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Tanker fire literally melts bridge Huge leaping flames from an exploding gasoline tanker melted the steel underbelly of a highway overpass in the East Bay's MacArthur Maze early this morning, causing it to collapse onto the roadway below and virtually ensuring major traffic problems for weeks to come. The elevated roadway that fell carried eastbound traffic from the Bay Bridge onto Interstates 580 and 980 and state Highway 24. It draped like a blanket over a roadway below, a connector from...
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My father-in-law runs his own printing business, so I'm having him print out a ton of targets for me. I like shooting a single magazine then replacing the target. Since I'm a cheap bastard, I usually reuse for at least two magazines. However, since I can get these cheap (so far he keeps saying he wont charge me, but when I order them by the 1000 I'm hoping he'll change his mind) I should be able to use them the way I like them. Here's my design - The big circle is 10" and the smaller ones are...
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Nick Anderson is a pretty big liberal cartoonist. Half of the time, his cartoons are just too lefty for me. The other half of the time, he's a riot. Today, he whacks one out of the park.
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Well, the Mrs. was supposed to go the range with me today, however due to this and that, we had to reschedule for this Friday afternoon. I loaded some Hornady XTP 155 gr. with 10.4 gr. of TiteGroup which I didn't think I liked. After today, that has changed. It's definitely got a snappier feel than the Longshot, but the 10.4 grain loads just seemed to fit in my hand. I also took some advice from some of my commenters and dry fired like hell throughout the week. Turns out, there's nothing wrong...
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Economics is largely about the surprising and sometimes tragic consequences of rational behavior. When there's an exciting moment at the ballpark, everybody stands up trying to see better, and therefore nobody succeeds. From here.
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Random camera phone picture
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Loaded the first .357 Magnum round (just a dummy round - no powder or primer) tonight and thought it'd be a fantastic time for a little Gun Pr0n! Click for fullsize. Amazing how massive this firearm is and just how much fun it is to shoot.
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Here's the story - You insert the DVD and it kills 90 minutes of your life that you will never get back. I kept hoping Samara would actually come through my TV and hit the power button.
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The Mrs. took 4 days off to do a scrapbooking getaway up in Georgia so I get to be Mr. Mom for the weekend. It amazes me how surprised everyone is that I am able to handle this. Apparently, few fathers take care of their kids like I do. I'm more than happy to spend a few days with my girls as it gives us time together. Working all the time, I have a tendency to miss out on parts of their lives, and this gets me closer to them. Plus, since the Mrs. is away, I got to take them to Waffle House...
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You'd keep hitting my tip jar until I could pick up one of these. SaaM needs a Kimber Ultra Carry II in 45 ACP with Crimson Trace grips. I neeeeeed it.
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As the anti-self-defense lobby has been telling us for decades, the best way to deal with killer asteroids is to “put up no defense — give them what they want, or run.” Any attempt to defend Earth against an asteroid will just make the asteroid more angry. Hat Tip Lastango
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This is a riot. Senator Carolyn McCarthy wants to ban guns with barrel shrouds. The problem is, the stupid twit doesn't even know what a shroud is. In her little incompetent world, I assume she'd outlaw these things too. I mean seriously, we can't have protective covers to keep from burning our hands now, can we Carolyn?
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We license people to drive, right? Why not to own guns? According to Law Dog, that's not a bad idea!
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Say Uncle asks So, here’s a fun game for you pro-gun folks: Due to some bizarre set of circumstances, congress decides that all federal gun laws need to be re-written and revised. You are elected/selected/appointed as the negotiator for pro-gun folks. And there will be one negotiator for the anti-gun folks. All federal laws will be wiped clean and you two will negotiate what the new gun laws will be. There will have to be compromise on both sides. So, what will you concede? And what is...
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No more WPF/E, now it's Silverlight. Thank God. Now what I'm doing at least has a cool name.
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This is awful. Update at 12:21 p.m. ET: Virginia Tech President Charles Steger just told reporters that there were two shootings, both of which resulted in fatalities. He said the school is in the process of notifying the victims' next of kin. The second shooter is dead. The number of fatalities have not been confirmed, he said. From what I can understand, it seems like there were two shooters and one is still on the loose. H/T Say Uncle Update Monday, April 16th 2007 12:23AMVirginia Tech...
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Three-D models from a single photograph. Microsoft should combine this with Photosynth.
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Went shooting on Saturday with a buddy of mine. I've manged to stop milking the grip and shooting too low, but I cannot for the life of me seem to stop shooting to the left. My friend shot a magazine and all his ended up leftward as well. Great. Out of all the Glocks in the world I get a liberal one. Bad jokes aside, I'm thinking my sights might be slightly off. I'll have a gunsmith check them or try to use the rest next time to see if I can pinpoint the problem. However, I did shoot a lot...
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A US military sniper is not going to accept a mission to assasinate a US political figure, and they are not going to accept any mission that requires them to attack a target in the US. Period. If you want that job done, you find a police sniper... (Link) Pardon me for paraphrasing Battlestar Galactica, but at one point in the series, Adama was asked to use the military as police. His response was that the military was used to defeat the enemy and when used as police, the people become the...
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If Imus was actually the father of Anna Nichole Smith's baby and he happened to be in Aruba at the same time as Natalie Holloway. Seriously, why do lefties worry so much about Fox news? It's like the bastard step child of National Enquirer and Weekly World News, only a bit more sensational and not (as of now) including photos of Bat Boy. Now, if you could somehow put Imus as Bat Boy's father, then the circle would be complete.
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The fact that he didn't immediately receive several dozen extra holes in his body might explain why I no longer go to this 'range' From TBO TAMPA - A 10-hour hostage situation at a shooting range came to an end about 3 a.m. when Jeffrey Lane Dudney, 42, killed himself. Dale Mabry Highway, which was closed during the tense standoff, is open for the morning commute. ... Gee said that there were three customers and two employees taken hostage. Two others in the store were able to flee before...
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But I'm going to continue to beat this horse, no matter how dead it is, because there are too many people out there that simply can't get this through their thick heads. This is from Philidelphia's Chief of Police in an editorial from the Philadelpha Inquirerer We have to stop pointing the finger everywhere but at the very people who prey on us each day. Over time we have allowed our value system to erode. We refuse to hold people accountable for their actions and constantly make excuses for...
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Being so &#*ing busy you're not able to blog, but no so busy that you don't get a chance to read a few blogs here and there and then getting angry at said posts (not the bloggers, but their targets) and not having enough time to throw in your 2¢ so that the 3 people who accidentally added your blog to their feed list instead of Funky Winkerbean would read it and not really care. That and run on sentences.
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I'm not sure there are words for this.
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Abso-friggin'-lutely priceless A prominent Illinois gun control advocate found himself tongue-tied after he was caught telling something other than the truth about a popular brand of target rifles. The gaffe came during a Wednesday press conference hosted by Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-33) in support of several gun control bills. In his address, Kotowski pointed to a rifle staged as a prop for the event and described it as being a “military” weapon. What Kotowski did not know was that Mr. Mark...
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Is that I smell like "Japanese Cherry Blossom". Stupid scented bath soaps...
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Gah. An unnamed, opinion piece in the St. Petersburg Times get's my blood boiling. But what do you expect from a leftist rag like that? Onto the fisk NRA power play stomps on safety Ahh yes, the whole "The NRA = All Gun Owners" lie. I own several death-toys firearms and am not an NRA member. Strike one. Who says the Florida Legislature doesn't look out for the working stiff? A bill (SB 2356) that so far is breezing through the Senate would stop employers from banning guns in their parking...
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Only you're the only one on the road. That's what my day is like so far. I wish I could explain better, but an analogy is that you're sitting in your car, you know where you need to go, you know there are other places you'd rather go, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to put your foot on the gas and make the car move. That's what my brain is doing to me at this moment. I feel antsy, like I want to get going, but I can't concentrate on a single thing I'm supposed to be doing. I...
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I work with one of the most leftist people you could imagine. Not only does he sport Impeach Bush! bumperstickers, but even had a vanity plate made for impeachment as well. He walked by my cube today and on the Mac I had a nice picture of Earth as the background. The picture just happens to have North America in view, which he complained about with a very snide "That's a very North American Centric picture don't you think?" comment. Everything to this man is politics. I don't think it would be...
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Just a picture of a friendly sea turtle that wanted to say hello to Irelyn
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