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Sekimori is piiiiiised One note to gun store employees:  when I ask you a question regarding a firearm, if you turn to my husband to make the answer, I will never spend a dime in your establishment.  I am fairly certain you cannot tell just by looking the relative level of my firearm experience, so assuming I’m just along for the ride makes you a sexist fuck.  I appreciate the fact that you probably have to deal with a good many fingernail-clicking, gum-snapping home skillets...
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From PDB in #gunblogger_conspiracy, discussing how Daily Kos got snookered by Research 2000 and how Research 2000 is countersuing <pdb> it's kind of like the iran-iraq war <pdb> it's only sad that one of them has to lose
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Amazing what a little historical perspective can add to the conversation Thinking about the history lesson that McDonald tells, it is also worth considering the extent to which gun-rights activism itself has been distorted by this history. If you look at Second Amendment-equivalents passed in state constitutions during the mid- and late-1800s, a bizarre number of them refer to concealed carry. Incidentally, this seems to be more true of states in the South than in other places; indeed, the...
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But if I am, I hope LawDog is the one who does it.
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Of "Is there Felon Grade Stupidity?" As a general rule, it’s a bad idea to post a video of yourself committing a felony on youtube. But this Brady Campaign video shows a Virginia resident buying a handgun out of state at a gun show (ETA: Go to about 2:15). And that is a crime. Also, looks to be a straw purchase. It takes a distinct lack of brain cells to videotape yourself breaking the law, using it to prove the law is broken, and then push for more of the same laws. Well, it...
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Seconds Matter I am writing my PhD dissertation on Michigan gun-rights from the perspective of gun owners, activists, training instructors, CPL holders and open carriers. I grew up in the Midwest, but I go to school in California. I bought my first (and only) firearm in California about four years ago. Needless to say, I've learned very quickly that Michigan gun-rights politics are very different.  Since few scholars have written about grassroots gun-rights organizing, this project...
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Already, the Wikipedia entry on the Brady Campaign has been modified to reflect the recent McDonald ruling! Click to embiggen
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McDonald : Reversed and Remanded. 5-4 decision. Incorporated through Due Process. Ruling here
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Back in 2006, I decided to make a monster of a beer – Ithurtzwhen IPA. The thing ended up being around 12 to 13% booze and had nearly 9 oz of various hops. It was more of a &quot;Can I do this?&quot; kind of beer than anything, and it was fun to make. When I bottled it, the yeast had a very difficult time reactivating due to the alcohol, and most of the bottles were flat and required force carbonation. Because of this, I never really drank much of it and it ended up just sitting in my...
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It's environmentally unfriendly as well. Hat tip Unix-Jedi
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And therefore, I wholeheartedly approve
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You could get a nasty ear infection otherwise. The latest Vicious Circle is up, with alan, JayG, Kevin "Not Bacon" Baker, AEPilotJim, and Vine, The Blogless. Oh, and I occasionally completely lose my train of though while talking which is entertaining in and of itself. Enjoy the empty calories.
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This picture of the oil in the waves is a sight to see.
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Drew this during the current Vicious Circle just for Tam Can't wait for the opportunity to use this one.
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So, there's this weird video of matronly ladies firing off various weaponry captured in super-slow motion that's apparently a call to sign up for an email to let you know when other people who sign up think there might be a sexual predator near you. Their big message? They are 100% right, but probably don't mean to be. What you need to protect your kids is a combination of being aware of your surroundings, understanding the real threats and dangers, and when faced with a situation you...
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Orange Neck dissects Top Shot Episode 3 – Bows like only someone obsessed with bows can.
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Sold as of July 11th, 2010. Thank you, Robb I love shooting the 6.8, but alas, I truly have no need for two uppers. So it is with a heavy heart that I'm offering my Ko-Tonics upper for sale. &nbsp; Click to enlarge 16&quot; Chrome lined barrel YHM Front flip up site w/gas block Compensator Flat-top receiver Bolt / Bolt Carrier Group Flip up (and usually back down after each shot) BUIS. If you're nice, I won't include it. Around 100 rounds fired...
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But then again it is one of my favorite movies Buy it here. Hat tip Walls of the City Update – For the heathens who don't get it
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And there's no better fountain of it than there. Hat tip Daily Pundit
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Thank you for the wonderful code snippet you so thoughtfully included on your website AS A JPEG OF $#&*(ing TEXT THAT I CAN'T COPY AND PASTE!!!!! Really… thanks.
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One of the Gun Blog .45's is for sale on I believe this is one used by the Crimson Trace reps. Mine is nowhere near that condition.
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Maybe I need to switch the theme of the blog from guns to the death penalty… Say Uncle asks if death by shooting is humane? Alas, the concept of 'humane' has been conflated with 'clean'. 00 Buck from a 12 gauge behind the ear is quick and as painless as it gets. But it's messy. Guillotines are the same. There's no pain and it's over practically instantly. But there's a loose head and plenty of blood. Instead of doing it fast and efficiently, we've convoluted the process with a series of.
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Caching is a great way of improving the performance of your web sites. In ASP.NET, simply add <%@ OutputCache Duration="60" VaryByParam="*" %> Where Duration is the number of seconds you wish to have the resulting page stored in memory. If you forget about caching and end up wondering why sometimes you hit your breakpoint, but not other times and end up yelling some expletives that your children ask what they mean, well then caching isn't all...
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Tactilite T2 It's been a long, slow journey, but we're almost there.  The late-stage Tactilite T2 prototype is coming along great and exceeding our very high expectations.  The design includes several major improvements over earlier prototypes, particularly in the ergonomics.  The fit, finish and operation of the action has surprised many, myself included.  I'll look to post pics, later today.  So, here's a heads-up.  This thing will be a big hit.  We will...
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Vicious Circle #55 is up. Please join alan, Silver, Weer'd Beerd, JayG, Breda and occasionally myself between doodles as we attempt to stay on tangent while constantly getting derailed by topics.
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Did this while recording Vicious Circle. Which tells you a lot about what it takes to record one of those. It's been done before, I'm sure. But what the heck…
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It's going Hollywood! Hat Tip Reader Jeanette!
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You're being drowned out by the sound of the goalposts being moved post haste The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change misled the press and public into believing that thousands of scientists backed its claims on manmade global warming, according to Mike Hulme, a prominent climate scientist and IPCC insider. The actual number of scientists who backed that claim was “only a few dozen experts,” he states in a paper for Progress in Physical Geography, co-authored with student Martin...
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Laurel talks of the death penalty, and I left a comment that I figured I'd bring up here to illustrate my view on the topic. Well, as a gun owner, I cannot say I am against the death penalty. In defense of my own life and that of my family's, I am willing to risk becoming an instant judge, jury, and executioner if need be. The concept of taking a human life in and of itself is something we as gunnies always must consider as our actions to stop an immediate threat may end up costing someone...
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Yup. This settles the whole argument right here
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It appears that most anti-gunners seem to get all their information about guns from Die Hard movies. This is why they believe stuff like this. It's pretty sad when a comedy site has a better grip on reality than your shitty little gun banning outfit. Alas, those are only 5 myths of guns that Hollywood portrays. There's a metric buttload more that they missed, but I'm sure there's a limit to the file sizes they can upload to their servers. One of my biggest pet peeves is watching someone get...
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Because they're not real I like the Blade Runner feel to that one.
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Caleb, on the other hand, blinded me with his pasty white torso. The Mrs. enjoyed the second episode with me. We both got a chuckle out of this scene though. Whiteboy…
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But still serves as a good point. Let's say you are part of a group that studies the Knight and how it is best utilized in chess. Your group, the National Knight Association, is a single issue group that focuses solely on how to best utilize that particular chess piece the most effectively during a game. Because of your specialization, you don't generally worry too much about the Pawns, Rooks, or Bishops, but being that those pieces are involved in the game, you do understand how they work. ...
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I prefer Bing for my search engine, even though from what I hear, the word 'bing' in Chinese means 'disease'. For one, Microsoft openly celebrates American holidays instead of ignoring them like Google (for instance, they celebrated Flag Day yesterday where as Google was barren of any sort of display). The other thing is that I get better search results by far. Bing is attractive too. I love the picture of the day plus all the information you can glean off 'em by finding and clicking the...
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The right of the Congressperson to know the identity of someone asking them a question shall not be infringed Anyone else have a copy that has that in there? Because Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge from NC thinks he has it in his. Honestly, the rage I feel watching this video makes commentary difficult to do without breaking some sort of Interstate Threatening Charges. Had this been me, the second he'd have grabbed my wrist, he'd have found his elbow bent 90° in the wrong direction....
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Venturing into the annals of Chuck Norris Level Awesomeness, some company has gone and produced a handheld, blue laser that operates at a full watt. Now, you may be saying to yourself "Only a watt? So what?" but then you'd be forgetting that's twenty times the power of the previous, most powerful hand held unit. 1 watt is so powerful it can ignite human skin pretty much on contact. So, what do you get when you announce a powerful laser at only $200? That's right! Full on Type 7...
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For the country listeners out there Hi Robb, My name is Joel Widmer and I'm working with a musician named Joe Bear who has a song that you may like. It's called "Don't try to take my gun". You can listen to it hear: My goal is for gun owners to enjoy the song. Give it a whirl! And thanks to Joe and Joel for putting this out there.
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So I don't have to At the request of John Hardin, last year’s chart comparing the number of firearms to the number of firearm-related deaths in America has been updated to take into account 2007’s numbers: Lots of graphs, statistics, as well as the data used so that you can check his numbers. I'd like to see something similar from the other side proving their points, but we know it's hard to graph feelings.
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Last night, I didn't really bother picking up my 10mm brass. They're all getting to the end of their lifecycle as I've had quite a few cases split during the reloading process so I figured I'd just go ahead and buy 500 new cases and suck it up. Then I get this notice 10MM AUTO (Large Pistol primer) .984"-.991" O.A.L (Backordered expected availability: 07/15/2010 ) So, I hope I can get another loading out of what I have now and grab some in a month or so.
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And a complete lack of practice over the past few months has made "crappy". Hit the range last night, primarily to rid myself of a bunch of ammo. The loads I had for IPSC were just too hot so I needed to burn through the remaining 100 or so that I had. The 10mm and .357 just needed to be cycled, and the best way to do so of course is to shoot 'em. I started off with the Kel-Tec P3AT. I felt dangerous and picked up some ammo from a dealer at a gun show the last time I was there. They...
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The Thor PDW &#160; I love the design of the site, love the weaponry, and really, really wonder if that magazine and feeding system could really work. It's a fascinating concept, and if anyone actually built this sucker, they'd sell 'em like hot cakes. Lord knows I'd have to consider a second mortgage if that's what it took. Forgot where I originally found it, but I was reminded of this by Everyday, No Days Off
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With their donations running dry, gun ownership on the rise, and not a single court case going their way (well, except this one), I figured the Sad Panda icon wasn't enough Hat tip to Linoge for the idea!
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Why be anti-gun with a sign when you can do it with two?
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For the pants wetters who fear Open Carry makes you a target of criminals Stan says: Not OC'ing because someone might target you for your gun is like not driving a Porsche because you might get carjacked. If you fundamentally alter your life just to suit the criminals then they've pretty much already won. That's about as succinct as it can be put.
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$2500. From one person. 2008 was a much better year with a whopping 3 donors! At this rate, they'll be handing out rebates by Thanksgiving. I'm thinking I need to switch from Sad Panda to TERMINALLY DEPRESSED PANDA!!!!! just for these clowns. Hat Tip Unix-Jedi
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Before you get up in arms about this, remember this story. The dude who got robbed while OC'ing doesn't prove that OC'ers are targeted for their decision to openly carry any more than that one story proved open carry prevents Waffle House robberies. OC still needs to be the default and should be 100% legal everywhere. As a Floridian, my clothing options always include the possibility of accidental exposure / printing. With OC, this wouldn't be an issue. I have no issue with people who..
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Mr. Smooth
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Had a horrible dream last night. I was in some foreign country and bought a nice, hand made, fully automatic AK-47 and when I got it home (there are no Customs agents in my dreams, I guess), it turned out to be a semi-auto .22. I was like "But I don't need another .22, I wanted a 7.62 dammit!" and then realized it was a stupid idea to buy a rifle from a street vendor in… wherever the hell I was.
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Why is it if you are convicted of a felony, you are considered so dangerous to society that you forfeit your right to ever own a firearm ever again, yet you are still permitted to run for an elected office?
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For the billionth time, firearms are simple items to make. Banning them does no good when they can be made with common, farm items BEIJING (Reuters) – A Chinese farmer has declared war on property developers who want his land, building a cannon out of a wheelbarrow and pipes and firing rockets at would-be eviction teams, state media said on Tuesday. The most common argument for banning firearms is that criminals will no longer have easy access to them and thus, deprived of a weapon they...
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Telling Tam she's ignorant in history regarding a rifle is like telling Ron Jeremy he knows nothing about setting up a proper money shot.
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I really like their ad campaigns. We're never going to get suppressors off the NFA list until we raise awareness of them and make people realize that they're not some tool only used by assassins so they can shoot people during a professional golf tournament and nobody would hear them. I wish it were cost effective to have lots of billboards, though. It'd be a great way to get the message out.
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Ok, just for shits and giggles, let's say Larry Correia has the green light on making MHI into a blockbuster movie. Let's also assume he has 100% control over the script so that Hollywood couldn't screw it up and somehow tie The Cursed One in with the Tea Parties. Who would you cast for each of the characters? Pitt, Julie, Grant, Holly, Trip, Earl, Milo, Lee, Franks, Meyers, Dorcas, Susan, Ray Shackleford (III and Jr), Mordechai, and whoever else I'm forgetting. I would assume Machado...
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JayG had a little run in with the po-po this morning where he barked his tires and was promptly ticketed. Someone in Gunblogger Conspiracy posted this disgusting link for something very similar. I work as a reserve police officer in a small town north of Boston. It's one of those towns where reserve's get to patrol as well as do details. The question I had is with regards to an incident that occurred the other day. I was stopped at a traffic light on patrol in a marked unit when the vehicle...
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I know I'm not the only one who has them, but I wonder how much the effect other people. Last night, I dreamt I was on a college campus, for whatever reason. I had my Glock 29 in my COMPTAC holster and was having a spirited discussion with a bunch of students (and some people I knew from way back when) regarding how stupid gun laws were. Gun banners are just as stupid in my dreams (one could do nothing more than insult me). I knew at the time I was committing a super-felony by having a gun on...
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Or, alternately, you learn something new every day There's an ?? operator in .Net and I just found it to be the most helpful thing. From MSDN The ?? operator is called the null-coalescing operator and is used to define a default value for a nullable value types as well as reference types. It returns the left-hand operand if it is not null; otherwise it returns the right operand. So string xyz = null; string abc = xyz ?? &quot;XYZ was null&quot;; would have abc = &quot;XYZ.
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Double Tapper reviews the Zahal Fab Defense KPOS Of course, the US laws would consider this a Short Barreled Rifle (from Zahal's web site) US citizens : If you own a Glock handgun, and you are about to buy this product, your handgun will become a Short-Barreled Rifle . You must register your weapon with ATF. You can download an ATF1 form here. Oh, and I always thought Double Tapper would have a strong accent, but he apparently speaks better English than I do. Go figure.
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I happen to be a winner. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that I’ve been running a few contests. The free book winners were announced last week and prizes have been sent out. This morning I drew one name from a pot of sixty-five entries in our win a free Go Berkey Water Filter contest – and the winner is, are you ready – Robb Allen from Sharp As A Marble. Sweeeeeet! As a resident of Hurricane Central, I am positive I'll be able to put a water filter to good use...
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Rusty brings us this wonderful quote, which I shall fix for the poor commenter Yes, crime car accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. But it seems to me that many people misinterpret overall crime vehicular crash statistics and believe that they are in danger should wear their seatbelts 24/7. I choose not be be burdened with that kind of mindset. Ask for further comment, bright11 lowed and resumed chewing his cud.
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That I had to look up 'Weltanschauungs', but it makes for a good read nonetheless. Unfortunately, I think I'm more in line with Scooteroi's perspective. I don't think this is all going to end well.
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I just got an email from a friend asking about suppressing a .45 for home defense and my thoughts on it. I'm conflicted in my reply, so I thought it best to open it up for discussion here. First and foremost, I'm not a fan of handguns for home defense. The advantage of handguns is that they are portable, concealable, and can be taken anywhere with you that isn't protected by a magical No Guns barrier (said barriers only are effective against the law abiding, alas). Their disadvantages are that...
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Just a few minutes ago I said this Surprisingly, Jay and I agree even if he doesn't think we do. To the gun banner, EVERY gun must be banned. There is no difference in their diseased little minds between a .22 Short revolver and a .50 BMG. Because they cannot segregate the criminal from their implements, all guns are evil. This was brought on by a man who said this "Then he turned round and stared at me and he just had this absolutely huge sniper rifle. It was almost touching the...
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What's the difference between a hunting rifle and a high powered sniper rifle? The target "Then he turned round and stared at me and he just had this absolutely huge sniper rifle. It was almost touching the floor, with a massive scope," he told the BBC. He thought it must be a toy, until Bird, 20 feet away, jumped into the car and drove off. This is from the shootings I mentioned yesterday. Notice the wording of the sheep, notice how a complete lack of knowledge about firearms...
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Shaking his head that people believe in fairytales like gun control LONDON -- A taxi driver described as quiet but friendly went on a shooting spree across a picturesque rural area of northwestern England on Wednesday, killing at least five people and wounding 25 before apparently turning the gun on himself. Wait? In ENGLAND? Don't they have strict gun control? That would make a mass shooting… We hear it all the time by the anti-gun forces any time there's a mass shooting that had we...
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No my friends, this is a COMPLETE WIN!
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So, I just got back from my oldest daughter's awards ceremony for 1st grade. She got an award for having perfect behavior as well as picking up Student of the Year for her class. I'm as proud of her as a father can be and even got a little choked up about it when they announced it. However, I had a stunning realization during the ceremony. Out of the 100 kids or so, there were maybe a dozen parents. While I can't make it to every function, I do my damndest to make as many as I can and the...
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Joining me in my adventure is Alan, who's iPad version will make the vampires *sparkle* and Greg who's enjoying it in Iraq.
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Having stuff randomly show up on your doorstep or in your inbox is a humbling experience. Thanks to a reader (who I'll keep anonymous unless they say it's ok), I have my own EARC or Monster Hunter Vendetta. I kind of feel bad since I've really, really slacked off on blogging lately. I kind of feel I'm at that point Say Uncle describes as "You've already said everything". That, and I'm burning a lot of brain cells on my new project. And now that I have MHV to read? You'll be lucky...
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The new Monster Hunter Vendetta from Larry Correia is now available in the Early Electronic Advanced Reader Copy (EARC). $15 is more 'spensive than the book will be, but you get to pay for the privilege of being a proof reader! I kind of spent my weekly 'fun money' so my budget doesn't approve of the purchase this week, but maybe next week.
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