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Today is my first, real wedding shoot for my company, The Hired Lens. I am really anxious as well nervous, but I expect that. The good thing is that I'm the 3rd camera and I'm only shooting for the reception so there's no need for me to capture any high profile pictures. I'm there only for my photojournalism skills, not posed pics, so anything I capture is pure gravy (read - no stress). I will be working with Argoe Photography (who just happened to have done my wedding!). A brief history...
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Had an error with the site, so it appears that I was blogless since this morning (SSL Cert expired on me). Fixed now. I hope my 3 readers didn't panic. {UPDATE} 4 readers now! Go read one of them!
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Bill illustrates why I'm proud to be a former Marine!
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Well, the season is over for Fox's 24. Jack is still alive, Chase isn't going to be winning any contests that involve clapping, and Tony will be busy coordinating people making car tags. All in all, the season started out real strong, but got a little wacky toward the end. For those of you who've never seen the show, each show is 1 hour and happens in real time. Because of this, here is what I have learned! LA is a small town with little traffic. You can get from any two points via car...
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Like the rest of my life, this site is a work in progress.Please excuse the mess while I switch things around to look a little better. See, I'm using .Text for this blog which is software written in Microsoft's .Net. Now I know a lot of Linux and anti-Microsoft people out there are cringing, but as a former Java junkie, let me be the first to say that .Net totally rocks. Anyway, I used one of the standard skins that came with the blog, so now it's time for me to make my own. I don't feel...
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On my way to work, I am usually lucky enough to get to hear Bob & Tom on Thunder 103.5. These guys are normally a riot. But today, like several other times, I got to hear another side of B&T, the boring, “is there something else on?” side. Today, Bob & Tom talked politics. Any time they talk politics, the show goes down the crapper. There's no laughing, no humor, just bitterness that comes through loud and clear. I get my daily dose of bitter politics through the...
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As in, you'll need full strength coffee to get through it. It's loooooong, but Bill Whittle of Eject! Eject! Eject! has just finished Strength (in 2 parts).
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I purchase photography equipment. Any photographer will tell you that photo stuff is expensive (my camera body alone cost $3200!). Lenses are ridiculously priced as well. I love to order online. It's fast and convienent and, if the shipping charges don't offset it too much, quite often cost effective. However, when the dollar amount starts cranking up, I'm still more comfortable talking to a human. That is an emotional thing and not based on any sort of logic. However, there is a logical...
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Bueller waits patiently for his picture to be taken
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I'm trying to do my part to expose this travesty. The Hooters in Lakeland, Florida is having a contest {from Sekimori} The contest is for girls 5 and under, and will require they be dressed in little orange spandex shorts, and a tied up Hooters t-shirt. Simply disgusting. Please let Hooters know how you feel about this stunt. [UPDATE] I received an email back from Hooters. Thank you for expressing your concern regarding the contest in Florida. A store manager decided to host an event for...
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I've seen this on other blogs so I thought I'd play   Instructions: 1. Grab the nearest book.2. Open the book to page 23.3. Find the fifth sentence.4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions. If, however, you need to find lines that contain just a price, and nothing else, you can wrap the expression with [^...$]. Mastering Regular Expressions - Jefferey E.F. Friedl So, does this make me an official geek or what?
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Remember, you heard it here first! Indeed!
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The Internet is a powerful force in today's world. Just as powerful is the emergence of web logs or blogs. Blogs can range from a personal diary to a focused discussion on a narrow topic. Because blogs are simple to set up and use, they have become quite prolific. Eventually, there will be as many blogs on the Internet as there are Starbucks caf├ęs. Success in the blogosphere is measured by the number of unique visitors. These visits, sometimes called 'hits', usually correspond to the quality...
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I am ashamed that I forgot to blogroll Iraq the Model. If you only read 1 blog a day, it should be mine, but I'll accept ITM as well. This blog is written by 3 Iraqi brothers. It shows an Iraqi view of this conflict. If you think we're failing miserably due to the 'news' you get from the major media, this should brighten your day.
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Four held in Berg execution! Let's pray this actually leads somewhere.
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Well, today's poll of presidential bumper stickers showed a trend of apathy. Today's final tally was Bush: 1Kerry:  1 So, this race could be tight! Maybe I should extend my polling to include all bumper stickers as candidates. Then we could have a tight race between the candidates and Honor Students!
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Sarin Nerve Gas Round Found, Partly Detonated in Iraq Ok, what bothers me the most about this is that when you make Sarin, you don't make it in 2 liter quantities. Where's the rest of it? I'm really surprised at the voraciousness of people who are so ready to deny this as a WMD. This was part of a larger system of weapons that Iraq was forbidden to have. Argue all you want wether or not we should have gone to war, but it's clear as can be that Saddam was working on weapons that were forbidden...
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Ok, I've installed Linux. Now what? I like any computer software. The only reason I hate Apple is the attitude of Apple users, not the OS itself (get over it people, it's a computer, not a religious icon). The same thing goes with Linux & MS. I understand that Linux people like the illusion of 'sticking it to the man' when they install something other than Windows. I appreciate all the work that people do to get it up and running. But too many people think it's a life or death type of...
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Well, I went through all the photos last night from my nephew's graduation party. I'm getting much better with my lighting skills however my wide angle lens still sucks. I need something more along the lines of an f1.8 for low light situations. The thing that bothers me though is that my pictures still seem to be lacking in saturation. I changed my color mode to Mode I instead of Adobe RGB (Mode II), but it didn't seem to help. I also wonder if my monitor simply isn't calibrated to see the...
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My wife's family had a little get together this evening. I'm downloading the 139 photos I took (not to mention all the deleted ones!). I may love my Nikon D2H too much...
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Apparently so! If someone who has won such a high prize for peace can understand the value in what we've done and that war, while being a bad thing, is not always the worst thing, why can't so many American's who are opposed to our mission? Top Comment (IMHO): At this point in time, America will not win in Iraq. From this point forward, winning in Iraq will be up to Iraqis. America could only take the horse to the water. It is now time for the horse to drink the water.Hat Tip - Brain Terminal
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{as of 15:46 EST} More Here: 4Heh: 3Indeed: 2RTWT: 1
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Oh man! I am excited already. The Incredibles website is up and with plenty of new info as well as [access denied] screens to really keep you guessing. I have been a Pixar fan for a long time. I actually knew about them before Toy Story came out from their shorts, namely Luxo, Jr. So far, everything Pixar has touched has turned to solid gold and yet, I  admit, I am a little worried about this film. I know Pixar focuses on story more than the fact they're using computers for the...
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I have a 45 minute commute to and from work. It's a boring drive, trust me. Plus, I drive a Jeep Wrangler which I haven't had a top on in years. So listening to the radio isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. What I decided to do today on the way home was to count the number of presidential bumper stickers plastered on to the back of cars in an unhighly unscientific method of determining the winner in November. I figure that slapping a bumpersticker onto a vehicle is akin to getting a...
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This blog should answer that question.
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So, El mezclador del perrito got 200,000 hits yesterday? I seriously doubt it was a from a Marble-lanche. So far I've had 8 hits. All of them from me.
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The whole beheading thing in Iraq has me fairly upset. I haven't watched the video because I am having a hard enough time dealing with the rage just knowing it happened. It's that same feeling I got with the atrocity in Fallujah. I am here, sitting comfortably in an air conditioned building where the most dangerous event I have to deal with is the possibility of tripping over my own feet. I can only get bits and pieces of what's going on over in Iraq, most of it through the so called...
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Jumping on the "Hey, look at pictures of my cat" bandwagon
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Sharp As A Marble is just me, Robb Allen. I enjoy my life here in sunny Tampa, Florida where I work as a computer programmer for a small software company. When I'm not trying to save the world from bad code, my hobbies include firearms, guns, shooting things and putting holes in things that require holes in them from a safe distance. I also have a hobby of picking up new hobbies. All my hobbies seem to be expensive. This irritates my wife. Speaking of the wife, I'm married to a wonderful...
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