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Kilts are acceptable
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/31/2012 1:47:13 PM | Feedback (1)
I am not fond of having to fear lawyers because of your ammo choice I had a listener tell me he carried this ammo in his self defense guns, but heard someone say perhaps he shouldn't due to the "Disclaimer" from Hornady. Having read it, I have to say I wouldn't own it either. It doesn't matter if it really isn't any more effective than something else, THIS ONE comes with the instructions by the manufacturer that it should never be used against a human being, and I am guessing an...
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It has handicapped access ramps, signs in 3 different languages as well as braille, and mandates seatbelts and helmets that you have to pay for. See here and here.
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Sure as hell seem to be getting a lot of fake trackbacks from linkwhore sites with titles like AR-15-Parts-Paintball-Guns. Unfortunately, these idiots scour the web, pull in chunks of text with actual links to my blog, which my system sees as valid. I didn’t capture the IP address with trackbacks, so I can’t tell if these are all coming from a single area or not. Just annoying.
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BrainBang asks What’s the precise definition of “defensive gun use” (DGU)? And I’m not looking for a long paragraph. Just a simple definition. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all definition. but to me, the answer would be something like “A Defensive Gun Use is when the presence (observed or assumed) of a firearm is believed to have made a decisive difference in the outcome of an attack in the defender’s favor.” If you are being beaten and you 'reach for a gun' (that you do not have)...
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The eldest got Student of the Year. Again. And just like last time, every child who got an award did so under their parent’s loving and proud gaze. The kids whose parents take an active part in their educational life tend to do much better in school. One also hopes that the same parents are there to ‘correct’ the things they “learn” as well.
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On the way to work yesterday, traffic was hell. I do my best to let people over and there’s always some jackwagon who thinks he can drive on the shoulder to pass people and thinks you are REQUIRED to let his ass over. I had already let over two cars from the merging onramp when a dump truck decided that since he was bigger, he was just going to cut me off (after driving on the shoulder). This wasn’t happening, and he decided to blast me with his horn to highlight the fact that he was being a...
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USPSA is this Sunday. I’m out of the BVAC bulk ammo I got from Cheaper Than Dirt, but I have everything set up to crank out a ton of ammo. At my last competition, I had some of my reloads ready in case I ran out, but didn’t need them. Well, I don’t have any more ammo, so my reloads have to be used. It’d be nice if I can make it to the range to test to ensure these are going to work for me, but it’s looking like I might be testing them at the worst possible time – during competition. Here’s...
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The Chinese have their cheap, child labor made undies in a wad over the US’ gun ownership “The United States prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of citizens' lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm possession control, causing rampant gun ownership,” the report claims. Emphasis mine. This is a feature, my oriental friends, not a bug.
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Practicing is going well, however I’ve run into a small snag. I’m burning through the lessons faster than I need to. Not only am I following the DVDs, but I’m reading as much information as I can online. A friend pointed me to the Circle of Fifths, which after learning, the next two lessons seemed almost a waste of time. It’s not burned into my memory so that I can recall the key signature without thought, but it’s getting there. For some reason, anything that has to do with B throws be for...
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I’d like to say I’m at a loss for words, but I’m not. The problem is the words I have would not make it past most decency filters and run the risk of igniting your monitor. So, I’ll just attempt to remain calm and show you what has my unmentionables in a Gordian knot. Here’s the scenario. The RINO convention is coming to Tampa. The city mayor is all atwitter that he must follow the law and cannot restrict guns from the area. The city council, staffed by people with an IQ just shy of a jar of...
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At some time in 1990, I walked into the Armed Forces Recruiting Depot in my city, not exactly sure what I was planning on doing. I was nearing the end of high school and realized I didn’t have the self discipline to make it through life. I wanted to fly airplanes but had bad vision, so I made the call that if I was going to do this, I was going all in and joined the Marines. I got out of high school, injured myself and almost didn’t make it, but eventually started boot camp. Life in the...
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I did not know that about Larry Correia
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OH YEAH BABY. Gotta go scrounge some change from the couches.
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That was Gary Cooper, asshole. My favorite scenario is the “Parking Garage” scenario I posted last week. It strikes many chords important to concealed weapon carriers and none of the options are “good.” Emphasis mine. WTBGU brings up an excellent point that tends to get lost in a lot of our hypothetical situations we discuss online and that is if you have to use your gun in self defense, there is no ‘good’ outcome. The best you can hope for is surviving the encounter. It’s not like the...
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Straight to the gas chambers with you! Tam mentions how barbaric it is that Middle Eastern cultures give lethal stone showers to women who have the temerity to show a kneecap in public and commenters mention how it’s no different here in the states because social mores prevent women from exposing their sweater-yams. Because putting up Flickr streams of said yams is exactly the same as stoning them to death. I’d try to sell a Sense of Perspective on Amazon, but I’d get a rude lesson in supply...
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JayG talks about his KRISS However, even with that inexpensive sight, the KRISS has shown exceptional accuracy, putting shots into quarter-sized groups at 25 feet, consistent 2" groups at 50 feet, and 4-5" groups at 25 yards. Fired rapidly, with me giggling uncontrollably the whole time. The accuracy of this weapon system is phenomenal. It’s a combination of the pistol caliber round, the rifle’s weight, the fact that it’s shouldered rather than handheld, and the KRISS’ recoil...
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I just learned the Circle of Fifths. Why I was never taught this in band in middle and high school is a crime.
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Than the VPC gets in public donations There are mitigating factors that the IRS considers, but it you look at the total return for 2010, it follows with a letter which essentially begs the IRS not to classify them as a private foundation, which would eliminate certain exceptions, and make donor information public. But this number should be very worrying for VPC, since below 10%, regardless of mitigating factors, you cannot claim public charity status. Here’s how VPC’s public support has...
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RobertaX speaks fluent Wookie, and damned well Unfair? Possibly; but it's the world we live in -- a world of dangerous things that will provoke strong reactions if you meddle with them incautiously around others. You don't juggle bottles of rat poison in a crowd; you don't wave firearms around -- and you don't make suicide threats. That doesn't mean you can't use rat poison, defend yourself, or that your right to ownership and control of your person has been abridged. You're a grown-up and..
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Remember, our opponents’ greatest (and only) weapon is sheer ignorance “What are guns made of? Lead is not OK. Not an ounce of lead is OK for our kids, period,” Lisa Lessard, a community activist, said. I’m beginning to think that being dumb as a rock is an evolutionary advantage. When you’re stupid, blinded by ignorance, and driven by irrationality, no amount of logic can penetrate your views. It doesn’t matter than an indoor gun range poses absolutely no threat to anything around it,...
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I’m burning through my Learn & Master Guitar course. Not because I’m a musical jeenyus or anything, but because much of the beginning lessons involve items that, while I might not have known the names of, were items I knew in my previous playing life. Where I was totally a noob is in the “read music” department. Before I started this class, I couldn’t have pointed out where a C was on a guitar. Looking at the staff was even tricky for most notes, but after a few weeks of practice, not only...
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Open Carry is the easiest way to get me to saddle up the Drama Llama and head blindly into battle. I am not claiming Rob Pincus is against Open Carry. If you watch the video, he’s not calling for it to be outlawed or anything. What I can tell you is that for someone who is complaining that a small subset of gun owners who act foolishly are harming the entire movement need to look in the mirror. It’s the ‘experts’ who are referred to during deliberations. “Why would anyone want to Open Carry?...
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They meant universal
posted by by Robb Allen @ 5/21/2012 7:22:21 PM | Feedback (9)
Your Monday morning conspiracy theory that doesn’t require an aluminum yarmulke or black helicopters. MAIG Coordinators Paid as City Employees Saves Gun-Hater’s Money Back in March, while researching the repeal of some anti-gun ordinances, I stumbled across an Orlando City Council agenda item that grabbed my attention. It was, on its surface, just a mundane action item for the annual contract renewal of a city employee. But this city employee’s job title was, well, unique… “Approving...
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Working on a Saturday (yay for salary and unpaid overtime!), I’ve got Pandora cranked up. My Dubstep channel gets its turn in the rotation (OH GOD!) and up pops… Otis Redding “Stand By Me”. Old Otis was ahead of his time, I guess.
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Found my effects system for my guitar. Picked up one of these last night, a Zoom G3 All I was looking for was something that had chorus, delay, reverb, and some distortions as well as a headphone jack. This puppy has like 100 different ‘pedals’ plus amp simulations plus looping plus a built in tuner plus a simple drum machine for a metronome. Much more than I was looking for, but it seems technology has infiltrated the music industry the same way it has practically every other facet of our...
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At a thousand plus feet per second It’s not just resources that are limited, in the WWF’s view: human potential itself is up against a hard limit beyond which the race cannot ever advance. Even progress thus far, as seen in the wealthy nations, has been achieved only by an unfair and wasteful over-use of precious resources: we rich Westerners are already beyond the practical limits that humans should ever aspire to achieve in terms of health, wealth – and even of education. My religion...
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The guitar lessons are coming along fine. I’m in the chords section and most of those I already know from the old days. The fingerings shown for some of them are different than I’m used to, so I’m using those instead of the ones I know mostly so that I don’t fall into familiar habits. I’m pretty good on all first position notes and my time from seeing the note to playing it continues to decrease. I’m not quite able to read forward, but I’m getting there. However (and this is where you, my dear...
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So, I’m burning through my RSS feed, trying to catch up while I’m waiting on a build and I see this quote at Shall Not Be Questioned  I’m dying to see how that law is worded. How is “walking” defined? Two consecutive steps? More than two? “X or more steps in X amount of time”? Does it have to be in a forward direction, or is this like ‘traveling’ in the NBA? Can you sidestep and text at the same time? “Not guilty, your honor. My client was texting while Riverdancing, which is...
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When I blog, I consider a post successful when it generates a conversation. Hits are nice, but if I’m not saying something that gets people thinking, it’s a lot of empty calories. Oddly, there seems to be an inverse relationship between comments and hits. The higher hit days (usually a link from Say Uncle or Tam) tend to result in less being said where as the lower hit days have the tendency to generate more discussion. Odd.
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I am now the proud owner of a Crimson Trace CMR-201 Rail Master™. I am an unabashed fan of Crimson Trace products and have several of their lasers on my pistols. I’ve always preferred them over other companies’ lasers because of their philosophy of ‘positive grip = laser on’. Generally, this means molding their lasers to fit on the frames of the more popular pistols or replacing their handgrips altogether. However, there are times when the infinite configurations of every pistol & rifle...
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Ambulance Driver posts about a gentleman who threatened to commit suicide on his watch. As is his duty, he hauls Mr. Gonnaenditall to the hospital for evaluation. This apparently makes him a jackbooted thug of the Nazi socialist state. Seems some Libertarians who don’t quite understand that the zipper in the back means it’s just a suit and not their real fur got said fur in a knot because AD did his job. And by fur-in-knots, I mean shit this from the infamous TJIC How does this differ from...
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This. This is funny. It’s definitely my favorite Tim Conway clip. The fact that it was off the cuff makes it even better. But the icing on the cake is when the professional comedians can’t even keep their composure. I need that *snorf* sound as a ringtone.
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Geoff is one of those people who likes to cram himself and 100 of his friends into a tiny cylinder and then see how far underwater he can go. And he likes guns. So, let’s all give him a warm welcome (when he comes up for air) at
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Are the goalposts being moved once again The day after he killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman showed up at a doctor’s office with a broken nose, two black eyes and two small cuts on the back of his head, ABC News reported Tuesday. According to medical records obtained by the network, he also had a minor back injury. (emphasis mine) Oh, and the Choir Boy? Damaged knuckles. Almost like things played out exactly as Zimmerman said they did. But those are facts, and facts are not...
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I’ve got a new meme for you. What is the most fun firearm you own and why? Which boomstick puts a smile on your face every time you take it to the range? If you have another gunnie coming over, which piece from your armory to you ensure you pack in the bag to show off? Mine is almost cliché – It’s the KRISS. Most people seem to enjoy its exotic looks and when they shoot it, they’re impressed with its total lack of recoil and minimal muzzle rise. It’s just a neat gun. The next in line would...
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I don’t do much with Twitter. My humor is situational and most of the jokes you see here on the blog are stream-of-conscious; They show up while I’m typing. The one thing I don’t do well are one liners. Sure, I pull one off every here and there but generally my humor revolves around verbosity. I wear you down with words then throw in a joke that you only laugh at because you’ve been numbed by my lack of brevity. Another thing about Twitter is it’s 140 characters. Great for getting out...
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Tam When the only tool you have is a statute book, then every problem you see is just an act waiting to be criminalized.
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Rene Stutzman and Henry Pierson Curtis’ ability to think; From the Orlando Sentinel is small, disingenuous Another Zimmerman article from people more interested in pushing an agenda than reporting the news. Sean Caranna is quoted in the article, and these nitwits of course twist his words around. Unable to make a logical argument, the authors instead resort to using inflammatory language and borderline fabrications. They’re still trying to paint Zimmerman as some sort of racist vigilante who...
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The heads on Easter Island? They have bodies.
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I don’t normally like ‘playing scenarios’ because most of the time they’re unrealistic. Self Defense is rarely cut and dried with a “guy comes in with a mask and a gun and yells ‘I’m here to rob the place because I’m high on crack and have a long history of violence!’” situation. However, there’s still the element of needing to be prepared to defend yourself, or possibly others, even if you do not have 100% of the available information to make the best decision possible. Take this example...
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I {heart} Fireballs Hat Tip Joe
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So, Obama in now “The First Gay President” much as Bill Clinton was the “First Black President”. The left is enamored with redefining language so that you cannot speak and have your intent remain. We’ve been losing this battle for years and it’s something I’ve touched on repeatedly, but that’s not really the point of this post. Read some of the comments here at Althouse’s joint. There are those who truly believe that Obama, by virtue of being forced into protecting his gay cash cow donation...
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Did my Open Carry fishing event this weekend. My oldest went with me for the first time and fell in love with fishing. She now wants her own pole and asked to go again next month. As unfishermanlike as I am, I still might just go ahead and take her sooner than that. Things that make my daughters happy are things I try not to only do once a month. Ooh! A lady fish! Now, the day was nice and the pier was busy, which is exactly what I want with these events. We got the occasional...
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A double-AR?
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The master bathroom remodel has been going on for a while. We removed the shower and retiled it and up until this morning had been using a cheap shower curtain to keep the water in. Not any more, the new door was just installed. Now to go grab an industrial sized bucket of Rain-X
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But he goes for the video anyway.
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Yesterday at work there was an ‘incident’ (that’s how they described it in the email). A man who worked in our buildings decided to cancel his membership in the Life Club and took a swan dive from a floor greater than 1. Now, exact details are sketchy because suicide via atrium floor is not something that happens every day in our buildings and the excitement over the issue is bound to cloud a lot of the reality. The best I can figure, those who saw the guy said he emptied his pockets, climbed...
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Wife got her Wookie-suit on last night something fierce. The local library system has decided to pull all the copies of 50 Shades of Grey due to complaints and moral turpitude issues or whatnot, and while it wasn’t a book she wanted to read, she had an issue with what appeared to be censorship. It was good to see her Wookie-dander get all riled up even if it was just a bit misplaced. The library doesn’t carry every book under the sun. They make decisions to not carry books all the time, this...
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Part of the whole ‘picking back up the guitar’ thing I’m doing is ensuring I can sight read music. I learned how to read music when I played saxophone in school, but never figured it out for guitar. This means a lot of Mary Had a Little Lamb and Minuets in {Some Key} as I train my fingers to hit the right frets when I see the dot on the line / space. Dropping below the staff gives me a bit of a pause. Granted I’ve only been doing it a few days, for some reason I still have to ‘count’ the lines...
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From Jay C. over at Put your handgun back in the holster... reluctantly. Hat tip commenter Lyford
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Your competitors. At least in USPSA. Looking at the scores from this weekend, the classifier really jumped out at me 13 SNYDER, LES            22   M   Limited      94   0  10.17   9.2429  77.4326  77.43% 14 ALLEN, ROBB            34   C   Limited     ...
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But I pulled 9th place yesterday. (Update – Guess some scores were left out. Got moved down to 15. Ego squashed) Given, the top shooters were out at a bigger match of some sort, I’m still going to let that go to my head and strut around. If you need me, I’ll be trying to squeeze my ego through the double doors.
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In various discussions over my point that carrying in Condition 3 is a bad idea, both in real life and on the Interweb Tubes, I’ve noticed the number one reason to carry without one in the chamber is because of a fear of an ND from holstering. “Oh, I’ve had my shirt / keys / ChapStick / Pocket Sausage get caught in the trigger guard! It could happen!” appears to be the main retort. It finally struck me why this is. Holstering your pistol is not supposed to be an afterthought, folks. It would...
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USPSA shoot yesterday went almost very well. When I was on, I was on. Lots and lots and lots of alphas, and this was even with me pushing myself to shoot a bit faster. I wrote a little app for myself to see the difference in speed vs. score and it was pretty impressive how much you could increase your hit factor by cutting your time shorter, even while dropping a few Charlies here and there. How did it work out for me? Hell if I know. Website is down and scores haven’t been published. I can...
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JayG and I were discussing the video Tam posted where Robert Vogel does the F.A.S.T. drill in 3.34 seconds Robb: Oh come on. You could TOTALLY do the FAST drill in 3.34 Robb: minutes Jay G.: heh Jay G.: When I said *might*, I meant if the gun were already out and pointed downrange... Robb: And the targets already perforated Jay G.: hey, I make no claims of being able to hit anything other than the ground... Robb: And even then.... that's with conditions Jay G.: right ...
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Sunday is my local USPSA match and due to financial and timing issues, I wasn’t really going to go. I had purchased fifty-three pounds of bb’s to load, but the ejection wire on my Lock ‘N Load was all fubar and was catching on my 10mm cases. To fix this, I needed to pick up a new shell plate holder, but cash reserves were low at the time yadda yadda yadda. Technically I could just remove the wire and manually flick them off, but I already have two actions I have to perform while reloading...
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I’m chatting with a coworker who’s in a band, talking about how stoked I was that I mastered the notes B, C, D, E, F, & G last night and could totally rock Ode to Joy. Me: Of course, last night I'm looking up effects processors and, watching the videos of guys who have been playing for centuries rip up the fret board, I almost felt like quitting... Coworker: keeps you humble.  yngwie malmsteen Me: Not because I didn't think I'd ever be able to play like that mind you,...
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A question was posed on one of the Facebooks asking if people carried their pistols with one in the chamber. To this day, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to carry an unloaded pistol. The increase in safety against an ND/AD is far, far, far outweighed by the danger you put yourself in by not being able to deploy your weapon when needed. Not only is there no guarantee that you will have both hands available, it’s a high probability you’re going to need your offhand to be doing something...
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David Hardy reads #gunblogger_conspiracy?
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Seriously, a Treyvon Martin target? Does this company carry around gasoline in case there’s a forest fire that needs assistance as well? Look, the other side had to make Zimmerman out as some sort of KKK type racist. They had to manufacture as much dirt on George as possible because it was the only way to bolster their case. Making hoodie targets with Skittles and Iced Tea is the same tactic. It is clear from all the data we have that George Zimmerman was in the process of having his head...
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Beth gets her competitive shooting on – and likes it. Oh, and she jumped in the tub of Kool-Aid and enjoyed that as well. Now to get Greg hooked so I can see them both at USPSA.
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The news was on last night and I see the Tampa mayor blathering on about how Governor Scott needs to declare a state of emergency and ban all guns from downtown because of the RNC. His excuse for violating people’s rights? Paraphrasing, but he was saying “I’m not worried about CCW holders, I’m worrying about them losing their gun and someone who isn’t a CCW holder getting it.” Really? That’s considered a reason to declare a state of emergency? How many CCW holders lose their pistols daily?...
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Got home yesterday to 2,000, 180 grain, Rainier Lead-Safe flat points waiting for me. This should last me almost a year as I shoot about 180 rounds per USPSA competition, plus various outings at the range for practice. If I start in IDPA, that would dwindle down a bit faster of course. I have less than 1,000 small pistol primers. I have 4 or 5 pounds of powder, but less than a pound of TiteGroup which is my primary powder. So a trip to the next fun show might be in order to stock up on a few...
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Got my Learn & Master Guitar course today. As much as I would have loved to just skipped to the 4th chapter and started jamming, I wanted to do it right and started with the “This silver bar here is called the fret” and “From top to bottom, the strings are EBGDAE”. And while I was able to do the super simple exercises without issue, I’m not skipping ahead. There’s bound to be something I never thought of or taught myself incorrectly. I don’t think I’ll need to practice this stuff for a...
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JayG has a contest going on Here's the kicker: The prize is $500 worth of office items. You can order business cards for your blog. You can order banners, fliers, magnets, Post-It® notes - anything they offer, all with your logo on it. All for dropping a quick comment - how can you go wrong? I’ve put my 2 cents in because Florida Carry could always use stuff like that for ads, fliers, banners, etc. And because Jay’s a swell guy, I’ll even sweeten the deal – I’ll help design a business...
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Therefore they’re acceptable. Charlie Mike is very popular at my competitions too.
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They’re not quite “Blister Pack” ready for Tam, but it sure does seem that lots and lots of people are coming home with M&Ps.
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Because honestly, I’m sure that I could do graphic work for an industry I don’t understand an pull something like this off So much for reloading…
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You remember when the parable of the Grasshopper and the Ants was actually in favor of the ants…
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