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As a Dave Ramsey acolyte, I have a rule – If I cannot pay cash for something, I do not buy it. Period. Like all rules there are times when they have to get bent or broken and I’m not so hard core that I’d tell my daughter “Sorry, you can’t have a life saving operation because we don’t have the cash for it”, but I am pretty adamant that I will not go into debt for basic wants. This system has actually increased my cash flow as my wife & I no longer impulse buy, thus we only buy things we...
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Turns out, I’m still alive. So is this blog. Hard to believe, eh?
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He's home now, resting, and getting back into the swing of 'being retired'. The surgery was a success, they removed 5% of one of his kidneys, and completely removed the tumor. There will be no chemo and nothing else besides standard followups to make sure he's healing. Praise God that his back was hurting him enough to get him to go in for xrays. They never figured out what the back pain was, but by the grace of God they found the tumor, tiny and easily cut out before it caused any real...
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Who's there? Asynchronous Programming Who? Knock Knock Asynchronous Programming
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