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From Garden & Guns regarding Georgia based luthier, Randy Wood “The pros don’t have any money,” he says with a laugh. “My main bread and butter comes from the weekend musicians, because they have jobs.” I’m planning on starting a luthier class soon. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it as a business, but maybe when I’m older and ready to retire, it’ll give me something to do that brings in a little extra income.
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I’m sure that most everyone by now has seen the video / read the story about the off duty officer who shot & killed a drunk firefighter during an arrest gone bad. If not, Colin Noir has the video on his blog. What is depressing about this incident (besides someone losing their life over such a trifling thing as over-inebriation) is the responses I’m reading online. The comments at Mr. Noir’s blog are a good microcosm of what I’m talking about, as are some of the ones here. I’ve seen several...
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The American mood is more toward freedom than gun control. It’s popular because it’s right. The facts are (and have always been) in our court and Ace does a good job summarizing it for non-gunnies like us.
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Everything was exactly as I suspected. iMac has influenza-b again. However, this time her blood levels were off the charts and thus, this should result in a clean bill of health. If she can catch the flu again and not have her blood levels tank, then she should be clear. Expensive, exhausting, and emotionally draining – but she’s fine, thank the Lord.
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iMac woke up with a fever. Because of her past hospitalization, we were instructed to call the hematologist if she ever has one. The last time was met with a “just monitor her and if it gets worse, take her to the hospital”. Today, it’s straight to the ER. I think I know what’s going on. The hematologist hasn’t been able to pull a clear blood sample since her hospitalization. Some of it was expected as it takes a while to get back on track, but with her history of neutropenia and macrocytosis,...
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Last night, I totally, completely, and utterly confused myself. I have been working on a song that so far, is working out to be quite good. It’s got energy, some interesting sounds, and even as an Electronic Dance Music kind of song, has room for some good guitar work (if I could only find a good guitarist to do the work!). Here is the ‘scratchpad’ portion of the song I’ve done so far in mp3. This is just me putting pieces together to see what works, what didn’t, etc. I really like how the...
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The ATF needs to be disbanded, and their functions erased from the books of history (i.e. the FBI has no reason to do any of it either). This is just one of the bajillions of reasons why.
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I need to probably try to blog at night, throw everything into the hopper, and let my awesomeness just slowly leak out during the day. Man, that sounded better in my head…
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Hank Rearden, is that you? So why do we do it? Why do we build these towers that fall down upon us? Why do we toil and strain and risk our precious time, which is the only real wealth we possess? Because the world needs what we're building. It needs it desperately. If that matters to you, as it does to me, then hold to that thought. You will see through the smoke, and your wounds will heal.
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Sorry about the lack of content. New sprint started which means lots & lots of work.
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Madness A Fostoria Police officer's car was parked outside of his Toledo home near South Detroit and Oxbridge roads. The officer woke up Thursday morning to find his car window smashed, and several items taken. A bag, one of his own guns, one of the department's guns, his wallet and his police badger were all missing. But remember, only cops are responsible enough with their guns (and badgers) to be entrusted with them.
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I shouldn’t feel as down as I do, but I do. My current contract is Java. Server side Java. I’ve spent the last 14 years doing primarily .Net front end & web. The syntax of Java is practically identical to C# and that isn’t an issue. Object Oriented Design isn’t much different. The problem is that while .Net is all inclusive, Java requires you to either write every last thing from scratch or use 200 different frameworks to get your work done (not complaining about this, mind you, just...
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So much for that
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Don’t read if you suffer from depression Resisting totalitarians cannot simply be an electoral activity. In a system of democratic political elections, the ballot box becomes the weakest element in defying totalitarians who can always find ways to buy elections, steal elections or convince the people that if they don't vote the wrong way then the sky will fall and the oceans will rise. Those who follow no laws have many options; those who follow them have only a few. Emphasis mine.
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Second lesson yesterday. She got to sit behind a real set of drums and make noise. Her first snare hit scared the bejeezus out of her (and me) but from that point on it was nothing but smiles. Interestingly, her left hand had less issues than her right & she’s right handed. It’s nothing more than quarter notes and accents right now, and only hands; feet were placed firmly on the high hat and bass drum pedals, but no activity there. I’m hoping she continues to enjoy it because it would be...
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Cleaning rod + .338 Lapua = I think you might be able to salvage the trigger guard, but that’s about it.
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From Ace "You will always be able to find a "good reason" to exert control other people if you set about on looking for one."
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Microaggression? Seriously? Kid posts this gif in a newsletter (which was lifted from Leno) and he has to APOLOGIZE for being aggressive towards black people even though that wasn’t his intent. Because in today’s namby-pamby college world, if your feelings are hurt, you’re owed the sun and the sky. Sadly, I wish I could say that the real world is going to be devastating to these young adults, but it won’t be. They will slide into corporate America where HR departments will gladly supply them...
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But most of the time, you lose.In fact, it’s pretty much the norm that you don’t even place, a lesson my eldest learned last night. Georgia got 2nd place in her grade at school for her science project. We looked online to find ideas and there was a lot of “what colors absorb heat the most?” and “which material keeps heat in” types, but I had her flip it around. Living in Florida, it’s generally more important to block heat than to keep it in (and, from my understanding, FL houses are generally...
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Linoge’s post reminded me of this Cancer is an illness, but unlike so many others out there, you are not just suddenly “better” once the medicos and techs finish their attempts at killing you.  He ain’t kidding. The past few weeks have been a living hell, with him having to use a feeding tube & a machine to get any nutrients at all. My FIL’s cancer was on the back of his tongue, so he got to a point where he couldn’t even swallow, not to mention that his sense of taste went haywire....
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In the UK, mufflers on guns are considered polite, not a threat to the populace. Gun banners don’t care about safety. They don’t care about your hearing loss. All they care about is making gun ownership as fraught with peril as possible so that people just give up on gun ownership. In some ways it works – I do not own, nor will I jump through the dog & pony show hoops necessary to own a suppressor. But I will fight to get them to be items that you buy off the shelf at the local K-Mart as...
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We teach our kids about the dangers of many things, why not firearms? Firearms are no different than swimming pools, electricity, sharp kitchen knives, and magnifying glasses. Children live in a world where these things exist. Someday, sooner than you think, they will visit friends’ houses where guns (and everything else you hope they’ll never get into) might be easily available when you’re not around. When that day comes, if you have taught them well, they will know how to keep themselves...
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It’s just that stupid.
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Florida’s concealed carry systems was *SPECIFICALLY* set up to disarm black people and they also banned a specific rifle after a black person said it was the best rifle to defend negroes with. I’m not implying gun banners are racists because of this (they may or may not be, I don’t know nor care), but it will be a fascinating view on how gun control is only about the control and never the safety. Waiting on some data for this so I can back up my assertions, but it was fascinating to hear how...
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iMac got her first set of glasses yesterday. She loves them (that, and she can actually see beyond 3’ now)
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When the spree-killer is shot & killed by someone with a gun before he can rack up the bodied Like the Arapahoe High School shooting in Colorado, this incident was over very quickly because the presence of the much-mocked “good guy with a gun.” Arapahoe ended in just 80 seconds after the shooting began after the cornered shooter committed suicide before he could attack the five class rooms on his list (the majority of killings in Sandy Hook took place in just two classrooms). This incident...
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Because this is going to be high volume awesomeness. First of hopefully many, many lessons. She was overwhelmed, but seemed genuinely excited. We ordered some sticks, a practice pad, and some books and her instructor said to give her at least 6 to 8 months of lessons before looking at purchasing anything else, so we’ve got some time to start socking away money for a decent electronic set. iMac has been working on blues with her guitar teacher and has started learning fingerpicking already,...
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They found a few blockages but only one that needed a stent and they did that yesterday. He will be leaving the hospital today and can go back to work next week. From what I’ve gathered so far, they’re not even going to prescribe him any meds (outside of what’s needed for the recovery period) and that he simply needs to lose weight, quit smoking, and get some exercise. Which, for my dad, is probably the same as a death sentence. Maybe this scare will help. He quit smoking one time a few years...
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There’s a LOT of talk about the G2 Research R.I.P. round, most of it laughably negative. Turns out, for all their slick marketing, it’s not any better than a .22LR. And that’s ok with me. I get it’s gimmicky. I understand that many anti’s are going to pounce on this as proof gun owners are blood thirst cretins (but that’s a Pavlovian response for them and can be ignored). I see that it could very will be just a way to milk the mall-ninjas out of cash. But it’s someone trying something...
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Florida Carry’s lawsuit against Easter Florida State College that we filed yesterday? They folded. You join yet?
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My father had either a mild heart attack or a case of angina yesterday and had to be admitted to the hospital. This morning they looked for blockages and found some and are performing an angioplasty to put in stents (no bypass(es) needed). He fat, smokes, and if he didn’t have to get out of his patrol car to write tickets, he’d get no exercise at all. I’m honestly more surprised I didn’t get a call that his heart exploded, leaving a 20’ wide crater in the aftermath. Still, my stomach is in...
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On Thursday January 30th there was an apparent self-defense incident in the parking lot at the Palm Bay campus of Eastern Florida State College. While we won't be commenting on the incident until all relevant facts are known, something very troubling has come to light as a result. In December the 1st District Court of Appeal sided with Florida Carry in our lawsuit against the University of North Florida. This case ruled that college policies prohibiting the lawful possession of firearms and...
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Easy. Just pick any random topic and give them a few minutes. They’ll merge their pet topics into anything. Take the discussion on Gibson’s new guitar line made from the wood that was illegally confiscated. (The comments are Disqus which means they’re not in any particularly understandable order, so I can’t point you to any link in particular, but you’ll see the guy). Doesn’t matter that the post is about guitars, it’s about a company using the same wood as every other guitar manufacturer in...
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