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You can build it! This past weekend, I spent a few hours running a test to see if I could model something like this Into this And I did! That’s a rough prototype. I only used a 1/16” flat down-cut bit which leaves a pretty rough surface. I had to hit it on the sander just to get rid of a lot of the wood shavings, but other than that this is what pops out of the machine in a single pass. Took about 40 minutes to rout, but the information gleaned was invaluable. First thing I learned is how...
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And by that, I mean one of the hard drives in the server is really, really dying. This is an older copy of the website, hope I haven’t lost too many pieces of data, but bear with me as I slowly try to care enough to bring it back.
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I did both… The deal was too good to pass up on the CNC router. The original owner was younger & simply couldn’t keep it running because the wiring never worked. I went to look at it and realized it simply needed the wiring redone and a few small, inexpensive parts. Still waiting on the parts, but all wiring is done. I can’t wait to get started. I have SO many ideas, like this one. As for the music equipment, the Mrs. agreed that it was for the church (I can’t use the stuff at home) so...
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