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Argument over beer turns into machete attack See, the National Cleaver Association keeps saying that there’s no reason to run background checks on people wanting to purchase large cutting tools and ignore the larger Garden Center Loophole. We should ensure that there’s a 5 day waiting period to purchase such a dangerous weapon and restrict purchases to those who pass a rigorous background check! FOR THE CHILDREN!!!
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Due to my ammunition and firearm reviews that I do for, I get approached quite a bit to review other products. So when I received an offer from 1791 Apparel to review some of their shirts, I was more than happy to oblige. There were several models to choose from and I went with the ones for my Glock and my AR-15. Today I received two very heavy duty t-shirts printed on Hanes Beefy-T tees. No mall ninja materials here, this was ring-spun, preshrunk cotton like you find worn by...
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Go for comedy A very special thanks to Wirecutter for being a good sport about his image. Knuckledraggin my life away is going right into the blogroll.
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My Open Carry segment will be running on ABC Action News tonight at 11PM. The video should be up on their website as well soon afterwards, and when it does, I’ll link it.
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Austinites Outbid Police in Gun Buyback Counter-Program Today in Austin TX – Activists were successful in buying TRUNKS full of usable firearms that would have otherwise been destroyed (or ended up in the hands of “terrorists” – as we have seen before how cops confiscate guns and resell them to cartels…) About 40 gun buyers, both independent and otherwise, stood in front of the Austin Police Gun Buyback Event offering CASH for the guns they were about to turn in to the city for food...
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One thing that I’ve never really had was a decent folding knife. I’ve always carried my Leatherman Pulse which had a blade on it, but that one isn’t exactly substantial nor is it the easiest thing to get to when you need it. Today, that changed with my acquisition of a 5.11 XPRT Folder   It’s a sturdy knife, to be sure. Although it’s not assisted opening, it doesn’t take much more than a gentle nudge and a flick of the wrist to get it opened. I’m not much of a knife aficionado so I...
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Well, I just committed a crime. My oldest is selling Girl Scout cookies at the local grocery store and her mother had forgotten her sash, so I picked up my youngest and headed over. Today it’s right at 80° so shorts and a light t-shirt were all that was required. Since we were out of bread, I went ahead and picked some up while I was there. Putting my youngest back in her car seat, I was required to lean over to get the belt buckle in. A light breeze came by and managed to push my shirt...
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Joe Huffman does a fabulous job of explaining why gun control is a failure to mikeb90120. Mike actually presented a rational question to which Joe responds beautifully. Read the entire post, it’s not that long and it’s quite worth your time.
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Richard has a look at some of the latest trends. I admit I like the look of the KelTec, but the price tag puts me off. Plus, I’d like to see it around for a while to get the bugs out of the system. I know Caleb has a hate-on for KelTec, but he pointed out a pretty good deal killer with the trigger not resetting. I hear they’ve fixed that.
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[see update] I moved down here to the Sunshine state back in 1994. Living in the Tampa area, I’m not very far from where they launch the shuttles so I always figured I’d get to see one at some point. Now, I’ve seen plenty of them from a distance, but never made it there. It was always “I can’t take a day off” or “Oh, I didn’t know a shuttle was launching” or any myriad of excuses. Today marks the last shuttle launch and even though I knew about it in advance, I actually could not make it for..
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But the comments are pure gold
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Just did an interview on Open Carry with ABC Action News. At one point my mouth literally dried up to the point where my tongue got stuck. Otherwise, I don’t think I did too bad. I don’t know when it will be up but I will definitely inform everyone here.
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Just get some gold toofs and smile a lot! The two began to struggle, and the gun went off, hitting the victim in the mouth, Contreras said. He ran to a friend’s house for help, and the paramedics who treated him told investigators that the small-caliber bullet apparently bounced off the victim’s gold tooth, leaving only some gum damage from the impact and a cut to his upper lip from the ricochet, Contreras said. He has two brothers, Waldell and Waltdell. Because of the gauze in his mouth,.
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Yesterday, I was in a Microsoft seminar all day. Today, I’m working from home as I await the delivery of some furniture. Then at 5:00, I have a TV interview scheduled. When I telecommute, I’m exponentially more concerned about getting my work done. Talk amongst yourselves.
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This elicited quite the chuckle from me
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After reading this Yeah, we really need to limit the size of gun magazines. My last one had so many pages that it took me several trips to the john to finish all the articles.
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Undercover agent walks through the full body scanners at DFW with a pistol. Multiple times Here’s what I’m betting. The agent was female. Not trying to be mean or anything, but I’m betting she wasn’t overly attractive. So the TSA perverts didn’t care to ogle at her body. Anyone who thinks the TSA serves any legitimate purpose is deluded.
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I always get a kick when I check my referral logs and find that Tam is checking my blog from her Sitemeter account. I guess having 4x my traffic isn’t enough for her ;)
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Local retired journalist craps his britches over the bill to allow Floridians to Open Carry as well as carry on campuses. Pretty much every PSH talking point is covered in detail since I believe most journalists get anti-gun talking points on a USB drive so that they can save time and just copy and paste it, filling in a few extra adjectives a la Mad Libs to make the story a bit more interesting. However, in the comments, RealUSMC obliterates the article with actual facts. So billi,...
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I admit it, as a former professional photographer and a current gun enthusiast, I have a natural tendency to get squicked when I see people photographing guns while violating any of the 4 Rules. For example, Caleb put up this picture on Facebook Of course, the very first thing that popped into my head was “HEY! I have those exact same gloves!” which was immediately followed by OMGFINGERONTHEBOOMSWITCH!!!! Which is ridiculous. The 4 Rules aren’t exactly immutable. In fact, you can break one...
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One, your auto insurance will only cover 2 cars that you hit and only if you hit them with a slug. Buckshot isn’t covered. Two, people coming back from their shopping trip and getting in their cars will scare the pigs who will then run under other vehicles. I have the strangest dreams sometime.
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CCW in Illinois???? Let’s help the Brady’s find a cure for constipation!
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Now, my last post was meant to be sarcasm and humor and not to be construed as a complete argument. I’ve already gotten wind that feathers have been ruffled, and it’s interesting to see that when I apply my snark to certain people, I’m lauded for it, but against others I’m called names you don’t use in front of drunken sailors in fear of harming their delicate sensibilities. Open Carry is a sore spot for me. I’m trying to get it legalized here in Florida while some in other states seem to be...
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I remember the pep talk Gunnery Sargent Alpo gave us like it was yesterday. We had been patrolling the dates and grains market in Diwaniyeh for weeks. After months of hard work, the coalition had finally convinced a large enough portion of the populace to fight back against thieves and insurgents and the resulting drop in attacks and crime bore the fruit of that long struggle. “Superior Tactics!” yelled Gunny Alpo. “We will use superior tactics to continue to keep the terrorists at bay!” Most...
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Right now, there’s every indication that SB234 will make it out of committee and so far it’s looking really good that the most comprehensive gun rights bill since Shall Issue passed in ‘86 will make its way to the Governor’s desk, which Governor Scott has already said he’d sign. Then, with that as law, Floridians will be able to carry more places as well as do so openly. I totally plan on OC’ing more than the average gun owner. For one, I’m an activist. Two, I believe it to be a better...
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Michigan firearm activists get city to reconsider its ban on open carry Village officials began researching the issue after they were approached by a gun rights organization that said the village's ordinance was not valid under state law, Stoker said. And the did so probably without nary a shotgun in any library!
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Can’t even remember where I found it, but it’s worth bringing up from time to time "As human society gradually solves the problems of basic survival and reduces the amount of other miseries rooted in the reality of the human condition, the fringe elements of that society feel an increasingly strong compulsion to become obsessively angry about ever more trivial causes to recapture the sense that life is a painful struggle."
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From me, in comments elsewhere regarding looking after each other You brush my wookie-suit, I’ll comb yours. I draw the line at picking out the nits though…
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Since the saddle for the Drama Llama is so comfortable from getting rather broken in, let’s continue this ride. What you reap, you shall sow -  From Say Uncle  Library takes out restraining order against OC activists. And intends to sue. This is what happens when you’re a jerk. Now, I’m not 100% convinced that the complaints are true. As gun owners, we know we can be as polite as can be and still have people say “They were very threatening to others”, but honestly, when someone...
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You’re wrong. You should see my hits!
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SailorCurt brings teh funny. The line about the fawning media having Mr. Super Police Officer’s babies elicited quite the chuckle.
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When the anti-gunners bring up articles about a CCW holder getting in trouble with the law, they like to use it as ‘proof’ that CCW permits are a bad idea. We soundly mock them over this bit of stupidity. However, one young adult carries a shotgun into a library, something that is perfectly legal, and some gun owners are claiming that this single event is pretty much going to get the AWB reinstated and Heller overturned. Yeah, that’s a bit of hyperbole, but the following comments from over at...
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Unix-Jedi on #gunblogger_conspiracy <Unix-Jedi> ... you know, I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it's harder to herd wookiesuiters than cats. <Unix-Jedi> at least cats will follow salmon flavored soft food
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Kid hires hit men to take out his parents. They end up shooting him instead. Now, I can’t imagine having one of my children shot, then being in the hospital and finding out they got shot trying to have me killed. It would make the reunion in the recovery ward aaaaaaaaawkward.
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When it comes to activism, there is a fine line between getting your message across and being a complete jerk. Unfortunately that line is poorly defined and sometimes changes location right under your feet. You have to get your message out, in public, and you’re doing this specifically for those who do not share your point of view and in that sense, it’s practically guaranteed that somebody is going to get their feathers ruffled. However, to get your message across, often you have to risk it. ..
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From Richard at Guns, Holsters, & Gear That annoying buzzing sound you’re hearing right now? Yeah, that’s me seething with jealousy. Like I said in the comments WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT but cannot haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave..
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Sebastian talks about ‘going too far’ with OC’ing long arms UPDATE: OTOH, if the folks who are engaging in attention seeking behavior now need to up the ante to rifles, because pistols just don’t grab attention like they used to, maybe there is something to the OC theory. And I both hope and believe he is right. At my events, very few people actually notice the firearms. It took a guy with an AR pistol slung across his back to get us noticed one time. But in the comments, Sebastian says...
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I now have the MASS MURDER MAGAZINES!! shirt for cheaper (black logo on a white shirt).
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Caleb on his Facebook page The older I get, the more libertarian I become. Sitting in the DMV today, I thought "why exactly do I need th government's permission to drive a car?" Then I realized that I was wearing my new wookie suit. Here you go, buddy
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MASS MURDER MAGAZINES!!! I guess we should be looking for this warning label then? Now available on a T-Shirt
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And sometimes, some jerk comes along to try to taketh it away A Senate Bill has been introduced. NRA is not calling for action yet, just noting it. What’s interesting to me is that one of the sponsors of SB176 is Republican Stu Greenleaf, who is the committee chair for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Greenleaf lost his NRA endorsement after helping to sabotage Castle Doctrine with anti-gun amendments in the last session. I’m guessing his leadership position on this anti-gun bill means we...
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A photographer finds old photos and retakes them with their modern day counterparts. She nails the look and feel and is pretty creative with the backgrounds and props. My favorite two are these
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I sent out emails regarding HB 45, the bill to give preemption teeth here in the Sunshine State. Representative Trujillo sent me this in reply Thank you for email concerning HB 45.   I have just voted in support of the bill.  As a proud gun owner and ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, I believe we need uniformity concerning our State gun laws.  Local municipalities do not have the right to curtail our rights as gun owners.   Thank You,  ...
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We have a problem with phrases like this Here’s his incarceration record. Keep scrolling down. Thirty one arrests.&#160; And he was still walking around. [ Correction, he was walking around with 29 arrests ]&#160; And the Brady’s say a cash register is the best way to prevent Mr. 31 from doing harm.
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A glimpse into my past
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But still, I have cat-poop coffee! My lovely wife picked me up some Magic Cat coffee for Valentine’s day. Magic Cat uses enzymes to mimic Kopu Luwak, which is generally considered some of the best and expensive coffee in the world. Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is the world's most expensive and low-production coffee. It is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and other related civets, then passed through its...
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As of right now, every last cent that I will earn in March has been spent. Every. Last. Cent. That means my total available free cash on March 31st will be $0. And I couldn’t be happier. I’ve recently started the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, you see and instead of earning money, putting stuff on credit cards, and hoping I had enough to cover it when the bills came due, I’ve decided to make a budget. I know how much money is coming in, and I assigned ever last penny to a specific...
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FLORIDA CARRY, INC. LEGISLATIVE ALERT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 12, 2011 SB 234 - FL Senate Committee on Criminal Justice Hearing scheduled for 2/22/11 SB 234 is on the agenda of the FL Senate Committee on Criminal Justice on Tuesday, February 22nd at 9:00am. Florida Carry, Inc. urgently requests that you email via the members of the committee in support of Senate Bill 234. This NRA authored bill comprises several separate initiatives. These include the option for CWFL holders to...
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Is also their greatest weakness. You see, the anti’s rely on people’s ignorance regarding firearms to further their agenda. One of the best examples of this is Josh Sugarmann’s desire to lie through his teeth regarding firearms that look scary as a way to sow the seeds of confusion in order to get gun bans passed "Assault weapons... are a new topic. The weapons' menacing looks, coupled with the public's confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons —...
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Kabooms aren’t fun. Interestingly this one happened not in a Glock with reloaded ammo, but a Springfield XD M .45 with Cor-Bon factory ammo. Now, my kBoom! wasn’t as severe as the one linked here. The case simply gave out at a point and funneled some of the hot gas down the grip. It did feel like someone slapping my palm really hard, but there was no damage to the pistol that I could discern and since has had hundreds of rounds through it with no problems. This is why I only carry loads made...
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So, I can’t really explain my latest review of .38 Special ammo over at Give it a read. Enjoy. Poke fun at my spelling and grammatical mistakes. See if I care.
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JayG talks about concealable, rotary magazine pistols. My Dan Wesson Model 15 is understandably not mentioned.
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Low blogging for a while. Just FYI.
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Chasing the buffalo chicken dip that gave you the heartburn from hell last night with leftover buffalo chicken dip for lunch. I’ve never been accused of being bright. Update – Recipe for those who enjoy heartburn and good dip 1lb cooked &amp; shredded chicken breast (I love dark meat, but trust me, it doesn’t work in this!) 2 8oz. blocks of cream cheese 1 12oz jar Chunky Bleu Cheese dressing 1 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese Hot wing sauce ...
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The magical gun-free-zone shield that surrounds a court house ran out of Tinkerbell Dander Authorities in North Dakota say a man who had just been convicted of two felonies for allegedly molesting a young girl pulled a gun in a courtroom. They just don’t make quality gun-free-zone force field generators any more.
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I’ve been misrepresented a few too many times over my recent post about state licensing. I need to say this again because I’ve had this discussion a thousand times yet people still can’t seem to discern the difference. Just because I don’t want the government involved in something doesn’t mean I don’t want it done. It’s that simple.
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Think letting people vote directly on every issue is the right way to go?
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Man being charged for practicing engineering without a license After an engineering consultant hired by the city said that the signals were not needed, Cox and the North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners' Associations responded with a sophisticated analysis of their own. The eight-page document with maps, diagrams and traffic projections was offered to buttress their contention that signals will be needed at the Falls of Neuse at Coolmore Drive intersection and where the road meets Tabriz...
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Iowa has House Study Bill 17 which contains the following language “The right of an individual to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, and use arms to defend life and liberty and for all other legitimate purposes is fundamental and inviolable. Licensure, registration, special taxation, or any other measure that suppresses or discourages the free exercise of this right is forbidden.” That’s undeniably the strongest language I’ve seen yet. According to the NRA-ILA, the vote was...
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It’s with the ‘justice’ system that, even after reams of arrest and harassment records, the crazies still walk the street When last I reported on our old friend she’d recently been sentenced to an extended jail stay (of which she wound up serving only a few days). On Dec 23, her electronic monitoring device was removed. Another wrist slap. Well, today, Frisch was arrested yet again. She’s being charged by the Lane County Sheriff with one count each physical harassment and criminal...
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Got an email from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks I'm going to go out on a limb here, based on what I see in interest in the Talon (by way of e-mail inquiries and actual sales that have come in) but I want you all to know, so that you could post updates on your reviews, that I've made the decision to offer the Talon with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If workmanship of the holster fails during normal use to the original owner, it gets repaired free of charge. If it can't be repaired, it...
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Douche Ex Machina. Fitting.
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Only outlaws will have weapons made out of office supplies Now, I hear what some of you are thinking right now. And you should be ashamed of yourself. But others might be thinking “Robb, none of these are weapons capable of causing deaths measured by stadium seating capacities”. True, but just think about it for a moment. This kid, using school and laundry supplies, has made some basic weaponry that could cause injuries. He’s a kid. Now, extrapolate the child into an adult with some basic...
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I love animals. I enjoy zoos and whatnot and am always disappointed that the only things you’re allowed to pet are stinky goats (especially since you have to walk through a minefield of bb sized poop). I don’t know what it is about me that wants to pet pretty much everything, even if it has poisoned quills or would probably chew my hand off. My favoritist animal of all are penguins. I squee like a little girl when around ‘em. If they didn’t projectile poop every 15 minutes and were legal to...
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I know I’m not the most devout guy on the planet, but I figured it does my spirit well to read from the scriptures on occasion. From the Holy Book of Browning (Old Testament) First Recoilations 8:5 However, the men cried for higher capacity and the Prophet said &quot;For what shall you need large capacity Magazines? Should the 8 rounds of .45 that hath been provided not suffice thee?&quot; 8:6 And the men once again cried no. The Prophet thus again asked why there was need. Forward from.
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Why carrying with a round in the chamber is a good idea A while back, and I can’t recall the exact post but I put up a quote about a guy talking to another gun owner who decided that it was too dangerous to carry with a round in the chamber, and he could always just rack the slide, right? The other guy said something to the effect of “Who said you will have both hands free? You make be pushing your children out of the way or defending yourself against the knife. How will you convince your gun...
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A young Sikh wishes to wear his ceremonial kirpan dagger to school. Instead of applying Zero Intelligence the school says OK. Now, I’ll admit that I believe the only reason this Michigan school allowed this is because the 4th grader is a Sikh and that Political Correctness has caused more brain damage than drinking rubbing alcohol. If a 10 year old Christian wished to bring in some sort of slightly sharpened stick, they’d be looking at ten to fifteen years in a Federal Pound Me In the Ass...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 2/2/2011 8:42:53 AM | Feedback (8) is giving away a free Ruger SR40. That’s right, you get one of these Well, technically you could get it, but as I plan on winning it, you’re just out of luck. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though.
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