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And this one is no exception.
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YOU’LL HAVE TO SHOUT! The plumber is having to drill into the floor. Lovely…..
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Won’t be posting too much today. Had to stay home to scrape off linoleum adhesive off of a concrete floor so the tile guy can lay down slate in the bathroom. My hands are killing me. And I have an odd phobia that I wonder if anyone else does. Every time I open the freezer door, I’m afraid it’s going to hit my eye and my eye would stick like a tongue on a frozen pole. So if you see me wincing getting ice cubes, that’s why.
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Everyone should know I have a crush on Sam, but if Jan keeps hinting at me like this, I might change my mind….
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Normally at work they don’t allow me to associate with adults much less children, so imagine my surprise when I was asked to allow a high school student to shadow me for the day! How exciting to indoctrinate a young mind unto the hive mentality of cubicle life. Let’s just think of all the wonderful things my student can learn about Coffee. When is too much dangerous? Effective use of employer’s time for personal gain Blogging on the clock Porn – Know...
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Jeff Goldstein continues to get his panties in a wad about the whole Citizen Journalist Radio interview with Michele Cantalano and the reaction by John Hawkins of Right Wing News. Not being content with getting caught with his pants warming his ankles, Jeff tries to get all high and mighty with this little nugget of sage advice: And I suggest that it might not be such a bad idea if some people in the blogosphere stopped taking themselves so fucking seriously. Listen here...
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Glenn gets better service at Lowes? Color me unimpressed as the Lowes near where I live is a nightmare. First, both the Home Depots (equidistant from my house!) have self checkout lanes. When I need to go, I can go. Last weekend I had to go to Lowes, and at 2:00 PM they only had 2 cashiers working!!!! There were 30 people standing behind them waiting to handle any sort of pricing issue, but only 2 lines open. It took 30 minutes to buy a piece of wire and a bag of copper elbows. And as far as...
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I wouldn’t put my money on this guy pulling through.
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Another exiting day here at Sharp as a Marble as we have an exclusive guest blogger, Emperor Palpatine from the planet Naboo. SaaM: Thank you Emperor for blogging here today. I apologize for the mix up earlier this morning. I didn't realize it would be so difficult to find a taxi at that hour Palpatine: You will pay the price for your lack of vision. SaaM: Errrr...Ok. Well, then I guess I'll let you begin. Palpatine: Good. I can feel your anger. Much like that of my new apprentice, a recent...
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Let’s just say that not only do I agree with this sentiment, but that I will do everything in my power to ensure that my daughters do not grow up to be push-overs. Holy Gaia-on-a-pogo-stick, what’s going to happen when these kids grow up to take over our jobs? Already I think we’re seeing poorer performances by the kids only one generation behind mine, what will become of us when we get people who think that they can just whip out a stress card when reality gets too...
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Face it, the only difference is who’s in power.
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It would be Sam. Guns, Looks, Attitude. She has it all.
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I’ve been involved in quite a few conversations lately, both online and in real life (did you realize you can actually speak to real people?). A common thread in these conversations is politics or particular views on events. One thing I try to do when composing arguments is to frame them from a different perspective so that the other party must defend something they’ve not thought out completely, thus exposing the weaknesses in their logic. For example, racism. When I speak of...
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So yesterday I’m driving home, wishing that I could take off the hard top and just enjoy the beautiful weather. Florida may be hot, flat, and totally bereft of attractive landscape, but the weather can be phenomenal during the springtime. Anyway, so I’m at a stop light and this (and I swear this is the only word I can think of) absolute Goddess pulls up next to me in some fancy sports car. Folks, I’ve not seen a woman this beautiful in a long time. She had long, dark...
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Pope If I see that word in a title of a post or anything that leads me to believe that the word will be contained in the article, I’m hitting the Mark as Read button instantly. I’m not Catholic. I don’t recognize the pope as the leader of the Christian faith. I couldn’t care less if they had chosen a black man. Or an Asian. Or a woman. While funny to watch initially, the whole attempt to get moonbats to accept that the guy isn’t a Nazi is futile and now...
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Damn I have to go pee…..
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A few weeks ago I went in for another sleep study since my first one was inconclusive. Monday I went to the doctor to find out the results. Turns out, while I do apnea, it’s not enough to disturb my sleep. This was very depressing to me as I suffer constantly because I don’t get good sleep.  The doc did notice though that I have restless leg syndrome. I kick my legs at night and he noticed that every time I did, woke myself up. So he prescribed me gabapentin, an...
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I’ve been wrestling with something for a while now. It’s not too long before SaaM reaches a full year, and it’s had its ups and downs, but it’s been a lot of fun. However, blogging requires time. I’d like to post more in depth items, but finding the time to write more than just a few snarky lines or a funny picture is hard to come by. I have to be careful at work to not waste my employers time (a little post here and there is fine). And when I get home, I’ve...
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I delinked someone today. Someone I’ve read for quite a while but who has finally descended into theocrazieness and is seeing the impending theocracy right around the corner. Since I’m not into all the public delinking, I’m not going to point them out. I will say, however that this blog has been removed from both my blogroll and my RSS reader as I am tired of the silly anti-religious rants. I don’t understand where people think that saying ‘Stop pushing your...
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When the white smoke came from the chimney, you knew there was a new pope. But when the white smoke came from Andrew Sullivan's ears, you knew it was Ratzinger. Mister Single Issue, the P.T. Barnum of Blogging, totally loses it. I don't know what Catholicism he was raised in, but Jesus isn't going to be crucificed facing the cross and with his loincloth removed anytime soon. Full post here UpdateJCoke over at Bill Quick’s place zings Sully too  But I am getting so tired of...
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A nun with Tourettes Syndrome.
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We purchased a new stove top a few weeks ago. Because the stove we had installed was a 1978 Crap-O-Matic, it was oddly shaped and required a new countertop to be built if we wanted a more modern cooktop. We were originally going to get solid surface installed in the entire kitchen, but it turned out to be too pricey. So I decided to attempt it myself. Unlike some other people who’s idea of powertools is a can opener, I’ve got a decent range of finger removers to get most tasks...
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And quite possibly a very, very small penis.
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I have an odd habit. When I read a book, the very first thing I use to mark a page, be it a receipt, photo, magazine insert, etc., is the bookmark for that book until I’m done reading it. And it has to be something different. I can’t ever have the same bookmark twice. Don’t know why I ever started doing that, but it’s something I adhere to religiously. And if I lose my bookmark? Hafta keep the book spread open. Period. Right now, I’m reading The Moon is a Harsh...
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There. Are you f&*ing happy now? UpdateThe ‘Tard speaks. We'll see. The actual reason I've not posted much today is because, unlike having a job in the Air Force, my career actually requires me to do some work.
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Washington, DC – Tom Ridge, Director of Neverland Security has raised the Molestation Alert from Tanned to Caucasian, the highest level of the new color-coded system. Ridge appeared before reporters, visibly shaken and told the press “ The Department of Neverland Security in consultation with the Neverland Security Council, has made the decision to raise the national threat level from an Elevated to High risk of Michael Jackson molesting a child, or Level Caucasian. The...
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Well, today is the day I call TiVo and cancel my subscription. It’s not that I’m disappointed with my TiVo service, if anything it rocks, but Brighthouse is supplying an HD DVR for only $9.95 a month. Let’s look at the cost / benefit analysis. TiVo – $600 for HD ready recorder, + $12.95 a monthBrighthouse – Free recorder, $9.95 a month Hmmm…..Decisions, decisions. TiVo, as a service kicks ass. The box is nice, it works as advertised, etc....
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Let me get this straight. A woman has a rough day with her kids. She writes the story on eBay and auctions the baseball that started the day off. Someone buys it for $1,125.00. This has got to be a joke. What in the hell makes a baseball and a good story worth that much money? Seriously? There were 108 f’ing bids on this thing like it was the winning homerun ball from the 1967 World Series game between the Cardinals and the Red Sox. Why do I bother coming into work? Apparently...
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I’m really getting tired of blogging and I think it’s about time to take a well deserved break.               OK, that’s better. Just needed a short reprieve. All is well now.
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Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine points out some tit-for-tat on Pamela Anderson’s new show and keeps us abreast of the situation: American women have no nipples (before 10 p.m.): Pamela Anderson, appearing on Howard Stern this morning to plug her new Fox show Stacked, said that the network censors have come on the set and ordered that her nippled be "taped down" because you can't have nipples before 10 p.m.……Free the nipples! Gosh! It’s nice to know the...
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Looks like Glenn is being replaced. There goes all that mad-government-grant-money I was hoping to get for running the Glenndex.
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From - DNRC A few months back, the people in my office were talking about Mel Gibson's new movie, The Passion of the Christ.One of my coworkers, a young 20 year old secretary, mentioned that she wasn't sure if she was going to go see it because it would be too sad. That's when I jokingly told her that "It's okay; he comes back in the end. I read the Book." At which point she says, "There's a book?"
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If you’ve got some extra time on your hand that you want to waste, then click here! Update:The link is working now. But don’t get mad at me if you turn around and realize you just wasted the better part of your day.
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Saw Captain Ed discussing tax reform and why people are afraid to change the system. Now, as someone who supports the Fair Tax Initiative, I am also saddened by the common misconceptions about our tax system. I think most people will agree that it is too complex to even comprehend. Hell, owning my own business makes it even harder, even though I’m an s corp. I have to pay out some of my hard earned money to try to get some of my hard earned money back, and there’s...
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Yesterday, a fellow homebrewer at work gave me one of his latest creations. I took it home, but my cup holders in my Jeep are metal and the clinking of the bottle was driving me crazy (and that was just getting out of the parking lot). So, I decided to put it in the cup holder on the child seat in the back. I forgot to take it out yesterday. So, in our parking garage there is a car with a 16 oz bottle of beer sitting in a child’s cup holder. If anyone peers in, I’m betting HRS is...
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Also wanted to share this picture I did. My wife had her picture taken at 7 months in a little dress. Her mother kept the dress and 30 years later we had Georgia's picture taken around the same time. I used Photoshop and put the two together. There’s still a little work I need to do such as restoring the wrinkles in Kari’s dress and getting the contrast to match a bit more, but even with those issues it’s still a cute picture.
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Took Little Ms. G to the zoo this weekend (the same zoo my wife and I got married at!). She loves going there so we picked up an annual pass. She loves the animals, but she really loves the little water park they have. I got some great pictures (click on them to enlarge) (this one is currently my wallpaper!) Ain’t she cute as a button?
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A few weeks ago I beer blogged my brewing session of my Strawberry Nights Wheat. I figured an update is in order. (you can click on all images for a bigger picture) First, here are the ingredients I made a yeast starter so that I could get a better yield. Here’s my mad-scientist stove hard at work Yes, that really is an Erlenmeyer flask. I like it because it can go from the stove right into an ice bath without worrying about the glass breaking. Of course, then I had to boil...
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This morning, as I was driving across the bridge a semi ran over something flat in the road and tossed it into the air. I don't know what it was, but when it hit the Jeep it shattered like a ceramic tile. Fortunately for me, it hit the driver's side mirror and nothing else. There is no apparent damage which is hard to believe with the force it hit me with and the loud *chunk* it made. I thought there was going to be a huge gash in the side panel, but thank God everything seems ok. Lucky me, eh?...
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And all I got was $53.30 a barrel and $2.20 at the pump! Where’s the cheap oil we’re supposed to get? I mean, what good is warring for oil if the prices go up? It’s almost like the war wasn’t really for oil but that can’t be true!
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I’m on a quest to see how many cups of coffee I can drink before typing becomes difficult. uppdate;apppattnetly, 12 to13.z.vcups does thhhe ttirikc
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So TiVo has decided to show pop up ads when users fast forward through commercials. If you read the comments left at ZD-Net, you’d think TiVo had declared they were going to force people to watch 2 hours of infomercials about Oxyclean every day. Apparently, while you fast forward through the commercial, a box that takes up 25% of the screen will appear with an ad in it. It doesn’t prevent you from fast forwarding, it just tries to put an ad in where you’re trying to avoid an...
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The Mrs. cannot stand Waffle House. The two times I’ve been able to drag her there since we’ve been together, she’s gotten sick off of the food and has steadfastly refused to ever go back. So I’ve been without my beloved double order of hashbrowns scattered, covered, chunked, and topped* (cheese, ham, & Bert’s Chili) doused with a hefty amount of ranch dressing and tabasco for quite some time. Last night, when I got home Kari informed me she was tired and not...
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So here in my lovely home state of Florida, land of hurricanes, hanging chads, and feeding tubes, Jeb Bush* is preparing to sign into law a bill that allows me to protect myself if attacked. This is akin to signing in a law that allows me to shit after a good meal. Seriously. The current law states that, in the case I am attacked in public, I am to make like Brave Sir Robbin and run away. Which is a good idea if you’re Superman and can outrun a speeding bullet but a rather silly notion...
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Over at Q&O, there is a post that got me thinking of something that happened the other day. This matters because Social Security and Medicare are pay-as-you-go programs. Current taxpayers pay current benefits. Future taxpayers – mainly future workers – will pay future benefits. Even if adopted, President Bush's personal accounts for Social Security would hardly alter that.Consequently, baby boomers' children and grandchildren face massive tax increases. Social Security and...
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I am proud to admit that I am a cheap bastard. When you're married with 2 kids and the only beer drinker in the house, the cheaper the equipment the better as justification for new equipment is hard to come by. Since I've only one fridge, lagering has been out of the question, especially since I live in Florida and room temperature can be in the mid 70's. Well, I whined enough at work that some lady just gave me a fridge. Now all I need are some kegs, a CO2 bottle, taps, hoses, and...
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Lunch time is the one time in the day where I can relax and surf the blogosphere without worrying about appearing to slack off. Seems most bloggers prefer to eat lunch rather than keep me entertained. Selfish pricks….
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Otherwise, help yourself to the spiced jelly beans on my desk. The licorice and pepsin flavored ones are my favorite.
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Ramblings' Journal: Why go nuts regulating cornrows? Hair dye is hardly a serious safety threat, but even if it were, Cornrows & Co. didn't dye or perm hair. They only braided it. That didn't matter, said the Cosmetology Board -- they still had to get a license. In order to get one, Uqdah would have to pay about $5,000 to take more than 1,000 hours of courses at a beauty school. I hate the whole concept of ‘licensing’ for businesses. Licenses are nothing more than a barrier...
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Lemme bitch for a minute. First, I went to update a simple app. 5 lines of code. Wouldn’t run. Nothing wrong with my code (turns out to be a wayward HTTPHandler). Took me all day to troubleshoot 5 lines of code. Second – Did a dumb thing last night. Dual booted my new computer so I’d have XP32 and XP64. Idiot me named both systems the same name / IP. DNS and AD didn’t like that a lot.  So I logged into the XP32 system, changed it’s network ID and IP which...
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A while back I penned an article I titled “Theocrazy”. During the election season, lefties were running around with their hair on fire claiming W was pushing this country into a bona fide theocracy. I responded with my article. Some excerpts. Which leads me to my main point. Which denomination shall W base the theocracy on? Baptist Methodist? Presbyterian? Seventh Day Adventist? The Holy Church of the Cross? Branch Davidians? You see, the same problem I had finding a church...
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The other day I had to take my wife to the hospital because she was having some contractions. At only 23 weeks, it was something to be concerned about. Needless to say, my stomach was the size of a walnut and I was very, very nervous. When we arrived the nurse had Kari disrobe and put on one of those lovely, “Hey! Look at my ass!” gowns and lay down. The doctor came in and wanted to do an exam to ensure everything was OK. So the doctor was doing her thing, checking my wife’s...
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Went online this morning to upgrade my Photoshop to CS. Lo and behold, CS2 had just been announced today with a ship date of April 21st. So I went ahead and preordered! Saved a buck-fifty doing it too. And my try-out version of CS? Plenty of time left before CS2 shows up at my door.
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If you missed out on Bill & Jeff’s Rightalk Radio show, The Citizen Journalist Report yesterday, don’t worry. I’ve got the transcript right here {intro music} Bill / Jeff: Hello and welcome to the Citizen Journalist Report. Jeff / Bill: One of is is Jeff Goldstein and the other is Bill Ardolino Bill / Jeff: It’s just hard to tell because it sounds like we’re using Campbell’s Chicken Soup cans and a used shoe string to talk through. Jeff / Bill:...
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Following a brief illness, Frank Perdue dies at age 84 - Apr. 1, 2005 NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Frank Perdue, the Maryland farmer who revolutionized the poultry industry and gave chicken a brand name, died Friday following a brief illness at the age of 84.
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Why do you ask?
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