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The job was slated to start on the 9th. Told ‘em I could start ASAP. I start on Monday. I’m taking today off. Heading to Busch Gardens by myself. I will ride everything until I get sick, then ride a few more things until I puke, then probably stuff my face with crappy theme park food and do it again. I deserve it.
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I got it.
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But last night I ran 5k. It was on a treadmill because there was a rather nasty storm going on, so it doesn’t exactly count as a real 5k, but I managed to run for 35 minutes straight, covering 3.1 miles. The thing about the treadmill is the road is being ripped out from under you, which lowers the amount of effort you have to put in, but it does still require your cardiovascular system to be able to keep up. I’m proud to say my leg muscles were the part wearing out before the lungs & heart...
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Last week, I had a job that was considered a sure thing. The tech interview went as well as an interview could possibly go. When I went to the HR interview, I was told that was nothing but a formality. Then they cut the position. Yesterday, I had an interview that went even better than the one I just talked about. They seemed visibly excited at the prospect of me coming on board. I was even asked when could I start, which generally is a very positive sign. There’s also no chance of this company...
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Just in case you’re wondering why the country ain’t doing all that hot You know what Ussie ain’t getting Tom? Me, a job. I’m doing that on my own, working my ass off to make sure I have interviews and ensuring I’m doing everything I can to make connections. I’m paying my bills while I’m unemployed using the money I saved. Money I could have probably blown on vacations or expensive TVs or large rims for my hooptie-mobile, but instead I delayed gratification knowing that times like these happen....
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I appreciate the honor of people thanking me for my service. I usually like to thank them for giving me something to serve for, but today is a day we remember those who gave all. I didn’t see combat in my 8 years in the Marines, not for a lack of trying, but I was an aviation electrician and the particular aircraft I was on at the time never seemed to be the one they needed. I’m thankful that none of my fellow Marines were ever casualties while I worked with them and while I was never in...
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But eventually someone is going to release a good VR headset and things like this will make gaming more immersive than we can imagine. I like this idea better than the one that requires special shoes in a curved bowl. If they can get the size down on this and add in tracking that can react to your angle quicker (this is definitely a prototype stage), then moving around inside a game will become much more realistic.
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The job I was looking forward to loved me. They thought I was the perfect candidate for the position. However, they decided to cancel the position instead. I have to start looking twice as hard now and follow up with the other 2 in progress ones. More interviews for the next week too. Depressed now. But being down in the dumps won’t put food on my family’s plates. Gotta find work.
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Today is the big day. My #1 choice will either make an offer today or not. If they do, I’ll have to let the other two opportunities I’m currently in process for know and see if there’s anything they’re going to be able to do to pull me away, but I don’t see much wiggle room there. I don’t want to be overpaid (I know that sounds odd, but overpaid mean ‘easier to let go as well as easier to replace with cheaper labor’) and this particular job already has good benefits and a great work environment...
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When you wish upon a star, dreams DO come true. The problem is it can take millions of light years for your wish to get there & back.— Robb Allen (@ItsRobbAllen) May 20, 2014
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So, interview feedback from yesterday was ‘positive’. The primary position I’m looking at has said they’ll have a decision by Thursday. So now I wait, and that’s the hard part. I have another face-to-face (aka dust off the monkey suit) interview tomorrow morning. Well, tentatively, I’ve been asked if I was available, but no confirmation. Still, it’s worth looking into as until eggs hatch, I have exactly 0 chicken. The wait sucks. However there are opportunities out there, so I should at least...
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But I’m going to laugh at this against my better judgment. Antigun business goes out of his way to prevent legal gun owners from dining at his establishment. Gets a face full of armed robbery. And as Sean said They were not murdered only because the robbers did not decide to kill them. The robbers had all the power. No one could resist them. Why? Because the owner of The Pit Authentic Barbecue has banned guns in his restaurant. Therein rests the lie. Concealed weapons holders aren’t the...
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Bite me. When my phone said “This update will not erase any data” and then proceeds to kill everything off in ways that would piss the NSA off, I’m bound to get a bit upset. Next time, I just need to purchase an unlocked / unbranded phone so I don’t have to worry about this shit. The last time I ‘updated’ my phone, it killed tethering, which I used to have. Then I had to get FoxFi. Which now AT&T is trying to charge me $50 a month for having. All carriers suck. Hard to figure out which one...
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I have two face-to-face (and thus requiring the dreaded pants) interviews today. Both are on the top of my desired positions so far, both look to be excellent opportunities for me to stretch my skills as a developer. Oddly, I’m a little on the nervous side. Things are going to move quickly and I want to make the right decision. I’m not a job hopper, and I’ve already once in my career joined some place that I ended up loathing within days and left within weeks. What I want is a place that I can...
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BabyGirl G gets her first taste of freedom
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The primer part was the most surprising to me, being that it’s done by hand.
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There’s this post on ImgUr with pictures of an abandoned mall. Someone made this comment
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Cops unload at least 377 rounds towards a crashed & disabled vehicle Earlier that night, the driver of the Volvo, Adrian Montesano, robbed a Walgreens at gunpoint, and then later shot Miami Dade Police Officer Saul Rodriguez in a nearby trailer park. Montesano escaped in the officer’s patrol car eventually dumping it at his grandmother’s house in Hialeah – before fleeing in her blue Volvo By 5 am every cop in South Florida was looking for that blue Volvo – intent on catching the man who...
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I’ve got a phone interview in a little bit that I was informed was ‘brutal’ and oddly, I’m looking forward to it. It should stretch my technical ability to the max, which is really a good thing. Then I have another one later this afternoon, and am currently having yet a third interview scheduled, although that one will be onsite and either tomorrow morning or Monday. Already have had two rejections, but that’s to be expected. I don’t expect I’m a perfect fit for every company and vice versa...
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But things like this? This will get someone killed. I don’t know where this took place, but I’m willing to be it’s some place that doesn’t allow people to defend themselves, otherwise, there could have been a dead clown and it would have been totally justified. Now, you have to try to see if from the victim of the prank’s perspective and not someone watching the .gif knowing it’s a joke. If you were to walk into a garage and see some clown literally bashing someone’s head in (remember, you...
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Florida Carry has been an ardent supporter of getting Open Carry here in the Sunshine state. We host monthly OC fishing events to try to spread the word. We admonish our people to be polite, avoid confrontation, and above all, don’t be “all up in people’s grills” about it. For years, it has been working just great and a lot of it has to do with our members being calm but passionate about it. We have to walk that fine line of advocacy where you have to make people aware of your goals without...
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Here are just a few samples of the fine artworks on display    Admission is $5 for children under 8, $12 for adults – Eye & hearing protection provided. Please do not carry your children while in the museum.
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I’ve thought about this. A lot. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not exactly the most feasible thing. The belly-pack looks dumb for one. While I’m sure it’s secure enough, it still looks like it has too much wiggle room. Not to mention getting it on & off looks like it’d be a pain, especially after you’re all tuckered out and sweaty. The one geared toward women seems like a better concept, but in order to provide enough stability so that your pistol doesn’t jiggle around, a wider...
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Looking at some software. If I want the box with the physical CD’s shipped to my house, it’s nearly $30 cheaper than downloading it
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How many of you browse here without JavaScript turned on? Thinking of protecting the comments even further by making it a script rather than a form.
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From Markos Holding up paper signs with hashtags isn't "doing something." It's demanding that someone else do something.— Marko Kloos (@markokloos) May 8, 2014
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The guy who used my audio recordings of my firearms racking finished the song. It’s really, really good, especially if you like dubstep. I love how he managed the timing of the shotgun rack to make the ‘missing’ beat.
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So the Zombie Apocalypse broke out, but we managed to build a good fence around whatever house we holed up in, and for once I had plenty of ammo (and a gold plated Deagle in 45 ACP). What we didn’t have was a working water heater, so I grabbed one out of the basement that was brand new. This one wasn’t only a water heater, it was also the cable box, so I had a lot of wiring to do. It would appear that the fiber optic connections on water heaters aren’t standard so I had to cannibalize the ones...
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Had to take a skills test on C#. Bugs me that I should get 110% and only take :30 to take the whole thing, but I didn’t. Missed 5 questions, and worst is I don’t even know which ones they were. A lot of these test go back to the minutia of development, things that you forget the details of… you just do it. I also do not know the function name to remove all items from a queue. It’s Clear(), but there’s no need for me to remember that, Visual Studio’s Intellisense does that for me. I really hated...
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Someone took some recordings I made with some of my guns, racking the slides & whatnot and used them in a cool little track (I had to listen directly at the link, but the embedded object may work for you) The shotgun racking effect is my shotgun. If you’d like to hear the sounds (quite large as they are uncompressed 96Khz/24bit – you can’t hear the difference, but more date means better ability to edit before output) I’ve zipped...
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Is finding a new job. I don’t get how people can lose their jobs then sit around for weeks on end until they start looking. I had recruiters on the phone Friday afternoon and my resume polished and ready to go by Saturday. Thanks to following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, I don’t have to worry about financials while I look for another job, but that doesn’t mean my goal isn’t to get re-employed as quickly as possible. I don’t understand the mindset of “waiting a week or two” to get...
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Florida Carry today filed two lawsuits for blatant violations of Florida's law that preempts local gun control. Joined by the Second Amendment Foundation, the first case filed is against the City of Tallahassee. In the second case, Florida Carry filed against Broward County.  "Since 2011, Florida Carry has prompted the repeal of anti-gun ordinances and regulations in over 200 Florida jurisdictions, including municipalities, counties, colleges and state agencies," noted Florida Carry...
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As of today, I am no longer employed. I enjoyed my time at the company dearly and am sad to have had to leave, but due to an unresolvable and fairly big conflict, I had to end my employment with them. I got home, and already have leads (although some are less desirable than others) but I haven’t even started looking in earnest. I have to get my resume back up to speed over the weekend and then blast it out. I know the market right now, and being unemployed for more than a week is probably out...
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A functioning M41A Pulse Rifle. To me, that is the epitome of “kick ass movie guns” that I’d love to whip out at a gun range. Doesn’t even need to be automatic, a semi-auto version would be perfectly fine with me. The 10mm caseless exploding ammo however, is nonnegotiable.
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Even I make mistakes. Said the wrong thing to the wrong person and caused a not-so-small-scale poop-storm at work and have been keeping my head down (mostly in the hopes it’s not going to get lopped off). Pro-tip: Never complain to the client. Always make even the negative sound positive.
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