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Pardon the dust. Just ironing out the kinks in the initial rollout of Ansible.
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New RSS feed is located at Or,,, or whatever you want to put in there, so long as it ends in .rss
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Well, I figured now was as good of a time as ever. I'd like to welcome you all to my new blog engine, Ansible, written from scratch by yours truly. Please look around and let me know if you experience any problems. I've got logging turned on to the nth degree, so if you see an error screen, rest assured the system is letting me know there was a problem. However, it won't find every issue, so if anything appears wonky to you, just fire me off an email (using the contact button up top). ...
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Well, the transfer session is complete. Still don't quite understand what in the hell they were doing, but it's too late now – I'm responsible for it from this point on. Still a ton of work to do, so who knows how the blogging will be, but I should be a little more chatty than I have been. Thanks for hanging in there.
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More craptastical 'transfer' today. We managed to get one application to run (one that's not really used), but none of the others can be brought up in a test environment. 16 Apps total, we've managed to gloss over the main points of a handful. Luckily not all apps are in production. Come Monday, something is going to break and there's going to be little chance at getting it up and running quickly, if at all. I don't think it's going to be a pleasant job for a while. Oh well, it's not like...
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It's brutal. This training is awe inspiring in it's complete cluster f*ckness. We only have these consultants until Friday at 2 and today they spent most of the time troubleshooting production code. After 3 days, I finally got my system to hit a break point. It took 3 full days to set up a development box. They piled on STRUTS & SPRING and J2EE and every last framework they could find and unless you've been living and breathing this stuff for 2 years, it makes not one lick of sense. The...
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Lord, this is some crazy, boring, overly complex, useless crap. Too many times (and this is one of them) software people confuse "flexibility" with "easy to use". Reusability is a dangerous game. You can engineer software so that it can be reused anywhere, but that tends to require a lot of external support for common tasks. Over engineer it, and it becomes just as difficult to implement as it would have been to have it too tightly coupled. That is what I'm experiencing right now. Just to get...
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Bueller digs the internet, be it on my lap or my wife's
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Due to a severe lack of insight and planning, I will be spending this entire week pretty much at work, trying to dissect the crap sandwich of a job I've been given. The company we outsourced our work to is no longer working on this project and nobody considered that it might be in our best interest to even look at the code. So, this week is going to be in a meeting room with the company to go over every last line of all 16 applications. Come a week from today, they won't be there to answer any...
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I know I'm a hypocrite since I have a CCW and you shouldn't have to license a right, but that’s a battle for another day. Things being what they are, and for the point of this discussion, here in Florida you must apply for a Carries Concealed Weapon permit in order to have a concealed weapon on your person. Criminals are exempt from this licensing scheme, which is odd since that's supposed to be the point of licensing or something, but I digress. Via Uncle, it appears Florida can't keep up...
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A community is missing its organizer
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But if I did, this would be my helmet. Remember, the ringer on my cellphone is the PacMan intro.
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Jay G. gives us a breakdown of what they say vs. what they mean
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Makes installing crap go so much easier… Just sayin’
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I can't talk for long. I'm working on a top, top, top secret project. I'd love to tell you that I'm writing my own blog engine from scratch, but then I'd have to kill you. Oh... shit. Well, since you're kind of anonymous, you're on the honor system. Please off yourself as soon as convenient, kthanx! Since you're already doomed and I've let the cat out of the bag, might as well fill you in on the skinny. The new software will be known as The Ansible Blog Engine. For those of you unfamiliar...
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Barely got any sleep last night. Losing all that work riled me up and I got three hours of sleep, none of it consecutive. So, today's postings may be disjointed, rambling, and incoherent. In other words, you shouldn't notice anything different.
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Worked about 12 hours on some code. Closed down VS2005, reopened, and somehow the directory that held all my data objects was deleted. Grabbed some recovery software, got most of the data objects back, then whatever took away the Data Access Layer project then erased all the Framework objects as well. Literally, two days worth of coding up in smoke. Going through recovery again now. Backing this shit up as soon as I'm done... Update - No go. Even an exhaustive search for recovery cannot find...
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That's how my oldest would be if I showed her this. She won't shoot the air gun, but she still wants the Pink Davy Crickett .22.
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Phil at Random Nuclear Strikes In my world, when life gives you burglars, you make corpses.
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But only one an hour... MANCHESTER, N.H. (WBZ) ― There is a new bill proposed by New Hampshire's top liquor law enforcer that suggests a one-drink-per-hour limit at local restaurants and bars, according to a newspaper reports. reports the law is aimed at combating drunk driving. State Liquor Law Enforcement Chief Eddie Edwards suggests that bar and restaurant owners would only serve one drink per hour, four at a sitting. According to the paper, Edwards defines one drink as...
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In the comment section to Say Uncle's Bacon Explosion HardCorps Says: February 12th, 2009 at 11:40 am That is insanity. Robb Allen Says: February 12th, 2009 at 12:44 pm NO! THIS IS BAAAAACONNNNNNN! To which Bobby replied Bobby Says: February 12th, 2009 at 6:12 pm Robb Allen just won the internet.
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Hopium addicts If that don't describe a large swath of the populace, I don't know what does. Well, idiots works too.
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There's a Smith & Wesson Model 500 for trade on Tampa Gun Trader. Part of me wants to try to trade off the Gun Blog .45 (although it's commander length and he stated he wants it in full size) only because the 500 is one of those pistols I've always wanted. There is no logical reason, much like my desire for a Desert Eagle in .357 Magnum, it's just something I'd love to have. I've never shot one because none of the ranges near me rent them which is sad because I probably could satiate myself...
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After seeing this, my idea for "The Pig with No Pants" doesn't seem as creepy.
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This cannot happen SAN FRANCISCO—A new school safety survey shows nearly 900 San Francisco middle and high school students carried a gun to school at least once last year. What part of GUN FREE ZONE don't these kids understand????? Don't make me come down there and make it more illegaler or increase the size of the signs because then you'd really be close to possibly getting in trouble!
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Is up I like to link back to The Liberty Sphere when I can, especially with the roundup. I try not to do it on days when he's linking to me so I can appear that I'm not a total link whore ;)
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Oh, look, holy PSH! Rev. Jim Freeman is interim pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church of Pine Bluff. House Bill 1237, which is before the Arkansas legislature, would remove churches and other places of worship from the list of prohibited places for a person licensed to carry a concealed handgun. Congregations wishing to opt out would have to post a notice in plain sight. Proponents of the bill point to cases in recent years where worshippers have been attacked or killed while on the...
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of actually being, you know, American “All you need to do is grant visas to two million Indians, Chinese and Koreans,” said Shekhar Gupta, editor of The Indian Express newspaper. “We will buy up all the subprime homes. We will work 18 hours a day to pay for them. We will immediately improve your savings rate — no Indian bank today has more than 2 percent nonperforming loans because not paying your mortgage is considered shameful here. And we will start new companies to create our own jobs and...
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Will I, in my travels to become a gunsmith (if I decide to), be treated like Len Savage? I'm ok with that. Being a thorn in the side of those who think of themselves as our rulers is simply an added bonus.
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Jay opines I was "that guy". You know the guy I mean. The guy at the range. The guy at the range with the timid girlfriend who didn't like guns. The girlfriend who really didn't want to be there and really needed a gentle, guiding hand to make her first time at the range enjoyable. The guy full of fail. The guy who handed said timid girlfriend a .357 Magnum and then left her to her own devices. I know this idiot who, upon trying to get his wife to shoot a shotgun for the first time in her...
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But guns will f*cking kill me BREWER — Police responded in force to the area around the high school just before noon to search for a man with a “long gun,” and the school was locked down as a precaution. It turns out the “long gun” was bunches of birch a 31-year-old Ellsworth man was collecting along Dirigo Drive to sell as decorations. ... The man, who asked not to be identified, said police converged on him with their guns drawn. I'm all out of sarcasm. Please feel free to add your own....
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So, in my recent dealings with my job, it has become apparent that a new career path might not be a bad idea. I like programming, and there's going to be a need for programmers for quite some time, but part of me wonders if that's really all I want to do for the rest of my life. I've thought about other careers, few of which will pay as good as developers (at least right now), but being unhappy in a job is a miserable existence. I'd rather exist on half of what I make now and be happy with my...
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Yes, it can Why am I posting this now? Because someone in my building was the victim of a strongarm robbery yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon and in a "safe" area of Wilmington. People in the office were freaking out, as if this event someone snapped them out of a mindless stupor. Just last week, in my quiet little suburb just 3 houses down from me, a girl had her car stolen in the middle of the day. We may live in a 'nice' neighborhood, but that only means the criminals don't live...
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When you shit yourself over a .45 ACP round, it helps to be near a washing machine to clean the crap out of your shorts. According to Sgt. Dennett, a student found the bullet in the washing machine while doing his laundry. 45-caliber bullets are used in assault weapons such as handguns, not larger weapons like hunting rifles. Norton Police was called to aid in the investigation, and a bomb-sniffing dog went through the dorm to search for evidence. No firearms were found, but the...
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J.D. give a run down on making your own firearms. If I weren't so mechanically inept I might think of doing something like this, but it's amazing I've been able to reload my own ammunition as it is. Now, if I could program a new gun!
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The rest of the country can go f**k themselves. And to think President Floppy Ears is going to pick quite possibly several SCOTUS members. I'm so happy to be living in interesting times...
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INGSOC (English Socialism) logo from Orwell's 1984 And Newsweek's latest cover Orwell beats Nostradamus in accuracy hat tip - The Pistolero
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The Mrs. and I were planning on redoing our bathroom. That would have meant purchasing tile, grout, paint, cabinets, sinks (we've got two), new shower fixtures, lighting, wires, switches covers, new doors, and then the labor to get the job done (I'd do it, but I'm not skilled enough with scissors, much less a trowel). The more President Big-Ears talks, the more I'm considering just socking that money away someplace less likely to get taken over by the government. Instead of helping the economy...
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Rahm Emanuel, Obama's #1 Gun Grabbing Goon, was not, I repeat not in the Israeli Army
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Forums for the mouse and micro gun lovers - I need a mouse gun. Especially with the fact that it's still winter here in Florida yet Friday's temperature is going to top off at 88°F. Hard to conceal the Glock when you're wearing a Speedo.
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  The ACLU is standing up for a gun owner!
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I'd definitely buy this For sale is a very rare MBA Gyrojet Rocket pistol. There were only 250 of these presentation models manufactured prior to 1968. This rocket pistol production ended due to the 1968 GCA. They were over 50 caliber and that was restricted by the act. This is an original 13 mm Model B in it's Walnut Presentation Box with the 12 Rounds and Bronze medallion to Goddard. (the father of the rocket). There will be a book published soon on the Gyrojet and I think after that the...
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Gotta love anti's who, upon seeing their arguments demolished with facts, simply take their ball and go home. To paraphrase Caleb, that post is simply slathered with weaksauce.
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Joshua Beasley killed his wife. Today he was booked for manslaughter According to the affidavit, "She (Alaina) pointed her hand at the defendant and pretended to have a gun. The defendant said he raised the shotgun to his shoulder and pulled the trigger...He said he forgot the gun was loaded." Joshua made many mistakes which sadly turned fatal. He failed to check to ensure his weapon was unloaded before 'sweeping' the house. He failed to avoid pointing the muzzle at something he didn't want to...
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Good stuff Why? because for someone like Catherine to do so (admitting you've got nothing) would be far too emotionally damaging. For her it's more than just a basic logical, reasoned argument with facts, points, and counterpoints. She has to attempt to argue a factually indefensible position without tying herself in an emotional knot. Deep down she knows it's indefensible, which is why the progression of the discussion leads to evasion, projection, and self-inflating puffery via childish...
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Because I hear it irritates him. If it wasn't so serious, I'd almost say Barack Do Your Ears Hang Low Obama's complete inability to run the office he's been elected to is starting to get entertaining. While I can't put in a timeframe, I'm willing to make a small bet that at some point, he actually loses his shit during an interview. Of course, I'm not exactly willing to put money on it since I have a feeling O will be working hard to make sure the hardest questions asked of him revolve around...
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When did journalists start writing articles like some sort of bad, pulp-fiction? The ominous sound of sliding metal and the 9 mm semi-automatic pistol was cocked and ready to deliver death to two Athens cousins out for a night of drinks and dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s Dec. 17, 2006. I'm surprised it didn't start with "It was a dark and stormy night..." Bias, it's not just for headlines any more!
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Sorry. Turns out it's cheaper to fly 2 people from Texas to Florida than 8 people from Florida to Texas. Sorry to all those out there who's hopes and dreams of having a beer with me have been dashed on the rocks of reality. We'll be setting up support groups as well as a call in hotline to help you shortly. As soon as I get my stimulus check.
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In my last post, I was going to use the term hue and cry. I've always thought the phrase meant to make noise about an issue in order to distract from the true problem. For example The protesters' hue and cry could barely be heard above the 30 foot tall, paper-mâché of Sarah Palin being burned in effigy. Turns out, there's a rather interesting denotation to the phrase In common law, a hue and cry (Latin, hutesium et clamor, "a horn and shouting") was a process by which bystanders were summoned...
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At least you can make it expensive San Francisco Pays NRA $380,000 for Successful Proposition H Lawsuits Fairfax, Va. – The City of San Francisco has paid $380,000 to the National Rifle Association (NRA) as reimbursement for legal fees incurred while striking down Proposition H, passed by San Francisco voters in November 2005. ... Combined with more than $200,000 in fees paid to City lawyers defending the ordinance and an equal value of lawyers time donated to the City for the unsuccessful...
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It's a common thread. Uneducated bigot spouts misinformation. You try to correct them and watch your comments disappear I left a comment there, taking her to task for these and other erroneous statements. I checked back today to see if she had responded to anything I had said. I was really interested in seeing what she had to say about my statements on civil rights and bigoted language in relation to gun rights. She is a lawyer, after all, with over a quarter century of education at some very...
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Mike nails it a trillion dollar crap sandwich so obviously doomed to failure you’d need a PHD in political science not to see it.
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Is about all XP can handle before it has an identity crisis and crashes on you.
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This is actually a semi-funny story Turning around, he saw a man holding what appeared to be a pellet gun and told him, "That's just a BB gun," the deposition continues. Replied the suspect: "Are you sure? Do you want to bet on that?" Schwerzmann reached for his wallet, then hesitated, and was shot multiple times with what was indeed a pellet gun, the newspaper recounts. It's also shocking that a New York judge would know the difference between a pellet gun and a Vulcan cannon, but that's...
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Chino police fatally shoot bystander at pizza parlor Chino police shot and killed a 21-year-old bystander they mistakenly believed was a robbery suspect during a shootout at a local pizza parlor, officials said Monday. Daniel Baledran of Rubidoux was ruled out as a suspect late Monday afternoon based on the statements of witnesses and officers, said Michelle Van Der Linden, a spokeswoman for the Chino Police Department. Baledran died at the scene late Sunday after he was shot by officers...
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Caleb and Breda will be having as a guest Gordon Hutchinson, author of the Great New Orleans Gun Grab. You should give them a listen. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the shows. I rarely get to listen to them live, but have them in my podcast downloads off of iTunes. Breda and Caleb make a good team and the shows have simply been getting better and better. This one should be no exception. Besides, they've got a kick ass logo!
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Well, not here - here. Popular stuff!
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This is funny. The article reads Police Using Gun Database to Fight Crime ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando police have a new plan to catch violent criminals. They're now using a gun database similar to a DNA database to track down guns used in crimes and the people who pulled the trigger. The police have already had some success with it. The Orlando-based Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab at matched up a cartridge casing used in a homicide last month in Orlando to another gun crime in Orange...
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Right now it's looking like I might have to make a business trip to either Dallas or Houston at the end of the month. It's a little bit of a tug of war right now between my company and another who sends who where for what, but at this moment it's looking like I'll be flying out to Texas for a week of stuff. While I'm there, especially given that food is 'free', I'd love to meet up with anyone in the area. Figure I better put the feelers out there while there's time, so if you're in those areas...
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As some of you might know, I've got a bit of artistic streak. I like doing design work and of course am always looking to trade my skills for weapons or cash. I've always loved looking at others' artworks and designs but lately, I've become dismayed. Just read an article by Doug Tennapel (LOVE his books!) about how Republican is the New Punk. I disagree that Republicanism is the new punk insofar as I have little faith in the GOP to further the cause of freedom. I'd say that being Freedom...
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Maybe I should move to Tucson. Seems like they get better TV than I do Great game yesterday, but it had a surprise locally. It's in the final minutes, I think while the AZ Cardinals were holding onto a two point lead, so probably half the TVs in the city were tuned to it. Scene cuts to woman and man, woman reaching into his pants. I thought it a bit much for a Superbowl commercial -- I mean, there are kids watching! Then down go his pants, and there is about 5-10 seconds of full frontal...
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Needed coffee this morning. Decided to go with Dunkin Donuts (which is usually pretty good). Instead I got a lukewarm mixture of granulated sugar and pseudo-cream that I think might have been near an actual coffee pot. I'm trying not to go into diabetic shock just thinking about it.
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Totally made of WIN!
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So, I'm at Walgreen's drive through trying to pick up my prescription. The guy in the other lane apparently didn't have insurance and couldn't afford the medication he was trying to get. When the lady informed him that he'd need to pay for it in full, he popped a gasket, screaming obscenities that his Walgreen's card somehow should pay for it. The pharmacist behind the bullet proof glass (and with this ass clown, I see why they have it) was trying to calmly explain that the card didn't pay for...
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