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Stealing an image from Miguel, I want to run anti-gun / anti-rights bigots noses in the mess they left on the floor. See that right there? That’s a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign that once again, failed to stop someone who didn’t give a shit about your laws, the value of life, or even their own life. It’s not just ONE sign, there’s two. And yet, someone determined to kill people simply walked right by it without even the slightest hesitation. They didn’t see the sign and think “Crap, I can’t kill...
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One thing I’ve noticed about humans is that when they get ‘into’ something, they will pretend that every little tiny thing actually matters because they can totally tell the difference between X & Y, even though 99.9% of everyone else can’t. Doesn’t matter what it is, it could be food, wines, beers, or audio. This particular instance, I’m talking about audio. It’s funny to read message boards & comment threads where people can just swear that Old Analogue Synth X sounds SO MUCH WARMER...
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This time regarding one of my pet peeves – How ‘racist’ the Republicans are. This quote is from a book by a Democrat. “Social equality with the Negro means decadence and damnation,” announced one southern official. “The action of President Roosevelt in entertaining that n****r will necessitate our killing a thousand n*****s in the South before they will learn their place,” declared South Carolina’s Ben Tillman. For disaffected Republicans in both North and South, Mark Hanna promised...
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Mouthpiece for Everytown You can find the tweet here. She of course “clarifies” later that she means private sales, but she didn’t when she said this. She put it up as a way to simply lie and say there are no background checks (I wish it were true. They’re useless and an affront to the entire premise of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”) in hopes that the dumb will just take that at face value and not dig in any deeper to the issue. I stand by my statement that ignorance is the anti’s best and...
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This is why We treat the physical results of capitalism as though they were an inevitability. In 1955, no captain of industry, prince, or potentate could buy a car as good as a Toyota Camry, to say nothing of a 2014 Mustang, the quintessential American Everyman’s car. But who notices the marvel that is a Toyota Camry? In the 1980s, no chairman of the board, president, or prime minister could buy a computer as good as the cheapest one for sale today at Best Buy. In the 1950s, American...
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Can’t, for the life of me, figure out how the heck he keeps getting in there. Maybe I’m not getting enough fiber in my diet?
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Linoge isn’t too impressed. I’m rather surprised a swap wasn’t offered, especially considering the issues they’ve had.
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Watch as people, free from any sort of rule or direction, navigate a rather busy intersection sans accident I’m not saying I’m all for Anarchy or anything, I’m just saying that often what we think of as necessary rules & regulations really isn’t. A commenter on the page indicated that Ethiopia (where this was filmed) has one of the highest traffic related death rates but I’ve not confirmed that (nor do I care). I just found this video fascinating in the way that people will navigate...
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Real grassroots doesn’t use sock puppets. $50,000,000 buys some totally tech-clueless people, doesn’t it?
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Damn if the anti’s positions are not impossible to discern from jocularity.
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Free Gun Law Seminar in Jacksonville on Thursday.  Thanks to U.S. Law Shield our members and supporters have free access to this event. See this site for details: Promo Code:  FloridaCarry   (no space) Register at: Thursday April 24, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM EDT Morocco Shrine Center  3800 Saint Johns Bluff Rd SJacksonville, FL 32224
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Miguel gets confirmation of this. The anti’s show so little understanding of basic physics and ‘shoulder things that go up’ that it’s not only not beyond the realm of possibility that they created it, but a fairly high probability too. Just happened to be one of those times they didn’t. Mea culpa.
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Hardware stores sell guns, they’re just a bit more DIY
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UPDATE – My suspicions were correct. This wasn’t something they did. There’s something to be said when parody is indistinguishable from the real thing and with the anti-gunners, sometimes it’s very hard to tell. This Everytown thing, for example – I made fun of their poster yesterday, but there’s conflicting reports that the poster is or isn’t even really from Bloomberg’s overpriced grassroots purchase. Take this Blaze article that specifically states “Yes, really. No, not a parody.” but then...
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Before Pants Hat tip John F. on the Twitterers thing.
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21 shot in less than 24 hours. In Chicago. Where the strictest gun control is.
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Parody. Parody happens. I’m going to have a metric ****load of fun with this one. If you have any ideas, plop ‘em in the comments & I’ll see what I can do.
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Barron’s safe failed to open. This is his story on what it took to get it fixed. A fascinating read, especially on how long it took to get it open when the locksmith was pretty knowledgeable about where to drill. It also serves as a reminder that no safe will keep out a determined person, but it will just slow them down considerably. Some safes are better at this than others to be sure. It’s also interesting to see how flaws creep up in even costly models. One would think for $5,000 that this...
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Looks like Everytown is channeling Cave Johnson. These idiots do not even understand how guns work and they want to talk about ‘gun safety’?
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You might have to wait longer than 15 minutes for the cops to show. Unfortunately, you might not have 15 minutes DENVER (AP) — Authorities are investigating whether Denver police responded quickly enough to a woman who was fatally shot nearly 15 minutes into a 911 call about her husband, who she said was hallucinating and asking her to shoot him. According to court documents, a detective who listened to the 911 call said he could hear her scream and then a gunshot. This isn’t a “If she only...
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But this time I'll make an exception as Florida Carry needs your support.
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I do not think it means what you think it means Michael R. Bloomberg, making his first major political investment since leaving office, plans to spend $50 million this year building a nationwide grass-roots network to motivate voters who feel strongly about curbing gun violence, an organization he hopes can eventually outmuscle the National Rifle Association. Emphasis mine. I’m cool with Bloomie wasting his money, which is exactly what this will do. However, the hilarity is that he thinks he...
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Ken Blanchard has a good list of gun blogs up. I remember when I started really considering myself a ‘gun blogger’, there really weren’t that many of us around. Now? My traffic is way down because there’s a plethora of great bloggers talking about every facet of guns & gun ownership. And that’s simply awesome. You see, there’s no competition on my part for eyeballs. I’m so glad you’re here, reading me, and I appreciate all my visitors. But if another blogger can get people to understand and...
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Ok, this is something I read about and decided to give it a quick try, and it’s a *really* neat thing to do in music. Take a quick listen to this clip. It’s not long, and it’s not mixed or even well thought out, it’s just something I wanted to see if I could pull off. Listen to it first, then continue reading. See if you can figure out the interesting pattern I used. The bass line is in 5/4 time, while everything else is in 4/4. This creates a longer stretch where you can repeat a phrase while...
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So I did a brief test this morning on my driving podcast thing, and ignoring the complete lack of content and incoherent babbling, I think the sound worked fine. I used the internal low-cut filter, cutting off everything below 80Hz, and that really seemed to help remove the deep rumble of the road noise. I didn’t speak from notes… and it showed. In fact, it’s a bit difficult to talk & drive at the same at least in a format conducive to a podcast. Hence why I’m not putting up a sample right...
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So I did a test this AM – I grabbed the Zoom H4N, stuck it in my cup holder, and blabbered on for a few minutes to see if I could do a short ‘podcast’ while I drove into work. Results? Passable. You have to listen to road noise, traffic, me slurping my coffee, as well as turn by turn commentary on pedestrians, which may or may not add to the ambience, but all in all I think that I might have a good platform for doing 20 minute or less ‘morning rants’ from time to time. Would you be interested...
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Today I broke down and purchased a Zoom H4N for many reasons. I needed to record my acoustic guitar from time to time, and needed a decent way to do it. I need to record small sounds for use in my songs. For example, I have this one song that has sounds of kids playing on the playground – it’s a sound I found online, thus who knows what kind of rights issues I’d have. Sometimes, I need a really fast way to just ‘jot down’ a musical idea I have in my head. I can’t sing worth a damn, but I...
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The cops got their guy… eventually Stabbing suspect Alexander McDonald has been charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of torture, to which he pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Thursday in Los Angeles. Bail was initially set at $2 million and raised to $4.1 million. That’s all fine and dandy, but you know who isn’t being charged for murder? The LA Cops who decided someone looked like McDonald so they killed him According to the Los Angeles County...
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Or, the criminal herd will just naturally thin out. Either way, it’ll be a good thing.
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I give credit to Ubu for this, and while I have no idea if it was her intent or not, I’d like to expound on her beautiful statement in the way I take it Guns don't save people. People save people. Disagree with her on many points if you want, but she’s totally right here and I think we need to really remember this particular phrase because sometimes I see us lean a little to heavy on the “Guns Save Lives” meme. Because they don’t. People save lives. People protect their children. People fend...
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The CSGV, in all its hateful glory I advise our side to not run with the “Thank God no guns!” shtick because it lowers ourselves to their level. But their concern for the well being of the children is secondary to the type of weapon used against them. They also haven’t seemed to mention that the stabbings stopped when the kid was confronted by an armed resource. { Correction Ubu has provided a link that states this isn’t the case. I looked a few other places & the ‘armed resource officer’...
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The best violinists in the world will tell you that nothing sounds better than a true, million dollar Stradivarius. The proof is incontrovertible & if you hand someone a handmade, Italian Stradivarius and a brand new, just made cheap violin, in a blind test they will choose… The newly made violin When the lights were dimmed and the musicians donned dark glasses, the soloists' top choice out of a dozen old and new violins tested was by far a new one. So was the second choice, according to a...
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Consider this one closed. Because it’s my place, I can do as I damned well please.
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Eric Friday is one of our top law guys for Florida Carry. Great guy, talks really fast. He was on the news recently Uh…
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Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday April 8th 2014), Senate Bill 296 by Sen. Brandes will be before the Florida Senate Community Affairs Committee. This is the bill that the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) has been using to fight against the very core of your right to bear arms. At the request of the FSA, two amendments have been filed that would gut the bill's protections of your right to bear arms during an emergency evacuation. An almost identical North Carolina law to the one that the FSA...
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They’re not difficult items to make Two homebuilt pistols were seized among other firearms on Tuesday by police in Sydney. They appear to be of a closed bolt design, using a plastic lower receiver with an angular magazine well. Both examples appear very well made. Look at this thing That’s not a mass produced pistol, that’s something some bikers in the Land Down Under made in a garage. It’s not difficult & with the 3D printing tech becoming common place, these designs will not only become...
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Been working on another song and as usual I have a few compositions in the hopper at the same time, but I like where this one is going, I just need more ideas on where to add interest and am looking for constructive criticism (or effusive praise. I’m not above having my ego stroked) on what I could do to really pump the song up. I’m not clear on how to build tension in songs, which is important for music in general. With Electronic Dance Music, there’s many tricks one can do to indicate to the...
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Illegal Mayors Demanding Action from Gun-banning Moms Local-government officials and members of a national organization that advocates local ordinances to control firearms lashed out at Florida law that reserves all gun regulation for the state legislature. Members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said at a Wednesday press conference the law, passed in 1987 as the Joe Carlucci Uniform Firearms Act, creates across-the-board gun regulations that may...
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Studio Monitors. I’ve found my mixes sound like crap in certain environments. For example, my car, which has a damned nice sound system. Everything else sounds great, my songs sound like thumpin’ mud with screeching nails against the chalkboard thrown in for good measure. The problem is I generally use headphones to do my music since I have other people in the house who probably don’t want to hear the exact same phrase played 10,000 times like I have to when writing. And as nice as my AKGs are,...
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I have a hard time with the KRISS charging handle from time to time too. I’ll need to investigate this some more
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I totes lol’d
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Many years ago, I had a coworker who I also ran a small web biz with, E.J. E.J. was probably the world’s biggest practical joker and could do things with a straight face that I absolutely couldn’t, and I’m no slouch in the humor / practical joke dept. He & I were like peas in a pod. So, on April 1st one year, I was reading my Facebook page and I see his account saying that he had passed away. Real funny, E.J. Actually, I was a little miffed because it really wasn’t funny. It’s jokes like...
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I hate April Fools day. Blogs are the worst. “I’ve quit blogging” or “I’m no longer into guns” or “I’m leaving my wife & kids and shacking up with a paraplegic cross dresser”. All predictable. Folks, leave the jokes to the professionals ok?
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