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Caleb narrates a pretty nifty video on the beginnings of a 1911. This could be a very interesting segment. I look forward to more of it.
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Not this month, but I’m going to start getting everything ready to start shooting single stack for USPSA again. I shot single stack when I started out, back when I wasn’t shooting for score and just trying to see if I wanted to do competition. I switched to Limited because I wanted to focus on my shooting rather than trying to figure out where to do a mag change which seems to be 80% of shooting single stack. I figured, starting out with 15 in the hopper allowed me to focus on putting bb’s in...
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But OldNFO isn’t known for being loose with the facts I just got notified that Newbius passed away suddenly on Tuesday.  I don't have any details, nor any info as to any services. It may surprise you, but I have very few friends in meatspace. I’m quasi-anti-social as it is, but for the most part I’m just busy with my family and don’t have as much time to hang out with my buds so the vast majority of my monkeysphere is online. I talked with Newbius regularly via...
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Jeff G puts what has been bouncing around in my brain into a pretty easy to digest sound bite Again, to the left — the ideological ruling class left, as opposed to the useful idiots they keep about screeching for “social justice” in lieu of having to actually reach into pocket and pay for such things voluntarily — this battle was never over health care. That was but the facade. This was an attempt to fundamentally redefine the relationship between citizen and government. It was an attempt...
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Dragon Leatherworks was commissioned to built a Goth lunchbox for one of the characters. I don’t watch TV, don’t even have cable, so I’ll have to see if Hulu will have the show on after it airs.
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I’ve only got 86,400 seconds per day, 28,800 of which are generally spent chumming around with Morpheus and crew. I try to stay up to date with news that impacts me so I have an RSS reader I keep running at all times and I pay attention to quite a large number of blogs. Most of the time, I have to skim the headlines to choose what I can read because I am at work, and it’s important my employer gets what they’re paying for. There is downtime between builds and I can do 2 or 3 things...
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You know how we’re always told that guns cause people to commit crimes and therefor they should be banned, thus ushering in an era of world peace? Nobody ever told this guy The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Trevor Pufall said, "Don't kill me. Don't kill me," as Brisbane called authorities, police said. Pufall, armed with a tire iron, then struck Brisbane three times on the head. Luckily for the victim, he too never got the message Pufall then dropped his tire iron and...
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I am sick and tired of this whole affair. Many people seem to have the right idea, Tam summarizing it up quite well Zimmerman was out doing his neighborhood watch thing and saw Martin. He called 911 and followed Martin in his vehicle. When Martin walked someplace that Zimmerman couldn't follow in his vehicle, he got out of his vehicle and followed on foot. ??? In the process of getting his ass beaten, Zimmerman busts a cap in Martin. The entire case turns...
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From Mr. Breda  That is why it so often seems we are speaking a different language when we argue with gun control supporters – they say, “ban the guns”, and we break out the facts, figures, and logic, never realizing the argument is not about guns – it is not even really an argument with us, but an internal dialogue by a pitiful human being frantically trying to convince himself he is a good person. We’re only spectators in the process.
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Until Family Firearms opened up their range this week, the only indoor range nearby was Shoot Straight. I’m not the biggest fan of Shoot Straight because they have more rules about shooting there than the federal tax code. They don’t allow reloads, no shooting more than 1 round per some arbitrary time, no drawing from the holster, and I must assume because they’ve had a spate of suicides at several of their locations (none at this one that I know of), they don’t allow any photography of any...
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A while back I recall reading an article discussing political questionnaires given to people who identified as conservative or liberal (since the term ‘liberal’ was used in the study, I’m using it here where in reality, ‘progressive’ or ‘leftist’ is a better indicator). They were asked to fill them out, then to fill them out again how they thought the other side would. Conservatives did a better job of matching liberal beliefs than vice versa with liberals wildly misunderstanding the ‘other’ in.
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Let’s go to the range! I’ll bring some friends!
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There should be licenses and background checks for people with starting guns. Hat Tip Shall Not Be Questioned
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Back when I first got the competition Apex Tactical  Action Enhancing Kit, I was hoping that at some point, I could also get the nice aluminum trigger that came with the Forward Set Sear kit (which I eventually replaced it with anyway). I contacted Apex about selling just the trigger, which is really, really nice, and it looks like you now can do just that.
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I’ve avoided commenting on the Zimmerman fiasco here because plenty of other places are doing a good job covering it, and I’m quite aware that as someone sitting behind a keyboard, I’m as far away from the information I’d need to make a valid decision of guilt or innocence. This, according to some people, makes me a dumb redneck who wants to shoot blacks. Whaaatever. I don’t really care about this case insofar as the case itself. It’s messy, has been blown out of proportion, and there seems to...
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Doesn’t mean I would want to get shot by it. Got up from the desk, and turned to face my attacker. Then, the jerk gave me the worst of it, as he stabbed me in my left abdomen, right above the belt line. It went all the way in , within a half inch of piercing my other side. Hurt like hell. But, I was pissed, so I kept on fighting anyway. By this time, I was starting to fade, as I'd lost a lot of blood, and my hits on him didn't seem to be having much of an effect. In actuality, I was going...
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In the mail today was my latest USPSA card. My goal for the year was to at least make D class in Limited, possibly push for C, and at least D class in Single Stack. When I saw this, I was pleasantly surprised Not too shabby! Doesn’t mean I don’t suck as a shooter, I just suck slightly less than some people. Doesn’t really change my goals though. I’ll eventually get back into single stack and possibly try running L10 at some point too. I have no plans to ever shoot revolver since I’m not a...
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As in “Hey, Robb, can you help spread the word about my post” and completely not doing it. From Canada, Solomon C. Friedman gives testimony on abolishing the national registry for rifles & shotguns.  It’s heartening to see our northern brethren making headway. It’s also clear that his fight goes well beyond our own borders. From Not Canada, Disaster Preparedness For Kids. I need to start going over this stuff with my kids. Their minds are like sponges now, best time ever to get good...
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This weekend I had the opportunity to handle a professional grade caliper. Made me realize how shitty and cheap the one I use for reloading is. When I started reloading, I had to cut costs where I could, and the caliper seemed to be a cheap item, much like a glorified ruler, and being that most of them weren’t that expensive, I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal. Boy was I wrong. I’m constantly having to re-zero it which shouldn’t be the case with an item that is supposed to be precision...
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Since one of the larger points to come out about  in the “How do you like your reviews” post was “Yeah, nice one time outing. How did it hold up after X time?” I realized I have a pretty good example of that. A while back, I reviewed the Louisville Leather holster that was sent to me. I commented on how nice you can get custom holsters these days and that the LL one was superbly made. Now that I’ve had it a few months, what’s my impression? Let’s just say it’s now my daily carry rig....
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So here’s an artsy fartsy picture of the KRISS to tide you over.
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If you’re ever faced with a chest bursting alien queen and are holding both a child and a flamethrower duct taped to your M41A1 Pulse Rifle, it makes a lot of sense
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Just going to have to rest on all my hard work on the P333AT for hits today. Just handed a massive plate of defects that absolutely require being cleared by yesterday on code that I’ve never even seen before, so you people are just going to have to entertain yourselves.
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This post over at Ver…uh Vorworp… Vurplewobble… Vuurwapenblog really got me to thinking about the reviews I am asked to do here at the compound I am getting really tired of searching for a quality firearm review to link to, only to come across regurgitated manufacturer specifications and photos under the title "Review." Maybe you're incapable of doing a quality review, maybe you're lazy, maybe you actually think that you can review something from a single manufacturer photo. ...
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When you’ve granted the waiting staff carte blanche to dip their jimmies in your minestrone*. A rather left-leaning friend on mine on Facebook was complaining about "A proposed new law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons. And because Arizona's an at-will employment state, that means that bosses critical of their female employees' sex lives could fire them as a...
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Leesburg FL (March 14th, 2012)  As was reported in December, the City of Leesburg has decided to stick by its anti-gun laws in direct defiance of state law and their own city charter. Leesburg City Manager Jay Evans has flatly refused our requests that the city repeal its firearm ordinances, in compliance with state preemption of firearms law. City Manager Evans stated that: "Any action taken in the future regarding the existence of these laws in our Code of Ordinances will be...
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Every time I get a glimmer of hope for the human race, I go and read the comments to my most popular post ever as a reminder that a large portion of the populace is so blinded by… I don’t even know what. Some are blinded by ideology, others seem to be incapable of processing data that conflicts with what they know to be true, and many are just stupid as a sack of broken lawn darts. In that particular post, it was clear that people saw their God King being mocked and rather than scroll through...
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Cocoa Fl – There’s no denying that the market for concealable pistols has been hotter than ever, but the move toward smaller and smaller pistols meant consumers had to trade in power for size. Kel-Tec, the American leader in underpowered, tiny pistols has solved this issue by packing more gun into their guns. Introduced at the 2012 Weapons Trade Forum (WTF), Kel-Tec was proud to announce the upcoming P333AT “After the IWA show in Nuremburg, Germany, we realized there was a high demand for...
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But sometimes a man simply must elicit a high pitched sound worthy of a middle school girl meeting Justin Beiber. Daaaaaamn… That’s a nice acquisition.
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Lord I love this song…
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Somehow, my resume / profile on Dice was still searchable. Might explain the dozens of calls I’m getting a week for employment. The .Net market here is hot, but I’m already employed and not looking to job hop. Then again, some of the numbers these guys have been tossing out in voicemails do make me think about it ;)
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But when you post shit that will get people killed if they were to listen to you, you’ve gone a bit far Moving through the hallway to get back to your family and protect them won’t be a problem because the handgun is small and light and fits nicely in the waistband of your Fruit of the Looms if need be. You’re seriously saying to Mexican carry a pistol in your underwear? I can’t decide if the article was meant to be written tongue in cheek or not, but the advice is horrific, factually...
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                (oh…right, I’ve only been doing this since ‘04. JayG? Even less!)
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Open carry of a light saber.
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In #gunblogger_conspiracy, there’s a discussion going on regarding the Double 1911 Monstrosity That I Still Want Simply Because It Makes The Baby John Moses Browning Giggle (as seen here) and if it’s considered a ‘machinegun’ because one pull of the trigger sends two bb’s down range. The discussion then got to how to get around this, since the ATF defines ‘machineguns’ based on a very limited set of physical characteristics, resulting in a Gatling gun being perfectly legal since there is no...
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Took the Colt Delta Elite out this Friday for its first outing. Alas, there is a major design flaw in the firearm that presents a serious safety issue – I think both Laughingdog and I suffered from pulled cheek muscles smiling so hard. Holy moley that’s a fun weapon to shoot. My loads are a bit hotter than factory, but it ate them up just fine. The report was concussive yet totally controllable and the pistol was dead accurate. That was proven by Laughingdog punching the same spot over and...
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Here’s the thing. I hear, all the time “Dude, if you put that on a shirt, I’ll buy it!” I’ve made approximately $0 on that deal, which is why I generally use Zazzle, as middle-tier as that is. Running a series and having boxes of unsold shirts just doesn’t appeal to me. Regardless, I think this one would be awesome I could switch out with pretty much any pistol type. Speaking of which, I need to make an M&P shape for Photoshop. Update – ENDO Apparel beat me to it
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Seems everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid.
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But three shooters leaving Team Glock in the past few months makes me wonder what’s going on. Randi Rogers is leaving Team Glock I am departing on a new journey. GLOCK is a great company, but it is time for new challenges. I thanks them and everyone for the support.   Looks odd to me….
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Right? Right? There is no way in a hot hell that is a real thing. For God’s sake people, THIS WAS JUST A PROP IN A MOVIE Hat Tip Guns, Holsters and Gear who have a shiny logo that I don’t see anywhere
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You know things are going well Despite its reputation as a gun-friendly state, Florida is losing ground to liberal enclaves like Vermont and Maine when it comes to carrying concealed weapons. Four states -- Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming -- allow their residents to "conceal carry" without a permit. Twelve more states are considering legislation to join that group. But Florida is not among them. … Such laissez-faire laws have alternately earned praise or elicited...
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Half the recoil. Tonight I’ll be taking out the Colt Delta Elite for the first time with reader and brownie making king Laughingdog.   I kept meaning to take apart the magazines since both of them seemed to bind up pretty bad when loading them, hopefully I’ll have some time when I get home to fix it so the range trip isn’t frustrating. The pistol itself is rather well put together and I look forward to making large fireballs with it. Much more info to come.
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I feel sorry for everyone living between Massachusetts and Florida because they got double earfuls of unmanly squees. JayG has also landed himself a KRISS Vector for testing and evaluation. In fact, Jay is the reason I have mine. The man can sell not only himself, but other people as well. I might have to start calling him the Gun Pimp. So you’ll get not one, but two fanbois gushing over their toys. Lucky you!
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Even after winning a million dollars, this gal thinks the state should continue to pay for her food Amanda Clayton hit it big playing the Michigan Lottery. Like many winners, she used her $1 million prize to buy a new house. But the Lincoln Park, Michigan, resident continued to receive money in another form -- $200 a month in state food assistance, according to CNN Detroit affiliate WDIV. Was this a “Oh, I didn’t even think to call to cancel” moment? Nope "I thought that they..
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But you required me to log in with some account. No thanks.
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Fairly even handed, although there is a preponderance of “scare quotes” and as many puns as allowed by the FDA in a single article T HE SIZZLING entrees won't be the only hot items at an Applebee's in Ridley Township on Saturday, when a couple of dozen folks mosey into the restaurant packing heat for a "meet-and-eat." With a side of firearms - or rather, with firearms at their side - the gun owners plan to gather for a meal and share their "common interest" of openly...
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I have Cinderella’s “Nobody’s Fool” stuck in my head. Enjoy.
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A fine article on cleaning up the impossible to follow laws that have accumulated through the years is here at The Atlantic America is mired in a tarpit of accumulated law. Reformers propose new laws to fix health care, schools, and the regulatory system, but almost never suggest cleaning out the legal swamp these institutions operate in. These complex legal tangles not only set goals but allocate resources and dictate the minutest details of how to meet those goals. Most are obsolete in...
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Reading this makes me sick. This lady was a hero who saved countless lives that day, and because she had the unmitigated gall to defend herself and others without express permission from the state, she has been branded a villain and now is unable to find work. Jeanne Assam should have to hire part time help to assist in declining all the job offers.
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Jessie Harrison-Duff now on Team Taurus.
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There truly is magic in the world. It is possible to cast a spell over Libertarians using two magic words – Ron Paul. Simply saying those two words causes people to drop all concept of logic and reason and force them, against their will, to engage in a litany about how Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who respects the 2nd amendment / is not for sale / has never voted incorrectly / is so perfect that his sweat can cure the blind / blah blah blah. It must be powerful magic too because you can...
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Man accidentally shoots his wife with a cannon
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I love tattoos, especially ones as beautiful as this one.
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Since anti gunners are so hot & heavy to ban anything and everything related to guns, I suggest a scientific experiment. Let’s take a violence plagued area, oh, I dunno… Say Venezuela, and have them ban importation of guns and impose a moratorium on even advertising that said items exist for a year. In the name of science, we put forward our hypotheses and in 365 days we see who is right. I say the level of violence doesn’t decrease. CARACAS – Venezuelan authorities have established a...
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In the past few days we’ve had enough civil rights victories to make Josh Sugarmann and Ladd Everitt consider hanging out together, drinking vodka and swapping phenobarbital pudding recipes. A ban on campus carry was struck down in Denver, Iowa is looking at pushing Constitutional Carry, and May Issue was just presented a nice wooden stake and a mallet in Maryland. The icing on the cake is this quote A citizen may not be required to offer a ‘good and substantial reason’ why he should be..
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Came in 29th out of 51 vs 40th of 61 from last month. Only 2 misses total, but 1 of them was completely inexcusable. I realized the shot went high, I saw where the front sight was when the shot went off, yet I had a case of buzzer-brain and moved to the next target without correcting it. The steel was set heavier due to the wind, and in one stage I *know* I heard two pings from hits, but they didn’t fall, causing me to have to come back to them. Stage 3 had a mag failure which killed my...
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Look at all that hair!
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The 911 operator may forget to actually, you know… send the police You can clearly hear the criminal in the background of the 911 call. Dispatch tapes obtained by CALL7 Investigators also shows a dispatcher telling Frei five times that police are on the way. But they weren’t. "We're sitting here watching somebody, who's this far away from getting into your house -- with a door that's got glass you could punch -- unlock the door, and walk in. And you expect the police to come and...
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I’d take the Colt Delta Elite to shoot Single Stack in USPSA. Tempting. Of course, it’d be $200 worth of ammo….
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Some women bitch when there are laws made regarding abortion. Then they bitch because other people won’t pay for items needed because they can’t keep their legs shut. Basically, they want you to keep the government out of their uterus unless it’s laws pertaining to its upkeep, then dammit you need to pay for it!
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I can think of no better advertisement for why you need one than this.
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JayG talks about gun safes over at Shooting Illustrated. It’s a good read. Some day, I want a real safe. Something with fire and water protection that I can store more than just guns, but important documents and backup data. Luckily for me, both I and the Mrs. are not jewelry people. My safe is the Stack On kind. It keeps 100% of kids out and since a break in probably won’t see the thief bringing in a large prybar, most criminals. Still, something nice and thick with a big ass tumble lock...
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Just thinking about Andrew Brietbart’s passing reminds me the guy was only 3 years older than I am. My sister’s first husband didn’t feel too good one morning, went to lay down on the couch, and died. He was in his 30’s. Had another friend a few years ago have a massive heart attack with no warnings (other than his weight). I’m moderately healthy. I exercise, don’t lead a sedentary life, eat well with junk foods in moderation, but that’s not an indicator of another few decades. I’m not...
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Andrew Breitbart has passed away. He was one of the few people who gave me hope for the future. I’m completely stunned. My prayers go out to his family.
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