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This weekend was crazy busy. First, the Mrs. & I decided we wanted a pallet wall in the art room / office. So, I did that. Air compressor died on me, so I was swinging a hammer all day Saturday. The end results are absolutely stunning.        That was Saturday. On Sunday, I hit the workshop to work on my desk some more. I trimmed the top down to 80" wide, squaring up both sides. I did a pretty decent job as it's 80" wherever you measure from, so yay team me. The top had...
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And I’m not even done blogging. I’m just busy in life, and my job requires my full attention throughout the day. I promise you I’m going to try to blog regularly, I just need to get back into the habit of writing things up and putting them into the hopper. Thanks to all 12 of you for hanging in there.
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Because f*** you, that’s why DULUTH, Minn. — Authorities say a driver was cited after he was clocked driving 171 mph in northern Minnesota. … The driver, a 36-year-old man, was cited for careless driving. Padden says the man didn’t really provide a reason for speeding on the highway.
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I love my Virgil Guitar. It’s a dream come true and if I had the funds, I’d have a music room filled from floor to ceiling with his guitars. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds but what I do have is the itch for another, custom made guitar. So, I’ve decided to have the world’s most inexpensive (and inexperienced) luthier create one for me. That’d be me. I’m going to build a guitar from almost* scratch. Body style will be a 1958 style Flying V, because I’ve always wanted a Flying V. I’d love...
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