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SUCKER! And yes… pistols are overpriced.
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One of the things you get told all the time by anti-rights bigots is that regular people have no need for guns because the cops can protect them. Who’ll protect you from the cops then?
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Had an invite to go play in an F35 Cockpit Demonstrator at Lockheed. Sadly, as a contractor, every day I take off can put a hurting in my paycheck since I’m now hourly. 6 months as a contractor then I roll full-time. Hopefully all the cool things I’m missing right now will pop up again ‘round that time.
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I don’t know how much credit to give to this concept that Obama is really planning on implementing gun control “under the radar”. Really. How do you think you can push something secretly by telling people you’re going to push something secretly? In my opinion, the gun control forces are dumber than a box of thumbtacks and the Obama administration is just playing them for the suckers they are. Nothing like telling a group “Oh, I have your interests at heart and I’m going to do something sneaky...
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Congratulations to the winners of the Lucky Gunner “Bestest Gunnie Bloggers” contest. I’m jealous that I wasn’t able to attend the shindig this weekend. Technically I could have gone, the new job is working out well and while I’m a contractor and taking a day off puts a huge dent in my paycheck, we’re financially stable enough to absorb it. However, at the time, it just made more sense to forgo the trip and hope for another shot some other time. Because I wasn’t going, I didn’t push my own...
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Because I do work for ‘em, I can’t enter* this June's contest from But let’s just say I will loathe whoever does win it, because the prize is something I have lusted after myself. When Richard says “Prepare to be impressed”, I for one will have to agree. *Technically, I’m sure I could enter, but it would look really bad if I won both for as well as me. I’d be happy though… hmmm… Nah.
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So, the blogosphere is all atwitter about Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) sending some college age girl a snapshot of his turgid junk in his undies. This episode illustrates something I’ve said over and over, but it bears repeating – we elect utter $#&*ing idiots who have no business being in control of anything more than a your order at McDonalds and even then, require intense supervision. This goes out to “progressives” and righties alike; the State should not be given power to fuel...
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I was explaining why we observe Memorial Day to my daughters. I explained that Daddy never had to go fight in a war even though he was in the Marines. My youngest asked “Why do we have to fight?” and I explained that there was evil in the world and places that want to destroy our freedoms. Her reply? “Like California?”
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A while back I reviewed the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 and on the third or fourth shot, managed to shatter the round, plastic insert in the front sight. Total fluke, I’m sure, and it didn’t really bother me mostly because it was a bright day anyway so the black post was easy enough to see and I had seen plenty of things on the Interweb Tubes that illustrated how to fill in the front post with paints. I made it to a craft store last Friday and took a good 30 minutes to find the Tester’s...
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I served for 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, in both active and reserve duty. I joined during the tail end of the first Gulf War and while there were several skirmishes around the globe during my time, I never saw combat, mostly due to the units I happened to be attached to were just coming back. So to my brethren who drew the short straws and helped protect this great country of ours with their lives, I salute you. Happy Memorial Day folks.
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Sean Caranna is the Executive Director of Florida Carry and now a blogger at All Nine Yards centered around Guns & Flying Airplanes. Possibly both at the same time. I don’t know how that would work, but it sounds fun. Now Sean can enjoy the addiction known as blogging. Welcome aboard!
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Today, Sunday May 29th, 2011, I am debt free*. I have no credit card debt. I own both my cars. No home equity line of credit, no lines of credit from furniture stores, no 5 years same as cash anything. Debt. Free. Folks, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University changed my life. My wife and I were never drowning in debt, more like splashing in puddles of it. There was no need to hit the end of the month and always say “Where did the money go?” Now, we budget. Each dollar has a name before we...
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Miguel has a say. I agree totally, but probably for different reasons. I was raised by a professional photographer. Whenever I see those vests, I think the person has 20 rolls of film and a few lenses on them. Like Miguel says, 99% of the population has no idea what those are and the ones that do are more than likely the good guys. And without any stories of people being picked off for wearing those vests, much like the belief in ‘If you open carry, the criminals will just shoot you first!’,...
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The last go-around, the Illegal Mayors Against Rights used a form to help them fill the ATF’s inbox pushing their views. This time, we can do the same thing. :30 of your day. Go. Click. Activismate!
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Joe Huffman’s Quote of the Day from 1995 The bottom line is that Florida's concealed-carry law puts guns into the hands of criminals. It is ironic that the gun lobby's 'model' concealed carry law is designed to actually reward criminals who plea bargain, a practice that the gun lobby's rhetoric routinely and vehemently condemns. Under the Florida law, Patrick Purdy, perpetrator of the 1989 Stockton, California schoolyard massacre, and the gun lobby's poster-boy for the evils of plea...
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They’re so cute when they’re that small!
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There comes a time in a mans life when he has to bow to certain social norms, forego his freedom and principles, and just put on a pair of damned pants. Situations like ‘work’, ‘church’, and ‘court appearance over those (ever increasing) indecency charges’ require a bit more tact. So while it was somewhat of a social faux pas (to be generous), I actually was glad when 5.11 Tactical approached me to review a few items of theirs, including a pair of leg-shirts. First thing I wanted to talk...
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Larry Correia  Obama eats crises like that for breakfast. Then he poops clean energy and free healthcare! I wonder what the offspring of Tam and Larry would be like?
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Glue Gun Used in Workplace Assault Police in St. John's expect to lay charges in a workplace confrontation that involved an unusual weapon: a glue gun. Notice what they got right here – the glue gun was a weapon. Not because of its design, but its use. Even though the designers of the glue gun intended their product to heat up glue and deliver it via a gentle squeeze of the trigger, intent is non-transferrable and thus someone with ill intent could use it in a nefarious way. Same thing...
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Thanks for the help though, seriously. I picked up a pair of Sennheiser’s at the Big Blue & Yellow Store of Easy Returns last night. Plugged into my Android, they suck in a way that I’ve not experienced in ages. Plugged into the computer though, and they’re not bad. I don’t know if they’re $80 good though. I’m wearing them today to see if they stay comfortable. Interestingly, some of the Bose headphones they had on display were awesome, but too damned expensive. Bose tends to be like...
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Look, I realize sometimes we, as gun owners, feel a need to promote ourselves and whatnot, and I can appreciate what Breda and crew are doing here, but I gotta say that the Blogger Open Carry Event scheduled for the 5th is simply going to be a non-event. I know we’ve been told that people will run screaming, that mothers will shield the eyes of their children from the horror of a pistol openly worn on someone’s hip, and mass hysteria will break out over the blood spilled, but I’m sorry –...
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Being that I’m looking for a nice set of around-the-ears headphones that are extremely comfortable for all day wear, sound great, and are cheap, I might as well go whole hog. Anyone have any suggestions? Seems like all the cheap headphones either sound like a tin can or pinch your head. I’d love some of those Monster Beats / Dr. Dre headphones, they sound great, but $250 is stooooopid unless I’m going to be in a studio.
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St. Petersburg wants to pretend HB45 didn’t pass Two City Council members say enough is enough. They want the city to take some kind of action — even if it's just symbolic — to address the intertwined problems of crime and gun violence. City Council member Steve Kornell said he hopes to get the debate started at the June 6 council meeting. One of his proposals will be for the council to ask for reinstatement of the federal Assault Weapons Ban, which outlawed the sale of guns like AR-15...
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That’s Hawaiian for “Unpossible!” PEARL CITY, Hawaii -- A loaded handgun brought to a Hawaii middle school by a student was fired on campus before school started on Monday, narrowly missing one student and leaving another with minor injuries, police said. Couldn’t have happened. Schools are Gun Free Zones. There’s a magical force field around schools that prevent law abiding citizens from bringing in firearms. It would seem that somehow, that force field doesn’t work on those who...
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Less than 6 weeks from this to this I see German Shepherd, but I also see Doberman. Anyone else want to take a wild guess of her muttiness?
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U2 lead singer repeats the 90% guns in Mexico lie. Maybe he should hold a concert for the ATF. They’ve got quite a few guns of their own going down south. With or Without You, eh? Let’s go “Without You” for a thousand, Alex.
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My latest review of some .40 caliber ammunition is up over at Guns, Holsters, and Gear. Oh, and I just love this picture
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When the Slip ‘N Slide comes out    
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Tam does it
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Just got word that my very first game, Tile Tumble*, has been released for the Windows Phone 7! I’m a Microsoft Developer, so while WP7 is not the most widespread platform, it behooves me to stay up to date with the technology. Writing for the phone is basically writing Silverlight  or WPF, which I’m familiar with.     Tile Tumble is a basic word search game where you build words based on adjacent tiles. You’re racing against the timer because when it runs out, the...
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Last night I woke up at 2 AM with the ghost of Gloria Gaynor floating above my bed. First I was afraid… then I was petrified. (Hat Tip #gunblogger_conspiracy chatter, Tarb)
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The free ice cream dispensing nozzle has been cleared.
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With the passage of a strengthened preemption law, counties in Florida are pulling laws off the books County Attorney Sandy Minkoff advised commissioners to yank that rule, saying it clashed with a new state law that forbids local governments from enforcing any ordinance aiming to regulate possession or use of a firearm. "If we put a [gun] prohibition in here and attempt to enforce it, then we'd be in violation," Minkoff said. You see, they’ve known they’ve been in violation for...
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Continuing  my ‘Link to Sean’ theme, something I’ve always believed has had yet more proof thrown on the stack. This is from a book from a ‘big time’ gun controller, Josh Horrowitz Recognize Insurrectionism as a threat to the entire progressive movement. Too many political progressives assume that the gun rights movement can be co-opted or simply ignored. Progressives fail to understand that the Insurrectionist idea is part and parcel of a broader reactionary worldview. Unless...
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Sean There’s even a sign on the door that tells you not to bring weapons into the bank. Are those signs defective? Or do they only apply to law abiding citizens? Emphasis mine. It is kind of odd how those signs don’t seem to stop anyone but those who are law abiding enough to follow signs. Odd how that works, eh?
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So here’s a video of Rusty, the narcoleptic daschund instead You go straight to hell if you laugh, by the way. See you there.
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A reader writes I'm considering putting together a FOIA request for all of the ATF's internal communications re: the shotgun study. This will be my first FOIA request. Any advice for wording and scope of the request would be appreciated. I’ve never done one, so I told him I’d post this on the blog and let my amazing readers help him out. What say you?
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So, today I’ve finally been “on-boarded” at the place I’m contracting at. This means I have a laptop, a badge, and a log-in. I’ve been sitting here for a week just trying to survive through osmosis, listening in to every conversation and reading every help file I could get a hold of. I’ve been like a fish out of water, but at least today I can start getting some stuff installed and possibly get some actual work done. This place is pretty strict on parking. I already got a nasty-gram on my car...
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Philly OC Abuse Case Getting Media Attention Folks might remember the YouTube sensation from a month or so ago of a Philadelphia man who was threatened by a Philadelphia Police officer for legally carrying a firearm. You might also remember that the City is charging him with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. This weekend activists held a protest to demonstrate against this kind of treatment. This, to me, is a textbook example of how to use open carry effectively as a form of...
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Anyone local selling one? Heck, doesn’t really have to be local. Used is acceptable.
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Kevin reviews the Leupold 1.5x-4x Scope. For my AR, I want a decent red dot. I’m not really interested in “Beyond 100 yard” distances and while I can generally hit with irons, I like the fast acquisition of a red dot. However, good glass is worth it in everything I’ve ever seen. I’ve got some shitty glass that makes you WANT to use the irons. Granted, the only reason I’m not into >100yd shots is because I don’t hunt. I probably should remedy that.
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I  Unicode!
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JP has a great story A few years back I was practicing my right to openly carry a firearm, while I was standing in line at a convenience store waiting to purchase a cup of coffee. There was a woman in line in front of me with her 6 or 7 year old son. He had been moving around a bit, like kids do, and saw the pistol on my belt. He looked up at me and asked “are you a cop?” and I told him no. He then went and tugged on the sleeve of his mom’s shirt and asked her “why does he have a gun?” ...
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So, on my Android running Froyo, I can reject a phone call and send the caller a text message at the same time. This is a nice touch so I can tell them I know they called but couldn’t answer because of Reason X. The phone comes with 5 slots you can use, but the vanilla responses of “In a meeting, please call back” and “In Class” were just boring. So, I edited them a bit. Now callers will be informed that I am on the can and desperately searching for toilet paper. Can’t touch the phone to...
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My father is a cop. He works for the DOT and as much as I love him, there are times when he gets an Only Ones attitude. I supposed it comes with the job, but it shouldn’t. I have nothing against cops in general, and even to this day I wouldn’t mind being one myself. Being a Wookie Suiter though, I’m not sure how well I’d fit in. This latest atrocity though, has really rubbed me the wrong way. Seems that the Indiana supreme court has decided you are not allowed to resist anyone breaking down...
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For your effort, we will publish your comments, complete with name, email, full address, phone numbers as well as any spam we got. Nice job ATF.
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My name is Robb Allen. Robb is short for Robert, by the way (the extra B comes from when I switched from Robbie). I live in the Tampa area and about .03 seconds worth of searching and you can probably get my address, phone number, etc. I’ve been blogging under my real name since I started, and have owned since ‘96 IIRC. So, to the anti-gun bigots out there that are getting their jollies off revealing the names of gun bloggers (most of which have already revealed their names...
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I have a voice for blogging! Next up in my list of things to review is a video I did for the Magtech First Defense - Solid Copper Hollow Points. Them sure are purdy, ain’t they? It was a lot of fun. The fine folks at Tenoroc Shooting Sport graciously let me set up some water jugs and get the range all soaked. The Magtechs were really neat. I was able to recover the Winchester Ranger Bonded as well, and will have a report on those later (they’re the ones that took out the front sight...
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Although yesterday was supposed to be the first day of work, it’s actually today. I’M NOT NERVOUS! WHY DO YOU ASK?
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But by Joe, reading it you couldn’t really tell. My latest review of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 is up at Guns, Holsters & Gear. Mmmmm… Kool-Aid!
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Doesn’t mean Texas needs to follow in our footsteps We're running out of time to get Texas HB 2756 (Open Carry) passed this legislative session. The last day to get a vote on this one is Thursday. If we miss this opportunity, we won't have another opportunity until 2013 (the Texas legislature only meets once every two years). I'd appreciate it very much if you could get this information out to your readers. Thank you. You in Texas? Then why are you reading this? You should be on the horn...
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Be vewwy vewwy qwiet – Mythbusters is doing a show on suppressors on May 11th. Now, I no longer have cable, so I won’t be able to watch it, but if you’re someone wealthy enough to be able to afford the luxury known as ‘cable’, then you can watch it for me From SilencerCo’s blog That’s right. Geeking out with Jamie and Adam about silencers must be one of the coolest things we’ve done. We received the call a few months ago by MythBusters asking us if we’d be interested in flying out to...
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In the mail today I got a letter from the Unemployment Office (which is nice, considering I’ve not received any payment yet) stating that I am eligible for benefits because I was “discharged for not performing the job to the employer’s satisfaction.” My old employer said they weren’t really given any choice but “Couldn’t do the work” or “Misconduct”. Nothing in between. Now, last week I got a call from the “Agency For Workforce Innovation” (as they call themselves). I saw “FL ST” on the...
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The win in this post goes to 11.
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I don’t think I could hit the freaking ground at three hundred and fifty two yards with it. Fake? Real? Hard to tell although I’d say it’s not impossible at all. Bullets travel a looooooong way, and the 10mm has plenty of energy in it. I wouldn’t recommend this as a sniper platform though.
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Tomorrow, I start the new job. I was supposed to start last week, but a paperwork issue caused the date to be pushed back. Let me explain my situation. I’m doing a 6 month contract that will then roll permanent with Company A (I avoid talking about my workplace on my blog as to not cause their name to be associated with this blog which they may or may not approve of, not that I’m embarrassed about my blog or anything). During the 6 months, I’ll be a contractor for Recruiting Firm B....
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Sean over at An NC Gun Blog has been doing some great work lately picking up stories of criminals. Unlike the Brady Bunch, he doesn’t seem to cherry pick them either, but the overall trend definitely seems that those who commit violent acts (with guns or without) tend to have extensive criminal histories. Not always, but it is generally the case. It’s a great illustration of the mindset of “It’s not the tool, it’s the wielder” that I preach here constantly. If Sean’s not in your reader, you...
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Well, then you’d know how the Brady Campaign feels then! Feel free to insert a Nelson (from the Simpsons) “HA HA” here.
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What would Colin “Duck and Cover” Goddard consider this guy? George, a for­mer Marine and retired air­line pilot, was present in Tucson on that hor­ri­ble day when one man decided that U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords must die. When the shoot­ing started, hero­ically, he rushed to shield his wife 0f 50 years, Dot. Unfortunately, she was already gone and he had lost his high school sweet­heart. He was also shot. Twice. One bul­let went through his back, punc­tur­ing one lung and break­ing a...
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From a friend on Facebook Hi, I just got a few hundred dollars of credit at my favorite local gun store! I'm wanting to put the credit towards a new 1911. I want to keep the purchase price no higher than $1,000.... Do you have any recommendations or warnings? btw - don't bother warning me about the Citadel 1911... I already learned that lesson. Thanks. I’m too much of a plastic-fantastic guy to be much of a help with 1911’s. For pete’s sake, my only 1911 has an LDA so in...
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I, too, am beginning to believe Wikileaks is a beneficial tool for a republic I am finding the likes of WikiLeaks more and more necessary. In the Great Secrecy State, we duh sheeple are never given the option of seeing the evidence and making up our own minds. … I want to see the Dead Osama pictures. You government types don’t need to approve of my reasons for wanting to, but if you’re interested, I want to gloat, and then I want to print out the pic of the bastard with a big, gaping...
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Open Carry passes TX House. Hopefully they don’t have senators looking to gut it like we did.
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I got to man-handle your fancy, shmancy M&P45 today. Luckily I didn’t have my brass punch set & the Leatherman with me or I’d have taken the tritium sights. I have to admit, the M&P’s are very comfortable to hold. I’m going to try to take mine out tomorrow.
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Yeah, that came from me. Looks like Monster Hunter International has a chance at being a TV show. Great. And I just dumped cable. I wonder if my Combat Wombat logo will be on there?
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The new hotness is Deathers. You see, instead of improving his popularity by a bajillion points, W. had OBL whacked and stored on ice so that his successor could thaw him out, put a bullet in his skull, then claim credit for it. Then, by so conveniently adhering to ‘Muslim sensitivity’, they quote unquote bury the body at sea within the 24 hours required while coming up with some flimsy excuse that they didn’t want his grave site to be some sort of shrine. Now, I don’t know all the details....
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And then there’s this The thief ran from the E-Z Food Store in Lake Wales carrying two 24 packs of beer Wednesday evening, only to be undone by his own sagging jeans. … His pants dropped, exposing his plaid boxer shorts as he stumbled to the ground. Cans of beer rolled everywhere and one sprayed onto the asphalt. You either live the pants-free lifestyle or you don’t. You can’t do it halfway. Watch the video, it’s a hoot.
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Sadly, I will not be starting work tomorrow. Paperwork didn’t get shuffled in time for me to start Tuesday, so it will be next Tuesday, the 10th. At least, I hope it will be. Not getting paid sucks. Another week will actually begin to hurt (up to now, we’ve not even touched savings and have pretty much paid for everything outright). Oh well. At least I can blog some more!
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I’ve believed that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years. I figured had he been alive, he’d be on TV so much that Trump would have started emailing him asking for tips. Turns out, he was alive all this time. Emphasis on was. Let’s break down a few items. One, the intelligence we got was from Gitmo from interrogation. Four years ago, mind you, but it took that amount of time to find the bastard. Two, he was hiding in plain sight in Pakistan. Time to reconsider the billions we send them to...
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But tomorrow will be my last day of the ‘unexpected, unpaid vacation’. I start on Tuesday working with some of the brightest minds in the area which will be a challenge in and of itself. I’ll have to get the hang of posting at night with the timestamps for the next day so that there’s stuff for you peoples to read. Thanks for hanging out with me during my downtime.
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