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I hadn't shot the 10mm in a few months. At 7 yards, the first 10 shots were all in the black (about an 2" circle). Me proud of self. Me shoot damned good! 10 yards, me still excellent. Got to shoot the old man's Beretta PX4 Storm. It was a nice firearm. The trigger is very different than anything I've felt, so it took me a while to get used to it. Plus, he purchased a laser for it, and I'm not a fan of lasers as it is and the blinky red dot threw me off (that, and it was waaaaaay out of...
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Or, time to make holey paper. Didn't think I was going to hit the range any time soon, but the stars have aligned just right. Kind of. The Wii Fit managed to kick my ass with the boxing game and my arms are actually sore. But I said screw it and loaded up some 10mms and packed the EBR. Just as I was getting all the gear together, the old man calls and said he got out a little early from what he was doing and wanted to go shooting. Talk about timing! He just bought a new Beretta Storm and has...
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I want to win this so bad... Bloggers who registered for & attended the Second Amendment Blog Bash are eligible to win a weekend in August training at the Blackwater USA facility with practical shooting champion Todd Jarrett. I mean, shooting at Blackwater? How friggin' cool would that be? Plus, I would have a t-shirt made up to wear to work that said something like I went to Blackwater and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt and the skills to kill people. With my MIND. 'Cuz where I work,...
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Voice of a goddess with the body to match. I link to this because it's part of my War On The Lie That Women Have To Be Skinny Bitches To Be Hot. Again ladies, this is a woman's body. Notice those things on the outside of the bikini bottom? Those are called hips and are something to be proud of. Notice how there's no straight lines? We call that curves and curves are a good thing. Granted, Sarah and I would not converse well seeing as she's pretty much a full blown hippie, but that's not going...
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I can't believe this was three years ago. Last night, Georgia had her going away ceremony for preschool. In a little over two months, she starts kindergarten. The Mrs. has pictures from first and last days, wearing the same outfit, and it's hard to believe they grow that much in less than a year. If you need me, I'll be the grumpy, melancholy guy moping about the house.
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And this looks like just the thing to give them what they want I can't tell you how awful it is to load the Ruger's magazines. I think I've honestly shied away from shooting a few times because I didn't want to kill my thumb holding down that damnable tab while I try to somehow jam grain of rice sized cartridges into it the magazine in the correct direction. I'm getting one (uh... well, with the Mrs' approval) and I'll put up a video review. Hat Tip Yuri at The Real Gun Guys
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From various conversations and posts I've had / made over the past few days regarding gun control and background checks, I'd like to offer this observation. Point Of Sale is the wrong time to prevent criminals from obtaining the tools they ply their trade with. If you wait until they try to purchase something before you figure out "Hey! They shouldn't have this! They might hurt someone with it", then you've waited too long to be effective. It's like trying to put your seatbelt on while slamming...
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I've decided to tone down my language. However, the phrase fuckity fuckity fuck will still be used with wild abandonment.
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So I'm chatting with Greg and he sends me a link to a story about a shooting. What makes this different is that Greg personally knows the victims The three men, identified as Robert Latner Brown, 20, Curtis Alexander Watkins, 19, and Glen Whitestone, 18, became verbally abusive toward them and denied any wrongdoing, Cooper said. "The victims then drove away and their car was peppered with gunfire," Cooper said. Greg writes Gregory says: the assailants are claiming my friend flashed a gun...
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Chicks and guns. Two great tastes that taste... ah, I won't go there.
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Oh, this is just precious! Apparently, the gentleman who stopped the mass murder in a bar with his own private weapon is a hero, sure, but could have been a hero if he'd have just tackled the guy or whacked him upside the head with an empty O'Doul's bottle. Query:  Had this good samaritan tackled the shooter, would he be less of a hero?  Had he struck the shooter over the head with a beer bottle, would he be less of a hero?  There are plenty of other examples, but the point is the same....
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The last range session for me was May 2nd. I used to go once at week minimum. But since I bought the EBR, I've not been able to afford the annual membership so each trip costs $12-18. My problem is right now all I have are reloads I need to work up. So I'd have to go to the range, pay the dough, shoot 10 shots total, then come back home. When I had the membership, that wasn't a big deal. But now, I have to have a reason to go. I've tried over the past few weeks, but everyone keeps bailing on...
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My father just picked up a Beretta PX4 Storm and is looking for a decent, inexpensive, paddle holster. As a single holster kind of guy, I don't have much experience. He's looking for OWB and something that's comfortable. Keep in mind he's fat pulled towards the earth harder than most people. Anyone have any experience?
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I'm #1 on Google for Brady Campaign Parody. Oddly, the Brady Campaign is #4...
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Ain't me, but I'll take credit nonetheless! "Did I say Column Right?"
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This was but a few miles from my house Investigators were called to a Hillsborough County beverage store where a man attempting to rob the store was shot and killed. It happened shortly after 6:30 Monday evening at the CNK Beverage Pit at 12002 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Seffner. According to witnesses an unknown suspect went into the store and tried to rob the clerk but was shot multiple times. Apparently, the masked man had his birth certificate revoked. The suspect was transported...
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At the NRA Apex of Death Gathering, pink was the new black. No matter what they were selling, they had it in pink too. No matter how much Bloomberg bloviates, colors are a new trend and it appears that people want something more than black and silver these days. The pink trend was quite evident at the show. While I was at the Taurus booth, one lady walked by asking which stock I preferred Everyone around me liked the top one (myself included), but I knew if my daughter saw them, the bottom one...
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It's perfume, not marinade.
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Yuri's daughter is soooo cute! Georgia has asked to go to the range with me. She's almost ready, I'm just not sure she'll be able to handle the loud sounds. Of course, I want to take her to an outdoor range to limit that, I just need to find the time. Like Yuri's daughter, mine already wants her own gun. Gotta be pink, too.
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Ego Assassin asks I think there is absolutely NO argument when it comes to fighting for “more guns” for citizens. There are PLENTY out there. Go ask the local gang bangers or the thugs that go around knocking over liquor stores. Go ask the idiots who shoot out their own schools with multiple weapons. Is this still not enough? Can a gun-lover please explain to me where the shortage is? What is the problem here? Why do you need so many guns in so many flavors? Hunting? Shooting range? Is it that...
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My friend Ted needs some help tracking down a particular 1911 model. I know the basics behind the 1911, but I'm nowhere near an expert. Heck, I'm nowhere near a novice. If you know anything about them, please drop by and lend a hand. Or, if you'd like, blog about it to cast the net a little bit further. Thanks,Robb
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Fun. But I'm actually hurting. My calves hurt like hell. You know you're out of shape when a video game kicks your ass.
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Something the anti's fail at tremendously is they never let facts get in the way of their views. Our side, on the other hand, fosters free and open discussion to ensure the right data gets disseminated. Then again, the truth helps our cause while it blows theirs out of the waters, so I can understand their reluctance to embrace honesty.
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From an IM conversation with Greg i just finished reading the internet last week... nothing left to surf
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I won't lie. I have an addiction. I want more guns. No matter what new purchase I make, I'll still want more. In fact, I'd pretty much like at least one firearm in every caliber known to man with the possibilities of backups for the more popular ones. Fiscal reality dictates, however, that the closest I'm going to come to a new gun is if I win, inherit, or find one. Actually, fiscally I could purchase another firearm, but I've grown attached to my wife and kids and I'm pretty sure if I came...
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The Word of the Day for May 22 is: subreption \sub-REP-shun\ noun         : a deliberate misrepresentation; also : an inference drawn from it Sounds like the Brady Bunch and the VPC to me.
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But I was under the impression that information cannot travel faster than light Typically, they occur when a massive star - more than eight times the mass of the Sun - runs out of fuel and collapses to form a hot relic called a neutron star. Their extreme brightness allows them to be seen in distant galaxies. But observers cannot pick up this optical emission until several hours or days after the explosion, so a supernova's first moments are shrouded in mystery. I thought Proxima Centauri...
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Breda may have her own shotguns, but I have my own tools!
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Barack The Real Slim Shady Obama is here in Tampa to speak of Hope and Change. People have actually bugged out of work to go see the Messiah preach about how fat, over cooled, and clingy they are and they'll just cheer him on like he shits caviar and pisses Dom Pérignon at the precise serving temperature. They're not electing a politician, they're electing the fifth Beatle.
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No no no! Not those guns! Really! The guns that was giving away! Please! Put away that rolling pin! Photo by Uncle
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But this old Devil Dog ain't quite in the hunt any more. Although you really got me thinking about it. I mean really. I was glad to see such a full scale recruiting effort at the show. I'm surprised I didn't see the Marines, but for all the intra-military name calling and 'fighting', I can't complain about any of my brothers and sisters at arms. We all fight for the same team. Sgt. Sokolowski, upon noticing my camera, informed me there were plenty of jobs for photographers in the Army. My...
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Yankee Hill Machine has a pretty good reputation when it comes to forends for the AR platform. I simply love this design I saw on the floor. Now, before you all rush out and buy me one, remember I have a 16" barrel and require a midlength forend.
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Two people I met at the NRA Annual Shindig were David Hardy of Arms and the Law with his documentary In Search of the Second Amendment and David E. Young, author of The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms, cited several times in the Heller case.
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Yes, yes they do.
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Godfribbinjegglemontockabijulistchm!!!!!! DAMN YOU LARRY!!!! I placed an order for a bunch of STI pistols a little while back.  That order is now ready to ship to me.  I ordered a bunch of extra Spartans as part of that order.  These are excellent 1911s, especially for for the price.  Regular retail is $660, and they absolutely smoke anything else in that price range.  I have a mess of these, and need to move them quickly.  If you’re interested, please e-mail me at...
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May 11th marked 4 years of Sharp as a Marble. Happy Blog-Birthday to me! If you need gift ideas, here and here.
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Hi. I have your information.   Sucks that you're not as anonymous as you think.
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Since us gun-clingers can't be happy, we had a Bitter Hour presented to us by The Outdoor Channel's own Michael Bane at the Bass Pro Shop in Clarksville, IN. I've never in my life seen a single store of that size. The fact that I had drinks and dinner in a sporting goods store should tell you how ginormous this place was. Here's some pictures of the event (click to embigginate the pictures) Don't let the 5'4" fool you, Ahab there packs 200 pounds of sausage, from what I hear. His wife (on the...
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(That's Drool Inducing Happiness) This is the 20mm rifle from Anzio Ironworks, a local company in St. Petersburg, Florida. I've blogged about them before, but I got the chance to see this behemoth up close and personal (click for enlargening) That's over 7 feet of rifle there, folks. The bolt alone is the size of my forearm, I swear - Those white things are standard sized business cards. Luckily they had napkins to dry off with.
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One comment made by our group during the convention was that there really isn't much you can do that's new an innovative in the firearm industry outside of cosmetics. TDI's Kriss Super V is definitely not in that category. The Kriss is relatively well known in the gunny circles, but for those who might not be as familiar, here's some info from TDI's website The KRISS system overcomes the shock-creating effects of the recoil gas by re-directing the gas’s energy down and away from the...
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Because there was only two outlets in the room. Uncle got the one by the desk.
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Rustmeister points out something I thought about a few times myself Ya know what I found strange? The majority of the bloggers in attendance were taller than average. Joe Huffman, Unc, Sebastian and Robb Allen are well over six feet tall. That was something I wasn't expecting. I think Tam's taller than me, too. At 6'3", I'm quite accustomed to being taller than most people in a group. That was definitely not the case at the bash.
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Click for enlargenationism
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One of the products on the floor of the NRA exposition that really caught my eyes was the Italy based Technoframes. They manufacture exquisite ammunition carriers from acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, and even wood. And when I say exquisite, I mean Ferrari type beauty. I spoke with their representative John Donovan and asked him about their product. It is clear that they aren't marketing to the every day ammo storage user as their boxes can run into 4 figures, but do focus on two distinct...
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Gonna be a long day. Somehow, I ended up talking to Uncle, Sebastian, Joe Huffman and Xrlq until about 2:30 in the morning. Then woke up at 6:something. I presently have the fine motor coordination of a heavily sedated chimpanzee. First stop is breakfast and then the grassroots session. Then a nap. Then maybe another nap. We'll see.
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Then, Memphis to Louisville. Layover, ya know. See y'all there!
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Now all I gotta do is wait until my flight leaves tomorrow. ... Tick... Tick... Tick...
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But it is tempting...
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At work, I'm pretty much in the wilderness when it comes to politics. Most everyone around me is a flaming liberal / progressive and me being the small government, well armed kind of guy is an anathema to them. Over the past few weeks, I've gotten quite an earful on the upcoming elections and it pains me to say even the Democrats don't appear to be happy with their choices. Many of them are talking about voting McCain since Hillary! and Barrack Whatchootalkinaboutwillis Obama do not represent...
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Had to stay home to get the Jeep repaired. Generally you should probably change your shocks every 60-80,000 miles. I'm at 170,000 and the factory shocks have finally told me where I can shove it. Starting last week (after an odd sound I can't quite describe), the Jeep would sway horribly, almost to the point where I couldn't keep her on the road. Had new shocks put in today. Oh wow. It's like a new car. I mean, she still drives like a tank, but a smoooooth tank! So, there went a few hundred...
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For the new Doctor Stickwick!
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Fighting for Liberty takes his son to the range. Important lessons are learned!
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Shut 'em down. They're dishonest and the entire organization needs to be disbanded. I'd have no problems if they themselves followed the law, but the agency acts as if it is totally unaccountable to the people of the United States. With behavior like this, it’s no wonder that more and more, FFLs and gun owners are assuming that the ATF isn’t interested in enforcing the law, but rather in shutting down licensees across the country.  That’s essentially what’s at stake here for Adventure Outdoors...
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Try all 45 flavors at Baskin Robins Watch Snow White and the 9 Dwarves with his kids Divide by Zero Push for legislation declaring Pi to be 2.75 Run the quarter mile in 1,230 feet. Hope Change Bowl a 38 And the number one thing Obama plans on doing on the campaign trail Visit the last state, Alaska and Hawaii
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The 2A Blog Bash is coming up this weekend. I'm more thrilled to meet dozens of bloggers who, until then, have only been names on the Interweb Tubes. I'm really bummed I won't be meeting Breda and her husband Mike, however. I have to get my gear ready and try to pack as light as possible since the airlines have switched to a "Only one checked piece of luggage that shall not weigh more than 37.8 oz." policy. I think I can get 2 checked luggages since I bought the ticket before the policy went...
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Wife got an iPod Touch for Mother's Day. 'Tis all..
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"Hey! Look at these stats that prove my point! Oh, wait... Sorry, I was wrong." You won't get honesty out of the anti side. They rely on bad data, distortions, and outright lies to get their points across. I think most gunnies are like myself - we're pro-gun because it's right, not because it's a cause. And striving to find the truth is more important than being right.
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A euphemism for children. Greg used it in conversation. I snortled.
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Brain Blogger I’m curious to hear what people think. Would you not see a doctor if you knew he had a gun in his office? Do you feel that physicians are similar to the Red Cross and that they should be neutral and conflict avoiding? Someone needs guidance and you guys and gals are the perfect ones to help.
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No, really. Friggin' CHAINS Stephanie Ragusa was arrested a third time on April 28, 2008 and charged with having sex with an underage boy. First things first. I'd prefer, if guilty, she had a rope around her neck, but the fact of the matter is I don't know all the facts and can't pass judgement. What I can bitch about is the way she's locked up like some sort of violent felon. Seriously. She's a 26 year old woman of slight build. I can understand some sort of restraint that prevents her from...
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Because it is clear that easy access to drugs with the knowledge of how to use them is forcing physicians to commit suicide And when the pain is too much, doctors have easy access to prescription drugs and a precise knowledge of both how the body works and the amount of a drug needed for an overdose to stop breathing and halt the heart. "All physicians have access to neat, clean ways to commit suicide," said Dr. Robert Lehmberg, a Little Rock, Ark., surgeon who has battled depression and long...
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My mother told me that she helped conserve water since it was a drought and that because everyone stopped using water, the water company realized it was losing profits so it jacked up the prices after the fact. Seems she's not the only one to notice. This should have happened the other way around. Jack up the price to reflect the lower supply and watch usage drop. This makes them look like economic idiots.
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Don't resist. Don't agitate. Don't fight back. Otherwise you might end up killing the bastard At 1:10 p.m., a male suspect came through the courthouse's west entrance. As he approached a walkthrough electronic screening device, two bailiffs told him to go through it. He produced a handgun and fired at them, Pinellas County sheriff's spokesman Jim Bordner said. The two bailiffs shot and killed him. One of the bailiffs was shot, suffering a nonlife-threatening injury, Bordner said. Further...
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Hell, I'll show everyone -
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This is a tragic story PORTLAND, Maine - A nine-year veteran of the Portland Police Department died of injuries after his handgun discharged in what police described yesterday as a tragic accident. Sergeant Robert Johnsey was apparently preparing his duty weapon for his next shift when it accidentally discharged late Monday at his home in Westbrook, wounding him in the leg, investigators concluded. Johnsey died a short time later at Maine Medical Center in Portland. Portland's police chief,...
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(Cross posted at The Line is Here) Because of shit like this The statute was introduced by Florida Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, a Republican from Miami. His bill requires motorcyclists to "maintain both wheels on the ground at all times." ... "When I saw that, I said, 'I've got to do something -- at least bring attention to it.' " No, you nanny-statist POS, you don't have to do anything about it. Yeah, it's dangerous, but guess what? Natural selection has a great solution already in place and it...
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Bill Quick depresses me with this article. It depresses me because I feel about the same. I used to say I'd rather see Hillary in office over Obama, McCain over Hillary, and Brain Eating Aliens abduct us all rather than any of them. Now, I'm not so sure. I trust McCain's judgement on 70% of things. However, I think Bill is right in that a McCain win will put us back further than what a Democrat could do in 4 years (I think it'd be a single term, really). But then again, I think McCain would...
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I thought they were illegal there?
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But I highly doubt you're going to find this here I like my tits dangerous, baby.
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Anvil Arms is a local company to me and they do a pretty kick butt job of laser engraving firearms, generally AR lowers. Check out their gallery here. For $15 (and since I can drop it off and avoid shipping fees), I am seeeeeriously thinking about doing something to mine. I can't erase the Bushmaster .223 / 5.56 markings, but on the other side I definitely could have some fun. I was thinking something like a warning (similar to this one) that says CAUTION: Proper use of this product may induce...
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Enlightenment I could not have anticipated the overwhelming response from gun owners across the country. Every day for more than a week e-mail messages poured in and two gun owners called from out of state to thank me for being an "open-minded journalist." ... Gun owners, men and women alike, have been very therapeutic for me. They are an incredibly encouraging and generous lot, letting a newcomer borrow their pistols, try a variety of guns and use up their ammunition. With the price of metal...
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One of these is a brand new, Silver State Armory, 110 grain Pro-Hunter Soft Point, the other is a reload using the same bullet, 28.5 grains of X-Terminator powder, and a CCI #41 Primer. I think I like reloading rifle much better than pistol.
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Updated: There was a bug that would cause the game to crash on load (it was looking for a file that didn't exist). It's been fixed so please redownload it if you've had problems. Georgia loves playing games online and she loves playing memory games (she usually creams me when I play). So, I spent about 3 hours and wrote her a game she can play any time. Memory Match (yeah, real original, I know) is a simple, easy to learn game you can play yourself, or if you have kids, you might let them try...
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I'd be personally melting the ice caps by myself. I mean, I'm scraping change from the couch in an attempt to buy a simply BUIS while U.S. Citizen of Traction Control has this Barrett BORS Ballistic Computer and Leupold Mark 4 - 8.5-25 x 50mm LR/T Long Range Tactical Mil-Dot Scope. The software is for changing ballistic charateristics for different ammunition. This is the only sighting system I know of that has an integrated USB port for ballistic data right on the rifle. GAAAAAHHHH!!! From...
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We're rolling out a new product so I had to come in at 0 Dark Thirty. Now I'm sitting here listening to two liberals argue over Hillary and Barrack Less Filling Obama and that doctored video. It's funny to hear liberals argue over this stuff. They're ripping out each other's throats. Now it's about Wright. The Obama supporter is saying he was taken out of context, the Hillary guy is saying it's accurate. But, being liberals they're both trying to assuage each others feelings and not be too...
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From Greg, commenting on the 6.8 I have to say, I was honestly expecting the 6.8 to feel significantly different from a .223. Other than the sound, there really isn't that much difference. Well, that's a lie. The difference you feel is just in your wallet instead of your shoulder.
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Well, work finally ended yesterday and I was able to head down to the range to shoot the 6.8 SPC for the first time. It was everything I had hoped for. I splurged and spent an extra $4 on a muzzle break, and was very happy I did. When you watch the video, notice how little the muzzle moves after each shot. The recoil was practically nonexistent. While it's hard to tell from the video, it was definitely louder than .223 although it wasn't near the .308 two lanes to the left. I'm not terribly...
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Vietnam Vet arrested for pointing his finger like a gun Vietnam vet Greg Kachka had the chance to turn himself in but refused to do so because he did not believe he had done anything wrong, police said. .. Kachka claims he pointed at Herrmann after she made faces at him, but did not mean the gesture in a threatening way. “I look up and there’s Debbie Herrmann making all kinds of goofy faces at me,” Kachka told “I didn’t do anything intentional. I talk with my hands a lot.”...
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Going to the range to shoot the EBR for the first time after work. Damn clock is laughing at me.
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