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Recently, there's been an uproar over the recent release of Jack and Jeri (of Star Trek fame) Ryan's divorce papers against both parties' consent. It was said that the divorce papers had information that would be useful to voters as they try to determine who to vote for. John Kerry, a Viet Nam veteran, is trying to ensure that the records of his divorce from his first wife, Julia Thorne, are not released under similar circumstances. Well, my crack team of investigative reporters has...
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I use SharpReader as my RSS aggregator. I have around 50 blogs I monitor. It's killing me, time wise. I really enjoy reading people's work, and I know that on many of the blogs, I'm one of the few regulars. However, it is time to remove some from my list so that I can function in a normal capacity. I feel bad not reading those that I enjoy, but a lot of the times, the blogosphere does resemble an echo chamber as the same story is rehashed over and over. Granted, I like the opinions that narrate...
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Apparently, “Let Freedom Reign” isn't as odd a term as I thought. I have recinded my last post taking a jab at Dubya. I feel kind of odd removing a post as I don't ever want to be repremanded for Memory Hole violations, but it didn't make sense to leave inaccurate info up there. Thanks to Sekimori for pointing it out to me.
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You know, no one ever has accused Bush of being the intellectual type, but this takes the cake. I mean, One Hand Clapping thinks it's an honest mistake, and although the meaning is similar, it really looks like Bush flubbed this up as well. It is also of course totally feasible that he wrote it in a hurry and simply goofed up, but it doesn't help his image of having an IQ just slightly above soft butter at all.
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An Army soldier has been murdered by his captors. Iraqi militants killed an American soldier they have held hostage for nearly three months, saying the killing was because the U.S. government did not change its policy in Iraq, Al-Jazeera television reported Tuesday. I don't know what the proper response is. The “warmonger” in me wants to level a town for every soldier or citizen killed by these thugs, but logic and my humanity tells me that is wrong. Some may say we should...
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Well, my Jeep Wrangler is well on it's way to being back at home. I spoke with Dave of Engine Lab of Tampa today and he told me to come on in to see the progress. I have not received this level of customer care in years and I truly think that anyone in the Tampa area who needs their engine rebuilt that Engine Lab of Tampa is the way to go. First off, my pistons looked like hell. There was black, flaky residue from unburnt fuel all over them. I had told Dave that the engine always ran...
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Glad to see the sucker punch to the terrorists on the Iraqi Sovereignty handover. 2 days ahead of schedule. Unfortunately I don't believe for a minute that this will end the attacks and I fear Wassef Ali Hassoun and the Pakistani man recently abducted by AQ will meet the same fate as the rest. Hassoun is a fellow Marine, and I know what would happen if you let my guys go do what they know best. Still, this is a historic day. There's still the chance another evil regime sprouts up, but we...
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My own furball Hudson is featured this week!
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Here's one question that I have about Star Wars. In Episode IV, R2 and C3PO land on Tatooine and are eventually purchased by Owen Lars. Owen and the bots do not recognize each other. The bots do not recognize the place. Now, fast forward (or rewind, if you please. Damn prequels) to Episode II. CP3O is working at the moisture farm when Anakin shows up with R2D2. This could be explained if the robots had their memory wiped, but how the hell would Owen completely forget about 2 robots he had...
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The Mrs. is out for the weekend so I've got Georgia duty. Haven't had all the time I'd like to compse a good post. I'm looking at rewrtiting some of this blog software so that I can enable some basic HTML in the comments. Note: You don't need to put anchor tags in comments, the system will create a link if you just type http://{youraddress}.
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becomes a Michael Moore movie.
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So, Gore has decided to call me a Digital Brown Shirt because I'm a blogger who looks for the truth, eh? Well, fine then! Here's an icon for all my fellow bloggers. Display it proudly on your site! Claim the title of Digital Brown Shirt! For those who don't want to wade through the registration, here's a snippet from Gore. The Administration works closely with a network of “rapid response” digital Brown Shirts who work to pressure reporters and their editors for...
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Don't like it at all. I feel dirty for watching it. First major complaint is that Michael Moore, while being very popular on the left, is not a representative of the Democrat Party. The ad might as well have shown a video clip of the man on the street saying “Bushitler lied”. Second, the MoveOn ads aren't official Democrat videos. Again, the were not produced or distributed by the DNC, and while I agree they are vile,, they distract the viewer from any real issues that Bush...
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I'm sucking on an atomic fire ball right now to get this awful taste out of my mouth after reading this drivel on the normally readable (albeit it sometimes over my head) Volokh. This is what “progressives” are so fond of? I want to look at the following so called rights  that Cass Sunstein, a guest blogger, distills from FDR. The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the Nation;Excuse me? As a company owner, I have the...
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Seems like the traffic to the Marble is on the rise. I see a lot of linking going on and the hits, while still in the low teens, are definitely up. My mom says the page is taking longer to load because of the increased traffic. Sorry Mom. Just a word about SaaM. I host the site on my own server which sits in my office. It's an old Quad Pentium Pro box with a gig of memory. Not the fastest box in the world, but you can't bog it down! Running it out of my house means I have 100% control over my...
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OMG! Like Michelle “I'm hot, conservative, and a damn good writer” Malkin just mentioned me!!! Well, not directly, but she mentioned Hobb-ling which is a phrase I coined. I tell you, my rise to fame and fortune is happening right now. In the TTLB ecosystem, I'm like a parasitic pest or something. Watch out Puppy Blender, before you know it, I'll be on your heels! Indeed!
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Here's one I took a long time ago of Hudson. It looked really good in black & white and it had surprisingly good lack of depth of field from my Nikon 4300.
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I was right in the middle of something then *Poof*. No more Gmail. Can't get to it from several places. Gotta love Beta products. {Update} Seems to be back up. Slower than corrections from the N.Y. Times.
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How about a site called Here's how it works. As a BBBB blogger, you go to Earl's Oil & Lube in West Podunk, VA. You have a coupon that Earl refuses to honor. Even though you only requested an oil change, Earl says that your breaks are low on blinker fluid and charges you $200 more. When you finally get home (and discover your oil leaking all over the place) you make a blog post regarding your experience. is notified of your post (via...
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Via Fox News. Bastards. Bitch and moan all you want about the evil American Empire™ but we, as a country, do not behead our captives and parade them around the world. And when one of our guys steps out of line, we rabidly persue justice. Just ask yourself this question - Would you prefer to be an imprisoned by any terrorist organization or by America? This wasn't one of ours, but we should react as if it were. This was, more than likely, an innocent human being who was just in...
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My precioussss...... Nassssty hobbitsess want to takes Marble's Gmail.... Thanks so much to Dean Esmay for the invite. Now I have a full Gig of storage for all kinds of unneeded crap! Granted I've got a quarter of a terabyte at home, it's nice to have someone else have to worry about my email storage. The only thing I'd really prefer is to be able to use another application (such as Outlook) to check the mail. But still, a free Gig!
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Scott Ott reaches out beyond the heavens and touches the face of......Clinton
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Well, she's gone. My 1995 Jeep Wrangler (the last good year, 'cept for the square headlights) has gone to the repair shop in the sky. Well, actually to the repair shop down on 78th street. I'm having the engine rebuilt by the wonderful folks over at Engine Lab of Tampa. In order to make the vehicle last a while longer, I thought I'd go ahead and get the engine rebuilt. Then, when that's done, I'll put A/C in her. I've lived in Central Florida and have not had A/C in my car for 7 years. Once I...
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Check out the soon to be latest craze - Hobbling!
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Saw this over at Dean's World and I had almost forgot about it. Spaceship One is ready for takeoff tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM! This will be a historic day. I have longed for the space program07.hmove away from the government tit and into the private sector. Without all the b.s. bureaucracy, space flight for normal people like you or me will be feasible. One day, I may even be able to feel the wonder of 0g! (Yeah, I know it's not TRUE weightlessness, but let a guy dream ok?) This, of...
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Whoa! I wonder if you can get a nasty ear infection from this?
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Exploding TV? Sounds great, but I have my hesitations.
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Yesterday's stats* - Bush: 3Kerry: 2 Gonna be a close race this fall! * On the way home, it was Kerry 2, Bush 1, but I had a massage appointment and there were 2 more W stickers so I added them in.
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Here's the email chain. Me: During our upgrade to 5.02 yesterday, the database migration gave me the following errors {blah blah blah}. Can you help me figure out what went wrong? Tech Support: Can you try the upgrade again? Something appears to have gone wrong. Me: ...............
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Here's a link to Frank's story and no, I don't know what IMAO stands for. Knowing Frank, it's funny.
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Bill Quick nails exactly what I feel is wrong with our political system these days
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Just got through reading a story about a little baby who is in critical condition after a car crash which killed his mother and brother. The ads (which I am assuming were triggered off of keywords in the story) were for automobile body repair. Sheesh...
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Scott Ott get's inside coverage of Bush's actual speech regarding Clinton.
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Well, I've finally got a couple of news feeds for local Tampa stuff. I can't seem to get the scoop on the big guys as far as major news stories go, so I'll try to start small. Unfortunately, most of the feed info I'm getting is either sports related or opinions. If anyone has any really good (*cough* free *cough*) news feeds they can direct me to, I'd much appreciate it.
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I'm one of those people who like to make things myself rather than buy it at a store if I can do it for cheaper. One of my favorites is my taco seasoning. I find this to be much better than anything I can buy at the store and I always have the ingredients on hand. Ingredients: 1-2 Teaspoon minced dehydrated onion  1 Tablespoon chili powder  1 Teaspoon cumin  1 Teaspoon garlic powder  1 Teaspoon hot paprika  1...
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So we've got some of the most fancy Spam filtering stuff at work. Not a lot comes through because the system we use 'learns' patterns in Spam. Well, someone finally broke the code - I am now getting German. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do? Go take a language course at the local community college so I can find out how to get the lowest mortgage rate on my house? These people are desperate. I don't get Spam. Viruses, yeah, I can understand why the idiots who write them use...
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Damn! I leave for the weekend for my sister's wedding and I've got 300+ unread blog posts. Guess I'm just going to mark them all as read and start over. Oh, yeah, I guess I need to do some posting myself! More later.
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Ray Charles has passed away at 73 years of age.
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Although Bill talks of a gas war between stations, I think there's a war between the gas companies and you.
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I didn't post at all yesterday and I didn't even go to work! The Mrs'. car had to go to the shop so I had to stay home. Kari can't drive stick and there's no facilities for putting Georgia in my Wrangler. They had to keep it overnight because they didn't have the part in stock. Thinking about getting the engine in the Wrangler rebuilt and adding air conditioning to it. I've not had A/C here in Florida since 1997. Crazy huh? I've also not had a full top on the Jeep for 3 years. During...
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When you think your life sucks, consider being pelted with a chalupa.
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A Super Bowl, now the Stanley Cup! I'm not even going to pretend the World Series is feasible for the Devil Rays. I'm so wired, I'm not sure how I'm gonna get any sleep.
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2nd Period is over. Iginla isn't doing diddly. It looks like the Bolts can taste victory. Still depressed hockey goalies don't look like Jason anymore.
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The Bolts scored first! That's a good omen. I'd have preferred Richards to score, but I'll take Fedatanko (or however it's spelled!)
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President Fumbletongue Saw that for the first time today in comments over at Asymmetrical Information where someone compared W. speaking ability to Reagan's. How apropos!
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No more sympathy for Michael Berg. Bill at INDC journal explains why.
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I was outside trimming the hedges when I noticed a new shrub growing. Now, I always assumed that things take the path of least resistance, but according to the following pictures, that's not aways the case. What you see here (and click on the images for larger pics) is a hedge trying to grow out of an outdoor lighting base.   Remind me to never sit still for too long near a shrub!
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Ugh. Overtime. My Lightning are looking a little worn. So is the edge of my couch. The damndest thing so far? The Mrs. is like totally into hockey now. Maybe she'll let me start playing again! [update] Well, at least they won! This means we get game 7 here in Tampa, but it also means I'll have to find a different route home on Monday. I practically drive through the parking lot of the St. Pete Times Forum on my way home.
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I love music. There are several songs that I could listen to 100 times in a row and never get tired of. I've always said you can tell a person by his favorite music. Here's my top ten (although not really in any order) Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing Boston - Long Time Running Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart J.S. Bach - Double Violin Concerto Rush - Subdivisions Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper Art of Noise - Beat Box (Diversion One) Elvis Costello - Veronica Level 42...
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Hudson, which I think is Greek for “Maker of Fur”, here in his favorite position.
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Jeff Jarvis points to a great idea.
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Separated at birth?
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Can we not tap into this man's constant changing state and pull off some energy?
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Ouch. Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, tells us what he Really thinks about Michael Moore.
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I run .Text as the software behind this blog. It's free and damned good for what I need it for. However, I don't understand something about blogging in general and want to understand how it works. WTF are Trackbacks and how do I use them? Let's say Blogger X has a great article that I want to bring up here. There's a link for the trackback on their site, what the hell do I do with it? I see little blurbs where others have tracked it, so how does my little crappy blog get its say in the...
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Every person who claims to love freedom should be required to read this.
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I never realized taking pictures could make one sore. My legs are aching and my right arm is killing me. You don't realize how heavy a camera is until you hold it for 8 hours. All in all I had a great time. It is a weird feeling to go to a wedding as a job and not for the party. I stayed fairly out of sight and didn't get too many people posing. Nothing kills the photojournalistic feel more than someone copping a huge smile. I did get to work with some of the formal shots, however I...
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