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I took this yesterday outside of work. It's a great blue heron snatching a fish out of the water. It was pretty cool that I was able to capture this when I did. The heron had made a few failed attempts and I lucked out and caught the one where it actually got the fish.
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My lunch from yesterday - A blue cheese & portabello mushroom burger from Durango's. Ketchup bottle added for reference (clicky clicky for full size)
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I served during a time when I wasn't needed in combat (which was surprising giving that several conflicts were going on). I've always partially regretted getting out of the Marines, something I did because they closed my base and made me into a glorified secretary. Then I read this Marine Reservists Involuntarily Recalled The Marine Corps is recalling 1,800 reservists to active duty, citing a shortage of volunteers to fill some jobs in Iraq. Members of the branch's Individual Ready Reserve...
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Jim Zumbo not only learned from his mistake, he's actively working to correct it! March 28, 2007An Open Letter to theUnited States Senate Dear Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen: It recently came to my attention that one of your colleagues, Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, has chosen to attack firearms owners using remarks I wrote in mid-February as his launch pad. As you probably know, Sen. Levin has been making anti-gun speeches every week for the past eight years because of a promise he made to the...
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The Mrs. has complained to me on numerous occasions that we never take any videos of our children, and this is true. We have a perfectly good Sony Digital Hi-8 camcorder, but the problem was always the tapes. With tapes, I never knew if I could just pick up the camera and start shooting. I had to see if the tape was at an empty point or if I could overwrite what was there. And trying to see what I just recorded? Fuhgettaboutit. I had to rewind which took forever. Then there was the problem...
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We have a program at work here called Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures, or OGSM. It's one of those "let's get all the employees together, ask them what they think, and then blow them off for martinis and a round of golf" things, but "Hey! We're taking part!" Anyway, a coworker was writing our department VP because he was requested by management to present the employees findings. When he hit "Send", spell check wanted to replace OGSM with ORGASM. That would have made quite an...
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This is what I'm treated to in my Trackback Spam Quarantine Maybe there should be a "Dangers of long term Spamming" link...
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I was discussing issues with some of our systems today with a director. I indicated that the "standard" tools we were trying to use, i.e. prepackaged software, weren't up to the task. A hammer can dig holes, but isn't what you should use. I started explaining the current limitations and the sheer amount of work needed to shoe-horn everything into place with limited accuracy and how it would be alot easier to write our own package (being that all it requires is a UI and no changes in the...
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I get tired of hearing that phrase or seeing it printed in the paper. Guns no more "just go off" than a stapler "just happens" to spit out a staple. Guns no more "just go off" than a camera "just happens" to take a pictures. Guns no more "just go off" than Britney Spear's hair "shaves itself". All of these items require some sort of mechanical pressure and action to do their thing. Yes, there are instances of mechanical failures, and those are truly accidents, but 99 times out of 99, guns go...
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I have always said that civilized people are not incapable of violence but rather choose reasoning when possible. A civilized person will recognize when civility and reason no longer work and use force, overwhelming at that, to ensure his or her safety is paramount. Marko, though, 'splains it much better than I.
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I was going to say 'my new balls', but it's only one... {Clicky Clicky} A guy on the Glock Talk Reloading board I read made them and gave them away. The larger ball helps with the grip on the press, especially with monster hands like mine. Got 130 rounds ready to go for tomorrow night's hole punching session. No squibs guaranteed!
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Many years ago, when my wife and I were still newlyweds, I took her, for the first and last time, to a work Christmas party (now, it's a 'holiday' party and at work with no family allowed). I had a good Friend, Christy, who I introduced to Kari. We talked for a little while, then parted ways. Because this point is salient, Christy is very attractive. We met another couple immediately after in which I introduced my wife, Christy...err... Kari! Needless to say, I received the first official "If I...
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Pretty. Lot's of shiny things to distract me. Personally, I didn't have a single issue with drivers. My sound card wasn't recognized up front but the automatic updates picked it up with no problem. My graphics card was supported (although I did get the latest from nVidia just to be safe). The worst part is reinstalling all the applications that are still installed on the XP64 OS (I'm in dual boot mode until I'm totally safe and upgraded). Even worse is having to reregister software for the...
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Man sets meth fire, goes shopping Jonathan Zaletel, 19, was cooking meth in a bedroom closet about 7 p.m. Tuesday in the 1200 block of North Alma School Road near Ray Road when the fire started, authorities said. He unsuccessfully attempted to put out the fire by tossing water and window cleaner on it. When that didn't work, he decided to head to a nearby Wal-Mart to buy a fire extinguisher. Being that this idjit is still drawing breath, Darwin would have changed his mind had he lived in...
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Last Tuesday was "Blow holes in paper from a distance while making a ridiculous amount of noise" night for me as I worked up some new rounds using the Longshot. Didn't like it as much as the TiteGroup as it had a snappier feel and left unburned powder all over the place. It did however have one hell of a report of which my first shot had several people stop and see what the &*$#! made the noise. I was only shooting 2 rounds at a time. Part of the reason is for safety. I check each spent...
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It's a bad time to be a whiney, gun-grabbing, Brady Campaign weasel, isn't it? Paul Helmke calls a ruling he doesn't like 'Judicial Activism'. Paul Helmke must live a very, very sad and confused life. *from comment #34
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Starting the Vista upgrade. 64 bit all the way baby! Update: PULL OUT!!!! PULL OUT!!! Damn, can't 'upgrade' XP64 and require a fresh install. All that drive work for nothing...
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From Liberty Belles People in the United Kingdom are looking to government for help in reducing the incidences of muggings. The government created this situation in the first place by banning gun ownership. The government was nowhere to be found when it came to keeping 24,000 children safe last year. The government appears to be nowhere when it comes to catching criminals. There seems to be a direct correlation between the lack of gun ownership and the lack of personal responsibility. This is...
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I finally found a way (thanks to Sphinct0r, who really, really needs a new handle) to resize the partitions of my harddrive so that I can upgrade my OS to Vista. I'm using a bootable GParted CD which seems to be doing the trick. The problem is that I had to resize down the second partition, then move it into the free space in order to upsize the first partiton. It's taking a helluva lot of time to move 70 gigs. Once it's done, I'll increase the boot partition, but while that's running I will...
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This marks week two of reloading. This week I'm working up rounds using Longshot powder by Hodgdon. 10 of each in 9.5, 9.8, 10.0, 10.3, and 10.5 grain. I plan on loading up the rest (close to 1000 rounds) with the lowest grain that feels the best (and accurately cycles the action). The less powder I use, the more rounds I can get out of a pound. I liked the TiteGroup powder (also by Hodgdon) and the recoil from it. However, I plan on using the TiteGroup for the .357 Magnums (which I've yet to...
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From Shooting the Messenger on seeing the movie 300 Now comes the hard work. Teaching them what Molon Labe means. Rearing a new generation that would rather die than bend knee to a despot. Were I any good at photoshopping, you know, like Reuters and the AP do to make phony pictures look real, I'd feature Pelosi on a throne ala Xerc, sitting cross legged and demanding we give up our arms or die. Ok, how's this?
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So, I'm trying to do a little partition mangling so I can install Vista Ultimate. The program requires me to format two 1.44M floppy disks. Floppy disks? Why not put the *&#!% things on an 8-track? Funny thing, I only have 3 disks to my name and 1 of them is corrupt.
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Welcome back, Jim JIM ZUMBO February 28, 2007Mr. Alan Gottlieb, ChairmanCitizens Committee for theRight to Keep and Bear Arms12500 N.E. Tenth PlaceBellevue, WA 98005 Dear Alan:They say that hindsight is always 20-20. In my case, hindsight has been a hard teacher, like the father teaching the son a lesson about life in the wood shed. I was wrong when I recently suggested that wildlife agencies should ban semiautomatic firearms I erroneously called “assault rifles” for hunting. I insulted...
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Here's a video of words. Words spoken by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Pulp Fiction. A very well done video of words spoken by Samuel L. Jackson from the movie Pulp Fiction, I might add. Check it out. Hat Tip Twilley, who couldn't figure out that ID10T-M0FO1-W4NT5-MYK3Y is not a valid software key.
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Which also happens to be the reviewer's first beer review. This is from my Ithurtzwhen IPA, a 12% monster beer I made last April and gave a few bottles to my friend at work. The beer was so alcoholic that the yeast died off (very happily, I might add!) and never carbonated in the bottle so you have to force carbonate each one individually. It literally has taken almost a year for the beer to age to the point of drinkability. But I'll let Steve describe the experience. Wow, my first beer review...
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Thirty percent in attorneys fees doesn’t hurt either. Many more secular faith sayings here. Funny stuff.
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At work, our stock prices jumped up enough last week to warrant me selling off all my options. I'm not a stock market guy and couldn't care less about trends or graphs or whatever. All I know is at the time I sold, my options were worth enough to make it worth my while to go through the hassle of selling them. Our stock has gone down considerably since then, probably due to the overall stock market decline. We were discussing the prices and I brought up me selling mine. A coworker complained...
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Just so you know. And when I say "The Man", I mean "The Man" You know what the Rock smells cookin'? Joe Healy You ever see a school of fish all suddenly switch direction? That's caused by sudden fear because somewhere in the world, somebody mentioned Joe Healy's name. Chuck Norris broke his foot trying to roundhouse kick Joe Healy. Thanks Joe!
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Built a new skin tonight. Since it was pretty close to another skin it was easy to set up (for a change). This one is called "SaaMunition" and features my Glock up in the right. I really needed a change. Something about my old style was, well, getting old. And I've not been on the computer that much lately because I've been working so much that when I get home, the last thing I wanted to do was code. But I had some inspiration with my image the other day and ran with it. I had this on my screen...
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I figure the 2 pounds of gunpowder in my car at this very instant should be enough to take out the drive through windows at the local drycleaners. Isn't that nutty? 1/10 the amount that idiots thought would take out an entire retirement villa and I'm driving around like the stuff is less dangerous than gasoline or something. I might even shake the containers ever so slightly! You know, just to piss off Atropos. Don't even get me started on the thousands of explosive primers in the same bag.
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I'm only linking this out of sheer jealousy. It's not fair I can't wake up the dead with a single pull of the trigger.
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Gad, this article makes me sick Stockpiled inside, authorities say, were 60 rifles, multiple handguns, a million rounds of ammunition and 20 pounds of gunpowder -- enough to level several houses in the quiet neighborhood. An eight-foot deep tunnel led 30 feet from the middle of the garage -- where canned and dried food was also stored -- to a spot beneath the main house. OMG!!!! IT'S LIKE A NUCULAR BOMB OR SOMETHING!!!!! Criminy, 20 pounds of gunpowder isn't going to level anything but a room...
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Made my first round in my press this evening. This is just a dummy round (there's no powder and no primer in the case) as I needed to get the measurements right. This round is .04" short, but the following ones were perfect. Being the geeky photographer that I am, I took a picture of it (click for full size) The gun in the background is the Glock 29.
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 Call this   a clip. It's not. It's a magazine. This is a clip However, the term has been so misused that the connotation is becoming interchangeable with the denotation. Me? I use the term correctly but I don't bristle when someone says clip. Plenty of other gunnies' hair stands on end, though, when you confuse the two.
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Dr. Ruth, TV Personality, sex therapist, and former sniper. H/T Tam
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Barry Goldwater, my type of real Republican "I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to...
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So, Monday night I went to the new range in town to unload several hundred round or so. When you own firearms, you have a responsibility to keep yourself "well regulated". I can't force you to do so, have no desire to make laws that require you to, but I can strongly encourage each and every gun owner to make a trip to the range at least several times a year (go three times and you'll have practiced more than most cops!). So, doing my duty to stay regulated (not to be confused with "keeping the...
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