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Some people have to buy them and could use a few bucks to help them out. Nothing wrong with asking. Lord knows people have told me I should try to raise funds for the KRISS, but there are people like Erin who need a pistol vs. idiots like me who simply want another because there’s a spare inch in the safe where it might fit should I try cramming it in. If you’ve got a buck or two, help a girl get herself a carry pistol, will ya?
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That would be from me squeeing again. Look what just followed me home
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A picture of my wife from 1977… in Florida.
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Ceramic figurines of people fighting, taken as they impact the floor
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Shelley Rae done won them today
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From FarmDad in #gunblogger_conspiracy ***FarmDad has found that murphy is a motherfucker , and he seems to have a personal grudge It seems he holds grudges against many people.
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The eldest crotch fruit had homework yesterday. Part of the assignment was to read a short item on Duke Ellington then answer questions. Makes sense – can the child comprehend what he or she just read? To determine this, you ask questions relevant to what they just read, right? Not in today’s world it seems. One of the questions was “Duke Ellington played ‘Jazz Music’. Can you think of three other types of music?” 0_0 Isn’t that like saying “Sally has 4 cookies. Johnny has 3. How does that...
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Obama and crew are actively pushing inflation and the devaluation of the American Dollar, believes that gas needs to be at European level costs to push alternative energy and thus is unconcerned about gas prices, is targeting political rivals with IRS audits in an open act of thuggery, and has generally run the country in a manner indistinguishable from someone attempting to destroy the economy and the best the GOP can muster is Romney and Santorum? I mean, Newt is actually attractive compared...
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I see ads now for Coca-cola, now in a New User Friendly Size! 12.5 oz instead of 16. Same price. I hear chocolate rations will be raised again next week.
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From a press release COTTONWOOD, AZ (February 2012) -  LaserLyte®, the leader in laser technology for the shooting sports market for 25 years, has won American Rifleman's coveted Golden Bullseye Award for Accessory of 2012 for their Laser Trainer Target (TLB-1). The interactive target system provides the user immediate feedback for learning to shoot or to improve shooting skills such as unsighted fire, accuracy, grouping and trigger control. The Laser Trainer Target contains 62...
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Because we have young ladies like Molly on our team. It’s awesome to see such enthusiasm and smarts in our youth. Molly argues from information and facts, reason and logic, and eschews the emotionally charged appeals to instinct that our opposition relies almost solely on. Plus, she can outshoot me by a parsec.
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Or more like “case mouths that almost come to a point” as the KRISS really likes to mangle the brass The conversation over at  leads me to believe that the ammo was either too hot or not hot enough and that the brass may have been hitting the barrier a bit briskly. Doesn’t look like anything the resizing die wouldn’t be able to clear up, mind you, just curious to know what is causing it. Kriss recommends specific ammo which wasn’t available to me at the time so it could...
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And outside the $#&*( shower…. The new tile is only a week old, and last night after taking a shower, I noticed some water near the floor. The Warden wife calls me later and there’s another spot. The red arrows where the floor is damp. The water has to come from a source. These must be Seeping through 4” of concrete, travertine, and grout and finding a large tear in the floor pan that mysteriously appeared after the floor was finished. I seriously doubt this is the case because a 5...
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The other day when I took the Kriss for its inaugural run, I also took the M&P to practice press outs and double taps in an attempt to get my shooting under control for USPSA. I learned a few things. One, I’m slow as molasses getting that front sight lined up with the rear. My default grip seems to present this view to me I then have to gently pull to the right and down to get the sights to line up correctly. This takes one to two millennia, or at least it feels that way. Two, I shoot...
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Last night I was able to take the Kriss out for her first spin. My goal was simple – hit the range, buy a box of ammo (oh Lord, $23 for a box of 50 is asinine. That’ll learn me to not drop by Wally World to grab a Winchester White Box of 100), and just hit some paper targets. No photography, no recording each shot in detail, just get a feel for the weapon and how it handles. Wow. Just like I imagined. The RO had to drop by a few times to ask if I could keep it down because my constant squeeing...
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Have me shoot it! 10mm? TOO EXPENSIVE! TOO RECOILLISH! .40 caliber? TOO EXPENSIVE!! TOO RECOILLISH!!! I’m actually glad we can argue over the finer points of ammo. It’s better than having to talk amongst ourselves about where to find ANY ammo from a black market dealer. But as I said over at When The Balloon Goes Up, the argument truly is academic. There are, at my last count, over 32 million factors that go into what makes a particular shooting effective, 7 or 8 of which you actually have...
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Caleb rocks out with his Glock out over at Shooting Illustrated.
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A few years ago, I started claiming as many deductions on my taxes as I could without filling out extra forms. The goal was to get as close to owing $0 at the end of the year as possible without getting a refund. That’s right, I prefer owing money than having Uncle Sam get an interest free loan. What we do is budget for tax time to owe $X. X is a significant number because the first time I tried this, there was a lot owed. The neat thing is that I’ve tuned it and only owe a few hundred now,...
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I guess the only thing you know is to keep digging
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This is a really popular course and they’re looking for some help in the RO department from anyone in Central Florida who has NRA Instructor and/or RSO, IDPA/IPSC, SASS. LE or Glock RO ratings who would like to participate to introduce women to shooting. All they can promise is a free hotdog and soda lunch, a busy day (we had over 400 women arrive last year), and a sense of satisfaction from introducing women to shooting. Details are at They have 15 slots but only about 9...
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And they’re on their way. Nothing like claiming you’re the #1 Gun Blog of 2012 with no stats to back it up and a design that looks like it was created by a chimpanzee with bad cataracts AND you have to lie about ‘Recent Members’ to bolster your numbers.
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Police chief instructs his officers to challenge black people “I don’t agree that black people should be allowed to openly walk around,” Anderson said. “I have instructed my officers to challenge any negro they see walking to make sure that they have the right to be there. Some people, like felons, cannot walk around. They (black people) will be treated with respect and dignity but they will be challenged.” Wait, his target of bigotry wasn’t blacks, but gun owners who openly carry “I...
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I am not an anarchist. I do not believe that humans can coexist without some basic, agreed upon framework. Sure, if every last person was a Anarcho-Capitalist who each shared the exact same philosophy, then it would work, but that goes for Communism, Socialism, and any sort of ism. The problem is that there will be differences that need some sort of framework to settle and thus if you call that ‘mutually agreed upon rules’ or ‘government’, it is just that. The problem is that governments,...
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So, as everyone now knows, I have a KRISS Vector CRB/SO for Testing & Evaluation. Some of you may have found out from reading my blog, the rest of you just heard the 700dB fanboi-squee I emitted when it showed up, either way it’s here and I plan on milking it for every last thing it is worth. This should be a fun series to run with, and if anyone has any questions, pictures they want to see, or jokes about how totally Halo / Call of Duty MW3 I am for loving this thing, feel free to drop me...
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Guy robs convenience store. His plan goes awry when his motorized wheelchair gets stuck in the sand A man's cunning plan to hold up a convenience store with a knife all went south, according to police, when his wheelchair got stuck in the sand behind the store as he tried to make his getaway. … When officers arrived, they found Champion stuck in the sand behind the store drinking a Bud Light Lime.
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The youngest spiked a fever last night and after a few days of runny noses and earaches, we decided to take her to a walk in clinic. For whatever reason, my insurance was not working and it showed iMac as ‘inactive’. Checking on the website, it showed everything as copasetic, but the validation system said otherwise.  No big deal. I have funding set aside for emergencies should things like this arise, and I was more than prepared to simply pay out of pocket and deal with the insurance...
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Tam has a very interesting conversation going on regarding Look, I loathe me some bunny-huggin' human haters as much as the next person, but I thought conservatives were supposed to be all about the rule of law, and the eco-terrorists were the ones who resorted to property destruction, like tree spiking and SUV torching? When did self-identified conservatives start high-fiving each other over naked vandalism? Next thing you know, graffiti will be okay, so long as you're defacing somebody...
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You get off his lawn When a residential burglar fired a gun at Jay Leone last month, he was initially too angry to realize he had been shot in the head, he testified Friday. "To tell you the truth, I never felt a thing," said Leone, 90, of Greenbrae. "I said, 'F—- you, you son of a bitch, now it's my turn.'" … Leone testified energetically, despite having been shot in the face just weeks ago. With his head shaved and a bandage on his left cheek, he described how...
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I must be dreaming…
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I try to remain consistent with my views and how I treat people. I get onto the anti’s for dancing in the blood of others, and my last post clearly was doing the exact same thing. I got called on it, and rightfully so. Because I realized I had made a mistake, I pulled the post. Rarely do I do this, and if I do, I refuse to do so quietly. Unlike our opponents, I admit mistakes and try to learn from them.  I won’t sweep my errors under the rug and pretend they never happened, but at the...
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Please see explanation here
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Was me checking the UPS site and seeing “Our for Delivery” for the first of my T&E guns. It’s not the Colt, either. I have it for 90 days and then…
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From Scott Adams
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Trotting out their pathetic ‘grades’ again this year, Florida scored 3 points out of 100. They’re so enamored with lying that they gave us an unearned point Sorry guys, but HB45 is the model of preemption laws and now holds individuals responsible for making local gun ordinances. Not some, none. And since we passed this law, even the state fair allows firearms on the premises. I wonder if it’s painful to be wrong so often.
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I’ve given up on Twitter. Not only do I detest the 140 character limit, but I simply cannot read these things any more. Hash tags, @, and whatnot, I can never tell who wrote what to whom and why. @YoBro not tryn 2b all in ur sht  bt u need 2 hrry #OccupyBathroom #@!,- I ran that through a Perl interpreter and it made for a decent, if a bit buggy, text parsing engine. You kids get off my token ring.
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Sadly, the state disagrees. But I like his “I approve this message” message nonetheless.
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No returns and NO MONEY BACK! Well no money back for the buyer, but the seller is a different story Labrecque lives in California.  The person who bought the safe lives in Bartlett.  Upon receipt, the buyer brought the safe to a welder, who cut it open. Inside the safe was $26,000 in cash. … In a contentious e-mail chain Labrecque provided to Action News 5, he asked for a cut of the cash.  The buyer declined, citing Labrecque's seller policy that states, "What...
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My wife was showing me a Facebook post from one of her friends that linked to the story about the Florida State Fair now allowing guns in. Her friend made the comment of “I’m so glad I do not live in such fear that I feel the need to carry a gun”. Since it was my wife’s page, I couldn’t chime in (although I was seriously trying to get her to tell this guy that her husband happened to be a board member for Florida Carry, the group that got the rules changed and mentioned heavily in the article)...
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I love my Crimson Trace lasers. This is pretty much why.
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Because Gun Control is dead. It just doesn’t know it.
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Commenter DJMoore left this comment in my post about the State Fair now following state laws You think that's "winning"? Try this: The Three Rules on Prime Time network TV. It's been almost completely ignored by the shooting community, and it needs to be noticed. I'll run through the setup for those not familiar with the show. Bear with me. In Blue Bloods (CBS Fridays at 9 pm), Tom Selleck stars as an impossibly honest and incorruptible Police Commissioner in New York...
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First and foremost, there is a misconception that Starbucks supports Open Carry or the 2A in general. This is not the case. Starbucks simply refuses to deny gun owners access to their stores which is a sound business practice. The reason for the buycott wasn’t to thank Starbucks for donating to 2A organizations or releasing statements that they are for Open Carry, but for a very, very important reason nonetheless – We have to show that gun owners are a powerful force, both economically and...
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From their press release ST. LOUIS, Feb. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- has partnered with The Mission Continues, a St. Louis-based nonprofit that challenges post-9/11 veterans to rebuild purpose through community service. The online superstore for tactical gear joined forces with the service organization in order to bring donation opportunities to its customer base, which is comprised of military and public safety professionals. Through the partnership, customers of...
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Because they, like Starbucks, follow state law and allow weapons into the fair. From this   Wanding patrons and no weapons signs To this   We’re winning. Just not as fast as the anti’s are losing.
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Yesterday, before I went home, the Mrs. called and said there was a stray dog that was currently leashed up in our garage and not to run over it. She had already called Animal Services and asked them to come pick up the pooch but just in case they didn’t show up before I got home, that’s why there was a dog in my garage. Sure enough, there was a canine still there when I got home and what a poor thing to see. She was old - almost totally white faced with gray hair and missing quite a few...
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Caleb and his bullet hose (volume warning). I can shoot that fast. I can reload that fast. I can hit the A zone. Pick one.
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To support the Buycott
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With a tactical Valentine
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Well, I was living in the future, then it was the past, but will be again in… oh hell with it. Anywho, I loaded up 60 rounds of 10mm this weekend and was having an issue with the Hornady Lock ‘N Load. The ejector wire kept binding up on some rounds and instead of just knocking them off into the bin would fling them into another time zone. This action would shake the press, sending powder out of the charged case and into every nook and cranny it could find. This would mean I’d have to dump that...
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It is so ugly when you display it like that.
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Again, the anti’s are proven to be irrelevant based on nothing more than an air compressor and a soda bottle. Not a very long stretch to move from plastic bb’s (which looks like they did a number on that target) to steel, then use a sturdier container with higher pressure. I wouldn’t want to be shot with even this model.
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.45 ACP cases should be put in the vibrating cleaner alone. Never with 10mm, .40 Cal and .357 Magnum cases. Otherwise you get situations that would confuse the architect of the TARDIS.
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Took this the other day and use it as my desktop wallpaper at home (along with a bunch of non-nudie, Oleg Volk work). Feel free to use it for whatever you want. Click to biggify
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One of the interesting things about my 10mm hand loads is that I use a lighter, 155 grain bullet rather than the more common 165, 180, or 200 grain. The lighter bullet gives a bit less recoil and I can really, really, really get that BB a movin’. Using 6.7 grain of Titegroup, I’ve gotten 1300 fps yielding 581.52 ft-lbf of energy. Using some Blue Dot, 1400 fps (674.43 ft·lbf) isn’t out of the question. The larger bullets can’t be moved as fast, and thus do not have as much energy. Am I being...
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Unless you’re someone whose sole job is to apply the law, then you’re in the clear Ignorance of the law helped clear Sheriff Jerry Demings' political lobbyist of wrongdoing for handing out gun owners' restricted driver's license photos last year in Tallahassee to lobby against an open-carry law, Orange County sheriff's records show. Capt. Mike Fewless set off a statewide controversy in a April by distributing eight photos from a secret intelligence file that he claimed were outlaw bikers...
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As promised, here are the videos of the February 2012 USPSA shoot and the long winded, whiney complaining about how poorly I did. Video shot with the Epic HD POV cam from First, go here and watch the first stage of the video from last competition. Notice the big difference in my shooting? I was slow and deliberate because I’m new at this. Let’s look at what I said regarding that outing. Accuracy was pretty darned good. I had 0 No-Shoots and all my shots on paper...
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Resuscitating the theme of “Help, I’ve been shot!”, oddball and WizardPC are taking a trauma course, something I need to search for and do myself.
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It makes the Brokedick Mountain post before this one look tame in comparison. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And don’t whiz on the electric fence.
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Try to read this post without crossing your legs. I dare you.
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The splatter zone here is slippery I suggest a rain coat before heading over. It’s full of ZOMG! YOU CAN BUY GUNS! and of course “firearms so powerful, they can take out a helicopter!”. If it wasn’t for the fact that people read and believe these jokers, it’d almost be funny.
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Looks like the idea is catching on! STATE lawmakers are poised to advance a bill that could financially punish cities that require the timely reporting of lost or stolen firearms. House Bill 1523’s sponsors say it’s an issue of governance: Municipalities cannot adopt ordinances that supersede state laws. If that passes, watch those ordinances start dropping like IQ’s at the Brady Campaign HQ.
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Sometimes, when the stars align just right and the gods of the blogging world miss the ‘smote’ button and hit ‘apply blessings’ by mistake, things go well. Two T&E firearms are scheduled to make their appearance at Casa De Carencia De Pantalones. One in a caliber I’m well known for having a penchant of shooting, the other a rifle that I have already purchased (but sadly looks suspiciously like new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen) and is in my Top 5 “Want” list. Yes. I have a dumb...
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Concealed Weapon holder foils robbery. This is good. Fearing for the safety of himself, his wife and others in the store, he said, he unholstered his semi-automatic 9mm handgun, cocked it and kept it down at his side as he motioned another customer behind the robber to move away. When the robber turned the shotgun toward him, Al-Mujaahid said, he fired six or seven shots from about 20 feet away. He said he hit the suspect in the leg and forehead. The robber then dropped the shotgun and...
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And that check is worth $399,950.
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Not sure how to turn my Glock into a farming tool. Maybe a stint in an oven would help?
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I don’t think they are a gun control group anymore. Seriously, I’m now of the belief that they are nothing more than a vehicle to fleece stupid people out of a few bucks. So long as they can create just enough controversy to scare enough people to ‘donate’ to their salaries, they’re happy as a clam. They don’t care about legislative wins or anything more than symbology since “looking like you care” gets donations while actually fighting to infringe on rights requires money and effort. I mean,...
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From A Girl and Her Gun, responding to my post about her post I prefer the smile lines over the worry ones. These guns have given me one and relieved me of the other. As someone said elsewhere, she’s definitely one of us now.
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Yesterday’s USPSA shoot could have gone much better. It could have gone much worse too, but to say I dropped the ball on a few stages would be an understatement. Video to come later however it doesn’t completely show where I screwed the pooch. 60 shooters yesterday, so while there was a bit of a rush, it wasn’t too bad. More shooters is always better in my opinion. I finished 40th out of 60 which is a slight improvement from last competition but looking at my penalties, I could have done...
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Love at first boom This is the first time I have ever heard about this weapon, so, of course, it was the first time I shot one. LOVE IT!!! I love everything about this gun. I love the look, I love the history, I love how it felt in my hands and I loved the power against my shoulder. If she’s not careful, she’s going to develop smile lines.
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There is no question that our opponents in the gun rights world are vile, disgusting human beings who are so blinded by their hatred of an inanimate object that it clouds their judgment. It is well and good that we continue to point out that the fruits of their labor actually result in more violence and highlight their logical inconsistencies such as supporting a woman’s right to do with her body as she pleases, so long as that doesn’t involve her being able to protect herself with the best...
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Circuit popped at the house that held the server. Wife couldn’t reset the breaker so she had to relocate the UPS to another outlet that’s working and thus, we’ve been down all day. One of the joys of being self hosted, when the servers go down, you have only yourself to call for help. And sometimes, you’re not available.
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Tam shot hers and has good things to say I still can't get over how mild this gun is to shoot. Tiny, lightweight nines tend to be vicious; the Kahr PM-9, for instance, is not the kind of gun with which you'd want to spend an afternoon plinking soda cans, but you could shoot the Boberg all day. I hate shooting my Kel-Tec P3AT. It’s uncomfortably small for my hands, the recoil is unpleasant, the trigger sucks in a way that probably violates an Orek patent, but it fits in a pocket and even...
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For Christmas, my folks got us a ‘grow your own mushrooms’ kit. I love gifts like these because they’re fun and things you’d have never thought of buying yourself. The kit is from Back to the Roots in case anyone is interested. It comes in a box with everything you need. You remove a panel off the front, make a cross cut, take the bag out and soak it for 24 hours, then put it back in the box. In a few days, you start getting edible fungus! This is day 4 of growing, although our kit took...
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Will It Blend? They don’t think it will Why: For years now BlendTec, makers of the ultimate blender, has been blending iPads, pens and everything imaginable up to and including Chuck Norris to prove just how tough their handy kitchen appliance is and posting the videos all over the internet. We're convinced... almost. You see, for a few years now we've been emailing, Facebook posting and offering one of our pens up for the BlendTec "Will It Blend?" challenge and so far, nothing....
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Just because you incorporate guns into every day objects doesn’t make you edgy.
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Busy. Busy, busy, busy. I’m behind at work, behind at home, and falling further and further each day it seems. Brand new super computer at work is hosed, and I need to reimage it which means I’m going to be even further behind now as I get it reimaged. The people who can do that are in training this week. Luckily, I kept the old box around for just such a situation. There are a few big items on the horizon I hope that will give me some good blogging material, but until then, feel free to...
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