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Anyone guess what this thing is (click for full size)? That's right. Your resident gun nut is going to start reloading his own ammunition. Shooting 10mm is f&!*ing expensive - around $21 for 50 rounds. I can reload at about $7 @ 50 which means I don't actually save any money, I just get to shoot 3 times as much. The .357 magnum is even cheaper since I can shoot lead bullets in my Dan Wesson. I've got most of the 'ingredients' on their way and they should be here on Friday, plus there's a...
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I received a letter from Governor Crist's office regarding my letter I sent a while back. As you may or may not remember, I wasn't too terribly thrilled with one of my representative's responses. The Governor's office replied with the following. Governor Charlie Crist received your e-mail and asked me to respnod. The Concealed Weapon permit, as you may know, is issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture, a Cabinet Agency that is not under the direction of the Governor. I encourage you to...
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Level 3 DRINK WARNING in effect.
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What many in the anti-gun movement are trying to do is to get one to believe that if you put racing stripes and decals on your dad’s Oldsmobile you can take it out to the NASCAR track and compete equally. Rick Schwartz, discussing how most 'assault rifles' are simply cosmetic in nature. Read the whole comment, it's very enlightening.
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If you want to see why Zumbo and his fellow quislings are fucking idiots, look no closer than the comment left by John here. I have followed Zumbo carrier for many years and there is not one of you that deserves to lick this mans boots. He is allowed to have his opinion if you and I agree with it or not. How many of you are the idiots that hunt Northern Wisconsin fire 50 to 70 shots between 6 guys and never get the deer let alone see my 13 year old son laying on the ground because he thought...
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It's a free country and I have no compunctions to try to pass laws preventing people from bifurcating their tongues themselves, but at every turn I will exercise my right to call you a f***ing idiot. H/T Garfield Ridge
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I can't quite peel my eyes away from the horror. Britney Spears is breaking down in front of the public's eyes. Every time you think it couldn't get worse, it does. Shaved heads, K-Feds, attacking SUVs with umbrellas. I smell a made for TV movie coming out pretty soon.
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So, I'm doing some pretty serious graphics (GDI+) programming here at work. What makes this really suck is I have to take the output of a Macintosh and recreate it on the PC. The PC seems to see Point sizes in a different manner than the Mac. The error is always a 72/96ppi or 96/72ppi conversion error. The problem is it's never consistent. If I correct for one way, other bugs pop up (text runs off the canvas). Once I get the text back on the canvas, the outlining goes haywire. Fix that and then...
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Direct from the horse's mouth.
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"misrepresentatives" - used on a message board to describe congresscritters and associated politicos.
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From a USA today article discussing the need for the Police to buy more military style weapons WASHINGTON — Law enforcement agencies across the country have been upgrading their firepower to deal with what they say is the increasing presence of high-powered weapons on the streets. Scott Knight, chairman of the Firearms Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, says an informal survey of about 20 departments revealed that since 2004 all of the agencies have either added...
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So, a while back I wrote to my state representatives regarding what I considered to be a burdensome wait in receiving my Carrying Concealed Weapons permit. I wrote a fairly long letter addressing the issues and informing them that I'd like to discuss the situation. One of the politicians was Rhonda Storms (R). A few days after I sent the email, I received this Mr. Allen, Thank you for contacting Senator Storms regarding this matter.  By copy of this e-mail, I am asking Mr. Dave McInnes...
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Because a cold polymer frame resting against your kidneys is not pleasant, let me tell you.
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Dear Glock, I recently purchased a 10mm Glock 29 and I am sad to say that your reputation for producing "quality firearms" is undeserved. Since my purchase, your firearm has completely failed to live up to its promise. I have been told time and time again that easy access to firearms is the number one cause of violent crime in today's society. Well, being a concealed weapons permit holder, your so called 'gun' is always within reach and to this day, I've yet to shoot anyone over a parking...
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As I write this, I'm opening boxes of Post-It Notes in the main store in southeastern Wyoming with Freddie Svenson, Dayshift Manager for 3M, Grant Vennison, who is senior research engineer for 3M, and several other stock boys. We're testing Freddie's keys to his 1978 Pacer on several boxes of the new, hot-pink Post-It Notes. I must be living in a vacuum. Grant tells me that the use of 'box cutters' have a rapidly growing following among stockmen, especially office supply workers. I had no...
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Jeff, gently bashing a troll who extols the virtues of polls* Appeals to the American people might pass as evidence in your world, but me, I remember that “Full House” ran for close to a decade, so I’m not really all that enamored with bandwagon appeals. *I'm dead serious when I say I did not mean for that to rhyme.
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The tragedy in Trolley Square Mall, Utah should be a clear wake up call to all anti-gunners out there. How many law abiding citizens followed this sign's instructions? One guy didn't*, and he helped pin down the killer. If more people were armed, the return fire could have reduced the damage that kid did. Hat Tip - The War on Guns *Yes, the guy was an off duty cop, but that doesn't change the fact that he was armed with a concealed weapon. Just as the cop is a law abiding citizen, so are most...
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Because we all know, criminals obey the law These and other weapons-related findings comprise one chapter in a 180-page research summary called "Violent Encounters: A Study of Felonious Assaults on Our Nation's Law Enforcement Officers." The study is the third in a series of long investigations into fatal and nonfatal attacks on POs by the FBI team of Dr. Anthony Pinizzotto, clinical forensic psychologist, and Ed Davis, criminal investigative instructor, both with the Bureau's Behavioral...
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Since I honestly believe that the 2nd Amendment protects all the others, any politician who does not respect the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by default does not support the rest of the constitution. John explains in detail why Rudy is not fit to hold the office of President. A choice quote: The Second Amendment isn’t about guns or hunting anymore than the First Amendment is about typewriters Hat Tip Alphecca
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How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual… as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of. — Representative Suzanna Gratia Hupp (TX)
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From West Central Tribune Kenneth Englund, 74, was armed with a shotgun on Oct. 15 when he confronted Christian Harris Smith and a woman at a vacant farm near Englund's home as Smith was taking gasoline from a vehicle. Englund chased down the thieves and called the police. Smith was captured and admitted to guilt in court. Sounds like a pretty cut and dried case, right? Think again. From the first paragraph: A retired farmer who was charged with felony assault for wielding a shotgun near a...
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So, last night I took the Mrs. out to dinner and to go see Celtic Woman at the performing arts center. For dinner we ate at the Columbia Restaurant in downtown Ybor which happens to be the restaurant we had our first date at. Now the Columbia has about 200-300 tables and several rooms to dine in. Kari and I got seated at the exact same table we had our first date on. How apropos for Valentine's day!
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Make no bones about it, she is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits, and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy ... technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence. I had a rant on this rather old news, but it was so laced with profanity that my readers may have thought Amanda Marcotte had...
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Took some pics the other day at the park. I just love my girls!    
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I was going to do this when I got home. Wuzzadem beat me to the punch.
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You cannot arm slaves and expect them to remain slaves, nor can you disarm a free people and expect them to remain free. Don Cline - USCCA Member
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Two things, both from David C over at War On Guns. First, this little doozy from the NY slimes U.S. Set to Begin a Vast Expansion of DNA Sampling The Justice Department is completing rules to allow the collection of DNA from most people arrested or detained by federal authorities, a vast expansion of DNA gathering that will include hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, by far the largest group affected. The new forensic DNA sampling was authorized by Congress in a little-noticed...
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Informed, and sarcastic. Exactly the way they should be. There's hope for Canada yet! Hat Tip The Smallest Minority
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Lileks, responding to the Ass Plow known as Billy Arkin of the WaPo It’s almost as if the actual troops think they have some sort of absolute moral authority to have an opinion, and this gives them the right to express themselves without considering  the impact that might have on people who disagree. They do have a moral authority, but only when they’re killed, and it transfers immediately to the closest relative who disagreed with the mission.
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Many, many times. Before Adolph Hitler came to power, there was a black market in firearms, but the German people had been so conditioned to be law abiding, that they would never consider buying an unregistered gun. The German people really believed that only hoodlums own such guns. What fools we were. It truly frightens me to see how the government, media, and some police groups in America are pushing for the same mindset. In my opinion, the people of America had better start asking and...
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When the government's boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence. — GARY LLOYD For my friends on both sides of the political isle.
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From Life as a Gecko, I find "Cats in Sinks" - A collection of pictures of... well, cats in sinks. I uploaded Sloane's picture. I mean, I'm all about keeping up with the Joneses.
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