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I was all excited when I saw you could download printable Dyson Spheres. Then I saw it was a part for a vacuum…
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A man is both simultaneously right and wrong until observed by a woman. Then he is most certainly wrong. #SchrödingersWife
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Miguel had a post yesterday where he found a gunnie in an unexpected place He took a look at the card and said “A CWP! I love you!” I was a bit taken aback. Yes I suspect the gentleman was of the softer side of males but it was not because of that but by the actual friendliness which he expressed. We got to talking as he was finishing my fleecing paperwork and he admitted that he had one too and that he had decided to arm himself after being victimized at a convenience store/petrol station. I...
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Lately I’ve noticed that the monitors I look at for hours upon hours a day were starting to get a little more difficult to read. I had Lasik done back in 2000, and my vision went from 20/(Some number better expressed in scientific notation) to 20/15, however the doctors told me that over the years, my eyes would shift and things might get blurry again later. They never did. Sitting here in the office, looking across the bay, I can pick out the difference between a car and a truck crossing the...
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I learned two three, very helpful words today bathykolpian, spathic and callipygian. Bonus points if you can work any of those words into a meeting today.
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College campus has someone filming some show. Student mistakes monopod for a fully automatic Glock AK-74 with hip-spray adapter. Calls cops, panic ensues, everything eventually gets back to normal… sheep return to the pasture to graze. Seriously. Read the comments. These are our future ‘leaders’ with brilliant insights such as The fact that it took 20 minutes for the alert to be sent out AFTER I first heard about it when I was near by is ridiculous. And the fact that I personally (along with...
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Because this phrase, uttered by the execrable Bloomberg should send chills up and down it “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” Let me emphasize a few key words here “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” Notice Blowhard doesn’t say “I do think there are certain times our freedoms should be infringed”. No, he thinks he should infringe on your freedom. His freedoms? Leave those alone. Again, here’s a key illustration that...
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It’s probably not in your best interest to tell that to a gun blogger.
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This week is going to be really busy for me. Ice cream nozzle might be a little slow in the delivery. Just FYI
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But the “OMG GUNZ IZ SCARY” angle gets tiring. This line is a chuckler "He had more firepower than the detectives who arrested him," Spota says. Cops could show up to my house carrying a shotgun, AR, and 6 pistols each, and I’d still have more firepower than they do, but only in theory. You see, I have two hands and can’t hold the KRISS with my feet, so at best I could have a medium powered rifle in one hand and the Mosin Nagant in another and not be able to hit the broad side of a barn with...
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To make sure your murder is at least recorded for posterity A Dallas-area woman can be heard pleading for help in a 911 call as her ex-husband breaks into the house before killing her and then himself. DeSoto police released the 911 recording in Tuesday's night's fatal shooting of 37-year-old Catina Lareese Murphy. Her former husband used to be a police officer in Arlington and with the Cedar Hill Independent School District. Let’s look at the myriad of points here. An ex cop, one of the few...
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I have a small beef with many of my fellow gun rights supporters, namely the seemingly kneejerk reaction to point to the fact that all the recent mass shooters were on some sort of SSRI medication. Of course they were, they were bugnuts crazy before the meds, that’s why they put them on it - to try to control it. But the way many people speak of things like Paxil, Zoloft, and Lexapro, you’d think that Little Johnny Killemall was a perfect choir boy who was just a little depressed and because he...
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Even Feinstein & Horwitz aren’t concerned about it And let’s remember what the sponsor of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, Senator Dianne Feinstein, said on January 27th of this year:“There will be a package put together. If assault weapons is left out of the package…I’ve been assured by the majority leader I will be able to do it as an amendment on the floor, which is the way I did it in 1993. So, that doesn’t particularly bother me.” And it shouldn’t bother us either. It’s a flat out...
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Got a note from a friend of mine here in God’s Waiting Room (aka Florida) about a run in with the popo that her husband had. She wants this story out there for the world to see Dan got pulled over by a statie today because he didn't get over into the middle lane fast enough when passing their vehicles and a car they'd pulled over. The trooper asked Dan if he had a weapon in the car, and of course Dan said, "Yes, I'm a CCW holder and my pistol is locked in the glove compartment." The trooper...
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Christmas lights on palm trees
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Feinstein’s AWB bill dying isn’t a big deal. It was a pawn in a much bigger game of chess. Don’t get distracted by it, thinking we’ve scored even a minor victory. It was and always had been planned to be nothing more than a threat they knew they couldn’t pass but used to hide the other items on their agenda. Universal background checks Full On Registration is still not only on the table, but has squishy RINOs champing at the bit to be ‘bipartisan’ over it. The fight hasn’t even begun.
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I think there is comedy GOLD to be found in a parody site of ARFCOM, set in the Star Wars universe. There would be 8 page threads over the Incom T-16 vs the Kuat A-45. Calling someone “Palpatine” would be the Star Wars equivalent of going ‘Godwin’ People would insult others with “Dude, did you even serve in the Imperial Fleet?” “Hey, if the Xton B-99.3 was good enough for the Royal Guard…” Massive arguments over if the Jawas deserved their fate or not. “All I’m saying is that you register you...
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Watch this video regarding digital to analog signals. I’ve known a lot of this stuff through my geekiness and the fact I was an electrician in an earlier life, but it’s always neat to see it brought into modern times (The scopes I used were much older than the ones he shows in the video). What I want to point out most critically comes near the end around 21:40 – After the entire video, the author says to dig deeper, to not take his word for it, to do the experiments yourself and prove that what...
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What in the hell are bullets in gun cartridges? And how the hell can you be so ignorant on a topic yet feel that you’re capable enough to write on it? Then again, there’s a phenomenon that people who know better self doubt and those who don’t feel overconfident about their abilities. Lord knows even *I* do research when writing about guns because sometimes even gunnies aren’t well versed in all the minutia of hammers, springs, gears, and doohickeys.
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The Gun (and IED) Free Zone force field generator was faulty The University of Central Florida in Orlando canceled some of its classes on Monday after police responding to a 911 call found improvised explosive devices in a dorm room and a man dead in an apparent suicide. A school official said that a fire alarm went off in the Tower 1 residence hall at approximately 12:20 a.m. Monday. As firefighters were en route, police received a 911 call reporting a man with a gun. Can. Not. Happen. Guns...
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Action Needed – Florida Bill to Protect Right to Self-Defense Florida Carry Bill to Protect People Who Act in Self-Defense from ProsecutionFlorida Carry needs your help! Florida Carry has submitted a “Defense of Life, Home, & Property” bill to the Florida legislature for consideration. In the Senate, this bill is called SB 1446 and is being sponsored by Sen. Thad Altman. On the House side, the bill is called HB 1047 and is being sponsored by Rep. Neil Combee. The bill comprises two main...
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Ever wanted to know if some place you are going is a “Gun Free Zone”? There’s an app for that. So far, it’s been pretty decent. There are a few UI issues I have, but it does work as I generally expect. Of course, the data is sparse especially in my area, but the more people who use it, I’m sure the data will become much better.  Crowd sourcing is a good idea for something like this. I’d like to see some sort of indicator saying a place is “Gun Friendly” vs “Gun Neutral” since I generally...
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Vacation is over, back at work. Tons to do. Looking at my hit counter, vacations are NOT good for your stats. Now all I have to do is come up with something witty / profound and get incoming links. No problem. … Uh… Try back again in a little while.
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It’s not you. It’s me. As in, I’m away with the family. On one of them thar fancy vaycashuns. Y’all have fun talking amongst yerselves and all.
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Progressives believe that people are too stupid to make the right decisions for themselves and that elected leaders should be the ones to do it. Yet, those same people have to make a decision on their elected leaders. So, doesn't that say that the people elected were done so by people too stupid to know what's best for them and that those elected are probably the worst people to be put into the decision making process? When you get elected / hired as a bureaucrat, does it instantly modify your...
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One thing I cannot stand is how fast many 2A supporters nod their head in agreement that no right is absolute and then pop off to agree that you can’t yell fire in a theater, as if that has anything to do with the price of cheddar in Sheboygan. Yes, it is true that no right is unlimited because at some point your rights will interfere with other people’s rights. Usually the example is yelling ‘Fire’ in a theater, and then saying well,yes, there are some styles of firearms that can be restricted...
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They really are this stupid These are the people who consider themselves more enlightened than you or I and who think they have what it takes to rule your life. It’s like watching a retarded kid scream about how your tying your shoelaces wrong and then gets confused over the Velcro straps holding his sandals on his hands. As I wrote on Twitter, gun control supporters fear a tube, sealed at one end. They don’t understand the tube, can’t comprehend why anyone would want a tube, can’t comprehend...
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Having a bruised coccyx. Happened during a ride at The Strawberry Festival. Not fun. Not fun at all.
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Talking about McCain’s senile moment where he got all angry about Rand Paul stepping in his yard, telling people that they should fear their government "American citizens have nothing to fear from their government." To which was replied the QotD Wasn't (isn't) the entire point of the Constitution is that we do? Amen.
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Both my girls were accepted into the charter school we applied at. This is a big relief for me. The elementary school they currently go to is considered one of the best public schools in the area. With few exceptions, the girls’ teachers have been excellent but sadly they’ve also been saddled with limitations. When Irelyn started the school year they tested her reading. She was expected to be at a 12 and by the end of the year should be at a 28. She started the year at 28. We were told “Well,...
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Lucky Gunner turns 4 and celebrates with one hell of a cake.
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But I still recommend a quality holster
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Because I sincerely doubt Juan Valdez intended his finest brew to be used as a weapon When a man tried to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts in Connecticut on Saturday night, an employee acted quickly and stopped him with the closest weapon available -- hot coffee. Normally coffee makes for nothing more than a good drink. Here, it turned into a weapon based on how an individual used it. If the intent of an object was transferrable, then the robber would have simply sipped the java and been slightly more...
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I took a picture yesterday that I pray to God lasts me for the rest of my life. You see, I took the snapshot with my mind, and it’s one of those pictures that make life worth living. The family took a trip to the Strawberry Festival like we do every year. Georgia and Irelyn are getting to the point where they like the bigger rides, although Georgia, being older, was a bit more adventurous than iMac. That, and Irelyn is a petite, short thing so height wise she couldn’t ride some things. George...
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This is my biggest fear getting into songwriting. Most music has already been written. Nowadays, all you’re doing is changing the sounds used to make the music. Punk revolved around three chords (if they could manage that, otherwise two would suffice) but that became cliché for a while. It’s all cyclic. What is hot now will become passé then you’ll be able to mix the new trend with the old in a funny mashup. So long as I can make my millions, I guess it won’t be that big of a deal to me.
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So, part of learning the guitar is recording some background music then soloing over it. The nice thing about my Zoom G3 guitar effects pedal is that it has USB output which my PC can consume like a champ. So I just purchased FL Studio and am picking up a MIDI keyboard tonight after work to assist with the background tracks. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years now. I’ve always wanted to combine rock with techno, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to mix music. So I’m taking the fact...
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Guy tries to rob bank. Gets shot in the face for his troubles. Curious to know what caliber was used being that being shot in the noodle should never result in a high speed car chase afterwards.
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I’d say that’s par for the course. I submitted the picture to Merriam Webster to go with the word pathetic.
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Because my head is still attached. Last night I dreamt I woke up at 3AM and, being that I was at a gun blogger conference where everyone was sharing what appeared to be barracks style sleeping arrangements, I tapped Tam and told her about a blog post I made. She got up, linked to my post from her blog then went back to sleep. I then woke up in a cold sweat* thinking “OMG. I just woke Tam up to link whore myself. She’s going to kill me”. *This too was part of the dream as I was still snoozing...
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From a commenter on Facebook Due to the Sequester budget cuts Biden now advises firing only one of your barrels in the air to ward off the postman.
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Only 1000 tickets for two shotguns. Think about it, your chances are pretty good, especially if you buy multiple tickets. And if you win, you get (according to Joe Biden) the most awesomest home defense weaponry known to man!!!
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But last night’s lesson showed me that unlearning my habits is going to be the kicker. One, I rest my palm on the bridge when I play rather than using my pinky to support my hand when needed. This limits my motion (and thus has had an impact on my accuracy). When I need to palm mute, that’s an appropriate time to do so, but not when I’m trying to play solos. Two, when picking it was noticed that I would change my up / down cadence every time I switched strings. For example, this pattern...
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