath you take runs the risk of inhaling some virus that will void your birth certificate. The...
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