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But that doesn't stop my hindbrain from screaming "KILL IT!" I need one of these   Hat Tip Geekologie (Update – Someone else posted this video so I pointed to that one instead)
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How could this happen? I thought the UK was gun free? Gun house attack 'third in month' A couple who escaped injury in a gun attack on their Ballymena home on Monday night say it is the third time they have been targeted in a month. Up to three shots were fired through the living room window of the house in the Rossdale area just after midnight. When will these thugs realize that gun free means GUN FREE???
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The very fists God gave you will suffice A knife-wielding burglar got a shock when he attacked a pensioner in his home - a couple of right hooks to the face. Gregory McCalium had not realised that 72-year-old victim Frank Corti was a retired boxer. Surprisingly, Mr. Corti isn't facing life in prison being that this is the UK we're talking about. However, go check out the picture. That punk got his ass all sorts of busted up. Mr. Corti opines 'If you can't defend what's yours,...
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Joe Merchant might be landing a paying gig talking about guns. You mean people pay to hear this stuff? Hmmm….
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Went to the doctor's office this morning to have my neck looked at. It was hosed, and like I expected, I was given little pills of pure happiness and contentment muscle relaxers. At this moment I'm as high as a kite, but I have to admit if my back / neck hurts, I don't care enough to notice. Anyway, I stopped by Walgreens to fill my prescription for the wondrous, miracle euphoria pills and noticed that the entire parking lot was full of cops and news crews. My first thought was that I just...
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M1 - Garand or carbine? You go help, now. Me? I'd take the Garand first, then when the wife was finished with the divorce papers, the carbine.
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Often, Chris Rock is cited as a great source for a logical solution to guns. In one of his comedy routines, he mentions Everybody is talking about gun control. Got to control the guns. Fuck, that, I like guns. If you've got a gun, you don't need to work out! Cause, I ain't working out. I ain't jogging. No, I think we need some bullet control. I think every bullet should cost five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars for a bullet. Know why? Cos if a bullet cost five thousand dollars,...
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So, my neck has not gotten any better. The massage last week really helped a lot, but I'm still in agony and sleep has been problematic as any tossing or turning results in sharp, 'wake your ass right up' pain. This Sunday is IPSC, and I'm dying to shoot as well as having several friends who may want to tag along. However, while I'm planning on calling my doctor and setting up an appointment, I don't think this injury is going away before then, and the need to be able to turn my head quickly...
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Billy Mays has hawked his last product. Television will be a quieter place from now on.
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So I recently got a friend invitation on Facebook from Mr. Numero Uno himself, Glenn Reynolds. I almost ignored him with a pithy little message of "No Instalanche, no befriending". However, I'm a whore for attention and the thought of smooshing my server with a link from Glenn is too tempting. So I accepted. However, I do wonder just how in the hell he knows about me? I know I've emailed him a few times, and he's linked to people who directly link to me, so I'm sure he's ran across...
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Firefox has, for some unknown reason, become unusable. Popups no longer work and cause the browser to hang (which makes commenting at other blogs difficult). It's a plug in problem, but not due to any one particular application. If Ad-Block Plus, No-Script, or any of several other add-ons are installed, this happens. I have to disable all of them in order to get it to work. And if I'm going to be assaulted with ads and popups that I didn't initiate, I might as well use Internet Explorer. ...
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A blog entry on the church that held an open carry session. I left my comment, but it's moderated so it may not show up. So I'm putting it here where the NYT cannot control it. I am responding to commenters and not the article itself Charles, what defines a weapon? I was trained in the military to use my fists to fight with, should those be removed? The pew bibles can be made into projectiles. The pencils the visitors sign in with are sharp and could stab. A candelabra makes a mighty fine...
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Guillotines are carbon neutral and non-partisan. From a report on the economy killing Cap-and-Trade bill that passed the House last night.
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Nobody needs a fully automatic, Gatling potato gun
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Shotguns. Easily made from common materials found in a prison. Tell me exactly how forbidding me to own a firearm, making me wait 3 days, requiring licensing, or limiting what I can own that would have prevented this? Hat Tip Mad Rocket Scientist
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On the IRC, I jokingly brought up bringing back Automan as a show. However, that made me think of a meme for you all. What 80's show would you like to see redone and modernized? Discuss. Update – For a refresher course of AWESOME, click here
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Found here You may think there are blue and green spirals, but you'd be wrong.
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Seriously, you should buy it for me. Hat Tip reader Jay!
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The Puppy Blender mentions something, and I know his cold, hardened, liquefied Dalmatian fueled heart is is the right place, but this certain turn of a phrase irritates the pants off me But the story by James Oliphant and David Savage calls it a “divisive issue.” I wonder if they’d use that term for more PC rights? I mean, polls pretty consistently show that about 3/4 of Americans think the Second Amendment gives them a right to own a gun, and the Supreme Court has said so, too. It does...
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"We see probably an average of between 10 and 15 people who get shot or stabbed every night," Dr. Dennis said. Want to blame lax gun laws? Good luck with that Ten to fifteen shootings and stabbings every night, at one hospital? Baghdad might be safer than that. This is the city with the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.  All guns must be registered--and re-registered annually--with the Chicago Police Department.  The vast majority of semi-automatic...
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I just read somewhere the term "Modern Amber" as a description of the Internet's ability to capture a moment and freeze it forever for future generations. I like it. Hell, it'd make a fantastic title for a blog.
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Don't need, can't afford, but so desire. Thanks Tam for adding yet another thing I cannot own onto the ever growing list of things I want.
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This kid's parents should demand a full refund. An example of the fine logical skills this child is learning Similarly, gun ownership is a right that we allow to be restricted for a right we value slightly more: our right to ride the bus without worrying that the lunatic sitting next to us is going to decide to back up his blithering diatribe with a bullet. Because we all know tough laws will make deranged lunatics sane… Or maybe just owning a gun makes you a deranged lunatic. I just...
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Laurel looks for tips on baby-proofing her household. What's the skinny on guns? Get rid of them — they’re not safe around children. Neither are buckets, bathtubs, cleaning supplies under the sink, kitchen knives, matches, pots of boiling water, gravity, animals, or any number of various things, but I don't think they want you to get rid of them. Laurel is going to write them. If she coughs up a link, I shall too. As the father of two lovely girls, I'm insulted by their insinuation that...
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Ever wonder what eating a bowl of heroin for breakfast does to the human body? The Superficial has the picture. Gawd that's scary!
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an experience beyond limits... pain and pleasure, indivisible The guy took one look at my back and explained exactly how I sit at work. Each muscle he tried to rip off from its insertion point he'd name and indicated where it used to go (in case I ever wanted to try to push it back). One minute I'd be wincing from the pain (and I have a very high pain threshold) and the next instant I was almost falling asleep. Each time he'd work on a spot, he'd tell me what he was doing, why, and to...
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Went to Breda's blog today from work and got this Welcome to the world of recognized death dealers!
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There is no way you can bring a firearm into a Gun Free Zone A gunman shot and killed a prominent Iowa high school football coach in the school’s weight room early Wednesday and was taken into custody shortly afterward, authorities said. The gunman shot Aplington-Parkersburg High School coach Ed Thomas at about 8 a.m. with about 50 students in the school, including several in the weight room at the time. School was not in session, and no one else was injured. Now, here's a thought...
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Ok, so I've been on the horn with a few folks (horn being IRC / Chat / SMS) and trying to describe what I have in mind for my tattoo. I love fractals. I adore Escher style tessellations, and I think the Geiger like 'organic metal' look would bind the two nicely. For the tessellations, I'd love to integrate some shooty stuff. Maybe 1911s / Glocks / or ammo. I know how to do a basic tessellation (great information on the process can be found here), but the fractal thing where they go off...
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The Chicago Appleseed Project. A beacon of hope in the shadowy underworld that gave us President Jugears. (Thanks to Tam for reminding me to link this!)
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Ed McMahon, died at age 86
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First, it's a Woot Off. I'm hoping they bring back that keyboard and mixer I should have purchased the microsecond it was put on. Two, thanks to Roberta X, I see there's going to be live video feed from the moon. Live. Frickin'. Video. Of course this is a reconnaissance mission before we blow the living hell out of the moon. Frank J. would be proud if he were here with us today. Whaddaya mean he's not dead?
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Sebastian talks a little about Green Americans One problem I think we’re going to have doing anything about global warming is the fact that most people, while they say they want to do something about it, don’t really want to when it gets down to details. Like most quasi-socialist ideas, taking care of the Earth is just like taking care of the downtrodden – too much cost and effort to want to do it because you think it's right, so laws are made to make everyone do what you think they...
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Bootlickers mess their unmentionables People on Terrorism Watch List Allowed to Buy Guns, Explosives By Spencer S. Hsu Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, June 22, 2009; 3:45 PM People named on the government's terrorist watch list have successfully purchased firearms hundreds of times since 2004 , government investigators reported yesterday. In one case, a known or suspected terrorist was able to buy more than 50 pounds of explosives, the Government Accountability...
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No, seriously. I have a real pain in my neck. Can't turn my head more than a few degrees without running the risk of voiding my bladder. Been going on since about last Wednesday. Nothing like spending your Father's Day in bed on a heating pad while also tossing in a migraine for variety. Now, I'm working from home since the distinct inability to turn my head makes driving more like a lottery than anything, and I'm not ready to scratch off that last little box just yet.
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The Mrs. made some fantastic Oatmeal Toffee Cookies. And no, you can't have any. They're all mine.
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Mentioned last night to the Mrs. that I'd love to work on getting a shoulder tattoo. I've got my name in Chinese on my right, outside shoulder, and while it does indeed indicate "Fame & Fortune" (what Robert means), it's in an odd way that basically says "My name is…", or as my friend likes to remind me, 'morning mouth'. I'd like to cover it up, but to do so is going to require a larger design, and I wouldn't mind covering the entire shoulder, on top, the side, front,...
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Better make that woman with a gun.
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Caleb needs a favor.
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"Say, we need to show we're diversified. Could you just Photoshop one of them dark people into that picture of a white family? That'd be great!" I have a fairly easy test to see if any of the children's books my girls read are worth a shit or not. If the main character goes to a school / has a party / is playing with / or any combination of where there is a perfectly even mix of races, genders, and at least one handicapped kid in a wheelchair, you know the book is going to be preachy...
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City: Workers must wear underwear The Brooksville city council recently approved a revised dress code as part of its effort to update existing policies. The revision instructs employees to observe "strict personal hygiene," including the use of deodorant. It lists "the observable lack of undergarments and exposed undergarments" as "unacceptable attire." I have a feeling if they're icky on the no undies thing, my complete lack of pants is going to really...
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In this case, an attacker with a gun TAMPA - About a month ago, Audry Sauceda was carjacked and fought back. He stuck a gun in my side and told me to get out of the car," Sauceda said while sharing her story with FOX 13 on May 15. "And I pulled out my gun and stuck it in his face, and told him, he needed to get out. He screamed and jumped out of the car." A gun isn't a magic totem that prevents criminals from attacking you, especially with concealed carry. A firearm...
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Only in fatigues. And no dates. DoubleTapper has the latest IDF Women up.
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I'm surprised her thighs didn't break her fall.
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Apparently, my phone wasn't the problem, it was AT&T. 3G was down for the area for a lot of people. From what I can discern, there were new servers / network upgrades, and many phones "didn't get the memo", mine being one of them. An hour or so ago, someone at AT&T hit the "Stop pissing off the customers" button and life returned to it's 100% online 100% of the time goodness.
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After upgrading to the new 3.0 software, I can no longer access a 3G network. The phone goes apeshit trying to find 3G. My headphones aren't even useable anymore because while trying to listen to MP3s, the cell phone constantly transmits trying to 'find' the network and the speakers pick up the RF as those annoying clicks. I noticed last night as I tried to get to sleep that my clock radio kept buzzing every minute or so. If I turn off 3G, I can get Edge, but that's like having to drop down to...
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Kevin at The Smallest Minority posts this beautiful letter. I am copying it here so it gets published as far and as wide as possible I'm a home grown American citizen, 53, registered Democrat all my life. Before the last presidential election I registered as a Republican because I no longer felt the Democratic Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. Now I no longer feel the Republican Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. The...
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Ayn Rand The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time. Just something to think about.
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If you are like me and are trying to upgrade to the new iPhone 3.0 software and are getting the message "iPhone activation server temporarily unavailable", there's a trick. Hit the update button. While the software is extracting, disconnect from the internet (not before! During). Then it should let you install just fine. I'll let you know how it is when it finally gets put into place.
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Joe finds himself in the same situation as I was. Nothing happens.
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Dog didn't know what to make of me running on the treadmill last night. She was afraid of the machine (this is the first time since she's been with us that it had been turned on. I know, I know…), but apparently was thinking I was going for a walk without her which resulted in lots of 'running towards' and 'hightailing it away'. I managed to do 2 1/4 miles without keeling over and dying, which is pretty good considering it's been a few weeks since I hit the damnable thing. I've been doing...
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By popular request, comment preview has been implemented. Take it for a test spin and let me know if you have any issues. It's all AJAX-ified to try to make sure the comment is as close to what would be posted as possible, so there could be issues with certain browsers. I admit 'testing' has been "push debug, write a comment, aaaaaaand seems to work for me". If you have bugs, don't forget to let me know your browser / OS etc. Thanks, Management
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Linoge wrote a damned fine comment to the pulled post I referenced earlier. It's a shame it didn't go through, because it's perfect.
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Thirdpower writes about a new anti-gun bigot, Laura Eshelman. Bigot responds in kind Oh, give it a rest. You guys are always so darn uptight and angry- perhaps while you're ranting and raving about liberty restrictions, you should consider lobbying for marijuana legalization. It's been proven to be effective in many cases for stress reduction; I'm sure it would make even the most virulent of you gun nuts a little bit nicer (and less likely to get pissed off and shoot innocent people). ...
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When the officer tells you to drop the gun, it doesn't matter if it's plastic-plastic or polymer-plastic, you drop it. Because the cops will have no alternative but to shoot. Sad, but that's a fact of life. You can agree or not if the police have the right to shoot someone with a gun, but the fact is their job entails shooting people who pose a threat to others and it doesn't matter if it's a bright pink super soaker, they can't be assured it's not real.
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To the person who came here searching for "10 minute hot sex videos", I'm afraid you're at the wrong place.
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Not only PSH, but And they blame me for the comments heading south. Hell, I only got one in. I was blamed for calling the author a hypocrite, when what I said was "The funny thing is that you're position is hypocritical." not "You're a hypocrite". I have hypocritical arguments that are pointed out to me. If I continue to latch onto them, then yes, I am a hypocrite, but pointing out you are ok with violence so long as someone else does it while condemning violence isn't...
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Just got this from Vonage Dear Robb Allen, At Vonage, we're committed to providing our valued customers with the best experience possible through meaningful updates to our services. To ensure that we continue to deliver top-notch service and quality, we will modify two of our existing fees as follows: The Emergency 911 Cost Recovery will become the Emergency 911 Service Fee, which ensures we maintain nationwide E911 service in compliance with FCC regulations. Our customers' safety in...
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Kids with pointy fingers make her sick! I'm saddened at the head in the sand attitude. "If I just pretend there is no violence in the world and never show my child any danger, life will be fine". She's the kind of person who's world will fall completely apart at the first violent encounter she experiences. My girls do not live in fear. My family is not afraid at all times. I do not walk around scared that someone is going to attack me. It is ironic that those who claim we're...
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Hey, let's take a great photograph of people shooting by squatting in between their targets. There is no excuse for that at all. Even the best miss from time to time. In his effort to be 'edgy', this idiot has given a very bad impression. I have no desire to make what he did illegal, but I do have every right to call him a moron and to shun him from dinner parties.
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It keeps on going. So, the vacation had to be cancelled because of the Mrs' vertigo. She's better now and originally I was going to go ahead and go back to work today (why waste a vacation day). Then I was reminded that I had a free ticket to Universal Orlando and thought, heck I already have the day off, might as well use that ticket. Monday won't be as busy so I should have shorter lines and can get a lot of rides in! Of course, my wife's car breaks down instead. So, no fun day for me....
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Today had me heading over to Walgreens' walk in clinic. I've got a slight boo boo on my foot that I needed tending to and it wasn't anything that I needed to hit the doctor for. A nurse with a good book on "For bump A, apply salve B" was all that was required. I've been here a few times and truly think that these little walk in clinics are a godsend. I don't need the $250+ visit for a scratch / scrape / rash. Most of those things I can take care of myself, but alas this particular...
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Tennessee apparently had someone at a state park with a gun. We had a similar incident today. Apparently, a man entered a local, small zoo while carrying a large handgun and from initial reports,  even proceeded to hand feed a flamingo Interestingly enough, the flamingo didn't receive several 10mm bullets to the brainpan upon biting the man with the gun. A faulty mind-control chip in the firearm would appear to be at fault.
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I'm on vacation today. The plan was to go up to visit my wife's brother in Georgia then drop by and see my mom on the way home. That was until the Mrs. woke up with severe vertigo. It's been almost a year since she last had one of her spells, but unfortunately she can barely withstand the trip from the bed to the couch, much less a 9 hour ride in a car with kids and a husband who falls asleep almost instantly. So that's all been cancelled. Worst part definitely is the Mrs. Vertigo can be...
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Joe engages an anti. Anti actually makes an attempt at discussion. Facts are brought in that anti can't challenge. Discussion actually continues for a while until anti closes shop and sends entire post down Memory Hole #17. Look, I've pulled posts before, but never by memory hole tactics. I always leave up the post itself, but explain why I felt that having the data on the web was incorrect. In the search for truth, admission to being wrong is critical. If you can't do it and resort to...
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But if the petty tyrants get their way, illegal to boot. The town council discussed an ordinance that would ban stun guns at Tuesday night's meeting. Councilman Joe Hall says businesses making bank runs with large amounts of cash could carry stun guns as a form of protection, instead of hand guns. If approved, the ordinance would ban instruments capable of temporarily incapacitating with the discharge of an electrical current. Can't carry a real gun. Can't carry a capacitor. No...
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Hey, the Geekologie writer thanked me! That's like the highlight of my morning.
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It's cheaper to go to the library. Nearly $500 for a frckin' book reader is asinine. I realize Amazon is trying to recoup the costs of the online wireless stuff, but give me a break. I'd love to be able to download books into something like a Sony eReader or a Kindle, but it's simply not worth the money to me. It's not like the books are all free either, you still have to pay for them. And I don't read enough to cover the costs even over the lifetime of the device. I'm sure the early adapters...
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This is the type of story the anti-gunners flock to. An argument outside of a restaurant over a parking space turns deadly. It involves both booze and guns. This is definitely an example of a time where the lack of a firearm would have probably resulted in nothing more than a case of fisticuffs and some bruises. However, as Clayton points out, this is a rare event. As Second Amendment supporters, we have to face up to the fact that there are people out there who should not own firearms and...
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I beg to differ We took up arms from the police forces who deserted their units, broke into the Patriotic Guards arms caches (some sort of communist reserve force), joined forces with a few Army units that refused to obey the order to fire upon the civilian population, kicked Ceausescu out of his palace and on Christmas Day 1989 shoot the bastard and his wife dead. From someone who was there.
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The best Venn diagram, EVAH Thanks to Say Uncle
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Real monsters.
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Towel - Just about the most massively useful thing any interstellar Hitchhiker can carry. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the beady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a miniraft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in...
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Dear Arizona residents. Did you happen to notice the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Tennessee about the guns in restaurants that serve alcohol? You're about to get the same thing Ariz. Senate considers allowing guns near alcohol PHOENIX - Hoping for better luck with a Republican governor, gun rights advocates are pushing a bill vetoed by former Gov. Janet Napolitano that would allow concealed weapons in Arizona restaurants that sell alcohol. The bill, which passed a Senate panel...
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Did you know that tomatoes were once considered poisonous? Up until the end of the eighteenth century, physicians warned against eating tomatoes, fearing they caused not only appendicitis but also stomach cancer from tomato skins adhering to the lining of the stomach. To prove they weren't, a Colonel ate an entire basket of tomatoes in front of a crowd of people As the story is told, it was Colonel Johnson who on September 26, 1820 once and for all proved tomatoes non-poisonous and...
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"Shocked New Yorkers Crapped Pants" Why? Did someone mention the word gun?
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End just as one would expect At that time, the suspect came towards the clerk and opened a gate, which separates the clerk from the customers.  While doing so, the suspect pulled out a knife.  Seeing this, the clerk grabbed a gun and shot the suspect. 
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Greg has a post up. So does JayG. Both have pictures of me that, if I were the type of person who felt shame, would probably be horrified. As I don't, I'm not. In fact, I'd say those pictures are rather representative of me. Also in the group were The Big Guy, McThag, and several readers (hello Phillip, Phillip's Wife, and Marvin!). First impressions – JayG is highly subdued on his blog. In real life you keep expecting his head to do a complete 180 and his eyes pop out like a cartoon...
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Uncle has a great icon. I wonder where he got that from?
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Through a complete failure to uncheck a box, I've managed to install Internet Exploder 8 on the home pc. Hopefully any new web work isn't going to require intense scrutiny to make sure it works with IE7. Oh well, my server has IE7 on it, so that hopefully will suffice.
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Gun Nuts Radio gear is now available. Embroidered, even, which is like super fancy. Damn fine logo, if I do say so myself.
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DoubleTapper sends this fascinating look into Israeli counter-terrorism and the IDF. We here in the states had 9/11, which was a rude awakening to the realities of terrorism. We've managed to avoid anything of that scale, but rest assured we're not completely in the clear yet. Israel, on the other hand, has to deal with it as a part of life. Israel has learned over the years that terrorism is a stubborn phenomenon and that, in contrast to conventional warfare, decisive victory over...
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Cap'n Bob and the Damsel team up and tear down the targets.
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Especially when you define success as "no arrests, warrants, or restraining orders" And yes, they really did call for "Nopants, party of 9" More later.
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Cop pursues burglary suspect in street clothes. Other cop mistakes him for the bad guy and shoots him. Tragic, yes, but the idea they're toying with to 'fix' this problem will only end up causing more deaths One idea involves the use of radio frequency tags that would allow officers to pinpoint where other cops are in the city, Browne said. Another involves tags that would work gun-to-gun and use an infrared sensor: When a weapon is pulled from an officer's holster it would trigger a signal...
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Dunno why I thought this was an important thing to do, but to your right, there is a button that says Random Post. Guess what happens when you click it?
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This will be something you see in each room of the mansion Hat tip Murdoc, who is a sad panda because that's not his safe.
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You listen. No We Can't. We need a new political party in Washington, to get the checkbook away from the 537 people who have been kiting checks like a runaway teenager who boosted mom's purse. Not the G.O.P., because they're part of the problem. We will call ourselves the G.U.P.: the GrownUp Party, and our motto will be "No we can't!" Damn skippy.
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Maybe people are too stupid to carry guns On May 21, a judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California dismissed a complaint filed by a woman who said she had purchased "Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries" because she believed "crunchberries" were real fruit. I want to believe this was just some stupid ploy to get free money, but I have this niggling feeling that this bint honestly thought there were Crunchberry orchards. Can't wait to see when...
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So, a pastor is calling for an open carry event at his church in Ky. According to his words "This is for anybody that believes in second amendment rights. And that is the buttress to first amendment rights," said Pagano. Sounds great until you get to the details People can come into the church wearing their gun as long as the weapon is unloaded and in a secure holster. Sorry pastor, but this is nothing short of a publicity stunt then. You are telling the world that you...
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And nobody came? I think that's what just happened over at Brigid's with her latest post, Hooked on Plastic. I mean, she brought up the whole Glock vs. 1911 thing and so far, the hating in the comments is nowhere to be found. I mean, seriously, that's perfect flame war material right there. I'm a Glock guy because I am all about function over form. I entrust my life to that thing practically every time I step out of the house. The Kel-Tec gets tucked away here and there, but my primary piece...
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Why can't people understand the meaning of GUN FREE ZONE???? PHILADELPHIA - A US Airways employee and a passenger boarding a flight to Phoenix are being questioned after authorities at Philadelphia International Airport found a handgun on the plane. The TSA prevents any dangerous items from being brought onto airplanes - items like guns, knives, box cutters, and shampoo in bottles greater than 3oz. – as well as preventing dangerous individuals like the elderly in wheelchairs or...
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David Carradine found dead in hotel room.
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What's the difference between a "No Guns Allowed" sign and this? When you get down to it, a sign asking a bad guy not to do something bad is stupid, regardless if you're asking them to not bring in their guns or to not rob the place. But stupid people require stupid solutions I guess.
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Oh, I see you already have. Hat Tip Linoge
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Bing, my new favorite search engine, has an interesting video feature. When you search Bing for videos, mousing over the results plays a small snippet of the video. This video snippet is from Bing, not wherever you searched, so searching for Hot Midget Porn, you can watch bits of the movies with sound without tripping any sort of filters at work. There's no way to block this stuff yet. This should be a big waste of time for several months to come.
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It may come as to a shock to many of you, but I am a major fan of techo / house / electronica / trance style music. In fact, it's pretty much all I listen to. Tiësto, Armin Van Buren, Paul Oakenfold, Hallucinogen, Paul Van Dyk, Infected Mushroom, Deadmau5, Kascade, etc. Pretty much anything with a good beat and interesting sounds. Oh, and Propellerheads. Love Propellerheads. I like it at work because I can listen to stuff without having to focus on it. Classical music, for example, requires my...
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If I were you, I'd take this advice
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*This is a review of the new Pixar movie, "Up" Three "thumbs" up (remember, I don't wear pants. Make of that what you will). However, it scared the living bejeezus out of Georgia. There were parts where she was crying and telling us she wanted to go home. It's PG because of 'peril' and let me tell you, there's a metric boat load of peril. There's a horrible storm, lots of angry dogs chasing people, plenty of 'hidden things in the jungle' that pop out at you, and half the...
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I think this is the first time I've seen Uncle really show righteous indignation* Let me explain it to you, Sparky. These officers, like you, work for me. I pay your salary. And theirs. You and those officers are my employees and, frankly, I have some requirements for my employees . I expect them to respect my rights. And I expect those of my employees who are elected to vote the way I want them to. Or I will take appropriate action (like not voting for those elected officials, writing...
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Intercom: Would the owner of a grey Chrysler parked on the second floor please call the main desk? Me: The government is here to repossess it.
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  But woefully ignorant PSH The purpose of the Second Amendment, as affirmed by federal courts, was to make sure there were adequate arms available to the "well-regulated militia." Since the various National Guard units now are armed by the federal government, the "right to keep and bear arms" argument has been rendered moot. … Sixty percent of American citizens mistakenly believe they have a constitutional right "to keep and bear arms." That...
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Last night, the Mrs. and I were Wii Bowling. The dog apparently didn't get the memo to keep her head low. The Mrs. bonked her pretty good in the noggin (and ended up rolling a gutter ball) Dog didn't seem phased in the slightest.
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At work, we have a little cafeteria that you can get breakfast and lunch at. Semi-ok food, overpriced, but occasionally edible. The company that runs the place has been on this "Green" kick – you know, printing out dozens of fliers and posters claiming they're going green all while trucking in the food from various locations, etc. Their latest scam, however, is indicative of the whole green movement. They're no longer selling Styrofoam cups for drinks. You have to purchase one of...
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