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Islamic Rage Boy doles out the advice. Dear Abby better watch her infidel back.
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Sent an email to my mother last night. I mentioned how happy and relieved I was that the immigration amnesty bill was shot down. Her response? Oh - if the amnesty bill had been voted in - I was going to move to Mexico - then cross the border and come in as an illegal alien - would get a LOT more benefits than I do now - like free groceries, medical care, banking account without a social security number, and if I went to college - could go as an in-state student, no matter what state I chose.  ...
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If they're so inclined and want one, this absolutely rocks It's a single shot, bolt action .22 from Crickett Rifle. And it's PINK! How cute would that be to have my daughter at the range, plinking away with a pink rifle? Heck, I'd even pay extra to get Hello Kitty engraved on the butt stock.
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Gun Owners Against Violence. Consider me one. I'm totally against violence if it can be avoided. Guns do not equal violence, and it's good to see a site that is going to make that point. Please give a visit. Hat Tip Armed and Safe
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Shooting Michael Moore No, not with firearms, but with cameras. By a guy who grew up with him. Seems interesting. According to the trailer, Moore actually owns Halliburton and Pfizer stock*. I guess it's ok for the health care system to screw over the little guys as long as fat ass can make a few bucks filming them as well as getting his dividends. *At least according to this guy. I didn't verify it personally and the stocks might be part of some portfolio package. But if true, how sweet the...
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And then some. Short story. A lady in California goes into a gun shop because her ex boyfriend is hassling her and she's afraid for her life. She tells the clerk “I can't believe I'm here. I've been against guns and violence my whole life.” She's then told how long it takes and all the hoops she has to jump through to purchase a firearm “Ten days?” she cries. “First you have to take a test, here in the store, a written test. They'll give you a booklet to study from. Then you get a certificate...
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So, I'm clearing out my spam trackbacks (I get hundreds of 'em a day) when I noticed one that said Vicoden Tablets. Tablet PC's. Table Tops. Topless. It's like the Wal-Mart superstore of spam!
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Uncle responds to a challenge Jake Drew: "How does a gun make anyone feel safer? Please – I dare anyone out there to explain it to me. " They don’t make me feel safer. The actually do make me safer. Feelings have nothing to do with it. I left a comment, but it wasn't published. Maybe Jake just didn't get around to it or that my single incident proves him absolutely wrong. I will never go into details because it was not a pleasant experience and nothing to boast of, but I personally have...
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I love reading John Lott, but damn does he need to learn how to properly use an anchor tag. It's difficult to read paragraph after paragraph that's hyperlinked, especially when it's underlined and changes color when the mouse pops over it.
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Service packs can be scary. Here's hoping my Visual Studio works afterwards!
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The Brady Bunch decided to have a blog. And for the few posts they had comments on, there were hundreds of pro-gun bloggers who would comment and totally destroy Mr. Helmke's already-shaky reputation. After reading Say Uncle's thorough evisceration of Mr. Helmke regarding his latest post*, I ventured over to see how the commenters were reacting. Seems you have to be the "right kind" of commenter and register. I'd register, but I'm not sure I want to be associated with them. I'd be willing to...
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Here's hoping he calls it quits sooner than later. John McCain, you suck. Period. In a run off between you and Thigh-zilla, I'd just as soon stay home and watch Happy Days reruns than vote. Neither one of you would be good for America. Now, please quit annoying us with your stupid "Maverick" shtick and join the Democrats. You know you want to.
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Seems like I'm tagged as a gun blogger some people would like to meet up with at Gun Bloggers Rendezvous II. Damn, I really wish I could go. I'm still trying to figure out how to set up some vacation time and head over to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and use my certificate. That's the problem with being a gun nut who is married to a non-gun nut. What I'd consider to be a kick ass vacation would be totally boring to her. Plus, we've got two little ones who simply aren't old enough to...
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Plasma Pong. I just found a great time waster. I'd probably stay away from the LSD when trying to play it though.
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How fat would you have to be to stop a bullet? Then again, I'd hate to do that to a bullet.
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{content removed as it expired & became spam} Guess what word makes me R rated? Rhymes with "fun". Goes bang when trigger is pulled. Hat-Fucking-Tip Uncle who is only PG-13!
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Honestly, would you feel safer shopping at a store that had a sign like this prominently displayed by the entrances? I'm going to knock down my strawman and say that nobody would actually think this sign would provide any sort of extra protection. But I want you to think about it. Why wouldn't this sign deter criminals? It specifically indicates the types of activities not allowed on the premises. Why wouldn't that stop criminals from doing them? This sign is just as effective as any sort of...
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Loaded up 50 .357 Magnum, 158gr. lead SWC pushed by 8.2 grains of Longshot. Took them to the range. Obliterated the target. The last target was at 10 yards (30 feet). 6 in the top center, 6 to the lower left, and 2 to the lower right (50 doesn't divide by 6 well). Yeah, it may look like there's only 4 holes on top and only 3 on the lower left, but I assure you, 6 rounds went through each one. Sarah needs a heavy dose of thorazine right about night, don't you think? Now the bad news. 8.2gr. of...
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Because a two year old prancing around in a ballerina outfit is just too damned cute to not share.
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Where do I send money? Because, for my hard earned cash, you simply cannot buy better entertainment.
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Today is one of those days where it's better that I take a blank sheet of paper and start drawing pretty boxes with lines between them and stay the @&*# away from the keyboard. Design is the hardest part of coding. Writing a line of code to make it do what you want is a breeze. Figuring out what you want is the hard part. By working out the issues on paper, I can find errors faster than if I were to simply hop in and start coding. Changes can be made with an eraser easier than they are...
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Looking through my trackbacks, I find a link to me from Pellis over at The Biologian who comments on this post James Madison once said, "Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace. Thanks to Robb Allen over at Sharp as a Marble for writing this post about how America's government is shaping up to become just such an oppressor. I'd like to note that it's not the government itself that is shaping things, it's our citizenry who...
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I hadn't given blood in a long time which for me is odd. We have the bus come here every 2 months and I used to give like clockwork. So, I atoned for my sins by giving red blood cells rather than whole blood. A rather interesting procedure in and of itself. You get hooked up to this machine which sucks out some blood, spins it, removes the red blood cells, and then pumps back in the plasma and platelets along with a little added saline. The sucking out part was fine, it was the pumping back in...
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So last night the Mrs. & I were treated to a late night knock on the front door. Now the big No Soliciting sign doesn't seem to deter solicitors, and I usually have harsh words for them, but to show up at 8:30 makes me use foul language. I saw in the dim light some kid holding a clipboard and I immediate queued up several profanities to unleash upon him. However, when I turned on the porch light and opened the door, I actually had to retrain myself from hugging him. Verizon FIOS has now...
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Knowing that these pictures of your 5 year old little girl helping you clean your Mosin Nagant M44 is going to cause several members of the Million Mom March to suddenly moisturize their Depends. Update: The bolt has been removed from the rifle, rendering it useless and impossible to fire. Hence why the muzzle placement isn't a major concern. However, Rule #2 is still important to remember (Never aim the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy). *Sigh* I'm just sad she's too small...
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Pro-gun Progressive has two emails between VA Governor Tim Kaine’s policy director Brian Shepard and the director of Virginia Citizens Defense League Phil Van Cleve. It seems that the VCDL plans on attending a Virginia Tech review panel regarding the recent shootings. Mr. Shepard seems to think that anyone carrying a concealed weapon is on par with Cho and is asking VCDL to consider that their actions could end up "causing additional pain to the family members of the victims of the Virginia...
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So the other day I needed to replace the black ink on my Canon BJC8200 printer. Should be a simple process right? Well, it looks like the packaging designer was a former matryoshka doll maker. First, there's the box. Then, the ink cartridge is wrapped in a plastic bag. As if one plastic bag wasn't enough, there is another tight plastic wrapping around the cartridge itself which has to be peeled off. And because that's not enough protection, there's a plastic tab that has to be bent and...
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Michael Yon. If only our media were this good, we'd have a truly informed populace.
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Just looking at some firearm stuff on Ruger's site and I see this That's an awfully itty-bitty rifle there.
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One can never have too many guns, in my opinion. However, one must balance needs versus wants. I'm not at that point yet, so I'm just compiling a list of firearms that I want. I need to put them in order and I'd like a little help in determining brands if anyone has any advice. Used is probably what I'd look at to save some dough. The .22 pistol - I'm thinking about getting a nice .22 with a red-dot sight for accuracy shooting. With the ,257 Magnum, 10mm, or the 7.62x54r, all I care about is...
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For Father's day, I forced persuaded the Mrs. to go shooting with me. This was only the second time she's ever fired a gun and, being a semi-hoplophobe, she was a bit nervous. I rented a Glock 26 subcompact 9mm for her since my 10 is just too much boom for her. She did well, hitting the target every time, even if not dead center. A gentlemen next to us let her fire his Kimber 1911 and she didn't care for that at all (I, on the other hand loved it). She had a good time, and like every time she...
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Especially after watching this. Target Practice - Watch more free videos All I get to shoot at is paper. How dull ;)
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Wow, look! Another chain that has a nice anti-gun slant to it. Pizza Hut fires an employee after he defends his own life. At least American Signature Furniture can order pizza delivered to their stores and not worry that the delivery boy is packing heat. Just so you know, American Signature Furniture likes their customers, just not enough to let them protect themselves.
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Tree Hugging Sister tells Mel "I Love Amnesty" Martinez to stuff it in the best possible way imaginable. I need to write a few emails myself this weekend to these pricks. I will inform them that not only will I not be voting for anyone who supports this shit, but that I will actively support and donate to their opposition, regardless of party.
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I'm trying to cut down on the caffeine so I've been eating sunflower seeds instead. I don't know why I think this will work, because so far all I've got is a cup full of wet shells and a sore tongue. And I'm still craving a Coke.
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I have heard a lot of good things about Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, but never have had the time nor the money to go there. Chris over at Anarchangel tells me that the owner, Ignatius Piazza has a deal where if us bloggers help him out, we can earn a certificate for a free course simply by providing some links to help Front Sight Firearms get some exposure. I'm still not able to travel for this, so I don't know if the certificate is transferable or not (I'd gladly trade it for new...
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However, it might make any further experience you have with one pale in comparison. Are they really that strict in Trinidad?
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Yuri gets a nice red dot sight and proceeds to nail the target where it counts. Me, I'm torn on a nice sight. I can't put it on the Glock 29 because that's my carry piece which I need to keep as small as possible. The .357 doesn't have mounts for a sight and I don't really want to mess it up. Eventually I want to get a nice sight for Sasha, but that's a ways off. And the .22? I don't need no stinkin' sight. Here's the thing. I can shoot pretty damned good using open sights. Yes, I'd come in...
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When even raunchy & crude T-shirt manufacturers are making fun of you. I'm sure T-Shirt Hell isn't exactly a bastion for conservative thought, either. I highly recommend that if you don't get offended too easily you peruse through their wares. And, even if you're like me and don't get offended easily, I guarantee you you'll still get offended.
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That I've received a hundred or so hits from search engines linking to my story on how American Signature Furniture stores prefer to keep their facilities easy pickings for criminals. I wonder if the executives at American Signature Furniture realize that most of those links also read their automated reply which highlight a rather poor channel of customer care. I doubt American Signature Furniture knows these things, but I have a feeling that after a while, enough people Googling "American...
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I meant to link to this video a few days ago, but like everything else in my life I forgot about it. Oleg Volk takes Jennifer out for her first time ever shooting Now, this video makes me sad in a way. Actually two. One, I don't own enough guns. Two, the guns that I do have are not suitable for introducing someone to firearms. Jennifer here starts off on a .22 pistol. I have a .22 rifle, and that's a nice start, but I have nothing in a handgun caliber that is isn't guaranteed to...
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Yesterday, the Mrs. and I were furniture shopping. Georgia was at summer camp and Irelyn was merrily burbling the way only a 2 year old can burble in her car seat. I think it's a natural instinct that whenever parents pass small groups of bovines that we yell at our kids "Look Honey! Cows!" As if cows were some sort of rare sighting that should be written down in the annals of the child's history so that one day they could sit with their grandchildren and tell them that long ago, they once saw...
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So, last night I had bath duty for the two girls. Usually the Mrs. and I swap days so that the other can get 25 minutes of time away. Normally I bring a book with me. The girls are old enough to play without drowning each other, so our presence is just in case of "soap in eyes" or a "sharing incident". However, last night I had no book. So I cleaned my rifle. The best part was Georgia commenting on how she liked the new synthetic stock and asking me what the bolt was and how it worked. She even...
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People with swordfishes try to kill people. Just goes to show you that the tool is not to blame for people's violent actions.
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In short: We think we know the rules, but the rules don't care what we think. from Ace
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When the MSM reports on guns, a reporter's ignorance of firearms is very damaging to getting the facts across. A "semi-automatic revolver that holds 20 clips and can fire at a rate of 25 rounds a second" confuses people who don't understand firearms. This confusion and misreporting leads a lot of people to develop poorly informed opinions. Those opinions lead to poor laws. Maybe we can help. Now, we gunnies tend to think that most reporters are anti-gun and have an agenda. I'm sure many of them...
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No, not Paris Hilton getting dragged back to the clink (although that did give me a warm and tingly sensation for quite some time). The Brady Bunch isn't doing as well financially. The Bitch Girls give us this So we can see that the two major divisions of the Brady Bunch did see a combined loss of $2,310,000 in revenue from 2004 to 2005.  With losses like the passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act that took several of their big legal challenges off the table, it’s not a shock...
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*Sigh* I have a wedding to shoot in a little bit. The Mrs. had a weekend scrapbooking getaway to attend, and it turns out our babysitter decided that a cruise was much more important than making $25 bucks. Selfish kids. So, my Brother-in-Law took Georgia (see previous post) and my wonderful Mother-in-Law took Irelyn for the night. Now, I'm sitting here all alone with a barely appreciative cat in my lap. The house is too quiet, and it's going to be odd sleeping here all by myself tonight (won't...
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This is what she got to do last night. Her Aunt & Uncle (and cousin) took her to see the shuttle launch. I'm royally jealous. I live in Florida and I've yet to attend a launch. Next time though, I'm making an extra effort.
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And soooooo long "Subtext"! 'Cuz you're gonna need all the sleep you can get! You're life just changed, and let me tell you - through all the poopy  diapers and sleepless nights, you're going to find out it's totally worth it. Glad to hear the Mrs. and baby are fine!
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I'm smiling from ear to ear. She's back!
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Seems that my letter to American Signature Furniture really struck a nerve. With an automated system... Thank you for taking the time to contact our corporate office in writing. The concealed weapons policy has been put in place for all of our corporate stores and was implemented for the protection of our customers and our business. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for your inquiry. This is an automated email. Please do not reply to this message. Guess ASF...
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Last night, the Mrs. and I went shopping for new furniture for our living room. The current couches we have have sustained several years of abuse from children as well as cats - one of which gets sick quite often on the cushions. We went to the local American Signature store and looked around. We found a few couches that piqued our interest and made a mental note about them so we could come back if the rest of our search was fruitless. That was until I walked out the front door. Plastered on...
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Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace. James Madison The fact of the matter is that I don't think Uncle Sam could get the Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force to attack Americans. Being that our's is a volunteer force, I don't think that kind of army exists. But we have the police, who are practically armed and trained just like the military. And I think they'd do the job just fine. As far as the press, ours is not enslaved....
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This story reminds me of the Ameglian Major Cow (an animal specifically bred to have the desire to be eaten) from Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
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From Joe Huffman's blog Henderson's second insight was that despite the right belonging to "the people" in the amendment, it actually belonged only to the militia as an organized military force. To believe this, you have to believe that the United States is the only nation on Earth that felt a need to guarantee its government, in writing, the right to have an army -- which is possible, I suppose, if Jefferson foresaw the attitude of the modern Democrat party towards the military. The Second...
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Ignorance of the topic at hand is the greatest threat to our rights as American Citizens. Last week I was showing a girl at work my video of the M44 Nagant. I explained to her the shots she heard to my right were AR-15's. She looked at me like Bambi caught amidst a pair of halogen lamps attached to a Ford F-350. "How were you able to buy a rifle???? Aren't those illegal?" A rifle. She honestly believed that rifles were against the law. She then went on to tell me that I probably shouldn't tell...
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Suffered a horrible bout of insomnia last night. 1:30 AM I decided to take a sleeping pill. By 3:00 AM I think I finally fell asleep. Now, I've got this horrible, creepy crawly sensation all over that is threatening to drive me nuts. I can't tell if I want to sleep or try to run a marathon. Bleh.
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As I grow older time seems to be whizzing by at an alarming rate, but Bush has done something unique—he’s managed to make four years seem like an eternity. From commenter KZ at Daily Pundit
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Well, today I went out for dinner and when I came home, lo and behold there was a package waiting for me on my doorstep. I think the UPS guy kicked over a plant on his way out for making him lug this package to my house. After peeling off 40 layers of cardboard and several nautical miles of packing tape, I was graced with this kick ass wood crate. Inside, there were 800 7.62x54r* rounds just dying to meet me. And I was dying to meet them too! I broke the seal and checked out the contents. To...
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The fact that someone spent the time and effort to do this, or the fact that I was simply mesmerized by the fire and thoroughly enjoyed this. Hat tip Xavier
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I wasn't going to comment on "Father" Mike Pfleger's plea to an unruly mob to kill another  human being because other's have. I especially wasn't going to comment on the taxation laws that St. Sabina ("Father" Pfleger's church) seem to be breaking because I'm not a tax law person. But David Codrea has a point - it doesn't take much to look into and see that St. Sabina is actively breaking the tax laws afforded to non-profit entities and churches. If a church wishes to combat gun violence, then...
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Sebastian tells his journey into Gun Nut territory. Here's my tale. If you've been a reader of SaaM for any time, you'll notice that I rarely talked about guns even a year ago. What happened? Well, unlike Sebastian I grew up around guns. My father always had one in his nightstand. My cousins hunted and sometimes I'd go with them. When I got a bit older, my dad would take me to the range with him on a regular basis. So, growing up, guns didn't hold any magical properties to me. They were just...
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