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Rumors are going around that I might have something to do with this. I wish I could take credit for it.
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I don't know why, but I can't seem to write a damned thing lately. I've got a million things running through my head, but each time I sit down to write them out, it just doesn't work. Instead of a tightly worded essay, it comes out as stream of conscious. With me, my SoC is quite the unfocused babble-fest. It's not burn out. I'm not tired of the fight yet. It's just that my brain thinks faster than I can get the words out and it's... stifling sometimes. Of course, I'm so busy with work (so busy...
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And now Thirdpower. Good Lord, is is contagious? Congrats! And get used to the tired thing buddy.
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Just click here You may want to bring a small trash bin nearby, just in case.
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I have an odd thing. My Thunderbird mail client updates itself, then closes and restarts to finish the job. During this process, it fails telling me to check to makes sure I have permissions to the files then restarts itself, only to crash and tell me the same thing over and over. Turns out, I have a Logitech QuickCam. If I unplug it and kill the task tray icon, the update works fine. Odd, eh?
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Went to Knight Shooting Sports last night with some friends from work. Had a wonderful time, even thought I lost about 60% of my brass which to me is like gold. It was more of a chance to put a lot of lead down range rather than a well focused, target practice, but still sometimes you need to do that. I came away with a few things If you ever decide to build a shooting range, do not paint the walls and backstop black. You can't see where you're shooting if you use a black target. H&K may...
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From Reason Look up the Luby's shooting in Texas if you want to see what happens when the law abiding are disarmed. A civilian who left her handgun in her vehicle, to avoid breaking the law, testified later that she watched her parents slaughtered while having ample opportunity to shoot the bad guy, had she been armed. This mass murder led to a movement for concealed carry reform in Texas and (after her veto of the reform) the loss of the governor's office by Anne Richards to George W Bush....
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My name is The Mad Rocket Scientist, and I carry concealed. Especially poignant given my previous article. Packing heat comes with a lot of responsibility and those who undertake it aren't your average citizen.
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This isn't Pants Shitting Hysterics - It's Depends Shitting Hysterics But the alert Wi-Fi major in the sixth row, whom everyone knows by the nickname "Guns," is sure that the doorway figure fits the profile of a campus killer and isn't about to sit there and be murdered without a fight. Guns instantly draws his legal 9-millimeter Beretta and begins blasting away. The gunfire arouses the instincts of others in the class, and they, similarly, draw their permit-allowed weapons ranging from...
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Literally getting hundreds of thousands of trackback spam a day, so I've shut 'em down for a while until I can build some better tracking tools, which given the amount of time I have to putz with Subtext, should be sometime next century.
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This kid is so out of his league it's pathetic. Then again, he's a junior journalist, so his opinions have already been given to him. I'm putting this child in my Anti-Gun feed category. Normally I'd work at keeping the snark to a minimum, but being a journalist student I can guarantee he won't listen to logic anyway. It would interfere with his grades.
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Congrats PDB!
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(Cross Posted at The Line is Here) Ian Coburn, a NIU Alumni, shares his views on the recent shootings. And I happen to find what he says quite in line with what I preach here. "I am drained from these shootings, the feeling of helplessness they bring, the fear they create which hangs over every campus like a dark cloud, and the net cast out for causes which always comes back empty of solutions. Instead, it is filled only with speculation, blaming everything from video games to guns to the lack...
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David Young, author of The Origin of the Second Amendment, sent me an email about his article regarding the D.C. gun ban. Please give it a read and help spread the message.
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Because they get a lot of training, right? FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A Cass County Sheriff's deputy who accidentally fired his handgun in a courthouse restroom has been suspended for eight days without pay. Authorities said Dean Wawers, 57, also will receive a written reprimand in personnel file. No one was hurt when the gun belonging Wawers discharged during lunch hour on Jan. 10. Fargo police said an investigation determined that his weapon was discharged accidentally. Authorities said he had...
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All of a sudden, when you move to a neighborhood known for crime and realize the police aren't going to be at your house 24x7, self defense starts becoming something you think of. In light of the problems in our neighborhood, my husband brought up the subject of gun ownership. Guns make me nervous petrified, when I think about them being in our residence. When it comes to owning, operating and storage protocol, I will readily admit that I’m in the dark. I’ve never had to ponder the idea of...
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He misses the entire fucking song Kazmierczak reportedly passed the background check and wasn’t considered mentally ill to the point of being a threat under the FBI’s guidelines. In fact, most reports say the shooter was mentally ill and was taking medications. Shouldn’t taking anti-depressants like Prozac be enough to send a red flag in the system? If the state keeps track of everyone who owns a gun, don’t they also keep a database which keeps track of what medications someone is taking?...
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Just LOOK at this quote from an amicus brief filed by the Montana Secretary of State, Brad Johnson, and a some Montana lawmakers A collective rights decision by the court would violate the contract by which Montana entered into statehood, called the Compact With the United States and archived at Article I of the Montana Constitution. When Montana and the United States entered into this bilateral contract in 1889, the U.S. approved the right to bear arms in the Montana Constitution,...
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Today is Mom's last chemotherapy treatment. I've not written about it lately, mostly because the news hasn't been all that great. After the 4th treatment, she never "bounced back" and remained sick from then on out. Last night she couldn't even muster up any happiness that today was the last treatment. Standard chemo fare. Nausea, bones aching, everything tastes terrible, depression. But when it never gets better, it can definitely wear down on you. So, the final treatment is today, but it...
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The entire push for microstamping or ammunition serialization has nothing to do with solving crime and everything to do with increasing the costs associated with manufacturing firearms and their accessories in a concerted effort to drive manufacturers out of business. So, here's my thought. If the government insists that the cost is slight and not prohibitive, then they should cover it. Each manufacturer who is forced to comply with this new scheme should be able to claim a check from the...
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Do you leave your computer on all day? Do you have extra computers just sitting around? Did you know you can help science understand protein folding with all those extra cycles? Understanding protein folding may help us find cures for Cancer, Alzheimer's, and many other diseases. Since I built the new server with a Dual Core processor, I dedicated one of the cores to folding. My personal PC has it as well, albeit much slower since I use it. It doesn't interfere with using your computer (for an...
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I admit I've been busier than paramedics treating fainting victims at an Obama rally, so I'm sorry the posting has been so sparse. I've got a major project at work that keeps changing every time I turn around but at least we've had our first build and it didn't completely crash. Unfortunately, in the corporate IT environment, they ask you how long a project should take. You tell them 6 months, and they say "Fantastic! I'll mark it on the calendar for next week". So you have to turn things in...
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Sear and Hammer nails this one.
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Rusty speaks true Will this solve the problem? No. Nothing will ever solve the problem. There has been, and always will be, evil in the world. I've not written about the NIU shootings because every time I sit down to do so, I get angry. Instead of focusing on what I want to say, the blogger in me that's been fighting this fight for so long wants to argue every point again like I do each time this happens and I know it will be to no avail. But Rustmeister brings up a valid point that many...
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Apparently, the Ruskies keep a loaded firearm in their little spaceship. While I doubt there's much of a need for one up there, I don't begrudge them for having it. However, guns and Zero-G don't make a lot of sense for me. Here on Earth, I use the friction generated by my feet against the ground (which are held together via gravity) to stay in one place when I shoot. The amount of force pushing against my body is not enough to overcome the friction of my soles. In space, if you shot a gun,...
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From my last rant, I realized something. If trigger locks increase safety so much while not impeding the usage of the firearm to a noticeable degree, then why don't police officers have them on their carry pieces? Maybe because that would be stupid? Too bad the Only Ones can't get that through their heads.
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Apparently Chaska Chief of Police Scott Knight prefers his subjects unarmed. Letter of the day: D.C. gun law repeal will make us less safe As chief of the Chaska police department, I was disappointed to learn that members of our state's congressional delegation have joined Vice President Dick Cheney in filing a U.S. Supreme Court brief urging the justices to strike down generation-old restrictions on handgun ownership in Washington, D.C. Note the immediate strawman ploy - Generation-old! I...
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So, I get a knock on my door this afternoon and lo and behold, it's the UPS guy with my first wheelbarrow of cash from the NRA. Except apparently they send you the wheelbarrow first then the cash later. And, after spending $35 with them, apparently all they could afford to send me was a used, rusty wheelbarrow -   Damn thing even had a flat tire How am I supposed to wheel around tons of cash in that thing? I knew I should have joined the Joyce Foundation. They pay much better.
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They admit they used poor journalistic standards when writing their story. I fully believe that it was the feedback mechanism of blogs and comments that forced their hand in this. At least they admitted it quite openly which is commendable in that respect. Of course, they're Florida Gators so we shouldn't expect too much from them.
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THIS is what women are supposed to be shaped like. Don't let the simple minded children in the comments make you feel bad. Women are supposed to have curves. Thighs should be noticeable. I get so tired of the stick figures they put on the screens these days. Give me a woman with a little heft and I'd take it over any twig with plastic tits any day. Well, if I weren't married. I happen to be quite happy with the Mrs.
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  Sorry for your loss, Squeaky.
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Apparently Texas Obamania involves psychotic mass murderers as something to be proud of. Now, I can't pin this directly on Obama, but just like everyone wanted to paint Ron Paul as a racist for the people that supported him, I have a sneaky feeling the same won't go for Barack.
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  You know my story about the Hello Kitty AR-15? Not only did Will Pafford, the author of the Alligator story remove the comment of the creator of the rifle, he removed the image and lied about his reasons Editor's Note: As per request from the company who is making the Hello Kitty rifle, we have taken down the image. David (the rifle's painter) explains " I offered the Alligator two choices, one choice was to talk with me and add some balance to this article and the other choice was to...
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No one left to vote for... Too tired of voting against. I'd prefer to see McCain in office over Obillary any day, but he's going to have to do it without my vote. I'll probably just write in Fred! for no real reason except to say I voted.
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And successful! I worked with her a little before the range to soothe her nerves. I promised her all she would have to shoot is the .22 Pistol and two shots of the shotgun. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my wife's first target with the Ruger Hunter at ~7 yards (click to embiggen) 10 of those holes are mine (including the one on the lower left in the 9 ring). The rest are my wife's. Needless to say, she was totally thrilled with the .22 and even mentioned how much she enjoyed it. No nerves at...
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  Painted guns resembling toys pose threat to officers By WILL PAFFORD, Alligator Writer Hello Kitty stickers are part of the latest danger to police officers nationwide. No, you read that correctly. Stickers are dangerous to police officers (apparently not to 5 year old girls who adorn every open surface with them). Stickers. Deadly stickers. Of course, they're talking about this firearm The sole purpose of these guns is to fool the observer, said Lt. Rob Koehler of GPD’s Tactical Impact...
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The babysitter is coming over today so that the Mrs. and I can actually hit the range together!!! Last year I bought the family pass to the range with the verbal agreement that she would go with me at least 4 times to make up for the added cost. That was Feb. last year. This is the second time she's gone with me. Grumble.... Don't get me wrong. My wife is at least no longer a hoplophobe. She doesn't care if I carry to church or the park or even around the house. She still doesn't like shooting,...
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I wonder if this guy gets paid by the "scare quotes" Just in February, another shooting on a college campus leaves three dead including the shooter; bullets riddle a city council meeting leaving six dead; five women shot to death in a retail shop as an apparent robbery goes bad and to top it off, we have a Presidential Candidate who says that the “second amendment” is as important then the “first amendment.” Without the second, you cannot secure the first. In fact, the entire constitution...
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Good job Sebastian! The "bows" are an absolute stroke of genius!
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Because this sounds like something our resident librarian might do An alert clerk at a Wallingford UPS Store was preparing to ship the plastic-wrapped books on Jan. 31 when she noticed that one of the hardbacks rattled, according to police reports. The woman shook the book and spotted a gun part slipping through the pages. The clerk phoned police Monday, after attempting to contact the sender. Searching the books, officers found a disassembled Beretta handgun, three loaded magazines and two...
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If I was smiling any wider, I'd give the Cheshire Cat the creeps. I had pulled out the .22 rifle to examine it. It's a cheap Armscor M1600 that I got many years ago. Surprisingly accurate for an inexpensive rifle, and I got it in my head that I should paint it in some sort of girlie colors and give it to my daughters. The Hello Kitty thing has been done to death, so I'm thinking Care Bears or My Little Pony. Of course, I have a plethora of themes to choose from off of Noggin. Wow Wow Wubbzy...
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I have thought long and hard about joining the NRA. I don't agree with a lot of their positions, but focusing on only the negative isn't the way to get things done. And sitting on the sidelines, I had no say in anything. Not any more. I was offered the possibility of a "discounted" membership, but that defeats the purpose. I don't simply want to claim membership, I want to make sure I fund the NRA so that they can do what needs to be done to protect our rights. Granted, I can only afford a...
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Gonna be quiet for a while. Got a lot of work to do which is fine, because staying busy also equates to staying employed. However, I've got a zillion things in my noggin that I want to get out, both at Casa De SaaM and at The Line Is Here. But you're just going to have to wait. Until then, go check out the trailer for WALL·E. Anything by Pixar is OK in my book and this one looks like it's going to be phenomenal.
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Churches in Minnesota win another round on gun ban Court of Appeals: Churches can lawfully ban guns from their premises. Court agrees to exempt religious institutions from the 2005 law. In another victory for churches wanting to ban guns from their premises, the state Court of Appeals issued a 32-page decision Tuesday agreeing with the district court that religious institutions are exempt from the so-called Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act of 2005. Exempt. Meaning they're better or...
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I've pretty much resolved myself to a very gun-hostile government for the next 8+ years. HillBama, McRomney, it doesn't matter who takes the helm, we're all pretty much screwed. The AWB will come back, but I'm betting the scope is much greater with a lot of "no longer ownables" thrown in for good measure. For the children, of course. My poor wife doesn't get riled up like I do, and she doesn't quite get the "I want an EBR because the motherf*ckers don't want me to have one" attitude I've got....
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