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Wait… This isn’t the Onion? Several House Democrats are calling on Congress to recognize that climate change is hurting women more than men, and could even drive poor women to "transactional sex" for survival. … More broadly, the resolution says climate change will hurt "marginalized" women, such as refugees, sexual minorities, adolescent girls, and women and girls with HIV. It also cites Hurricane Katrina as evidence of how climate change can affect women, noting that the storm displaced...
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The Mrs. has taken the youngest to Sea World today for a Girl Scout trip. The eldest is having her best friend over, which means an entire day of them sitting in her room, reading books together. That means I actually will have some free time which (sorry to the people waiting on work to get done) I am going to use to compose some music. Here’s where the magic happens I use FL Studio as my DAW, an Axiom 61 for the keyboard MIDI trigger, a Zoom G3 pedal for my Paul Reed Smith, and it all gets...
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I got this in my inbox this morning I guess the KKK is hard up for cash and is peddling hair pills and antibiotics now?
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Except when you actually do At the core of his desperate firefight was a murderous attacker who simply would not go down, even though he was shot 14 times with .45-cal. ammunition — six of those hits in supposedly fatal locations. … Each round slammed into the suspect’s head — one through each side of his mouth and one through the top of his skull into his brain. At long last the would-be cop killer crumpled to the pavement. … Remarkably, the gunman was still showing vital signs when EMS...
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Nice bolt.
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I’m not a fan of ‘teh ghey’. Not my cup of tea, but my position is it’s none of my business. If two men want to use each other’s back hair as ‘love Velcro’, it’s not my place to ask the state to stop them, regardless of how badly it trips my squick factor. But keep this shit up and I promise you I will reconsider my stance. Parents say their daughters were told to ask one another for a kiss and they say two girls were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a...
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Shoot or Don't Shoot? Because this was in MA (The birth AND death place of liberty!), I would not have shot. But here in Florida, I’d be legally protected and probably would have, assuming I actually knew the guys battling it out with the cops were actual bad guys. Someone brought up that with our luck, we’d end up shooting undercover cops who were busting a fake-cop crime org, and then no amount of legal protection will save you.
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Gun owner? Those records belong in the public’s eye! Terrorist scumbag’s welfare records? PRIVACY IS PARAMOUNT! On unemployment compensation, labor department spokesman Kevin Franck refused to say whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev ever collected, saying it was “confidential and not a matter of public record.” Emphasis mine. I’m sorry, but if you’re taking MY money, you better be damned well aware I have every right to see how your scraggly ass is using it. In this instance, it’s an embarrassment to...
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Two words – Kevin #@&^ing Baker
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3D Printing of an entire handgun is around the corner Will it work? Wilson thinks it will, and it won't be just a one-shot wonder it will be able to fire a few shots before melting or breaking. Wilson didn't want to reveal too much about what could become the world's first fully 3D-printed gun, saying he will make the actual announcement soon. He did reveal some details, however. The gun will be made of 12 parts, all printed in ABS+, a very sturdy type of thermoplastic. There might be,...
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It’s more like “so perturbed I can’t managed to use proper punctuation, capitalization, or sentence structure” mail You have a message from pat sticke shame on you. 90% of American want gun control the only way MY United States is going to move forward is to vote all republicans out of office. Republicans are NOT doing what is best for United States, but doing anything and everything against Pres. Obama. He was elected bY the people FOR the people. maybe you don't understand the ways of my...
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SMART THERMOSTATS: Nest’s Plan to Stop Brownouts Before They Start But recently Les Bowles, a retired American Airlines pilot living in a suburb not far from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, became part of a possible solution. He is a beta tester for a program called Rush Hour Rewards, wherein a lusciously designed thermostat with artificial intelligence and an Internet connection eases his domicile into a zone of thrift and earth-friendliness. True, temperatures can inch into the mid-to-high...
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One thing about the Norman case I just posted that really chaffs my glutes are gun owners who get bent out of shape that we fight so hard for someone they don’t consider to be a perfect candidate. It’s easy to sweep Scummy McScumbags’ rights under the rug because ‘scumbag’. Then, when your rights are being trampled, suddenly it’s a big deal and you wonder why nobody can find any legal foothold to help. Dale Norman isn’t a perfect case, but perfect cases do not exist. Norman got his concealed...
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FL SUPREME COURT DENIES STATE ATTEMPT TO KILL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS QUESTION On Friday, April 19, 2013, Florida’s Supreme Court denied a motion by the State Attorney to prohibit the Fourth District Court of Appeals from considering the appeal of a Concealed Carry Licensee who was convicted of violating Florida's Open Carry Ban and answering three questions which the county court considered to be of great public importance. The case at hand is State v. Norman. On February 19, 2012, Dale Norman,...
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Earlier today I made this Twitter comment Then I see this headline - Earth Day co-founder killed, composted girlfriend Had I only known.
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And I’m up already so I can head to Orlando to teach Basic Handgun at Ladies Day at Central Florida Rifle and Pistol Club. ~400 women will be there today, many of them learning handguns for the first time and I’m proud to be part of it. That’s upwards of 400 new supporters for the 2A - It’s worth the early morning drive. Now… Coffee.
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I’ll give you a minute to wipe the sarcasm off your monitor. Ok, all clean? Good. By no fault of my own (the blame lies squarely with the NRA and white gun owners!) I ordered the wrong Windows 8 version. I wanted Pro, but didn’t pay any attention to the fact the box didn’t say Pro anywhere on it except in the tiny tiny tiny text on the back that said “Oh, by the way if you want to upgrade Win 7 Professional, you’ll need Win 8 Pro” which explains this little fiasco. Live and learn. So I ordered...
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But this isn't hyperbole from these people, this is what they actually think about us People who oppose background checks are terrorists. They are an extreme minority who attempt to instill fear and terror in the population. And they are accessories to the murder of children. As I type they are communicating back and forth about how to overthrow the U.S. government. And conservative members of the U.S. Congress are cooperating with these terrorists. Is any more proof needed that conservatives...
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So, yesterday, the Gun Control supporters did what they do best – fail. They threw around lies like “90% of people support background checks” and then cannot fathom why they couldn’t even get a bare majority of Democrat senators to vote for it. I guess after you lie to yourself long enough, you start to believe it as gospel, but smart people would realize something with 90% approval would be a shoe in for a constitutional amendment. Alas, delusion is a powerful force. For example, see this...
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4Chan has been doing some sleuth work trying to identify the bomber(s) from the Boston event and their pictures match some descriptions by officials. The guy in the white hat they circle looks a lot like me. I see some errors in the assumptions made by the pictures (on “No Bag” picture isn’t compelling since the guy could be carrying it) and the work they’ve done doesn’t really do much more than find a few visual clues that match, but it is interesting seeing a mishmash community start...
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Seriously funny. It’s a combination of rank ignorance and unintentional slapstick comedy that got me chuckling. No wonder they can’t even seem to get votes for a blank piece of paper marked “Gun Bill that Doesn’t Do Anything” in a Democratically controlled Senate if that’s their best argument.
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Watching the video of the bombing yesterday, the flames had not cleared and there were people running toward the point of explosion to help others. I heard stories of runners who, even after a marathon, ran in to donate blood. The Red Cross even said that blood supplies were perfectly fine due to the generosity of others. And then… there’s Twitter and the Internet. On posts complaining about people making political hay out of this event, the commenters don’t waste a second blaming the other...
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Another horrible tragedy. Already, people are blaming ‘the other side’. People use the phrase “Saudi National” as if it’s synonymous with “Convicted Terrorist”. The tin foil brigade is out in full force, it’s already a conspiracy of some kind, blah blah blah. We can even bury the dead before some people feel the need to prop them up against their particular grievance pole and parade them around like marionettes.
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The Windows 8 upgrade was the fastest, smoothest upgrade I’ve ever seen. It literally was 5 minutes between “Would you like to upgrade your computer?” to “Where the #(*& did all my apps go????” My definition of ‘upgrade’ apparently is a little different than it is in Redmond. It basically was a clean install, so I lost all my applications. Luckily none of my data was harmed, and since I used a symbolic link to keep documents and whatnot, everything was where I last put it. I had backups...
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When you combine 3 months of guitar lessons with FL Studio and a bit of trance? This (For those browsers that cannot see that widget, this is a direct link) It’s not much, just a :45 second little ditty that I managed to put together last night, but one I’m actually quite proud of and plan on working on this as a full song. The backing ‘trance pluck’ is quite complex and I used Cthulhu to assist in the progression and originally I couldn’t ‘hear’ a guitar part for it as the song sounded too...
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It appears the Texas Stabber is deaf. Now, let’s say instead of playing the role of Ginger McStabbystabby on the Broadway Smash “Unarmed & Learning” he decided to upgrade to the lead roll in “Rape – The Musical”. Now, earlier in my life I was an interpreter for the hearing impaired and I can vouch for the fact that the vast majority of the population is not well versed in sign language, so exactly how does a young woman tell a deaf guy hell bent on violating her that she has a blazing case...
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By all the noises I’m hearing, Pat Toomey may become the most hated man by Gun Owning America at 11. Why the hell he’s doing this makes no political sense whatsoever. I suspect someone has video of him fellating a dead choir boy.
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I just want to clarify something because Greg, in the comments to a previous post regarding training & CCW, says Every class will have , at a minimum, 3 or 4 folks who have NEVER shot before, who have just purchased a Glock or M&P or XDm or whatever the flavor of the month is, but have never pulled a trigger. The ONLY place they get any firearms handling and safety training is - you guessed it, the hour and a half of class time devoted to firearms operation, safety and marksmanship...
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To protect my family from this. Seriously. Watch this video, but keep anything sharp or shooty away because I’m lucky I was at work when I saw it, otherwise I’d have punched the monitor while screaming. Very little can get me riled up like this, but that’s a direct threat to my children. Claiming that they do not ‘belong’ to me or my wife comes with the implicit understanding that you can just come and pick them up at your leisure. My children are not property, but they are mine to raise as I...
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I have to admit, watching a Grand Master work a wheel gun yesterday was amazing. He could reload his revolver much faster than I could the M&P.
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However, it is completely accurate
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Gun store owner (who makes good coin ‘teaching’ you how to shoot a gun) whines that the government should force you to pay for his services. If you’re in Delray, Florida, you might want to consider where your money is better spent than at Delray Shooting Center.
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So yesterday was USPSA, or as I call it “The only time I actually get to shoot any more”. I’d like to say it shows and that my poor performance was due to not shooting in 2 months - last month was a) too cold and b) I may have been a little hung-over – but it’s more insidious than that. If y’all recall, I had a lovely DQ a while back due to a stuck case. Turns out that with .40, you need to do a full case sizing due to the bulge that a Glock puts in the brass. So, I bought a push through...
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Printer died. It’s about 6 years od – Canon MP610. Scanner, Printer, Copier. Ink isn’t stupid, and the photo prints were pretty good. But… it’s dead. I want a networkable printer that scans. What do y’all suggest?
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What do you suppose guns would look like if John Moses Browning had understood plastics and polymers?
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Last year, I was doing really well, physically. I was at the Y at least 2 nights a week, ran regularly and was at the point where I could give my daughters piggy back rides until they were tired. I’ve never really had to worry about my weight, I can practically eat anything I want and my weight stayed pretty constant. The heaviest I’ve ever weighed was 218, and even then at 6’3”, that’s not ‘heavy’. Then, the tendonitis hit. My right forearm was shot. I couldn’t even lift a pistol to shoot...
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It never was about public safety or lowering crime During her remarks earlier in the day, Feinstein had disputed the contention that the assault weapons ban she sponsored in 1994 did not reduce gun violence during the decade before it was allowed to expire. "It had begun to do what we wanted it to do, which is to drive down the number of these guns over time," she said. Funny thing, Dianne… The AR is the most popular rifle sold today. Heck of a job there. Notice she didn’t refute the crime...
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You children go to school every day and are placed within arm’s reach of some of the most dangerous killers known to man – School teachers. These bloodthirsty killers are one dangling participle away from murdering young kids. The stress of the job can cause them to snap at any minute. This is why teachers cannot be trusted with guns and why we declare their work areas ‘Gun Free’. However, even though people recognize these cold blooded murderers for what they are and deny them firearms to...
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Uhh… Yeah…. Every day. That’s the rule, right? Uh… I love guns. Haven’t shot anyone. Gun banners are silly. Will that suffice?
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A professor decides to be ‘brave’ and offend Christians by having a class stomp on depictions of Jesus. Turns out, that doesn’t make a lot of people happy. The school decides to save face by claiming they’re putting him on suspension because they cannot guarantee his safety! To which a commenter replies I don't get it. The safest place for him to be would be on the college campus. It's a gun free zone, isn't it? We laugh, but sadly there are millions of people who do not get the irony and...
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I secretly desire a Beretta 92F/S. First handgun I ever fired. It was what I ‘cut my teeth’ on, so to speak so there’s a soft spot in my hard-heart for them.
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Talking with JayG regarding the loss of shooters’ businesses in Colorado Jay G.: what I know from my (admittedly limited) time in CO is that there are many areas that ABSOLUTELY depend on hunters and sportsmenRobb (gmail): Yup.Jay G.: You kill that, you've got Detroit with elk.
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Not too long ago, politicians made lots of noises about how they supported freedom, liberty, and America while busily crafting new laws that would destroy them all. Eventually, because they did not suffer for their transgressions at the polls, politicians stopped even making those noises and stopped hiding the fact they were socialists or tyrant wannabes. I give it another year, and all this noise about registering magazines or standard capacity bans will die off. You see, they’re going to pass...
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As some of you may or may not know (or care), I’ve been immersing myself in music lately, both in “relearning” guitar as well as digital music creation. Part of the reason I’ve been so caught up in this is because I’ve found it’s a great way for me to relax my mind after the stress of watching this world come apart at the seams gets to me. I’m trying to combine my love of electronica / trance / techno / Goa / dubstep and guitar into something useful. I’m cramming so much music theory into my...
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Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together (540% more brain power than Joe Biden!) knows that the push for any sort of gun control has nothing to do with lowering crime. In fact the only result of gun control is to increase the number of ‘criminals’ because there are simply more laws to break. The biggest proof to the failure of gun control is reading stories like this Police: Son Fatally Shoots Dad During Easter Service, Yells Killing Was ‘Will Of Allah’ Witnesses say the 25-year-old man...
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“High Speed, Low Drag” is a cliché that has negative connotations and should not be used in press releases unless you’re aiming for the ironic hipster segment of the marketplace.
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Got this in an email today "Take for example .22LR ammunition. The industry as a whole (all manufacturers combined) is setup to produce 4,200,000,000 (4.2 Billions) .22 LR annually. That is running all the machines, full capacity all the time, all manufacturers together. There is NOTHING they can do to produce more. That corresponds to 230,137 cartridge per State per day, which is 460 bricks of 500 .22lr per day per State. That means that if less than 50 people per day in each State are buying...
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Last night I dreamt that I was in the world’s largest McDonalds. There were underground tunnels, secret doors, entire areas forgotten and left to decay (although workers were everywhere). I was just trying to pick up my order and I was lost, but eventually crawled over broken brick work and found a hatch to lead outside. Walking outside, I passed a museum that was holding some sort of robotics technology summit. Suddenly, a homeless man comes out of nowhere and starts shooting people with a...
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