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From a Maxim article 56. Women ingest about half the lipstick they apply, which means they eat approximately one to three sticks per year. h/t Dave
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But I simply cannot get enough of my little girls. (click to enlarge)  
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Here’s me, doing what I do on the weekends – Wedding photography.
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Well, my Interweb connection was gone for the past 4 days. That might explain why I didn’t get an Instalanche. It would be up for a few minutes, then die for an hour. Turned out to be a bad crimp in the cable where it came out of the wall. Now I’ve got a wire hanging out where a plug used to be. Mrs. Marble’s gonna be pissed when she wakes up. So, did I miss anything or is the blogosphere just as pissy as ever?
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Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one who realized there was only 4 posts for the entire previous week. Well, according to my hit counter, I might actually be the only one, but that's beside the point. I pretty much write to hear myself talk anyway. So, I'm sure the question has been raised "Robb, just what the hell have you been doing?" The answer? A lot, actually. So much in fact that I've specifically targeted blogging as something to drop off of doing as it was, in the scale of things, less...
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Those testimonials up there to the right..... Not mine. I feel better. Do you forgive me?
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But have you seen a blog post around here? I didn't think so. Thanks anyway.
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I only gave him the idea…
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Shot a wedding this weekend. Some of my best work to date if I do say so myself. The only problem is that I shoot 1000+ pictures each, and I have to sort through them when I get home to cull out the blurry / bad / over-under exposed shots. Most people don't realize that for every picture I take, I have to inspect it for exposure ,focus, and color balance (making the whites look white. Trust me, it ain't easy). When I first started, I could throw out over half of my images. But now that I've...
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I love my girls. I really, really do.
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RED-hot chillies contain an ingredient that drives prostate cancer cells to kill themselves, research shows. Capsaicin, which causes the heat in chillies, prompts human prostate cancer cells to undergo programmed cell death, or apoptosis, studies published in the American journal, Cancer Research, revealed. Scientists from the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, together with researchers from UCLA, found capsaicin has a "profound inhibiting effect...
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Yes. Yes he did. What an odd feeling. I’m offended and laughing at the same time.
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So, in less than two weeks I will be presenting at the Orlando .Net Code Camp about the open source project I am working on, Subtext. Just in case you're wondering, Subtext is the blogging engine SaaM runs off of. Anyway, I'm already nervous enough as it is. I don't mind speaking to groups of people, but as I usually talk to people who aren't as familiar with what I'm doing. These guys are experts in the field, and that adds a large layer of pressure to make sure my presentation is perfect...
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So, here’s the short version. A woman has a husband over in Iraq. She puts up a “Support Our Troops” sign on her front lawn. The Homeowners' Association tells her she needs to take it down. TAMPA - Before David Kelley went to Iraq, he bought his wife a "Support Our Troops" sign to display outside the couple's home in the Westchase subdivision. When Kelley, an Army private, went overseas in November, Stacey Kelley posted the sign outside their home. For her, the sign is a daily reminder of...
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So, a guy at work has been following this seasons' 24 pretty closely. I of course opted out for this season, but honestly miss it because I hear people talk about it all the time. Anyway, my coworker noticed that on IMDB you can see the cast listings for each episode of 24... Including future episodes. Spoiler warning - it kind of gives away who is dead and who isn't. Anyway, looking at a particular future episode, my coworker noticed that Ron Livingston has a part. Many of you might recognize...
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DenBeste explains the Matrix. Very, very similar to my train of thought although I could never explain Agents (why would they kill those who needed to escape). His is a kludge, but a working one. I plan on expounding on this even more as I’m an avid Matrix fan even though the 2nd & 3rd movies sucked. Hat Tip Ace
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Manager B of server department asks Employee A for a list of his servers and the applications on them. Employee A asks Manager A if she could get him the list. Manager A asks Director A for the list since she remembers giving it to him. Director A assumes the server people would have this information and asks Manager B for the list to give to his people. Manager B calls Employee A and asks that he hurries up with the list as there are now Directors asking him for it. Somewhere, Labrador...
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She’s in our Tokyo office for a product roll out, so she sent us a picture of her in her temporary cube. I guess she forgot about that part where I actually own Photoshop and know how to use it. (click for full size) The best part? Getting this mailed back to me as it’s made its way around our office. And while I was writing this, people stopped by to comment on it. At least I did one productive thing today.
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T-Mobile, Cingular will pull the Motorola Razr due to a glitch And I just bought two of them. With my luck I’m practically guaranteed I got one of the broken ones.
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A human being should be able to: change a diaper – Check plan an invasion – Nope butcher a hog – Ewwww conn a ship – I can’t even manage those remote controlled doohickeys at carnivals design a building – Well, it would be very, very squalid. write a sonnet – I can’t sit through listening to one, much less write one balance accounts – Ask my wife about that if you’d like to make her laugh build a wall – Would it have to withstand a gentle breeze? ‘Cuz if so, that’d be a NO set a bone...
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I took a few days off of work this week. We wanted to take Georgia to the Plant City Strawberry Festival on Thursday and Friday was my 5 year wedding anniversary. Georgia had a blast. She rode a whole slew of rides, but of course her favorites were the ones she got to ride with Daddy! And yes, her lips are actually blue from her first snowcone!
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Had a hard time brushing my teeth this morning. (click for bigger)
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I’m not a hypochondriac by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’d say I’m one of those types of people who tend to pretend they don’t have a problem, even if I were missing several limbs and bleeding profusely. However, lately something is going on with me that I’m really, really worried about. One of the medications my doctor gave me when my panic attacks first popped back up was Risperdal, but I never took it because of the fear of developing tardive dyskinesia. While Lexapro (the...
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Serial killer tried to bite himself to death LONDON (Reuters) - A man on trial for murdering four people tried to bite himself to death as a fitting end to his killing spree, an Old Bailey jury heard on Wednesday.
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Hubris is (kinda) back! He’s not doing the heavy posting, but damn, just look at those cute kids. And like the proverbial junkie, there’s no way he can do it ‘just once for old time’s sake’. Before you know it, he’ll have a rubber band highly wrapped around his bicep, and the blogging needle dipping into the spoon. JOY! Now if I could only convince Michele to do the same, life will be great again.
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The itsy-bitsy spiderClimbed up the water spoutDown came the rainAnd washed the spider outFor which George Bush was summarily blamed for notwarning the spider ahead of time,increasing funding to the Corps of Engineers on Water Spout Safety,signing the Kyoto treaty thus averting the sudden rain storm,and not invoking posse comitatus and personally helping the spider back to safety. @!#$&* Bush…
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Went to a few sites today who use Paypal for their tip jars. Got this message We’ve got a zillion servers that need certificates, and every here and there one slips under the radar. But those are always are internal application ones, never what we show to the outside world. Oopsie!
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Probably old, but I care not. It’s still funny If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice. Jack Bauer is the 'i' in team. If everyone on "24" followed Jack Bauer's instructions, it would be called "12". (ha) Nobody says 'hit me' when Jack Bauer deals Blackjack. Upon hearing that he was played by Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer killed Sutherland. Jack Bauer gets played by no man. When Kim Bauer lost her...
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This brought a tear to my eye. Several times my brother has called me after reading this blog and said solemnly "You seem really offended by the Vagina Monologues". Well, I'm tired of being told to worship the feminine mystique of my vagina. I'm tired of being told that the most important parts of me are my genitals. As far as I'm concerned, not having to worship my vagina is one of the best things about being a woman. That is a guy problem. Women naturally have more sense - or they...
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Subtext 1.0 (code named “Nautilus”) has finally been released!!! Subtext is the blogging engine that I use for Sharp as a Marble. I’ve worked diligently to break every possible thing I can in it, but the team has managed to fix them and finally release 1.0. I am so happy I could scream like a little girl! You can download it here Installation (Shamefully stolen from Phil Haack’s site) Check out the installation guide on our project site for a walkthrough of the installation. There are...
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But I think my new bumpersticker is a riot. Especially in this context
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Heard Irelyn crying on the monitor early this morning (a little bit before 5 am). Normally she doesn’t wake up to eat until closer to 6, but babies aren’t known for their ability to tell time. I heard my wife (eventually) get up and leave the room which kicked in my ‘go back to sleep mode’. 30 seconds later she’s yelling for my help. Turns out, 7 month old Irelyn decided to heave herself over the edge of her crib. 7 months old. Did I mention she’s only 7 months old and figured out how hoist...
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It’s no secret I love my daughters. This is why my cube is often referred to as ‘the shrine’ (click to enlarge)
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From the Dilbert Blog Blog reader Diana W. wrote to opine that the sentence for attempted murder should be the same as the sentence for successful murder. Otherwise we’re just rewarding incompetence.
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