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Paprika should be stored far away from the Cayenne, especially when they're both the same brand. Trust me on this one, your taste buds will appreciate it.
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The Welshman over at The Liberty Sphere could use your prayers and your eyes, in order to help with his.
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It works for insurance companies too.
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Not only can I play Crysis at 1280x1024 at ~45 fps, but I'm running a virtual machine with Ubuntu and, unlike running VM's on any of my older boxes, this one uses an entire CPU for itself and is as fast as if it were on its own hardware. Since there's 4 cores to the CPU, it virtualizes like a banshee. Pretty sweet!
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A gun safety class meets a fear of guns The class was different than I thought it would be. I thought it would be pretty textbook - this is a gun, these are the parts, this is how you use it, blah blah blah. But I felt like the class was taught by the zen master of gun safety. He was all about being calm around the weapon - about finding an inner peace and balance. Yeah, I know that feeling ;)
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We have a screen that has a little pop up letting you know it's loading the data necessary to show you the popup that will show you that the data on the screen is loading. "Please wait while we load the "Please Wait" screen!"
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Something that's been pissing me off lately, especially concerning the recent shootings in Oakland, is the old wives' tale that keeps being passed around like gospel that semi-automatics are easily converted to fully automatic. We hear the countless references to 'drop in conversion' kits you can buy right here on the Interweb Tubes (of course, sans an actual link that would show the kits and their availability). We're told that any yahoo with a Dremel and a #6 ball-peen hammer can take...
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And then there's "Frank Miller Meets Charles Schultz" cool. Hat tip Ry
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I'll start worrying about saving Mother Earth when she stops trying to kill me with lightning, hurricanes, and gravity. Until then, GAME ON!
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Do you have them?
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Poor Brady Campaign. Nobody will vote for their positions and their canards of "Blood in the Streets" and "Wild West Shootouts over the Last Rutabaga At Kash-N-Karry" never come to fruition. At least there's always the fact the vast majority of heat of the moment murder sprees are from normal, average people who just snap and grab a readily available gun. Right?
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Bill Quick If you had to choose between them for a self-defense carry handgun, would it be a .45 ACP, or a .357 revolver of some sort? 10 Print "Begin Flame war" 20 GOTO 10 Run
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Well, not exactly.
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Dreamt this morning that I went to the range. I got there only to realize that I hadn't brought any firearms that I had any ammo for and didn't have enough money to buy more than one box. So I picked up some funky 9mm I didn't know I even owned from my range bag and decided to go with that one. And a big, green, plastic knife / shovel contraption. No idea why. The range was so busy that it took 20 minutes to get someone's attention. Then they forgot about me when they went to get me a box of...
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You know what Si stands for? Silicon, a major component of dust. You know dust, right? It's the stuff of mine you'd be eating.
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Obama to require the Steelers to redistribute their Super Bowl Trophies The Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the only team to win six titles, will soon be loosing half of those trophies. After a meeting between NFL Commissioner Rodger Gadel and President Barack Obama, Obama decided to redistribute half of their Steeler Super Bowl victories and trophies to less fortunate teams in the league. Read the whole thing. While it's a humorous take, it's not funny when you consider...
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My youngest, Irelyn Mackenna (or iMac, for short), is the world's slowest eater. It's along the line of one bite every 5 minutes or so. The good part is that like her sister, she'll eat pretty much anything. Heck, my girls' favorite thing to eat is asparagus. Picky isn't a word we use to describe their eating habits. Frozen molasses is how I'd describe iMac's eating speed though.
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No, not tax day, but National Buy a Gun Day. Went to go look at the PF-9 at Shoot Straight since when I called earlier, they had one albeit at a little bit higher than I was wanting to pay. Figured since they sold it at the gun show for $299, they'd be willing to come down to that price. Apparently, while I'm confusing the PM9 for the PF9 (two different brands), whoever I talked to heard "P11" which sounds very much like "pee eff nine". So, they didn't have it. Here's a...
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I load my own, and what I load for the Dan Wesson isn't for self defense. Anyone with experience in .357 Ammo care to help Bill Quick out?
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When calling gun stores looking for prices on the right firearm, it is good to remember that Kahr makes the PM-9 and Kel-Tec makes the PF-9. One runs $800+ for some reason and the other $300'ish. If the PF-9 fits for me, that's going to probably be my choice for the mouse gun, Kel-Tec haters be damned. If the size difference between the P3AT and the PF-9 is negligible, I prefer the strength of the 9mm offering better.
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From comments to this post at Tam's Sheep only have two speeds, grazing and stampede.
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The word on the street was that Obama sent a letter to the French President Chirac rather than Sarkozy. Turns out, that's not the case. Luckily for Obama, the press isn't going to run with this non-story. Bush wasn't given the same courtesy (see turkey, plastic). Now, Jug-ears has made enough goofs to make W. look suave in comparison, but his biggest gaffes aren't his Teleprompter-Free verbal miscues or Best-Buy DVD sets from the wrong region, but his administration itself. While stuff like...
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Bill Quick asks a simple question. Get's a simple response for all his effort. I don't understand why the make and model of a firearm is 'classified' information. I also don't understand how the media can be so stupid as to simply make that information up out of whole cloth. Wait, yes, I can. Never mind.
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So that Orlando's police chief can actually buy her own gun back Orlando's police chief has said she wants to get guns off the street. But she probably didn't mean her own gun. Chief Val Demings tells WDBO someone stole her 9mm handgun from her car, which was parked outside her home in Orange County. Remember, citizens cannot be trusted to secure their firearms!
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Yesterday, on my way home, I ended up behind a jacked up Git-R-Done with a decal that read "Niggerigers Customs". Now, various other features lead me to infer that the owner's intent was to use the term "nigger" as an insult to blacks. I found the message offensive, and it really caught me off guard how deeply I resent racists. Real racists, not people who use terms like 'black hole' or 'niggardly' and are smeared with others' ignorance, but rather those who consider people...
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The will to fight back is the real weapon ST. PETERSBURG -- A would-be snatch-and-grab thief came out empty-handed after trying to rob a 75-year-old St. Petersburg woman Monday. Marcie Rae Lee had slid behind the wheel of her car after shopping at the Publix on 34th Street N when a woman described by police as black, 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 6 and about 135 pounds approached her demanding the money in her hand. The suspect implied she had a gun, police said, but Lee refused to hand...
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If it's that friggin' important, leave a message. Really.
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From a conversation with Greg (2:31:18 PM) Me-Gmail: Heh. Just commented over at Tam's place. The Turing word? snoammo. As in, there snoammo anywhere to be found. (2:31:42 PM) Greg: Haha. (2:34:35 PM) Greg: I like how all the blogspot captcha words are pronounce-able now (2:35:06 PM) Me-Gmail: Well, there's a direct correlation to how easy a word is to type and how pronounceable it is. (2:35:33 PM) Me-Gmail: That's a scientific fact I just pulled from my nether regions,...
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Called a gun store yesterday that told me that had he a case of Kel-Tecs, he'd not sell me one because they were junk. I've read more message boards and forums than I care to admit regarding the P3AT. The vast majority of P3AT owners are happy with their investment, even with the few that had problems. Most people talk of a fluff & buff treatment to get it up to par, and that's something I can deal with. The Ruger would be fine if I could find one at a non inflated price. It's a mouse...
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Turns out, it's less dangerous than every other freaking sport known to man!!!! Including archery, but that's because the whole "Hey, watch me shoot this apple off my son's head" is so cliché.
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You have to obey the 4 rules The career criminal shot himself with a glock handgun at close range in a house at St Munchin's Street, St Mary's Park. He had been inspecting the gun and removed the loaded magazine from it while handling it. However, he failed to realise a bullet was still in the chamber before he discharged the weapon while it was pointed at his head. Aren't guns illegal in Ireland? Didn't this guy know the law forbid him from having it??? And for Pete's sake, a 'bullet in...
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Uncle has a little article up about some restaurant owner up in arms about the possibility of arms in a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol. It’ll be worse than the Wild West – back then, they wore their guns on their hips where you could see them. Wyatt Earp made them take off their guns when they went into bars. This is ridiculous. Crazy. There are a million scenarios where this could be a disaster – jealous boyfriends, jealous girlfriends, jealous spouses. It’s a bad, bad idea, and...
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Want to come across as a pro-gun & pro-gun safety candidate. Don't pose half naked with your fingers on the trigger then get upset when someone posts the picture online. Seriously folks, show a bit of common sense, okay?
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This is why I scoff at gun laws CLEVELAND — The 17-year-old accused of killing James Rubin, 17, will be arraigned Tuesday by Juvenile Court Judge Peter Sikora. The case will then be sent to adult court, when The Plain Dealer will report the teen's name. James R. Rubin, of East 101st Street, was shot in the head about 6:20 p.m. March 17 while walking in the 6700 block of Bayliss Avenue. Witnesses told police that multiple shots were fired from a moving car. One witness said the shooting...
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You see, this is a gun blog. I post stuff about guns, because that's a subject I'm familiar with. I don't post about the proper amount of fluoride required to maintain healthy tooth enamel because it's outside of my area of expertise. You see, when you step outside of what you know, your commenters will come in and slap you silly. Favorite comment Since when is this site about gun rights. I read this site simply for environmental issues not for the Democratic party stance.
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This was not the right time, and definitely not the right place The alleged crook scooped up four Smith & Wesson guns from a vendor's table at the RK Gun Inc. show Sunday at Cessna Activity Center, 2744 George Washington Blvd. But he didn't make it far. The vendor and at least two others who were at the show grabbed the man before he could make it out the door, held him down, then cuffed him with zip ties -- hard plastic fasteners -- until law enforcement officers arrived. Austin...
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I promised the Mrs. that it would be a weekend with just her and the Mouse. We're spending this weekend in Orlando at Disney sans kids. Of course, I didn't know about this Titusville, FL - -( As many as 150 of the nation’s best competition pistol shooters will compete for the national title in one of the shooting sports’ ultimate displays of speed and accuracy at the 2009 Smith & Wesson U.S. National Steel Championships. WHAT: The Smith & Wesson U.S. National...
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So, the more I search for gun related stuff on Google, the more hits I get for the websites I already read.
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Interestingly, the regular expression to try to allow only good email addresses went 404 on me so nobody could leave a comment. Don't know where that happened, but it's fixed now.
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Since I'm well endowed, it behooves me to purchase a small firearm since there's simply nothing to compensate for (they're talking about feet size, right?). The only consolation to missing the Bash is I can use the money to purchase a gun, and the only need for my collection is a mouse gun. Here in the sunshine state, shorts are practically mandatory for 3/4ths of the year and lugging around a Glock, even a sub compact 29, can be difficult at times. So, a mouse gun would fit the role nicely. ...
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I was always under the impression that the BoR didn't give us anything, it simply stated what pre existing rights we already had and served as a reminder to the government that they exist with or without their consent. Apparently, Obama's administration glosses over that fact when it comes to Article the Fourth.
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From Wait a second... you want to blame ME for the financial crisis? on (via Ry) Let me just tell you, Congressional/Executive Branch Scumbag, Esq., if you do this… if you take this turn… I won’t even think twice. I will move my firm to Switzerland, or to London before the year is out. Those employees who do not follow me, I will have to fire. The corporate taxes I pay will no longer be yours. Instead, they will go to something useful, like a nice tunnel through a mountain for high...
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From Ry New simulations suggest water is not only a product of most explosives, but also acts to further the reaction along.
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Well, as much as it pains me to say, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to make the Second Amendment Blog Bash this year. It comes down to several factors, money actually not being the main one. There's a few personal, timing issues that could make going to Phoenix a little troublesome. I may need my travel saved up for later, right now I can't tell. I'm bummed. I really wanted to make it, not just for the drool inducing gun show, but the friends and fellow bloggers that I would get to hang...
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A while back I complained that I was having sever variances in my Over All Length (OAL) of my .45 ACP reloads. I use the Lee Turret Press and had never had this issue before, so it was a bit confounding. But today I found the culprit and fixed it and now my rounds are all 1.210" in length, perfectly! The problem was over-belling the case mouth during charging. I backed of the belling quite a bit so that the case mouth was flared just enough to let the bullet sit on the top without falling...
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Well, Operation Get Wife Hooked On Shooting seems to be going well. She shot the Mark III 22/45 tonight and did what I can only describe as phenomenal. I mean, look at these pictures!   On the target, the center is her groupings, the others are mine (wanted to make sure we could tell whose is whose) Notice how her groupings are as tight as mine. And this is only her 4th time ever at a range. She did great. She enjoyed herself too, which was the big part. To the right of us, two lanes.
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I don't know what to do. My wife appears to be lost. The person who is pretending to by my wife suggested that for our date night tonight we go to the range. This person suggested it without any hints from me at all. This can't be my wife so I am worried for her safety. Unless she has other plans and is using this as some sort of leverage to… hey… hold on. Oh well, whatever it is, at least I'm getting her to the range.
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When to CompUSA last night and picked up an extra 4 gigabytes of memory. There's something über-geeky about having 4 processors and 8 gigs of memory I mean, seriously, I can load an entire DVD into memory! Now to somehow score a terabyte's worth of solid state drives.
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Howard Nemerov takes on the Brady's and their views that guns in the workplace are unsafe BLS data shows that the only category with a smaller number of non-fatal, work-related incidents is rape, and shootings make up 0.6% of all assaults and violent acts. People are four times more likely to get bitten at work than shot. BAN ASSAULT INCISORS NOW! Nobody needs high capacity bicuspids or military styled molars!
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A – Not because it's racist, but because there aren't any pictures of primates with a teleprompter.
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When I bought a treadmill a few weeks ago, my goal was to be able to get back to being able to run 3 miles without wanting to keel over and die. Being this year I'll edge into my late 30's, I'm nowhere near as in shape as when I was 19 and in the Marines. Back in those days, a 3 mile run was nothing but an annoyance. Now? It's the closest thing to a near death experience as I can get without going over the actual, retail price. Last night, though, I hit 1.5 miles and still had plenty left in...
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I'm not a tacticool kind of guy. I've always put function well over form in practically everything I've owned, from cars to guns. I don't care about pretty shotguns, I want one that works. I don't need 65 attachments hanging off my AR-15 because it's what all the cool kids are doing, I just want to be able to place shots on target (a laser? That's acceptable). However, there are times when my sense of "If it doesn't have a use, I don't need it" can be overridden. The KRISS Super V...
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Why am I telling you to read this? You should have this bookmarked / RSS fed already! Go thee hence!
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This story is interesting in several ways. One, it's near home. Two, it illustrates an interesting point Police said two children, ages 3 and 3 months, were inside the home at 1261 Grove Ave. about 10:30 a.m. when a burglar pried open a rear sliding glass door with a crowbar. The startled homeowner fired off seven rounds from a .380 handgun … The bullets hit the suspect, 45-year-old Michael Collins, in the head and arm, police said. Collins had parked his van in the home's driveway...
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LDA triggers Love mine. Love the way it feels. I realize it's Satan's work, but I'll sell my soul for a smooth pull with a crisp break. (and yes, it's all Caleb, all the time today apparently here at SaaM)
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Via Caleb, I read an article from one Kimberly Tsao entitled It’s time to take control of handgun laws. Caleb does a decent job of picking apart her arguments, so I won't go into that here, but what I wanted to point out is the apparently complete inability for college students to think for themselves. Kimberly's argument is the exact same pabulum repeated time and time again in college newspapers. It's an article that needs not be written as it has been the staple of anti-gun writings for...
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From Caleb in chat (8:52:26 AM) Caleb (gtalk): at least you have a job (8:52:30 AM) Caleb (gtalk): i'm a semi-employed writer (8:52:49 AM) Caleb (gtalk): which is like, one rung up on the employment ladder from "guitarist"
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We should take up a collection to send the Brady Campaign to Remain Completely Irrelevant a case of cheap tequila. Seriously, 65 Democrats signed up against a new AWB. The Brady's last hope of having their wettest dream come true has gone up in smoke. That's gotta hurt.
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CompUSA has 4 Gigs of DDR2 memory for $19.95 (after $25 rebate) I already have 4 gig in my system and two slots still available. Yes, it's 64 bit so I can support up to 128GB of memory (Vista limitation). Which, technically speaking I could buy for $384… Back in '94, I spent $40 for a 1 meg stick of memory (and you had to buy them in pairs).
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Tam How come when I put my AmEx bill on my Visa, it's stupid, but when the government does it, it's stimulus? Snark. She makes it look so easy.
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So, I get invited to a meeting today to discuss the architectural 'decisions' that have been made. And by discuss, I mean "sit there and accept the fact that we talked to the company we outsource to and decided to use what they thought would work rather than talk to our own employees who have experience and actually understand the business. We've already paid for it all, so there's not going to be much discussion anyway". I've got 15 years of experience in this line of work. Asking...
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As in, we can still have them. Seems like there was a little 'oopsie' on someone's part and that brass casings from the military are no longer required to be destroyed (something about 50mm or above only. Now THAT would be one hell of a reloading press). More information here
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Just got this in an email, figured I'd share it with the world With help from our friends at various 4-letter organizations such as MCSA, ASSA, SLRA, CCKC, we've done it: We're going to hold an appleseed event about an hour north of Chicago!! (That's the closest possible range, BTW...) Won't you help me spread the good word? (If you can, please plug the event as the "Chicago" Appleseed...) Here's the link: ...
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This phrase makes my skin crawl Whether the gun is a wartime souvenir collected by a family or was purchased in another state and transported into New York, residents will be able to fulfill their legal responsibility to register the firearm. It's an unconstitutional requirement by the government, it's not a 'responsibility'. Calling it a responsibility to grant the government more control over your life is on par with telling the Jews it's their responsibility to register and get the...
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I just figured out how to take our country back without bloodshed or political maneuvering. Simply hack President Jugears' teleprompter. Ol' Ears can't talk without it, we could make him say whatever we want! Hey, it worked on Charles Barkley
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Oddly, Chip and Dale still both alive. Shouldn't the presence of a gun automatically cause the wearer to flip out during "It's a Small World" and start killing with wild abandon?
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I need to by a beard trimmer with an attachment that stays… attached. I'm sporting a goatee again since 1/2way through trimming last night the guard came off and I ended up with a 2" wide swath of shorn skin. It takes me weeks to grow this crap back out. Maybe one day I'll hit puberty and be able to grow a beard overnight like everyone else.
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We only had 64k of memory and we considered ourselves damned lucky when the tape drive didn't chew up the cassette after 45 minutes of loading. I reveled in 16 colors (not 16 million… Six-fraking-teen) and 3 channel, polyphonic sound. Hard disk? Hell no, they were floppy, and large and we were thankful we didn't have to use tapes any more! Armed Canadian knows what I'm talking about. It's something my children will never understand. Last year or so, we went to visit my mother in Atlanta who,...
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Just found this site. I've literally got tears in my eyes right now at work. It's gems like this that really tickle my funny bone
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Apparently, the sluggish economy has made the harvesting of fairy-farts and unicorn dander difficult since it would appear the magic force field that surrounds schools, making them Gun Free, are failing. The Tennessean reported Monday that 10 guns were found since last August, compared to five found in the 2007-2008 school year. In the past five years, 47 weapons have been confiscated on school grounds. Let me say this clearly, loudly, and all in caps so that everyone will finally get it....
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Caleb talks about a Kaboom in an XD due to a squib, something I've experienced before myself, and it reminded me to carp about my reloading issue I've experienced over the weekend. Trying to reload some .45ACP so I can get my ass back to an IDPA shoot, I've run into something that is just pissing me the hell off – I can't get a consistent Overall Length (OAL) to save my life. I've tightened down the seating die and it's not moving. I'll set up a dummy round and get it to 1.210". I'll...
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But I didn't speak out, because I like 'em shaggy The painful Brazilian wax and its intimate derivatives are in danger of being stripped from salon and spa menus if a recent proposal to ban genital waxing is passed by the state's Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling. ...New Jersey statutes allow waxing of the face, neck, arms, legs and abdomen, but officials say that genital waxing has always been illegal, although not spelled out. Ah, the joys of having the government control every...
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I'm not really a big gamer. I enjoy a good shoot 'em up every here and there, but I'm not the kind of guy who has to get the latest game and play it for 8 hours straight until I beat it on "Ludicrous". The last game I bought was Bio Shock which was gorgeous in its own right. A city built beneath the sea overrun with insane people, creepy little girls, and dudes fused into diver's suits. It amazes me the difference in shooters in just a few years. I mean, in 1995 we had this And...
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Looks like fun! Crazy to think that you can give high school kids loaded shotguns and mass mayhem and slaughter not break out (unless you count the massacre of clay pigeons).
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Seriously. A gun should cost around $300, max. Why, oh why, are all the pretty 1911's $1k or more? Besides, I either can get a new gun or go to the Second Amendment Bash but not both. Curse you Law of Economics!
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Creedmoor National Match Air Rifle *Built around an Anschutz 8001 Junior barreled action; a company known throughout the world for its accuracy. *Perfectly replicates the length of pull; sight radius; height of rear sight from the comb of the stock; the distance from the butt stock to the rear sight; distance from the butt stock to the front sling swivel; magazine dimensions (Delrin); and the height of the front sight. *An actual AR15 rear sight - 1/4 min elevation and windage....
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Congrats Jay G.
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I'm brain dead. Trying to get my head around the crap sandwich I have to work with now has been like drinking from a firehose. 99% of what has been said has simply gone someplace other than where it should have. One of my strengths as a programmer is my uncanny ability to simply pick up new or different technologies and get my head around them fast. I can't do it with what I'm working on now. Things are so bad that the very people who wrote the system have been here for two weeks and still...
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From a previous post, Fred gives me a link to his website regarding the German gun laws A firearms ownership license (Waffenbesitzkarte) must be obtained before a weapon can be purchased. Owners of multiple firearms need separate ownership licenses for every single firearm they own. It entitles owners to purchase firearms and handle them on their own property and any private property with property owner consent. On public premises, a licensed firearm must be transported unloaded and in a...
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From Reason, regarding the Brady Campaign's blood dance The kid in Germany whacked 15 people with a 9mm Beretta handgun. VaTech was 32 dead with a 9mm Glock (he had a .22 handgun, too, but I don't know if anyone was actually killed with it). So this demented hillbilly with his "assault weapons" couldn't match the work of two young men with common handguns. So what was proved this week about the extra danger from "assault weapons" again?
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No time to say it. However, I will say this – Germany, with its uber-restrictive gun laws, still had a mass shooting. They require licensing, registration, a provable need to own a firearm, etc. and still had a shooting. Maybe if they had made it more illegaller or something?
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For imagining in my head, Paul Helmke jumping up and down, screaming "YES!!!!" when he sees a news story about a shooting?
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Kevin Baker asks a simple question of Jim Scoutten of Shooting USA im, have you ever covered or considered covering the annual Boomershoot in Orofino Idaho? I realize it's probably far too late for this year's (end of April) event, but I think this is something a lot of people would really enjoy seeing. There's video at the link done by a local (well, regional) TV station to give you the flavor of the event, but it's not enough for us gun-nuts. I'm going for the first time this year,...
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I lucked out. I lucked out big Love ya, Babe.
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Sushi (salmon & cream cheese roll) and Cheetos. And yes, I'm eating the Cheetos with the chopsticks.
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Remember the other week when I had to be in training to try to fix the crap project I got handed. They had to come back since things are still FUBAR. Probably not a ton of posting for a little while.
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CalGuns has filed a lawsuit in D.C. alleging that the California "Safe" Handgun Roster is unconstitutional. This line though, just floors me An XD-45 Tactical Bi-Tone which couldn’t be rostered because it’s a different color than its rostered functional identical equivalents. It's not safe because it's not the right color? Tell me again that gun control has anything to do with safety. And do it without cracking a smile.
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Awwww… Too bad! WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- New York City on Monday failed before the U.S. Supreme Court to revive a lawsuit it filed against the gun industry.
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A free concert for nonviolence ends in… wait for it… wait for it… SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) - Montgomery County police say 16 people were arrested after a fight broke out during a concert held to promote nonviolence and to remember a Silver Spring teen killed last year. Pacifism – a self defeating philosophy.
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But it's cheaper in other places apparently
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Hat Tip Brigid
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And this guy did BROCKTON - Bebiano Correia was helping a customer when he saw the man wielding a shotgun come into his Pleasant Street convenience store Sunday afternoon. “He came inside the door, then he pointed the gun at my nephew. He said, ‘I need money, need money,’” said Correia, owner of the Universal Grocery Food Market on Pleasant Street. But instead of freezing from shock, Correia took action to defend his family. Self defense requires the will to fight. The tools you use...
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Bison Armory is almost ready to roll. Too bad I don't need another 6.8SPC upper, but if I ever do, I know where I'll be going.
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From Thirdpower, I saw this article MARYVILLE, Ill. (March 8) -- A gunman walked down the aisle of a church during a Sunday service and killed the pastor, then stabbed himself and slashed two other people as congregants wrestled him to the ground, authorities said. The man walked into the sprawling red brick First Baptist Church shortly after 8 a.m. and briefly spoke with The Rev. Fred Winters before pulling out a .45-caliber handgun and shooting Winters once in the chest, said...
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Clay chicken, that is Picture by Greg, from a successful clay pigeon hunt this afternoon.
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Why bother with critical thought when you can just make a blanket rule? Is a BB gun a firearm? That's the issue the Park, Beach and Recreation Commission is wrestling with, after receiving a request by local Scouting leaders to allow BB guns at a summer camp in Eisenhower Park. … The regulations for the 171-acre Webb Mountain Park in Monroe are clear: "Weapons of any kind, including firearms, air guns, archery, paint ball guns and martial arts implements, are prohibited.'' ...
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Forget one simple closing bracket and Internet Exploder freaks out… Geez. All fixed now (that'll teach me to make live changes without testing).
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Georgia, my oldest (at 6½) doesn't like shopping at all. Any time my wife goes shopping, Georgia looks for excuses to not go. That, and she loves asparagus. I don't think she's human. Today was no different. I'm heading out to Tenoroc with Greg to do a little sporting clays and because I'm not going to be here, the girls will have to go shopping with mama. Georgia absolutely didn't want to go and when I jokingly told her she could go with me, she jumped on the opportunity (don't worry Greg, I..
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This quote is beyond asinine But Leveritt emphasized that it's also in the public interest to ensure that dangerous people aren't granted concealed-carry permits. "The most important thing is to keep these permits from falling into the hands of convicted felons," Leveritt said. "And if that is what you want to do, there is nothing worse that you could do than to hide the names of the people with these permits." Emphasis mine. Let's think about this for a minute. We...
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Mexico binging on American bullets Employees said customers routinely fork over thousands of dollars — in cash — to pile shopping carts high with ammunition that Mexico’s drug cartels will use to lock and load their favorite assault-style weapons and handguns for battle against police and each other. Employees like Francisco Rodriguez, who works in the guns and ammo section, are not short of stories about Hispanic men clearing shelves of 9 mm rounds, another favorite. If you click...
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I'm finding myself ignoring more and more friend requests on Facebook. I feel bad, but I'm slowly getting over it. I've got 165+ friends right now. It's not that I don't love 'em all (even though I don't), it's just that Facebook doesn't really let me determine who is a real friend vs. someone who is a passing acquaintance. The issue is that my notifications get cluttered up with the on goings of people I'm not as concerned about while people I do care about get relegated to Page 17,932 of...
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Want to see what a trillion dollars would actually look like? And to think they're throwing that term around like it's pocket change… Hat tip Cap'n Bob
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Not one, but TWO unpossibilities in one day Gun goes off in York Tech class; student arrested A York Technical College student faces charges after police say a gun he was carrying in his pocket discharged during class. and Teens Arrested; Gun Found In School Restroom WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- Police have charged two teenagers after a gun was found in a Woodstock High School restroom, causing the lockdown of three schools Thursday. The lockdown was later lifted on Woodstock High School,...
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Guy decides to open carry at church. Freedom ensues. Sometimes, it doesn't scare the white people.
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Close down this page and stop looking. Good lord, I hate people with lots of money that can buy that much armament. I need some of that bailout money so I can have a collection like that. Of course, my problem is that I'm a shooter. I refuse to own something I can't take to the range whenever I want. So historical items should never be left in my possession. Hat Tip Say Uncle
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When Pat Guan wrote an article about concealed carry in 2003, he got an earful from a passionate Second Amendment supporter. Fast forward 6 years later, and Pat has come to a conclusion we all here know Well, Missouri went ahead with it and as far as I can tell not one of us from Illinois has been shot, justifiably or not, by one of those pistol-packers. Hardly any Missourians have been shot by them either, reconfirming the experience elsewhere that concealed carry seems to be neither a...
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Gee, I didn't see this coming 'Octomom' spawns bills limiting embryo implants ATLANTA — Lawmakers in two states, outraged by California's "Octomom," are seeking to limit the number of embryos that may be implanted by fertility clinics. Lawmakers are not doctors working with patients' individual needs. They are not close enough to the 'problem' to devise a solution. See this post for more examples of this phenomenon. No, instead, some petty tyrant got a stick up their ass and...
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AND pink eye!!! My poor daughter…
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What part of "Gun Free Zone" did this guy not understand? LANCASTER, Calif.—An auto theft suspect with a handgun concealed under a back brace opened fire in the Lancaster sheriff's station jail booking area. There are so many holes in this story it's hard to being. This guy probably didn't have a Concealed Weapons Permit, so it would be illegal for him to hide a weapon on his person and if there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that criminals will obey laws if you just...
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Case in point Walther says the change would treat BB guns and similar items the same as firearms. Those guns can't be carried in public without a permit. Seems like they've had some cases of vandalism with bb guns. Shooting out windows with a bb gun is already illegal. I guess this is just another way of making it illegaller or something. I've had my house vandalized by some punk with a BB gun. I don't blame the gun, I blame the punk. Making it more illegal to shoot my daughters' windows...
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I should get tickets to this when it comes to town
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Mostly Cajun has a scary story of regulation going nuts and how those making the decisions are not the ones with enough information to make the right ones One of the things I learned was that when these engines were designed, the EPA was some sort of bad dream only found in the diseased minds of abusers of heavy drugs. That was then. This is now. Students of engine operations know there is a certain proportion of fuel to air that produces maximum power. We can’t run many of our engines...
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I swear, I have conversations similar in tone like this all the time. My continued employment is still an unending source of amazement.
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Or any ice cream for that matter. Bueller senses the cold treat and will crawl over anything to get to it. We generally don't give him anything since it's not all that good for him, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
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No shit. Dr. Sharon Poczatek, who runs her own dental practice in Boulder, Colo., said that she too is trying to figure out ways to get out of paying the taxes proposed in Obama’s plan. “I’ve put thought into how to get under $250,000,” said Poczatek. “It would mean working fewer days which means having fewer employees, seeing fewer patients and taking time off.” “Generally it means being less productive,” she said. Obama is auguring the economy in like Bush could have only dreamed...
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But when my nephew over in Iraq IM's me, I drop everything and pay attention. Gets me all sniffly.
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So, reading through some comments regarding the Commercial Appeal and their decision to publish a searchable database of concealed weapon permit holders, there was this comment that I've seen said time and time again that I want to address (again, as it is). The boneheaded argument is this But, I thought the argument was that if you were armed you were LESS likely to be the victim of crime. So, which is it? No gold star for you, buddy. Being armed doesn't automatically make one less...
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So, the Mrs. and I have been discussing the Second Amendment Blog Bash. Money's tight, time is tight, yadda yadda yadda. Going to be a tight fit if I get to go. This would probably be a bad time to start thinking about my next gun purchase. Yeah, there's going to be one this year if I can wrangle up a little business on the side. Because twice this weekend caught me without a firearm. I need a pocket pistol. Sometimes the Glock is just too much to carry, especially if I'm going to be running...
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I got a treadmill. *Sigh* Off to torture myself into shape.
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So, it's totally apparent that I cannot afford the trip to Phoenix for the NRA bash this year. I don't have the time, nor the money. This isn't stopping me from trying my damndest to go anyway. So, to cut costs a bit more, anyone going who'd like to split a room? Yes, I snore and have a teddy bear. Even though pants and I have what can be best described as a strained relationship, I assure you there will be no "Pants Free Zones" during the Bash.
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So, for the past week I've barely been able to read any blogs, much less post on my own. However, it does appear that Obama's AG – Eric Holder – blew their collective, gun grabbing load. Response has been less than stellar for Obama's gaffe machine in overdrive administration. Even Nancy Wrinkles Pelosi ran away from it faster than Obama could run away from Rev. Wright at a press conference. This administration is literally tripping over itself to push every last, wet dream, legislation that..
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