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Do not let yourselves be fooled by rhetoric, this is what all anti-gunners desire Now, I’m betting Kate here is all in favor of someone else risking their well being doing her dirty work. I have a strong feeling that Ms. Lang doesn’t favor anything that would put her in harms way, but is more than happy to expend the blood of others instead. It’s like that with most statists – so long as some other sod does the dirty work, they’re all for it, be it charity, or security. Kate Lang, I have...
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Looks like anti-safety Senator Chris Smith decided to publish his ‘task farce’ finding on Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws. I couldn’t open it due to errors.
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However, I don’t own a shoot-me-first vest, so I might not be allowed to play. I do wonder though, reading the rules it would seem that the M&P with the Apex FSS would be a no-no, but nowhere can I find where anyone has said definitely no. Gear wise, what would be different than my USPSA rig?
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Back in high school and the early 90’s, I played the guitar quite a bit. I was strictly rhythm, I didn’t want to make it cry or sing*. I had an old, beat up Charvel, an Ibanez I attempted to customize about a million times, and various pedals / effects processors. I wasn’t Joe Satriani or anything, but I could play a myriad of songs and had a good time with it. For my past wedding anniversary, my wife got me guitar lessons. I had never taken any and simply taught myself throughout the years,...
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Man with a gun stops man with a knife. According to the anti’s, carrying a gun is useless because you’d never be where someone needs your help.
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Georgia had been complaining that she wasn’t able to see the board at school. So we got her a sweet set of spectacles. She’s so cute, the glasses just add to the charm.
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Uncle is sitting this one out. He’s right in that Romney isn’t going to save the country. Sadly we’ve taken the King Shaped Hole in our heads and filled them with Presidents instead, believing that ONE PERSON can calm the waters and force the tide to recede. It’s easy to fix what’s broke! You just take 30 minutes out of one day every few years, walk into a little cube, and tick of a checkmark next to the next king’s name and let him take care of the ills. And if he can’t get the job, you can...
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Stand Your Ground Support The Right to Fight Back For Your Life Those of you who follow our press releases and newsletters are aware that we do not tend to exaggerate the criticality of any given piece of legislation or situation.  There have been some important bills over the past few years that we at Florida Carry have either asked you to support or oppose to help secure your right to bear arms. Our work has always been aimed at either removing undue restrictions on the possession...
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Tummy bug is done, thankfully it was one of those 24 hour ones and not something where the installation of a 5 point harness for the toilet would have seemed like a financially sound idea. However, I’m so busy at work, I barely have time to type this up.
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But after working in Lotus Notes for the past year, I yearn for the speed, ease of use, and stability of Microsoft Outlook.
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Seems I’ve caught a tummy bug, plus a fever of 103° (Hot blooded, check it and see) and it feels like my kidneys were used as punching bags for a younger Mohammed Ali. I’d sanitize your eyes after reading this post.
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A 10mm pistol I do not want.
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I proudly introduce, a new internet meme for gunnies!   Please, feel free to join in! (for the non-meme-aware)
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Tears of hippies are sweet, but sometimes bitter due to patchouli oils. Politician tears? Not only are they sweet, they have 0 calories and according to this article, we have a near infinite supply of them The pre-emption law, which took effect last fall, threatens local officials with fines and possible loss of office if they impose rules on gun ownership within their boundaries. It has been a stone in the shoe of Buckhorn and the Tampa City Council as they try to present the city's best...
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So, you’re wanting to write a letter to your misrepresentative regarding gun rights? There’s a trick or two you should know about speaking weasel before you set pen to paper or pixel to email as it were. Remember, politicians are in their positions because they’ve learned the art of saying exactly what you want to hear without telling you a thing. This is part of the reason I could never run for office, I’m too blunt in how I speak and I don’t really care to couch my words in a way that hides...
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Governor Rick Scott, who only got my vote because his opponent was dead set on treating the Florida Economy like a cheap lawn dart, has decided that nothing would be better for his reelection chances than to appoint a task force of anti-gun ninnies to comb over every firearm law in Florida. This does not bode well for the sunshine state. The Zimmerman / Martin circus is being used as a backdrop for many, many anti-gun groups to get their nose under the tent. This isn’t just bad for...
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Crimson Trace is releasing green lasers. I spoke with Crimson Trace back when I was at Blackwater about green lasers. From my understanding, achieving light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation in the green spectrum was inefficient since the diode based lasers emitted a much broader spectrum which had to be filtered (and thus losing some of the energy) to get green. I am curious to know if they’ve improved diode lasers or if the loss wasn’t enough to matter.
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That the KRISS is totally awesome. Granted, in the future, it appears the Kriss gives you the ability to float in mid air and shoots a rifle caliber (probably the 10mm P++)
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Here’s the scenario. You’re in rural f’in Idaho where they frisk you before you walk into a bar, and if your gun is considered underpowered, they give you something with a bit more heft. You are openly carrying, well within the bounds of the law when you are approached by Officer Friendly Officer - Can I get you to untuck your shirt and cover up your sidearm? OC’er - Any particular reason? Open carry is still legal in Idaho right? Officer Yes, it is legal, but a lot of people have...
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Remember this when you're looking for a bank.
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The Eldest is racing her first Pinewood Derby this Saturday for Girl Scouts. Her idea for her car was a Wiimote (with a G button rather than A for… well… Georgia) which I routed and helped her paint, but she did most of the rest. I think she’s done a splendid job!
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But I *SO* want to shoot the Polish Plate Rack I like how the weights on the end will fall off, sending the whole thing into a spin if you're not fast enough.
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I don’t actually believe that those who are against guns truly want to see young adults slaughtered, but the end result of their actions leads to that each and every time. Leslie Adams’s mother, Holly, said this about her daughter’s murder at the hands of a deranged lunatic Speaking for myself, I would give anything if someone on campus; a professor, one of the trained military or guardsman taking classes or another student could have saved my daughter by shooting Cho before he killed our...
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I only put up one post that amounts to not much more than a two-line, digital, mini-tantrum and everyone just ignores me for the day. What’s a guy gotta do for hits? Write insightful posts or something?
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Because if they were, every play would be a Hail Mary. Seriously, why try to run the ball a few times to get a first down when you can just aim for the end zone?
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Since the gun industry is dying according to the anti’s, these numbers are probably on the low side.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 4/16/2012 11:41:49 AM | Feedback (1) HB463 & SB998 – Shall Issue Carry Licenses for Military & Vets: Those who defend our country overseas should be able to defend themselves and their families at home. There have been too many incidences of violence against our troops who have just returned from overseas deployments and found themselves defenseless at home. Florida Carry authored legislation that will insure that our current troops and honorably discharged...
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That’s a lot of snark. As I said in the comments, if it weren’t for the F5 key and Tam, I’d still be stuck in the 10k range.
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Pepper appeared to have an allergic reaction to a bug bite and was chewing off chunks of her fur. A few hundred dollars worth of probulating and medicating out the door, and we have the cone of shame!     I feel bad for her, but I have to admit our satellite reception has been better than ever.
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Uncle brings da funny
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There’s something relaxing about sending lead down range. The gentle *pop*pop* of the rifle, the soft breeze from the air handlers, and the refreshing scent of spent gun powder create an almost Zen-like atmosphere. It’s not all peace and tranquility though. While the act of placing angelic little holes in paper well out of your reach is calm and serene, getting all your loose gear to and from the range can be frustrating. Trying to hold onto your rifle, extra mags, and ammo while walking from...
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But first, let Guns, Holsters and Gear know what prizes you want to win!
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Zimmerman to be charged. Charged with what is the question. Nothing like a mob mentality to ensure justice cannot run its course. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself in Zimmerman’s shoes. Don’t think that can’t happen.
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A hilarious quote of the day over at Kevin Baker’s place Given how the GOP field has been winnowed, this has really just been a race to determine the form Gozer the Traveler takes. So this just means the giant Sloar is off the table and means is we’re looking between the moving Torb and the Staypuff Marshmellow man. -- Jack If you don’t get the reference… I’m not sure we can remain friends. Sorry. For those of you who do get the reference, that joke has actually changed my...
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It’s probably just Cherenkov radiation from his oh-so-transparent pandering. Look Mittens, you are no friend to gun owners nor are you a friend to liberty.  Should you ascend to the throne this November, it will be done without my vote. On many issues you are better than your counterpart, but on most others, there is scant difference minus the fact that with an R besides your name, your assaults on freedom are more likely to pass by the Republicans in Congress. I whole heartedly believe...
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Julie Golob has a tip about correcting Cross Eye Dominance. I wonder though, is this really something that needs to be fixed? Sure, I look like a dog who just heard BACON! but does the extra cant of my head throw my aim off?
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Seems iPhone users of Instagram are miffed that it’s now available for Android. Because apparently, the ability to take pictures, apply a cross processing effect, and then doll them up with a fancy frame should not be possible with anything less than Steve Job’s pride & joy. Or something.
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So, in another long series of This is the {physical item} I’ve invested my money and my ego into and thus is the One and Only True way, we’ve got some banter back and forth regarding how the Ugly, Plastic Gun is better than the other Ugly, Plastic Gun. I carry both a Glock and a Smith & Wesson M&P. I compete with the M&P. In my opinion, the M&P fits my hand better, the stock trigger, while mushy, was much better than the Glock trigger (which needs work), and I shoot a HELL of..
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Interesting thing about the Colt Delta Elite, it bites me. More like a slight nibble with each shot fired, but by the end of a session, I’ve got a pretty little scrape to show for it. This was from Saturday when I hit Tenoroc to run some numbers on some 10mm ammo and the Delta as well as play with the Kriss a bit more. By the end of the 2 hours, I had probably had 6 different people shoot it with 2 people heading back to the shop to pick up boxes of .45 to feed it. Nobody seemed interested...
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Why do grip safeties still exist? My M&P will not fire unless you pull the trigger. You can drop it, kick it, yell dirty words at it, and have Congress pass a bill requiring it to bend the laws of physics and still the bullet would remain firmly seated inside the brass casing. “But Robb,” I hear you say, “A 1911! JMB said so! The hammer is back and everything!”  Yeah, well you could fan the hammer of my Dan Wesson until it was worn down to a nub, and unless that trigger is back, the...
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How [bleeping] cool is THAT? His codename is Spreadsheet! What would be YOUR GI Joe codename?
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Put him in a room with another Libertarian. Instead of actually doing politics, they’ll just argue with each other who is more pure.
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Thus Tam spoke Think about it: Joe Schmoe wants to get a bicycle. He does his research, determines how much he can afford, heads down to the bike shop, chats with the sales clerk, sits on a few bikes... and then invests $800+ dollars of his identity into a chunk of aluminum, steel, and rubber. So when he gets on the bike forum and someone tells him his Crankrailleur 2000 is garbage and he should have bought a ShockStumper 750, what's he supposed to think? It seems a lot of people...
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Background info – I contract at a place that serves as a backdrop for most Dilbert cartoons. Grey cubicles, company policies that cannot be printed without killing off several rainforests, that kind of stuff. So, I’m walking by and there’s this lady having a rather heated conversation. On speakerphone. So loud that I think the speakerphone part was redundant, even if the lady on the other end was in the California office. It was jarringly loud to the point of everyone near her having their...
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Gun owners love their guns, fathers love their daughters*. Take a picture of them together and there’s just something awesomely cute about the whole affair. Here are some excellent examples of little girls and guns. Putting on my devil’s advocate hat, would we have the same reaction to a picture of a cute, little girl hugging a table saw, dead blow mallet, roofing nailer, or any other tool? We constantly harp on the fact that guns are tools and nothing more, yet there’s something that hits us...
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I didn’t really bother with fancy titles or anything, just kind of strung it together so I could get it on YouTube Video taken with the Epic HD from   First, notes on the video – These are the stages in the order I shot them; 5, 6, 2, 3, and 4. On the first stage (5), I didn’t have my ear protection on correctly and so the camera points a bit up. Somehow, I managed to hit the wrong button and change the resolution, hence why the first stage is in Hi Def, Widescreen..
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Doing both seems to be an issue for me as well Apparently, you’ll be shocked to hear this, in these competitions I am actually moving from position to position and there’s more to that than “AHH! SPRINT! STOP! SHOOT! AHH!” Promise I’ll get the complete video up of last Sunday’s shoot, but watching the vids on my own, there’s a lot of that. Find a spot, stop, shoot, run to another spot (reloading on the way), stop, shoot, lather, rinse, repeat. Watching some of the other, higher ranked...
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As most of you should know, I’m debt free. Both of my cars are paid off, and I have $0 owed to any credit card, loan, or any other entity besides my mortgage (and even then, I’m trying to get waaaay ahead of it). I pay cash for the things I need and if there’s something I want, I save up the money for that as well. When I got the KRISS for T&E, I had no plans to actually buy it because I knew my budget didn’t have the funds in it and trying to secure them would probably make my wife want...
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Or in my case, get’s me about 52% of the way there. Yesterday’s USPSA match went well and can be summed up pretty much with the classification round 7.07 seconds. One whiff on the first steel, but other than that, 6 A-zone hits. Slow, steady, accurate. My entire goal was to pay attention to noticing where my front sight was when the sear was tripped, and knowing where my shot landed before moving to the next target. For the most part, I did well in that regard. Looking at my scores, minus.
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