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The commenters to this post did all the hard work so I don't have to. Before you know it, gun bloggers will be out of business. This has to stop.
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Glenn brings up a great point But nonetheless, all nine Justices specifically said the right is individual, and thus rejected the "collective right" position on the Second Amendment, a position that's been the mainstay of gun-control groups, newspaper editorialists, and lower federal courts for decades, and one that was presented by those adherents as so obviously correct that those arguing for an individual right were called "frauds" and shills for the NRA.
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Or, I didn't like the outcome so I'll use ad hominem attacks instead My favorite part is this, which should have been at the very beginning of the article so I wouldn't have bothered with the rest Constitutional doctrine is properly ever-evolving, but that evolution ought not to be shaped by manufactured provenance masquerading as scholarship. Ah, yes. The living constitution. Which is like a living contract between your mortgage company and you. I know we agreed on 6.5%, but the contract is...
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Any references to a "collective right" on the Brady Campaign's web site are disappearing. The Brady Campaign, including all of its employees, are sick people and compulsive liars. The problem is they'll continue to peddle their lies even when the whole world can see them for the charlatans they are. I'm glad that us gun bloggers are there to shine the spotlight on them, though.
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Remember, Heller was a call to battle, not a victory song. This kind of thinking illustrates what we're going to be up against. Because the case before the court arose from the District of Columbia and thus involved only federal law, the court did not resolve the important question of whether the Second Amendment's protections apply to limit state and local laws. Benna Ruth Solomon, a lawyer for the city of Chicago, said there is, for now at least, no doubt about the proper answer to that...
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A lawsuit against Chicago. Like I said, now is not the time to relax. We won a big battle, but the war is going to stretch on for a long time. I worry that the Heller verdict will lull gun owners into a false sense of safety when the anti's are already picking apart the ruling and focusing on 3 to 4 words to try to sneak in their bigotry. Although there are plenty of battles ahead, I'm feeling pretty damn good about our chances if we stick together and keep it up.
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Greg wrote the Division of Licensing at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services concerning reciprocity with South Carolina on concealed permits. Don't ask me why the Agriculture guys handle gun permits because I don't know. Just like my experience with that division, Greg had a rather pleasant exchange. When my concealed permit was taking too long, I ended up getting in contact with the department. The gentleman I spoke with explained, in lengthy detail why things were set...
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Just a reminder - The Heller (Peace Be Upon Him) decision is not the call of victory, but a call to battle. The anti-forces will be doubling down now to find loopholes in phrases such as "dangerous or unusual" or "self defense in the home". They can not easily win in a full frontal attack, but be prepared for the whole 1,000 paper-cuts thing. Now is not the time to relax. Enjoy your day, hit the range, buy some ammo or a new gun, but get ready for the upcoming battles. The will be small, but...
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The Heller ruling seems to rub a certain blogger the wrong way If I may quote, a little RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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Dammit. It's 10 and I have a meeting...
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Of course I'm going to add her to the blog roll. Welcome Politics, Guns & Beer Hat Tip Uncle, who is running out of Heller Puns faster than Barack Ho Chi Minh Obama is running out of principles to stand on.
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Pins and needles.... Pins and needles...
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The other day I cleaned a few firearms, something I do as a law abiding gun owner. One of the first things I do is check to ensure the firearms are unloaded before I pull them apart. In fact, even though I remove the ammunition and magazine from the Glock and put it well outside of the cleaning area, I still check the chamber each and every time I need to pull the trigger to dry fire. When dealing with a shot gun, I remove all the shells and place them in another room, then each time I'm...
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Or, it's getting old waiting on this. I'm betting it won't be today, because if it were today then my nerves could take a break and I never get the good breaks.
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Ahab laments After about 30 seconds of discussion with my esteemed co-host, we have agreed that if you go to this link and vote for her or I to go to Blackwater, and then have a friend go to the same link and vote for whichever one of us you didn’t vote for, then we will do live podcasts from Blackwater. Now, I don't know about you, but when I die, I don't want to be sitting in front of St. Peter trying to indicate why I felt it important to do something that I knew darned well would bring the...
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Went to pick up ice cream for the Mrs. who wasn't feeling too well last night. I was armed as usual, but the scent of ice cream masked the Hoppe's #9. Lady in front of me jumped the line to get her brood dipped cones even though I had clearly been waiting longer than she had. Interestingly enough, my Glock sustained a massive failure and did not jump out of the holster into my hand thus allowing me to spray bullets all through said lady's rather plump form. That's the problem with being a...
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I write a few witty and insightful posts over the past few days and traffic goes through the roof. Too hard. Time to slack off again.
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I don't like to do this, but as I prefer to seek the truth, sometimes I just have to swallow my pride and admit that I have been mistaken on something. I have always contended that the anti-gunners attempted to anthropomorphize inanimate objects as a way to demonize guns, somehow make the gun itself seem like an evil entity with a soul of its own. I've always considered this hogwash, and that there had never been a single instance of a firearm murdering a human of its own volition. Then I read...
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So, being that my pistol still reeks of solvent, I decided to test the rust removing abilities of Hoppe's #9 out on the reloading bench. My Wilson trimmer had started to show a bit of rust in places, and the Hoppe's & a wire brush cut through it like it was nothing more than dust. Now the trimmer, the calipers, the dies, and several rusting parts on the press are shiny and new looking. I gave them all a nice coat of oil to help keep that look for a while. And of course, I smell like I just...
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Not that it should come as any surprise, but the Brady Campaign to Lie Through Their Teeth can't seem to understand a basic concept, nor can they be bothered to quote us correctly. In their latest post (one not involving dead children, which might explain the more bitter than usual tone of voice. I mean, it's got to be upsetting when you can't parade around the corpse of a preschooler and your donations drop), some idiot gets tipsy and carries into a bar. However, Duluth defense attorney...
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So, the wife and crumb-snatchers are out for the evening, and being that I'm on call I couldn't be that far away from a computer, I got to skip out on the event. Instead of having free time, I sprayed the house for bugs, mowed the front yard (what's left of it... dammit), moved all the furniture, and cleaned some firearms. Usually, I have a bad habit of breaking down the firearm between shots and cleaning them, but oddly I hadn't cleaned the Glock in quite some time. So now, you could perform...
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This sawed-off shotgun was found in one of the vehicles at a party bust by the "Party Patrol." The "Party Patrol" is manned by King Country Sheriff's deputies and other local police agencies that crack down on underage parties to discourage teens from getting drunk and driving. [link] Um. Is 0" barrel length considered legal? It's almost like the media doesn't understand firearms. Hat Tip Outrageous Malfunction
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This may come as a shock to many of you, but after years and years of stories of unnecessary and needless violence, I've finally changed my stance. Too many lives have been lost for me to continue to believe in some mythical right to own things that are devastating our children and our communities. I hope you will all open your minds and realize why I made the choice that I did. So, without further adieu, please welcome my full support and membership into The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gnu...
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I installed Firefox 3.0 the other day and decided to play around with Stylish. I made my own custom about:blank screen and uploaded it to and you can use it yourself by downloading it here. I like the design, myself. Nothing super fancy, just a little flame and dark lighting. If you use it, let me know.
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Poor Rebecca doesn't get us gun nuts My 20-month-old nephew loves Elmo and Dora. He also has started making explosion and gunfire noises. I get the inevitability of little boys' fascination for guns. What I can't figure out are the men and sometimes women who don't grow out of the gun-crazy stage of childhood, who need to have a handgun on their hips at all times, who need their neighbors to notice. What I don't get is why Rebecca worries about people who have guns who are of no threat to...
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Notice how every parent of someone shot or killed by the police for doing something blatently illegal always says the same thing like how good their kid normally was and whatever it was they were doing that caused them to get shot was not normal? This parent takes the cake. Her daughter wasn't holding a rifle, but rather a puppy. I'd quote it, but I can't afford the AP's rates. Update: Bonus! Here's the real story the AP stole. But that's not the story from Jennings' mother, Patricia Jennings....
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Instead of getting the police to arrest those who try to shine it As you know, this afternoon at 3pm Central time, we're scheduled to hold our Hot Air Tour event in Nashville, during we we hope to launch a hot-air balloon and float over Al Gore's house in an attempt to expose the high cost of global warming alarmism A couple of days ago, a Gore spokeswoman ominously warned that they'd be working to block our event: ... Sure enough, just a few hours before our event was scheduled to kick off,...
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This election year, for me, will be one of the most difficult choices I make in my voting history. Let me explain why. First off, I want Barack Barack Bo Barrack Fee Fi Fo Ferrick Obama nowhere near the white house. Not because he's black, but because the only experience he has is of the Chicago Political Machine type as well as his near-socialist agenda of universal health care, raising taxes, etc. The problem is that in order to keep Barack Zippidy-Doo-Dah Obama away from the oval office I...
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In fact, you apparently can do it with nothing more than a high fiber diet... Hat tip Bitter Bitch
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From XRLQ “Then again, maybe the law of supply and demand is just another one of those failed policies of the past that the new kind of politician audaciously hopes to change.”
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As everyone knows, the Brady Campaign is an anti-gun organization and there is a horrible trend of pedophilia in the United States. In fact, today, the Brady Campaign's own Paul Helmke was in a private meeting while busts were being made on child pornographers. Not that the Brady Campaign has anything to do with diddling children (at least, not that I know of). Just like someone getting busted for narcotics and having a CCW permit has nothing to do with CCW holders. But, the Brady Campaign, who...
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Just a friendly reminder, even though I’m on Vacation to go to ParaUSA and vote for Sharp as a Marble to go to Blackwater and train with Todd Jarrett. if you vote, you can enter yourself to win the coveted 11th spot on the range! And don't vote for this guy. He steals copy without paying like the AP.
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Cuz it'll make your brain hurt The District’s handgun ban is a reasonable and constitutional restriction because handguns are less effective than other firearms for self-defense. Although they are designed to be more lethal than other firearms, handguns are smaller and harder to shoot accurately. Daniel G. JarchoBrief of Violence Policy Center and the police chiefs for the cities of Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle as amici curiae in support of petitioners. (This is blatantly stolen from...
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First a 22 hour work day, then I get support calls at 1:30 AM last night. The lack of sleep might explain why, when I finally did get some shut eye, I had a dream that David Bowie abducted my daughter and something to do with underpants made of thinly sliced ham...
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I'm on support this week. Last night the problem started at 9:00 pm. At 4:00 AM I received my last phone call (they basically gave up after that). Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop freebasing Liquid Plumber.
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Server took a nap earlier. My lovely wife just powered it back on. I need a UPS, but I don't have the cash right now, but I at least need to reconfigure the server to turn itself back on after a power outage. So, didja miss me?
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DoubleTapper talks about his recent attendance to a wedding As soon as I got inside, the groom's brother, a neighbor of mine, asked me if I would mind holding onto his M4 for the evening. Don't they know that bringing weapons to a wedding will inadvertently lead someone to slaughter the bridal party over who gets the biggest piece of the wedding cake? "OW!" "What's wrong?" "You threw rice in my eye! DIE!!!!! *BAM* *BAM*" My kind of wedding!
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Bruce asks a decent question. I'd posit that his percentages are too high, though.
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Because this guy swears it's not what he was doing TAMPA - Anthony Morales asked three people for money, and when they refused, he pulled out a knife and tried to stab them, Tampa police say. He wasn't trying to rob them – he was just angry because they didn't give him money, an arrest affidavit said. That's one way to cut down on crime. Don't call it "robbery", but rather "misunderstood anger management issues".
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Here are two of the three reasons The other reason is the mother of these two beauties, a beauty herself. Thanks babe!
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For a while, I thought maybe the VPC was throwing in the towel as well. I guess I was wrong!
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Ah, Father's Day! My girls both made me little foam posters and got me a coffee mug with with their picture on it. I'll have to remember to take a snapshot of it later for y'all. I also went to the range. I took the Ultimate Cliploader on its maiden voyage and oddly, it works better with the Remington Thunderbolts than it does the Golden Bullets. It works fine with both, but it tends to take a little more "pumping" with the GB's. No big deal. It definitely helped me shoot a hell of a lot more...
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I wanted a shirt with my Don't Panic logo, so I figured I'd make a Cafe Press page and put it out there for anyone else who might want one.  
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I promised a video on the cliploader, and here it is. I hate doing movies because I'm talking to myself and I get all self conscious. I can talk in front of an audience with no problems, but just like answering machines, I get all wierded out when I'm talking to hardware.
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Yuck. Bad. Horrible. Stupid. Waste of money. Wait for it to come out on VHS. Then don't rent it. I know what the problem was. This, like so many Hollywood movies, was written by committee. Instead of one guy with a great idea and a few people helping to smooth out the rough spots, it started with a bunch of people in a room going "I think there should be aliens!", "No! Aztecs!", "Hey, let's have them jump off a cliff", "Great idea, but make it a waterfall!", "No! THREE Waterfalls!", "And...
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151 As a 1930s husband, I amVery Superior Take the test!   I'm a nice guy. What can I say?
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At work, trying to look up the cost of .22lr ammo at Dick's Sporting Goods since there's one near the old homestead and I'd rather not give Wal-Mart any more of my business. Turns out the URL is Not putting in the "sportinggoods" part takes you somewhere upper management has decreed thou shan't visit. Great. Now I'm in the logs searching for homoerotic porn...
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I've heard quite a few economists say that the price of oil is going to drop eventually because it's a bubble of some sort. Now, I'm not an economist, nor do I play one on the Interwebs, but give me a break. That's simply not going to happen. Ever. Why? Because it's been proven that people will pay $4 a gallon for gas. If they had raised the prices and people suddenly stopped buying fuel at a greater rate than the added difference in price gained the oil companies, then the prices would have...
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Paul Helmke, blood dancer extraordinaire, realizes his campaign of lies hasn't worked as well as he'd hoped. "We've lost the battle on what the Second Amendment means," campaign president Paul Helmke told ABC News. "Seventy-five percent of the public thinks it's an individual right. Why are we arguing a theory anymore? We are concerned about what we can do practically." You lost the battle because there's no question what it means and there never has been. You and your death-loving cohorts...
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Insty has a funny picture. The lefties I've spoken with all agree Barack Two All Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onion on a Sesame Seed Bun Obama is horrible on gun rights (which, is kinda ok with them since guns are icky and all) but that he won't bother with banning them since he'll be too busy hoping and changing his way into Universal Welfare Healthcare. So you see, yeah, he's anti-gun but us gun nuts don't have to worry about it because the Messiah has to change water...
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I think Saddam got busted for the same thing Melvin was charged with possession of a hoax weapon of mass destruction, being a felon in possession of a firearm, being a felon in possession of a Class 3 device -- the silencer -- and violation of probation.
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The ATF catches the Brady Campaign for Distributing Bad Data distributing bad data. When even the anti-gun ATF calls you a liar, you're in waaaaaay over your head.
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Sorry, but a 17 year old gang banger isn't a child... A report issued Monday reveals the first increase in the number of gun deaths among children and teens since 1994, enough to fill 120 public school classrooms. “Imagine a tragedy like the Virginia Tech shooting occurring every four days, or a Northern Illinois shooting happening every 15 hours,” said Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund. “As implausible as it might seem, this is our reality: guns kill 8 children...
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What if what they want is your child? The mother, who did not wish to be identified, said the man approached her 16-year-old daughter on Alhambra Circle near their home. “She was walking her dog in the median right out in front of our house here, and a man approached her in a truck and tried to get her to come to the truck,” the woman said. The teenager ran to nearby Coral Gables Elementary School, calling her mother and 911. The mother confronted the man and showed him her 9-mm gun. “It’s...
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Here's some Grade-A Stupidity. You could have easily used a mannequin or something else to illustrate that point. To use a live person is the epitome of dumb. As firearms enthusiasts we should always strive to promote a good image. Shit like this doesn't help. The sad thing about this video is that it does illustrate, quite stupidly in my opinion, a few myths of guns that have been propagated by Hollywood and the entertainment industry. First, being shot with most any firearm isn't going to...
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I got my Ultimate Cliploader yesterday, and it works so well that I'll forgive them for the improper name. You literally just dump 50 rounds in the chamber, shake it side to side a bit, then insert the magazine. In seconds you've got a full magazine, ready to go. I'll put some video together of it working later.
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A gift from the world's most dangerous reference librarian. And yeah, my eyebrow is doing some sort of magic, S-curve thing...
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Folks, this is disturbing. We all know the AHSA is a red flag organization meant to distract legitimate gun owners and cause them, come voting time, pull the level for the wrong guy. First, they endorsed Barack Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goal Posts of Life Obama, and today this Today, as President of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), I announced our endorsement of Snowflakes in Hell's own Sebastian for the winner of the Para Ordnance contest. Because the gun issue has...
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Traction Control has some sweet deals. I shot a buddy of mines a few months ago and it was a joy. Some day I wouldn't mind picking one up.
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Let it be told that there are those out there who spread falsities amongst the true believers. They use the power of the worm-tongue to lead the faithful to cast their vote for them rather than the one, true winner. Lo, darkness spread across the land and the wicked among men cried "No! Vote For ME" and those weak in constitution were confused. For the pilgrim, this is a trying time. The serpents amongst you will use their charm to lure you towards the wrong path. Deceit and treachery are their...
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As many of you may or may not know, I have been diagnosed with a fatal case of a rare, Hawaiian disease - Iwannawinapara. This disease causes me to beg uncontrollably for you to go vote for me to win a trip to train with Para Ordnance's own Todd Jarrett at Blackwater. It is a horrible disease, which leaves me as nothing more than a shell of my former self, barely able to look at my own face in the mirror as I plead with you to click on this link and vote for Sharp as a Marble By voting for me,...
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The Brady Campaign for Rolling In The Blood Of Downed Officers asks a simple question. What remains left to discover is whether Berryman’s history of domestic violence had ever been adjudicated. If so, it should have been in the Brady criminal background check system, and he should have been denied legal purchase of a firearm. Who put the gun in Berryman’s hand? Easy. Berryman did. Berryman picked up the firearm. It was Berryman's finger that pulled the trigger. It was Berryman who made each...
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And no, I don't think I'm "being watched". In fact, I kind of think it's neat that someone up there found something I wrote interesting enough to drop by Say Uncle was the referrer.
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Because anti-gun bigotry isn't an exclusively left leaning trait I find myself beginning to question why anyone really needs to own a gun at this point. Are we a culture based on fear? Are we a culture where rampant distrust, intolerance and hatred of our fellow man leads us to feel that we need to arm ourselves and isolate ourselves? Oh, he's a Military = Militia and Police = Personal Security Guard kind of guy. I get tired of arguing these points, but still I cannot rest. Go help if you've...
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The designer of the gun had clearly not been instructed to beat about the bush. "Make it evil," he'd been told. "Make it totally clear that this gun has a right end and a wrong end. Make it totally clear to anyone standing at the wrong end that things are going badly for them. If that means sticking all sort of spikes and prongs and blackened bits all over it then so be it. This is not a gun for hanging over the fireplace or sticking in the umbrella stand, it is a gun for going out and making...
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Since the Brady Campaign to Distribute Dishonesty decided that Reasoned Discourse isn't a viable solution to getting out their message so I guess they're going for the only thing left and that's becoming a tacky, second-rate tabloid that appears to take pleasure in gloating when people die with guns (don't worry. It's a TinyURL so they won't get Google-Fu with it). You see, they're not a news organization, they're an anti-gun organization. They're not repeating this tale to inform or to...
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If only I could do this to my AR, I'd be in HOG (Heart of Gold) heaven! (click for full size goodiness!)
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One thing I see happen all the time is that when I say I don't want the government doing X, people automatically assume that I don't want X to happen. For example, I don't believe it's the government's job to manage education. That doesn't mean I think nobody should manage education. But private schools are generally superior to public schools because they receive their payment based on how good of a job they do. People pay out the wazoo for private school because of this. There's a limit to...
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A little known fact about me is that I'm a huge fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. All my computers and network things here at home are named after various characters and props. Zaphod, Marvin, Heart of Gold, etc. So, I think I've finally nailed down what would not only look good on the lower receiver, but also have something meaningful in regards to me. Made it myself, in vector format, so I should be able to convert it over to what the system needs. Opinions? Thoughts?...
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So, this weekend I plan on taking the lower to the gun show to get it laser etched. I'm trying to come up with a few design ideas. I like this one   Honestly, I like the humorous aspect. I could do a Brady Campaign logo with FAIL stamped across it. Still, my favorite idea is something like this Needs typography work, but you get the idea. I'll try to throw a few more ideas up. I'd like to hear any suggestions. You can see some of the work this place does here.
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Just don't hold your breath for that wheelbarrow.
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From a guy at work's girlfriend. She snapped this with her cell phone on her way to work this morning That, my friends, is Grade-A Nuttiness. I'm not making fun of the message, rather the messenger. There's something about homemade signs on light paper, duct taped to the side of your van that just says "I get in arguments with myself. Daily".
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Seems like Greg and Law Dog are proffering their recipes for martinis, so I thought I'd give my opinions on them. Gin - Brand unimportant as all gin tastes like what you'd expect cheap cologne to taste like.Vermouth - A thilly thounding thpirit. Again, as it will be mixed in with the gin, it's quality is irrelevant.Olive - disgusting little rancid grapes. Mix any ratio of gin and vermouth in a mason jar. Shake the living fuck out of it or stir it with one of those mini tongue depressors they...
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Looks like the Brady Campaign for Lying and Deception is starting to quote unquote "grasp" this blogging thing. They're starting to post a bit more regularly, and in a short, to the point format. However, the Brady Bunch still will not permit comments. Unlike Paul "I Lie Like A Kid Caught Masturbating" Helmke over at Huffington, the Brady Blog for Spreading Misinformation and Falsities give no way to correct their quite intentional errors. Call that a design feature. It's easier to blatantly...
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I shouldn't blog angry, but if I took the time to calm down before I wrote anything, you'd get biannual posts and like it. So, this morning I'm talking with a friend at work. Said friend (we'll call him "Sally") is a flaming Democrat. Sally tends to be fairly even headed and not a complete socialist twat, but he still has that core belief that for every problem, the is an equal and opposite government program to fix it. To Sally, the government is a benign entity that only can be corrupted by...
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