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In an effort to lower our monthly expenses, we decided to jettison cable. Paying $60 a month for 1,203 channels we don’t watch was, in my mind, a complete waste of money. The Mrs. likes to watch a few shows, like Chopped, Grey’s Anatomy, and American Idiot Idol, but paying $720 a year for it was a bit of over kill. Now we have a set of rabbit ears so she can pick up American Idol over the air - pure digital too, so the picture is just as clear (if not clearer) than when watching it over Fios –...
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Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but for all our hard work, we weren’t able to overcome a last minute gutting by Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff (R-Fort Lauderdale) on Senate Bill 234. Since some groups were pushing this as nothing more than a safety measure to prevent CCW holders from being harassed for accidental exposure (*cough* thanksahellofalot NRA *cough*), Senator Bogdanoff was able to completely change the intent of the bill. I’m not even sure why there were committees to begin with if a) you can...
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I never was a Birther. I’ve always said Obama was a natural born citizen. My most popular post ever was poking fun at the birthers in the same way we poked fun at the TANG issue that people built their lives on trying to crush Bush. I was under the assumption that something on his certificate was hinky, like his father or mother weren’t who they said he were or that a birth certificate proved he wasn’t really the product of an immaculate conception. I couldn’t really imagine what it would be,...
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I can’t do it because a) I’m a lousy shot with a pistol b) I have a feeling the new job wouldn’t like me taking a month or so off right as I started it. However, if you think you have what it takes, give ‘em a shot! PUN SO INTENDED! The History Channel is seeking SKILLED MARKSMEN for SEASON 4 of its hit competition show You could win $100,000 !!! You've seen some of Americas best shooters take on the Top Shot challenge, and now its time for YOU to join their ranks. With production.
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Been thinking of this one for a while, and with the vote on Open Carry coming up on Wednesday (and it’s going to be a close one folks – pester your misrepresentatives) I figured it’s time to have this talk. I’ve been known in the past to defend the idiots who carry shotguns in the library, not because I believe them to be doing a good thing, but because the freak out over it is disproportionate to the damage they possibly can cause. Most of the battle we’ve had against OC hasn’t been from...
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Members and friends, We’re down to the wire. On Wednesday, the Senate will vote on SB 234. This bill includes open carry, vehicle carry, DOACS fingerprint authorization, and long gun/shotgun contiguous state purchase authorization. Of course, the most contentious element is open carry. This is going to be a squeaker, folks. By now, the Senators should have already made up their minds. Nonetheless, Florida Carry is requesting one last push to deliver this baby. We’ve shown the untruthful...
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Yeah… neither do I.
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Our oldest, Georgia, was asking last night before she went to bed if parents really were the Easter Bunny. She’s 8 and so smart it’s scary so it didn’t surprise us that she was asking those questions. She looked at my wife directly and said “Mommy, do parents put the candy in the basket?” Kari looked at me, grimaced, and said “We’ll tell you the truth if you want to know it” and Georgia nodded her head and said yes. My wife whispered to her “yes” and Georgia just laughed and said “Mom! Tell me...
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Details here. I’m part of the GunUp network, but I’m not planning on running the ads. right now helps keep me interested enough to say something here and there, but for others looking to get a little revenue and some extra exposure, the GunUp network can help. FTC Disclaimer – Sadly, I cannot offer the FTC an opportunity to pucker up and plant it on my pooper as I’ve received no compensation from GunUp for this note. Maybe next time fellas. Maybe next time.
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Well, as the funemployment winds down, I’m realizing that the new job is going to have less time available for the blog stuffs. Not writing, but reading primarily. I have several hundred blogs I peruse every day, and the number is too big to really pay close attention to things, so I’m going to have to pare it down a bit. As for writing, I’m probably going to have to write nightly and simply delay publish. I’ll be contracting for a few months, so I have the double requirement of impressing the...
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Actually, don’t. It’s not as much fun as I make it out to be. Crap…. Too late.
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So I got a new job instead. I won’t start until the 3rd, but there’s a big difference between “funemployed and no prospects” and “I’ll just think of this as a 2 week, unpaid vacation”. More details later.
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So here’s a puppy picture
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Glad someone else knows how to put it “Being a classical liberal means being a conservative when you need to preserve liberties you already have, a radical when you have to gain liberties you don’t have yet, a reactionary when you need to regain liberties you’ve lost, and a revolutionary when you can’t be free any other way. And always progressive, because without liberty, there can be no progress.” – Carlo Cardasco, European director of Students for Liberty (via Oliver Cooper) From...
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But I think it turned out pretty good for a self portrait
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Welcome home little buddy, welcome home. More later when I have time.
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To say things were going rough would be an outright lie. I’ve got so many leads that I’m having to take down my resume and decline any more recruiters’ offers for assistance. I don’t want to lose track of where I’m applying / being applied to and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. The .Net market here in Tampa is hot right now, so there’s plenty of opportunities. My main concern is somehow getting into the interview stages quickly. First off, I’m a computer programmer, not a resume writer....
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And it passed the Judiciary Committee. One more to go and it hits the floor.
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One, I’ve been literally overwhelmed by the response. I join over 10% of the nations workforce in unemployment and it honors me that people care enough about little old me to send notes and ask for my resume and the such. Let me ‘splain you a bit about a few things. The Mrs. and I are taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. As such, we were just a few days shy of being debt free minus the mortgage. Financially, we’re ok for a few months and we can even stretch it out a bit more if we...
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Days of Our Lives hasn’t changed at all since I was a kid. Heating up Ramen takes electricity and water, which you have to pay for. I find I can use water from my neighbor’s hose and just let the noodles sit long enough to make them pliable. Want me to write an application that scrapes all your friends’ Facebook statuses and sorts them by relevance to your mood? No problem. Want me to write a resume? Problem. It’s handy to keep a small mallet nearby for those occasions where the...
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And, failing to also include sugar and water, this lemonade sucks. Just got laid off. Company wasn’t doing well enough to keep me on board. So, I’m unemployed and looking for work as we speak. As such, this blog will be on hiatus until further notice. If you know anyone in the Tampa Bay area who needs a .Net developer, I’d be glad to hear from you. Thanks, Robb
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Sadly, there is no rest in our push to regain our rights. Every time we clear one hurdle, another one pops up. Today at 1PM, the Judiciary committee is meeting and Senator Bogdanoff has introduced a poison amendment into SB234 in a prelude to killing OC outright.   Here is the release from Florida Carry.   Members and friends,   Late today, Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff (R-Fort Lauderdale), introduced a committee amendment to SB 234. This bill meets the Judiciary Committee...
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From FarmDad in #gunblogger_conspiracy (who got it from here) Hillary Clinton notched her highest job approval rating ever in the Gallup Poll Friday at sixty-seven percent. She's twenty-five points ahead of Obama's number. President Obama is so unpopular that Kenyans have begun claiming he was born in the United States.
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And an injured flexor digitorum profundus muscle that makes saying it on the interweb tubes somewhat painful. Some friends of ours wanted to borrow our pressure washer this weekend. I realized it had been sitting, unused in the garage for a few months and tried to start it up. Success was not an option. Instead, I pulled various muscles in my shoulder and forearm and attempting to pull my ring finger upwards to get it out of the way while typing is somewhat painful. But, for you dear reader,...
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I feel pretty darn close though. Sorry for the dearth in posts, but I’ve feel like crap for the past few days. I’ll be back in to the swing of things before too long, I assure you.
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Will blog more when I feel better.
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How in the hell did one man manage to walk through the Gun-Free force-field that surrounds colleges AND get by a restraining order? IT CAN’T HAPPEN!!!! Thankfully, the rest of the student body was disarmed and vulnerable, otherwise they may have been able to defend themselves.
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Apparently, that’s the new term for a metal cylinder with internal mechanisms to reduce the sound of expanding gas by slowing it down. We face a war of words. When they can’t get people to accept that “GUNZ ARE MOAR BAD!”, they’ll start changing the terms. Instead of a safety device (like a muffler for your car, which provides safety for your ears), they’ll call it a weapon of mass destruction and death. Which, regardless of how you feel about firearms, is a complete and utter lie. I don’t...
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Would stink to high heaven just the same. What you see right there is an attempt at banning guns outright. It’s simple, really – you ‘allow’ guns, so long as they meet an impossible standard – i.e. this 11(b)  Requirements.--The Pennsylvania State Police shall 12 promulgate regulations prescribing a handgun safety performance 13 standard. The safety standard shall include the following 14  requirements: 15(1)  A handgun shall be personalized so that it can...
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Driving behind a car today full of “One Big Ass Mistake America”, “Don’t tread on me” and “Keep the Change” type bumper stickers. Driver was black. I wonder if he’s still considered racist? A few days ago, I’m driving home and the poster child for Hippies ended up beside me at a light. He was driving some 1950’s car which was in decent condition, but the dude literally looked like a reject from a Cheech & Chong movie. He had long, curly hair with a headband and the tiny round glasses and a...
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I don’t think this is the right holster for me, but for you ladies out there, Naturally Concealed seems to be an interesting idea. Naturally Concealed is a homebased business brought into being by one woman's desire to find a comfortable, concealable, discreet handgun holster that could be worn under dress clothes as easily as it could be worn under every day work, play, or exercise clothes. After coming up with what I believe to be the perfect concealed carry option, I decided to share it..
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From the comments in this Reason article Mr Whipple©®™|3.31.11 @ 7:46AM|# It's a good thing that speech doesn't kill. Hey, you got a permit to say those things? Eve Entuality|3.31.11 @ 8:12AM|# Many people are carrying concealed thoughts. Heh.
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Apparently never. Glock 22? A gun! Photograph of a Glock 22? A gun! T-Shirt with the Glock Logo on it? A gun! Pointing a finger at someone? A gun! Stick figure showing someone being squirted with a water hose? A gun! A pen, bent and modified to look like an item with the word ‘gun’ in it? A gun! What kind of sick society allows mere images, illustrations, or a word to equate to something it’s most definitely not? In this instance, the school is claiming that the pen taped up and...
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The oldest got an assignment to list things that were blue. Not something that can be other colors, so blue shirts and blue cars were out of the questions, but things that are naturally blue. I did manage to get her to put down Copper Sulfate, but the wife wouldn’t let me get her to put down Cherenkov Radiation. She’s in 2nd grade, mind you. Last year she had to write a sentence using the word ‘toward’. We had her put down ‘Go toward the light, Carol Anne’.
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JayG reviews his Snubbie From Hell. Sadly, due to the engraving on the side, I couldn’t load it up with my Sound & Fury loads as they run a 110 grain bb. I guess I could just shoot one at a time, but I did a metric boatload of calculations to assure myself my 6” barrel could hack the pressure. Not sure if that short barrel could handle it. But oh LORD would it be fun to see the fireball.
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Bill Quick alerts us to an insider’s look at how our government views people like me These federal trainers describe the dangers of “extremists” and “militia groups” roaming the community and hiding in plain sight, ready to attack. Officers are instructed how to recognize these domestic terrorists by their behavior, views and common characteristics. State data bases are kept to track suspected domestic terrorists and officers are instructed on reporting procedures to state and federal...
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A few weeks ago, my daughters got a couple of praying mantises from one of their teachers. We started off with 3, but only 1 managed to survive (no, he didn’t eat his brethren). We’ve been digging outside for beetles and bugs for him to eat, and he already went through a molting which was neat. However, we’ve not been able to supply him with enough food. For whatever reason, our hibiscus plants are simply devoid of aphids and all of our friends with gardens seem to be low on them too. So, we...
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Remember this excellent article in Shooting Illustrated? The one that said “Do not try to catch a dropped gun”? Yeah, well that article became near and dear to me this weekend when I made a boneheaded mistake and ended up flinging my Glock 20 to the ground. I was getting ready to head out and put on my Minotaur. As a safety measure, I always remove my holster with the gun still in it, and put it on the same way. Well, one of the clips had managed to snag itself in a belt look and I was a...
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I would assume it plays the Imperial March
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Caleb. When he’s not playing the part of a rat-fink on reality shows or chatting it up on podcasts, he’s doing online videos for InSights Training Center. Now, I consider Caleb a good friend and for all the ribbing I give him, and all the handwringing that goes on about him from various other bloggers, I’m glad he’s on our side. Gunnies still have the stereotype of being old, fat, white guys in camo overalls to deal with and people like Caleb are helping bring a fresh, new face to the shooting...
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Glock – An empire in decline part II I’ll toss in my 2 cents (which, adjusting for inflation, you probably owe me) because it’s my blog and talking about gun stuff is what I do. My first CCW piece was a Glock 29. Yes, the 10mm is a ridiculous, boutique cartridge, but it works for me. I had shot Glocks for years and years an until recently, I had NEVER had a single failure that wasn’t directly attributable to the ammunition (my G20 has choked on 2 rounds and had FTFs). Literally a decade of...
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Mostly because almost half the people there weren’t from Central Florida. The meetup part was awesome, mind you, it just wasn’t staffed by that many Floridians! Clockwise from left, McThag, Marv, Weer’d Beard, Greg & Beth Clockwise from lower center, Sharp as a Marble commenter 9x19 Dan, his fiancé, then there’s the lovely Dixie and her flame, Unix Jedi, Pasture Pilot, and standing is Michael Brendzel of Tactilite fame. Sadly, Michael didn’t have free 50BMG uppers to hand out....
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A cliffhanger. I’m intrigued. Although I’m sure Glock will do just fine. Too many fanboys to let them ever decline ;)
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Got this trying to post a comment today
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So, a few months ago they shut down a road I travel daily to do some repairs. In what must have been a Shlitz malt liquor fueled joke, someone decided that while they had the intersection closed, they’d turn it into a roundabout. Now, when I heard that, I was irked. We’re Americans. We don’t understand roundabouts. This was going to be a pain in the ass to deal with, dangit! Today? If I was king, I’d demand roundabouts be put in practically everywhere. I love the intersection, and it’s not...
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