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I'm having to work on an application I wrote years ago. In .Net 1.0. In VB. Dear Lord, please send down some semicolons from heaven, please.
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Using state-of-the-art forensic technology (i.e. the "Next Frame" button), I got some screen grabs of the fireballs from last Monday's shoot. These are the best ones.
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That's how many 7.62x54r rounds I ordered yesterday. 53 pounds of love. Should be on my doorstep tomorrow. With all the reloading gear I order, I bet my UPS & Postman hate my house.
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What you are about to see is not a photograph.   This is actually a painting. Friggin' amazing.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah - It's becoming all Sasha, all the time here at SaaM. But I can't help it. I purchased an ATI Monte Carlo synthetic stock since the wood on the M44 was a bit on the rough side. Here she is all decked out in her new outfit I showed the Mrs. my handy work last night, and God bless her, she said "I much prefer the wood". I do too. But the wood needs some work. It's in rough condition, and I'm not a great wood-smith. I'm not sure it it's even repairable. What I really want is a...
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In my post regarding the purchase of my M44, commenter DC decries the only thing guns are good for, is putting holes in things ( and people ) In reply, I said: Actually, that's one thing they do. They're also good for the enjoyment people get out of target practice. They provide a good hobby for some of us reloaders to try to get the best ammunition possible. They provide an equalizing force for people like my 98 pound mother who can take on a 300 pound linebacker. They provide an extra bit...
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Whoa. The shots you hear in the other lane come from an AR-15. Listen to the difference. Learn to love the fireball. I'll post a picture of the target later. At 25 yards, I was hitting a little high, so I figured out where the sight was aiming at and I adjusted accordingly. My last shot pierced the middle, making Sarah Brady "bake a brownie". Not sure I'm going to be able to get to sleep tonight. Too much adrenaline.
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Ok, so I'm a dork and have already named my rifle. Sashenka. Means "Defender of Man" in Russian. Seemed apropos. Anyway, I took a white crayon to the barrel to make the markings stand out for a photo session. Here's what I've got. I determined the meanings of most of the markings from here. She was made in Izhevsk in 1946. The only symbol I'm not clear on is the Ya in a circle on the side (looks like a backwards R). She's going in for her first range time tonight! Report (and hopefully video)...
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For $80, I couldn't pass her up. She's a bit rough in the wood, but everything else is in damn good shape. Spent an hour cleaning the cosmoline our of her this evening and even had Georgia help me a little. Won't be able to get to the range until some time next week. My shoulder is happy about that, but I'm not ;) More later.
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“Al-Qaida have a 100-year plan,” Thompson said. “We have a plan until the next election.” and this little gem He told the crowd last night that, when asked why he left the Senate, he responds: “After eight years in Washington, I long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood. That’s no joke, my friends.” Fred hasn't announced yet, but he wins, hands down against anyone else the RINOs can pull out of their nanny-state asses. Gulliani, McCain, Romney - all POS's I wouldn't bother showing up to...
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Last night I got the sheer pleasure of meeting Greg from West, By God along with his wife and a friend of theirs. This is the first blogger I've ever met face to face so that was kind of an event. We met at Shoot Straight for a night of poking holes in paper and making Sarah Brady soil her Depends. Since I had to deal with the little ones last night, we couldn't get there until 7:45 PM and they closed at 9. Unfortunately, the rifle range was full so we shot pistols. Greg liked the 10mm, but...
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You want to create a cashless society? Put all the married men on a island. There. Done.
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A toilet that can’t handle an above-average job is no toilet at all. It's really about lightbulbs, but the analogy fits. The low volume flush was the worst thing ever fostered on the public. I waste more water hitting the plunger 2 or 3 times. Fluorescent bulbs are the same. They don't light worth shit, and I could see me buying 5 of them to get the same light that I would out of a gold old 60 watter.
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Say hello to my friends. All 100 of them. Click for full size
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They visit Pikes Peak in shorts. And Flip-flops Somehow, I feel my Brother-In-Law and his wife are no longer going to include me in future emails.
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A gentleman online has a Weatherby Vanguard, 24" 30.06 for $375 shipped. Here is a picture I like 30.06. This is bolt action, which I'm partial to for no reason other than I don't own a bolt action and would like one. The gentleman says the quality is 98% and has really only shot about 40 rounds outside. I like the unassuming look of the rifle. Synthetic stocks don't bother me. I'm not sure if he has a scope with it (some of the other pictures show a scope, but it wasn't listed in the...
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This tidbit reminded me of something that happened last weekend. My mother called me all a twitter because her water heater had sprung a leak, soaking some electrical wires, which then proceded to catch fire. Sounds familiar to me. So my mom did what we are all trained to do - she called 911. Nobody answered. She had to call the fire department directly. Luckliy for her, when she killed the power the arcing stopped and nothing continued to burn. But what would have happened if an intruder was...
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Except for the part where, stopped at a red light in downtown Tampa, I watched a homeless man drop his trousers and take a dump. On the doorstep of the Catholic church. I'm still not sure how I'm going to get to sleep tonight.
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I got spurred into redoing the poster I put up from yesterday. Oleg liked the concept and dammit, if that didn't light a fire under my ass to improve it. Hope you like this one better.
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I was just reminded of something that happened the other day by this post by David. I was talking to a rather left (ok, ridiculously left) leaning guy about a lawsuit that was on the news the other night. The basic story is that a woman goes in for lipo, goes home, catches an infection in the stitching area, infection causes her to lose her hands and legs. Now, she's suing the doctor who did the surgery. Honestly, I don't know all the details. That's how I remember the story - that the lady...
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Lileks describes a Disney World hotel room The room: nice. Colorful. I’ll say this for the quantity of pubic hair in the bathtub: it’s not a lot. I prefer to think of them as “Jiminy Crickett’s eyelashes,” which is how I explained them to a disbelieving child.
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This is sickening. This advertisement illustrates what is wrong with corporate America today. What company uses fear to push unnecessary products like these? Click for full size: Do you get the message here, kids? "You might live too far away for the fire department to save you so take matters into your own hands by purchasing our fire extinguishers". I cannot explain how revolted I am by this ad. No person should ever attempt to put out a fire unless they are adequately trained and certified...
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Although I was bright enough to keep the sharpies out of the little one's reach. Still, too cute.
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Went to reload the .357 Magnums tonight. Ended up just getting the dies set up again and then pulled a bunch of old bullets someone had given me a while back instead. It was kind of fun popping the primers (couldn't use the cases and I'm too chicken to deprime live primers) since I didn't want to throw live ones in the trash. Scared the heck out of the Mrs. Then I had to burn the powder. You'd think with the big BOOM the gun makes that gun powder would make for a more exciting burn, but it...
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Woke up at 5 AM with a splitting headache. Took Excedrin, went back to bed. Headache kinda sorta went away. Woke up again at 7:30 with the 'Friends' theme stuck in my head. Good news - another song eventually replaced Friends. Bad news? It was Tom Jones' "It's not unusual". Now I have to drive home through this That would be smoke from brush fires. It smells like I shoved my face in an extinguished camp fire and inhaled deeply. And it has done nothing more than irritate my head so much my...
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Well, maybe not this early...
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Kevin, over at The Smallest Minority, has a great piece up about the "supposed decline of gun ownership" in America. At the tail end of the post, he tells us this UPDATE: I swear, I wrote this piece before I ever saw this. To which his commenters reply What does an instapundit post about strippers have to do with gun owners lying to pollsters?Stormy Dragon | Email | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 8:17 pm | # Eh, it's a post about strippers. Who needs an excuse?Mastiff | Email | Homepage | 05.08.07...
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And tonight was a great friggin' night at the range. Nobody there, so picking up my brass was a cinch. And shot a little .22 for fun. The first few magazines I went through were just breathing and control exercises. Wasn't going for pinpoint accuracy, but rather rapid target acquisition. Hit the paper every time, but quite a few low shots. Then I did some off hand, and I won't post those pics. Granted, I hit the target, it was as shaky as it gets. However, when I really started concentrating,...
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Dear Gun-Grabbers, I am not you. When discussing firearms and gun control with me, it would be in your best interest to remember that small detail. What you would do in a certain situation is not necessarily what others would. If you carried a weapon and someone scared you by shouting "Boo!", you might turn and shoot them, but I would not. For I am not you. If someone takes your parking space, that might be all the justification you need to commit murder, but not me. For I am not you. You might...
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Help me. Please. I readily admit that I am a handgun guy. I've shot rifles and shotguns, but I always came back to my handheld machines of death. The only rifle I own is a .22lr that I could poke out the eye of a crow from 100 yards with and when he turned around to try to see what happened, I could shoot the other one out. But other than that, I am rifleless. And that absolutely needs to change. I love these But honestly, when it comes time for the poop to hit the air spinner, I'd like to...
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Granted, I didn't order any. But some other Robb Allen seems to have put my email address on all his online transactions. So, now I've got UPS,, FedEx, and several other fixture companies emailing me invoices and shipping receipts. I also get emails regarding his wine that he had custom pressed! Luckily, this Robb Allen lives in New Jersey and it appears the only thing juxtaposed is the email address and not credit card numbers. Granted I could use some new faucets and a couch.
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Not mine, but still pretty cute. I decided to let Georgia start helping me clean the guns when I get home. She's almost 5, and it's time to 'demystify' Daddy's firearms. I will allow her to see them any time she wants so long as she asks first. She will not be allowed to play with them and I've already started on the safety lessons. Don't fret, weapons that are not in defensive use (the .357 and the .22 rifle) have locks on them and are out of reach. My Glock is pretty much with me all the...
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What the hell is this thing? I can't even come up with something snarky it's so friggin' weird looking.
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Over at the HuffPo, some dimwit broad tries to argue for gun control. Carnaby simply eviscerates her 'logic'. Go over and read his post, then come back. I'll wait. Anyway, this moronic bint gets 99.9% of her facts completely and totally wrong. Eddie Eagle does not teach kids to shoot guns - he teaches them to avoid a gun if they find one and to tell an adult. She lies about the federal government's role in the VT shooting - She has BSD and pins it on a single man (Bush), but technically she's...
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