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Getting ready to listen! Go Jeff! Go Bill!
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This will hopefully be the last bit I do on the whole Terri Schiavo affair. First, we didn’t know what Terri wanted. Period. You cannot continue the sentence with “therefore we must……” because you’re wrong if you think there’s an accurate, default stance to take in these situations. Erring on either side is still erring which means “I’m wrong”. Now that she has passed away, I’m hoping that the rhetoric will subside a little...
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According to Fox News and CNN, Terri Schiavo has died. Rest is peace Terri. An awful way to to, but at least you didn’t have to watch the horrible circus that degraded your life.
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I, _________________________ (fill in the blank), being of sound mind and body, unequivocally declare that in the event of a catastrophic injury, I do not wish to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means. I hereby instruct my loved ones and relatives to remove all life-support systems, once it has been determined that my brain is longer functioning in a cognizant realm. However, that judgment should be made only after thorough consultation with medical experts; i.e., individuals who...
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Well, that’s who it looks like to me anyway. Fleur was supposed to be heartstoppingly beautiful. On a Hot Or Not scale, this chick doesn’t even rate ‘tepid’. I think Culkin would be a better bet anyway. Hat tip Sphinct0r, who needs a better nickname.
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Saw this disclaimer on an eBay page UPS, the UPS brandmark and the color brown are registered trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. They’ve got a trade mark on brown? Does that mean I have to pay royalties on my underwear? Is my skin in violation of copyright laws? Holy shit*! * Please ensure your shit is now be purple to avoid litigation,
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Dear Lord, please. Let me have just one night of decent sleep….. It’s 1:45 PM, I’ve had nothing but coffee and tea, and I keep dozing off behind the keyboard. I hope my 2nd sleep test Saturday will help pinpoint just what the hell is wrong with me. I’m tired of being tired.
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A few weeks ago I spent a week back home in Atlanta for some training. While I was there, I saw two signs that, well, you just have to see for yourself. The first was on a door of a fancy spa in Lenox Square Mall. I really wanted to get a massage and a manicure but I just couldn’t get in. (image slightly adjusted to make it more legible. Phone cameras still have a long way to go) And this one? You just gotta click on it to read it. I guess people in Room 201 need all the help they...
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I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. So my knowledge on stem cells is based on what I can (a) read and (b) understand of what I read. Keep that in mind. Anyway, while I understood that stem cells had vast potential to change medicine, I found the method used to gain them was repulsive. Using harvested fetuses is, in my opinion, immoral. I always thought that there would be a better solution and that abortion culled stem cells weren’t the only way to solve the...
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 Via Bill at InDC Journal, we have a lovely set of ladies picked up for prostitution in St. Paul, MN. However, this fine specimen of feminine virility takes the cake. How whacked out on what drug would you need to be to bag that? What’s the going rate for fugly? $7.50 and a couple of smokes?
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Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for producing your product. It was something I needed very badly. However, what the fuck is up with the packaging? Why must I completely destroy the entire plastic casing to get to the item? Is it that hard to seal the damn thing? I have to use scissors, knives, various blowtorches, etc. to even get to the instruction manual. Good luck to me trying to take it back if it’s defective because I don’t think {insert store here} accepts plastic confetti as...
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Had to take the Mrs. to the Labor & Delivery room last night. She was having way too many Braxton-Hicks contractions and they were starting to cross the 'uncomfortable' threshold into the 'painful' one, so the Doc said to take her in.Everything was ok. She wasn't dehydrated, her water was intact, and Irelyn's heartbeat was strong and steady. Luckily nothing to worry about, but it's better to be on the safe side. At 23 weeks, it's too early for labor to kick in.So we didn't get back home...
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Heard this the other day. Don't know why it tickled me the way it didWhat would Scooby do?
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I want an artificial plant for my cube. 'Cept I want the leaves to be mostly missing and the ones still there almost totally brown. I want the flowers shriveled and grey with the petals falling out.I can imagine the conversations now..... (insert dreamy harp sound effect here)Coworker - Ummm, what's wrong with your plant?Me - It died.Coworker - Died? It's plastic.Me - Yeah, I have horrible luck with plants.Coworker - But how can it die? It's plastic for Pete's sake.Me - I guess I didn't...
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Not realizing you have the day off tomorrow which means toady is 'Casual Day'. I'm in business-casual dress, everyone else is in jeans / shorts / tennis shoes.Had I but known, I'd have come to work in a pair of ultra-tight Daisy Dukes and a clean wife-beater.
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I've been battling with something for a while now. I really, really, really want to remove the R from my voter's registration card. I'm not a Republican, at least not in the sense of how the  GOP sees themselves. To me, the only difference between Democrats and Republicans these days are basically defense issues. Neither party stands for smaller government, neither respects your right of liberty. The Republicans want to create laws that restrict which orifice your purple helmeted love...
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How cool is this?The manicured lawns and neat brick homes of the LakePointe Forest subdivision, nestled on the shores of Taylor Lake, don't fit the typical image of an industrial neighborhood struggling with air contamination.Nor is this the kind of place that one would expect at the center of a covert pollution study.Yet by retrofitting a common suburban backyard lawn fixture — the birdhouse — a team of modern-day Nancy Drews are keeping tabs on the emissions coming from the Bayport Industrial...
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With all this Terri Schiavo stuff going on, I honestly was curious how a feeding tube worked. Was an existing orifice used such as the nose or mouth, or did the doctors make an incision in the abdominal wall and go directly to the stomach*? Well, I did a Google search to find out. Of course, when you search Google, it tries to place ads that are relevant to what you were looking for. I got this....Sorry, but that's just a little creepy for me...*It so happens that short term needs are through...
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My lawyers say I've got a good case against the little bastard. However, the defense attorney is trying to bring up that incident at Red Lobster with the All-You-Can-Eat Crabfest. Something about fearing for his life.Yeah, right. Like the pet store had an adequate amount of drawn butter readily available.
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Posting this from the new computer. Rockin' & Rollin' as of right now!
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But I was visciously attacked by a hermit crab at a pet store. I was trying to show my daughter how cute it was when it tried to put the vulcan death grip on the palm of my hand. No blood, which was amazing considering the 300 psi pressure the somabitch used.
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Boss came back from Germany today. I got a big bag of Haribo gummy bears and a 22oz bottle of Köstritzer Schwarzbier! If you truly want to be my friend you will purchase me a large bag of either root beer barrels or gummy bears. And the German Haribos are the absolute best.Beer doesn't hurt either if you're in the market for making friends with me, either.
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I've shirked my Catblogging duties lately, haven't I?
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Woot! Gotta love trolls! Today's doozy is brought to you by SgtShep (, a lovable character if you get to know him I'm sure!Digital Brownshirt Asshole When's the last time you were cranked, asshole?Hmm. Never, actually. Asshole cranking sounds more like your game. Let me know how it works for you, though.Get ready, for it's easy to find you, and the internet is not the source. Oh. Well, just FYI the Internet would make it easier. If your thinking of using information...
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At least I hope so. I hope that this page is cached so it can be used as proof in case I am ever in Terry Schiavo's situation.Let me be clear. I am more concerned with quality of life than quantity. If I am ever rendered helpless through disease or some freak accident involving a moped and one of Liberace's elaborate diamond rings and can no longer survive without the assistance of machines or other people taking care of me 24-7, I do not wish to be kept alive. Life is meant to be lived. While...
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Thank God both of my SUVs have AC because it looks like it's too late to stop Global Warming™.Nobody trusts the weather man to give us the correct weather for next week, and we're supposed to believe they can tell us what it will be in 100? Pardon me if the skeptic in me lets out a loud guffaw.We should outlaw volcanoes. I mean, one massive pop and one of Gaia's magma-pimples will jet out more CO2 than us humans can belch out with our Priuses (yeah, they use gas) and Hummers can even try to...
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Tack this one on the 'They're starting younger and younger' department.5-Year-Old Girl Cuffed After Fight At SchoolST. PETERSBURG - Police handcuffed the wrists and legs of a 5-year-old girl at a school this week after the kindergartner attacked a teacher and the assistant principal, officials said.The student was disciplined and was to return to school today, Pinellas County schools spokesman Ron Stone said Thursday. He did not provide details of the punishment.Disciplined? What do you bet...
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Last day of training.I can barely stay away through each class although yesterday did have some interesting information that I can use.Flight leaves at 7 tonight which means we'll have to leave class and go directly to the airport right as class ends.It'll be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight.
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Today's Prickly City
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Had to take a trip to the can during a break. The guy in the stall next to me was snoring.
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Father called me today. Informed me he just got issued his Sig 226.Just rub it in why don't you? Asshole.
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Man, training can be very dull. Add to it the fact that I was out until midnight consuming hot wings and Guinness, and I'm beat. I hope the keyboard I'm on is drool resistant.
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Howdy from cloudy,overcast Atlanta! My old home town. I'll be in training for the week which means I'm away from my family which makes me cranky. Not that I'm any less cranky at any other time, but cranky nonetheless.Hopefully I'll have something interesting to report. I've got one of my digital cameras, but no way to offload the images. Maybe I'll find a way to do so.I'm still without a main PC at home as the motherboard I purchased fried two Athlon 64 3200+ processors in 2 days. And now I'm...
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But I want this mailbox.
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Wait until next week when I'm in Atlanta! Sorry for the slow posting, but I'm still without a primary PC. The @$$holes at FedEx can't seem to get an overnight package to me overnight. I love ordering something on Tuesday for overnight and sitting around on Friday at noon wondering if it's ever going to make it. Oh, well. That's my life!
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One thing I am notorious about is not keeping very good notes about anything. In home brewing, this is akin to a crime. If you don't take good notes, you have no idea what to change or to look for if you brew a stinker. Even worse, when you brew something that could win awards and you don't remember what type of yeast you used. (Yeah, I'm talking about me. You got a problem with it?)So,this post is going to serve as my note pad. Right now I'm sitting in front of 4 gallons of boiling...
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Seriously. I love my Wesson .357 but concealment is an issue. I'm dying for a Sig 226 / 229 but the costs just are too much right now. Come to think about it, the only thing I can afford right now would be a pistol someone lends me for a while. With ammo.Concealment isn't the only issue. We all know that guns talk to you and tell you to do evil things. My gun has stopped speaking to me since I fired some .38 specials at the range the other day. I tried to explain to him that someone had given...
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From Blondie's Heart of GlassOriginal Lyrics: Yeah, riding high on love's true bluish lightWhat I Heard: Yeah, Right. I got blown through Jewish lies.I'm willing to bet a psychiatrist would have a field day on that one.
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Sorry for the light posting. I'm still in mourning. Yesterday, the bastards at FedEx decided they'd go ahead and deliver my new computer parts that had been sitting in their warehouse for 3 days. Turns out, I ordered the wrong *&#$^ CPU. I needed a socket 939 but had ordered the 754.So while I have a lovely new case, memory, graphics card, and motherboard, I have no processor. It's like having a nice car with no engine.I've already ordered the correct chip but it won't be here until...
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Because we have soldiers like these. An excerptSome wounded soldiers are willing to do almost anything to get back into uniform. After Senior Airman Anthony Pizzifred, 20, lost his leg just above the ankle in Afghanistan last March, surgeons told him that the best prosthetic leg—one that would allow him to walk, run and wade in the ocean—was designed for those with more severe amputations. Pizzifred wanted maximum mobility as fast as possible. So he told his doctors to take off as much as they...
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So FedEx, damn their black hearts, is sitting on my computer parts. I can see they're in the Tampa area, but since 2 Day delivery really means 4 days, they're holding them until tomorrow. Which is probably just as well.You see, I'm all happy about getting a new computer, especially a 64-bit system since I have the release candidate of XP 64. But what I dread beyond everything else is the sheer volume of crap I have to reinstall. First, the OS. And then there are 100 irritating things I have to...
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At home, I run my own email server. It's cheap and I have a lot more control over it than if I used someone else, and this means less spam as I'm able to filter before it ever gets sent to the server in the first place.I used to use Exchange, mostly so I could mimic the environment I had at work, ensuring my applications could be moved from one environment to the next with little modification (and yes, I actually set up internal DNS so the URLs could be the same in all my apps). Anyway, using...
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Picked up the strawberries for the Strawberry Wheat Beer last night. On my lunch break I'm heading to the Beer & Wine Pantry to get the ingredients for the beer itself. Having a hard time figuring out which yeast to use as I don't want to overpower the hint of strawberry. I was told by some people that a good yeast would be the Wyeast 3068, but others have commented that that particular strain produces a strong yeast flavor.So I'll be at the mercy of the brew supply store's...
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So, 4 days without my main computer. 4 days without my RSS reader. I can't even remember half the blogs' addresses I go to (kind of like phone numbers and how you forget them because they're programmed into your cell). I feel like I've been forgotten. Left behind.And it's a little liberating at the same time.But I do miss all of you. I really do. I want to read you guys and gals. I want to know what's going on in the world. But, I'm making do. Trying to not waste too much time here at work...
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I'm from the South. Born and raised in Georgia in the suburbs of Atlanta, I cultivated a southern accent throughout my upbringing. While I've managed to completely drop the accent, I still say y'all, call every soft-drink a Coke, and when I'm getting ready to do something, I'm 'fixing to'. So it's not uncommon when I mispronounce a word or two.Something that had been a wee bit confusing to me is to see people write 'Faux News' when referring to that obvious mouth piece of the White House and...
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A few years ago I went into a Quickie Mart to purchase a 12 pack of beer. I walked up, the clerk scanned it, took my money and gave me my change. Just as I was turning around to leave, I remembered that the lottery was way up there and decided to get a Quick Pick.The clerk said he would need to see my ID first.Go figure.
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I blame Jeff G. for my current situation. Whatever he did to break his computer has found its way into mine. Now my main PC is hosed. Won't even show the boot screen and those odd times that it does, it locks at random times.So now I am without a primary computer. Luckily my server is ok and the wife's computer is running and my laptop, bless it's 5 year old little heart, lets me blog.I swore I was done building computers, but looking at the cost of a prebuilt one compared to what I can...
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(this memo was sent to me from 3, 9:41 AM (ET)By JEANNINE AVERSAWASHINGTON (AP) - Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan on Thursday embraced the notion of overhauling the nation's tax system and said that some form of a consumption tax - such as a national sales tax - could spur greater economic growth.The Fed chief made his comments in prepared remarks to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform. Revamping the complex tax code is an important goal of President...
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I, like most men, love boobs ok? I'm not ashamed to admit it. But I think a lot of women are under the false impression that us dudes only like 56-DDD mammaries, which is a complete myth. Most of the guys I talk with just like well shaped breast, even if they're A-cups. Huge boobs, while quite entertaining to play with from time to time, tend to head south for the winter, if you know what I mean. I once dated a girl who claimed hers were armpit filler when she laid on her back (talk about a...
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Many of you probably don't know, but I'm not a big fan of Peter Jackson's version of Lord of the Rings. Don't get me wrong, I think the movies were well done, and if you've never read the books or aren't as anal about accuracy as I am, then they were probably very enjoyable.However, if some of these scenes were in there, I might be more inclined to enjoy them.
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I love kids. I really do. Growing up as an only child, I always thought I'd have a big family so my children would have siblings to play with. Now that I have Georgia as well as Irelyn on the way, I've pretty much decided that two kids are enough.After we had Georgia, I actually was thinking that might be all. It's not that she's a difficult child or anything, actually quite the opposite. She is such a joy that I had a hard time thinking about having to split my time between her and another...
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Please, make it stop!!!!
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You'd hit my tip jar like crazy until I could afford one of theseAt only $3,395 it's a bargain! So come on people, what's more important? Giving money to charities and orphans, or ensuring I can accurately keep my mashing temperatures perfect so that my beer stays delicious? I think it's a rather easy choice? I've hit the tip jar, why not you? I mean, if Andrew Sullivan can raise $100,000 to pay for $300 worth of bandwidth I figure this has got to be easy!
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Went in for my follow up appointment for my sleep test. Turns out I am borderline on every single thing. 5 apneas (stopping breathing) per hour is considered enough to require treatment, I measured in at 4. I had moderate snoring, 1 point or so right below severe. O2 levels? Right below the warning level.So, the doc wants me to go in for another overnight stint, then an all day 'nap fest' to see how tired I am afterward. Something about napping every 2 hours to see how tired I...
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Last night the Mrs. & I were on the way to her brother's house when we saw someone we knew a few cars ahead of us. As I tried to pull up next to her, the cars in front of me failed to start moving when the light turned green. My wife, frustrated, said "Oh..damn people..." under her breath.Apparently, not under enough. Immediately, Georgia repeated what she heard. Verbatim.Her first obscenity! I'm so proud ;)
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When the facilities department puts up signs like this to warn us employees, I realize that we as a race are just too stupid to survive. (this is an actual picture taken today from where I work).click to enlarge
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