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129 hours in the air! Congratulations! Now where's my &^(*# upper?
posted by by Robb Allen @ 3/31/2010 12:02:01 PM | Feedback (4)
Because so many in the anti-rights camp can't seem to grasp the simple concept of why I am so dead set against denying people the ability to purchase firearms simply because their name happens to be on some 'suspected' watch list. Their argument tends to be "Why do you want terrorists to be able to purchase guns?" which is a false dichotomy. I'm 100% for preventing terrorists from getting guns, but mostly by way of preventing them from drawing breath in the first place. And if you...
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It swings shut pretty fast and I'd hate it to smack you in the ass. Look, I realize my content isn't suitable for most people with an IQ above a bowl full of Puppy Chow. I get that. I can be crude at times and I'm as consistent as Campbell's Chunky Soup in my writings. While it's nice to know there's about nine hundred to a thousand people I reach a day (minus weekends when you people seem to forget there's Interweb Tubes to be surfed), I still do this for my enjoyment. So, if I say something...
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Is it ok to rage against the machine after you've put in your quarter? UPDATED – Compounding the irony, there appears to be a ®, insinuating that there's a registered trademark.
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Molly from The Molly Minute has a few blog posts up. I'm glad to see her posting again. She's the youngest gunblogger I know of, and it's great to see her online and talking about her passion for shooting. Granted, it sucks to know a little girl could whoop my butt in a shoot out ;)
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Just saw someone hit my site via a Yahoo! search for "how to dial 911 on dead battery on my iphone". If your battery has died on your iPhone and you are in need for emergency services, here are the steps you should take Place your iPhone, connector side first, into your rectum. Assuming your anal sphincter provides 10KΩ resistance, promptly shit 5VDC. You should be good to go. Glad I could help.
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It is roughly 4,089 miles from Spokane Washington to Jacksonville, Fl. It is then 208.4 miles from Jacksonville Airport to my house. A standard 757, can travel at Mach .8, giving the aircraft a rough speed of 609MPH, making the trip from Spokane, WA to Jacksonville Fl in about 6.7 hours. The majority of I-275, the highway found between Jacksonville and my house is generally 65 MPH, indicating that a parcel could ostensibly be placed on a truck and delivered to my doorstep in 3 hours and 12...
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But gun bills being blocked by the NRA? For being too pro gun? So yesterday the NRA did the unthinkable. The lobbyist that the NRA sent to Iowa, sent one of his subordinates to Representative Sorenson and gave him an ultimatum: either help us with our bill (and we will make you a hero in Iowa) or we will help your opponent in the upcoming election. That’s right, an NRA lobbyist said that he was going to try to defeat a pro-gun Representative like Sorenson because he’s too………….pro-gun. ...
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{Scene – A large server room. Sirens and claxons are going off while red lights flash and illuminate the terrified faces of the sys-admins} Manager: Dammit Johnson, what in the hell is going on? Johnson: We don't know yet sir. Looks like we're getting a Denial of Service attack, but I've never seen anything on this scale before in my life. Manager: Why are web servers 3 & 4 smoking? Johnson: It looks like they cannot handle the sheer number of requests coming in sir. One of the...
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We're in a car. The people we let drive the car aren't too keen on keeping the car on the road as they're busy milling in the back of the car, handing out whisky and hors d'oeuvres. I'm sitting in the back, telling everyone that hey, we're going to crash if we don't get someone to drive the car correctly and I'm being shouted at to shut up because the song on the radio is SOOOOOO good. Enough people in the United States now desire services more than they value freedom that simply 'switching...
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We're constantly told we need to be virtually strip searched for our own safety and that the system will not be used by perverts. Riiiiight. That and an IOU from Obama still wouldn't get you a cup of coffee An employee at Heathrow airport has been given a harassment warning by police officers after he snuck a peek at one of his female coworkers when she accidentally walked through a full-body scanner. Apparently that's considered "misuse" of the scanners. Oh, and this is just...
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I'm getting one of these. A hell of a lot cheaper, to be sure!
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It has always been about control. At least Rep. Dingle (D- Москва) is happy to admit this for us Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you're going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation...
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Apparently, he saved 15% on his car insurance by switching to Geico. Oh, and that he was adamantly opposed to any sort of surgery for me. He believes that I can reduce the pain by proper exercise, a metric boat load of Aleve, and possibly some physical therapy. Good news is no surgery, which I was sweating, but then again, no instant relief for the pain. The Vicodin has been really helping at night, but I'm just going to have to man up and work on keeping my head upright and my posture...
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Keanu Reeves' look right here is what I would accomplish if I let it all grow out. That's pretty much exactly where my beard doesn't grow too. So I just do the chin curtain and keep it closely cropped.
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Just wrote this in an email worthless as Dennis Hennigan at a Bill Of Rights Recital. I crack myself up.
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But then again, I'm not not saying it either. The Brady Campaign to Soil Underwear has a survey for you to take. You can even win a free iPod! What's funny is that if you read some of the questions, it's not like they give you much of an opportunity to say anything they don't want to hear. For example 5. Please select from the following issues where you have been active i.e. contacting legislators, donating, participating in local marches, etc. There's nothing in there about advancing...
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From an anonymous friend on chat Anonymous: My client is a healthcare company. It's a lot like that episode of Battlestar after they found the scorched earth Anonymous: people just walking around dazed. And pissed. ... Anonymous: we expect to lose about half the doctors before 2014 Anonymous: based on a survey we sent out to them last year Think healthcare is expensive now? Wait until it's free. And there's nobody to give it to you.
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But it seems to fit Then one of the Twelve—the one called Bart "Judas" Stupak—went to the chief priests and asked, "What are you willing to give me if I bend over for you?" So they wrote out for him an IOU for thirty silver coins and said "We pinky swear we'll give you this. Later" . From then on Stupak watched for an opportunity to bend over.
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I designed it for JayG, but dammit if it doesn't suit me today to a T.
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The end was passed a long time ago. This is simply the epilogue.
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Will, who I have been following for a while now, is open for business. I wish him the best of luck. It's been fascinating reading his journey and I am thankful he's put it up there for the world to see.
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For many years, the Bristol Stool Chart has been an invaluable medical aid in classifying human feces. As the Brady Campaign and various other gun banners are prone to PSH I figured it would benefit the gun owners society if I, too, made a chart to classify the anti-gun's undie-soiling past time. I present to you, the Brady PSH Chart (warning, contains visuals of poo)
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You get your ass kicked by the Cartoon Network USA is No. 1, Fox News No. 2, TBS No. 3, TNT No. 4 and the History Channel No. 5. At No. 26 is MSNBC and CNN is No. 32. Over at 13th place, the Cartoon Network is beating both of them. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! PWNED by Dexter's Laboratory and reruns of Scooby Doo! Hat tip Unix Jedi.
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This 82 year old grandmother would be dead She said she was just walking to her car with some groceries when she was approached by the suspect. She said, “In a very mild voice he said, ‘this is your day. You are too old to be alive anyway.’” Moments later she said he grabbed her cane and started beating her and she’s got the bruises to prove it. She said, “I got boo boos where I didn’t know I had a place to put boo boos.” She eventually went for the gun in her purse and opened fire....
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Thanks to Alan at Snarky Bytes, I got to try some Miracle Fruit tablets tonight. Basically, the berry has a protein in it that shuts down the tongue's ability to taste the sour or bitter in foods. Instead, those flavors register as sweet. So, eating a lemon is like eating candy. Here's what I tried Lemon & Limes – Unbelievably sweet. The lime still had a sour kick to it, but it was balanced by the almost cloyingly sweet flavor. I could have eaten a bag full of lemons, they were that good..
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Remember the story from yesterday about the gentleman who defended his life with his gun, killing one of his assailants? Then the picture here should make you smile A man who appears to be the homeowner (pictured left) returned home shortly after 8 a.m. and started cleaning his driveway of the blood left behind by the assailants.
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You know what sucks? When you design a layout for a company that you like so much, you almost hope they don't want it so that you can use it for yourself. Alas, Bison Armory liked what I did. I hope you will as well As I am wont to do, the site is 100% CSS driven and simple in its layout. I find less is more in so many things on the web. Head on over, enjoy the view, and hey, while you're at it, buy a 6.8 SPC. You'll be glad you did!
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Unix Jedi sent me this link I mean, crime in Gotham City doesn't exactly seem to be affected by a man dressed as a bat flapping around the place. But no-one disobeys a man wearing a necklace of human nipples. "I'm Batman" isn't cutting it in the striking-fear-into-their-hearts stakes. But "I'm Batman -- and I'm here for your nipples" is an entirely different proposition. Funny stuff, if a bit dated.
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I just did something I don't normally do, I deleted a post. I could see where it could be construed as giving really bad advice, so I took it down. You fill out the census form as you see fit. Not being a lawyer, it is not wise for me to say what is and isn't constitutionally legal about the census.
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It will not ward off evil spirits or vanquish those who wish to harm you. What it does is in increase your chances of surviving an attack A man returning home from work was met at gunpoint overnight. Little did suspects know, he was armed with a gun of his own. It happened around 12:30 a.m. in the driveway of a quiet Ocoee neighborhood. The homeowner, identified as Dave Henry, got out of his car and may have been pistol whipped by the suspects, according to police. Police said one...
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The other day I ran across a website that would help you keep track of your range outings, such as shots fired, cartridges used, etc. For the life of me, I can't find the link, if I do I'll update this post. It got me to thinking though about how could I use my programming skills to improve the gun owning community. One of my problems in life is that I have a distinct lack of ability to come up with marketable ideas. I can write the ever lovin' heck out of software, but coming up with ideas...
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Why is it I want both a Smith & Wesson Model 500 and a 50 BMG? What is it about firearms with exotic, expensive, and recoil-intenseness that appeal to me? Not too long ago, I was going a little YouTube surfing and ended up on a whole mess of S&W 500 videos that just made me drool. I'm just finishing up a web site design that I can't wait to show the world and I did it via bartering for equipment. I'd do the same for a 50 / 500 too. Dunno why I enjoy the thought of breaking my wrist...
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Captain Oveur, dead at 83 Solemn Hat Tip Unix Jedi
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A 3D printer. For making prototypes of things that go boom. Well, technically in this case for things that go *fwip*
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I love this song It's my favorite by them.
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I saw this the other day over at Walls of the City and absolutely loved the way Linoge put this together As I write this post, I am sitting within about 25 feet of four separate loaded firearms, each with between six and 30 rounds of ammunition already inserted into them, and magazines full of about another 250 rounds within that same radius. In that same radius, there are also about five gallons of various forms of alcohol, ranging from Two Buck Chuck to sake to a few other things in...
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Hit the gun show today. Found Federal Large Pistol Primers, some TiteGroup, and some .380 (reloads, but from a reputable source). The main gun dealer, Shoot Straight, was trying to sell 1000 primers for $50. Didn't feel like waiting around to tell one of their workers to shove 'em up his boss' ass at that price. Found the Federals for $35 per 1000 which is still a shock to my "I used to get them for $20" system. I bought 2k. Should last a bit over a year or so. Unless somehow I get...
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I almost didn't recognize him since in this picture he's not crying.
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Instead of buying shotguns for the Department of Education, why not just buy Air Soft rifles at a fraction of the cost and then convert them?
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All-black penguin discovered King Penguins are notorious for their prim, tuxedoed appearance -- but a recently discovered all-black penguin seems unafraid to defy convention. In what has been described as a "one in a zillion kind of mutation," biologists say that the animal has lost control of its pigmentation, an occurrence that is extremely rare. Other than the penguin's monochromatic outfit, the animal appears to be perfectly healthy. I admit I was surprised it wasn't blamed...
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I met Greg for dinner on Monday since he's heading out to Iraq for a year. Something we talked about suddenly popped into my head. We were discussing the whole accident vs. negligence thing and of course the 4 Rules were brought up. We as gunnies push them hard because you have to break two of them at a time to have bad juju happen. Then Greg brought up another thing that made me go hmmm.. Sometimes, you have to break the rules. And while I'd love to yell at every photograph with some dimbo...
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JayG has a post up (along with a stunning graphic, if I do say so myself) regarding this lovely little story Concerns about an Oregon Department of Transportation employee who purchased several guns after being placed on leave prompted law enforcement across Southern Oregon to step in. Negotiators and a SWAT team from Medford police safely took a man — whose name wasn't released — into protective custody Monday morning in the 500 block of Effie Street, Medford police said in a news...
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Was Corey Haim's death by OD accidental or negligent?
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Which is what getting my "Hey! We're sending you a census form in the mail next week" letter today was like. That, and this lovely portion Here's a thought for you, how about you don't take my money to begin with so that there's no need for communities to have to somehow beg for my money from the federal f'in government?
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Us Floridians have a whole heck of a lot of weirdoes, don't we? Florida Highway Patrol troopers say a two-vehicle crash Tuesday at Mile Marker 21 on Cudjoe Key was caused by a 37-year-old woman driver who was shaving her bikini area while her ex-husband took the wheel from the passenger seat. See, she was going to go meet her new boyfriend and wanted to be ready. I assume most men have no problems helping their exes prep the pudendum for their new lover by holding the steering wheel. Oh,...
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Yeah, neither do I Nothing like going out for an Orange Julius, picking up a nice handbag, and getting that dolphin (#451!) on your ass you always wanted. Granted, this one is a few stores down from the Apple store, so I bet their business is kicking.
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I admit it, I'm in an abusive relationship. I've been developing web stuff for 15 years now. I started off writing HTML in notepad. The best worst thing that has ever happened to me is Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. The blog you are reading now is pretty much done completely in Style Sheets (minus some controls that I have no control over that spit out tables). I can change the look and feel without changing any of the underlying structure of the site. Well, that's bullshit and I know it. To..
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And this is about as clear of an opportunity as I have. Our side has facts, statistics, and reality. Their side has I think perhaps the Brady folks need to remove some tags on their photos. Take a look at this Facebook picture, and hover over some of the pictures and look at the captions. Apparently some anti-gun folks believe gun owners are compensating for “a small wiener” and lack of getting “laid in high school?” Puhleeeeze. I guess we can assume anti-gun people were picked on or...
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Or alternately titled "Let's start an impassioned argument early this week". One of the things I find myself getting caught up in is the gunny tendency to come down harder on my own kind than probably is required. All of us seem to jump at the chance to cluck our tongues at other gunnies who have misfortunate events happen to them, generally in the realm of negligent discharges. So far, the only thing I've seen that would qualify as a true accidental discharge from most of the...
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John Snow talks about a gunnies worst nightmare – Politicians. Wait… no, he talks about our 2nd worst nightmare, ZOMBIES When it comes to zombie guns there’s no middle ground. You either love ’em or hate ’em. And because I hate zombies, I love zombie guns. My top choice in a rifle for battling the undead is this AR from Lauer Custom Weaponry that includes an arrow launcher attached to the bottom rail and a blood-splattered DuraCoat finish. For a shotgun, I have a modified 870 with an...
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No. No you do not. And why do you not see that man over there? Because he's wearing a Ghillie Suit. Got an email last night from a gentleman who runs the Ghillie Suit Source and, being that I'm more than happy to help spread the word for small companies who sell products I can approve of, I figured I'd give them a link. FTC Disclaimer: The Ghillie Suit Source has provided no product in exchange for this link. Because Ghillie Suits can be considered 'pants' and we can't have that around here.
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Since I can't seem to find it in me to come up with my own. Doc Zero The people of an orderly nation surrender the business of vengeance to the government, replacing it with the rule of law. They cannot be expected to surrender the right of defense. The right to protect yourself, and your family, from injury and death is an essential part of your dignity as a free man or woman. And that is exactly what the Brady Bunch and their ilk want – you to surrender your ability to defend...
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So, an Aircraft Traffic Controller brings his kid to work with him and lets the kid say a few phrases to the pilots and of course, some people completely lose their shit View more news videos at: The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating why a child was allowed to direct air traffic at John F. Kennedy airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. … "Pending the outcome of our investigation, the employees involved in this...
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My wife has to deal with my sick sense of humor. She's learned over the years that while I may speak of horrific jokes to play on people, I am only doing so in my head and would never follow through with them. More than likely. The same thing can be said about destruction. There's something primitive in man that loves to watch things go boom. Seriously, go to YouTube and search for videos of fully grown men blowing shit up. Without fail, an explosion will bring out loud squeeeeees from even...
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Tam mentioned something in the comments yesterday regarding my little booboo Dude, did you try superglue? If it bleeds like that, it's a candidate. I knew about superglue for cuts, but I figured I'd just wrap it in a Band-Aid and call it a day. This morning's shower loosened everything up and the cut opened back up which I didn't really notice that until I got my clothes on, so I cleaned up and just put another Band-Aid on. All through the day, thing would happen and I'd bump my thumb...
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"Justice Sotomayor, States may have grown accustomed to violating the rights of American citizens, but that does not bootstrap those violations into something that is constitutional". Alan Gura, Arguing before the Supreme Court on McDonald V. Chicago
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Disgusting The uproar began when the all-white Zeta Tau Alpha team from the University of Arkansas beat out five other sorority teams to win last weekend's national final in the Sprite Step Off competition. A YouTube video of their performance, inspired by the movie "The Matrix," generated hundreds of comments. Posters questioned everything from whether a white group should have been allowed to compete to whether judges wowed by the unlikely competitors inflated their scores to...
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The sharp ones ain't nothing to scoff at either. Take for example, my thumb, hidden under this… Not my day for staying pain free, I guess.
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So, I'm in the midst of learning Silverlight which is, in the most basic terms, Microsoft's answer to Flash. Yes, I'm a Microsoft drone so my opinion is skewed, but I used to work with Flash and remembered every time I tried to get anything working, I found myself longing for a root canal sans Novocain to take my mind off things. Anyway, Silverlight works on Macs as well as PCs natively and Linux people have Moonlight which should work just fine (can't say for sure, I've not tried it). ...
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Slept wrong last night and apparently aggravated this sucker Can barely move right now and it hurts so bad the pain is radiating down my arm and up into my head. Naproxen Sodium hasn't done squat, and now I can't take anything else for the day. Damn. And how are you?
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