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La Pistola is guitar #20 for Virgil Guitars so this is fitting.
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A real life Wookiee Suit. Tam would rock this.
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Because once you read Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia for free, you’ll have to buy the rest of the series including the book I’m in ;)
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Server rebooted & was stuck on a “Press F1 to continue” BIOS screen for the day. I didn’t quit blogging. I’ll let you idjits know if that ever happens.
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I was working on a backing track to a guitar piece this weekend and am pretty happy with the sound. It’s just bass guitar, drums, and an organ but I really like the overall sound. My drumming is a bit rough as is some of the bass, but it’s a great start. I was going for a very specific sound with the drums and I think I nailed it. I wanted a garage-like tone, so I compressed the living shit out of the drums and brought them forward into the mix and it worked exactly as I thought it would. I...
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Nobody would believe it because it would be too complex. So we found a great house, one my wife & I could see us retiring in. Large plot of land in a secluded neighborhood that’s not cookie cutter in any shape, form, or fashion. I’d posit that people simply bought plots of land back in the 70s and had each house custom built. The interior needs some updating as it’s a 70s house through and through, but the view is simply amazing. I am not joking when I say that the 3 car garage is so large,...
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One of the developers got a 32oz. plastic jug of Olde English 800 as a lark. He cracked it open, took a swig, and promptly never had any again. This was a month or two ago, and the bottle just sits on his desk. So I took it home over the weekend. Filled it with apple juice. Brought it back. I just chugged the whole thing in front of my group. Let me say, that much apple juice in that little time does a number on your blood sugar and stomach. The looks on their faces was completely worth it.
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Freedom of speech means freedom to speak things that are uncomfortable, rude, insulting, blasphemous, annoying, and just plain tasteless. As a Marine, it is very offensive to me to watch people desecrate the US Flag. It is much more offensive to claim they have no right to do so. You may insult my religion all you want. I have no right to assault you for it. That goes both ways. Finally, if you won’t stand up for speech you do not approve of, don’t be surprised when suddenly you find YOUR views...
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