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I found this site that tracks celebrities (via the newly blogrolled CotS) and discusses some odds and ends about each one. It puzzled me that sexual orientation was one of the main bio headings because I thought that wasn't supposed to matter to people. Regardless, Michael Jackson's bio is spot onBorn: 29-Aug-1958Birthplace: Gary, INGender: MaleEthnicity: BlackSexual orientation: Matter of DisputeOccupation: MusicianLevel of fame: IconExecutive summary: Lover of children everywhere
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A warm SaaM welcome to Coalition of the Swilling to the blogroll.
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Look, I know traffic is annoying. This morning a car fire pretty much choked up the bridge I have to go across to get to work. 4 lanes of stopped traffic is enough to piss anyone off. But the assholes of the world seem to think that they are more important than even ambulances. It is these assholes who think that the 10 inches of space on the outer sides of the bridge are their own personal express lane.What gives? How much do you have to think of yourself to say "Screw this, I'm going to...
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And I've got pictures to prove it!That was the first bottle from my second batch of beer, a clone of Buena Noche from the makers of Dos Equis. Being that I've never actually had Buena Noche, I cannot tell you how close it came, but it was a daaaaamn fine beer nonetheless.The massive foaming head is a result of there being a wee bit too much food left over for the yeast when I bottled. I probably should have racked the beer to a secondary fermenter or at least let it sit in the primary for a few...
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Due to the upcoming addition to the family, Mrs. Marble wanted to clean out the baby's room and have a yard sale to get rid of all the stuff that's accumulated in there throughout the years. Man, I hate yard sales. Something about yard sales brings out the dregs of society.We didn't prep much for this one. The last one we had, I put out signs the day before and we had everything set up in the garage earlier that week. This time, we had crap sitting in the hallway in the morning and nothing set...
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This is what you get for drugging kids instead of beating the hell out of them when they act up, America.This is what keeps Is Full Of Crap at the top of my RSS feed.
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This is HOT! I've got some information that was hacked out of Glenn Reynold's Sidekick. Apparently Paris Hilton isn't the only celebrity who has had their personal information pulled from their cell phone.Here you can see some stuff from the 'notebook' Glenn Keeps. It's somewhat cryptic, but you can almost get a sense of what's going on with his life.GG FGT SLT BTCH!HACKED BY THE PPYBLNDRS AT DFNCTSCusername: GREYNOLDSpassword: indeedEdit Edit8:53 PM, November 24, 2004 A 1Buy a lap top to rplc...
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I'm reposting these Photoshops I did because (a) I think they're funny and (b) I put them out when my readership was in the low teens.
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Called last week to see if there were any preliminary results from a test. Told to call this week. Just called again. Same lady told me that she can't give that information out over the phone.I'm surprised she didn't tell me to call back next week.
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But I'm holding on for my faithful readers.Apparently, this guy didn't.{h/t You've been Haacked]
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The wife just called. I asked how her day was. She started bawling.Gotta rush home and save her from the terrible 2 year old monster that's haunting the house.
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I just spent my lunch hour listening to a buddy of mine's stories from Iraq. First hand information, without the filter of the MSM or even other blog pundits. He finally returned to work recently and this has been the first time I've been able to talk to him on a more personal level. I had avoided any mention of Iraq because I wasn't sure how he was adjusting and wanted to lay low. During lunch today, I realized why I'm so thankful for our men and women over there.Throughout the conversation,...
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Today is Wednesday. My brain keeps thinking it's Thursday. When you're a day behind like that, it is very depressing to keep realizing that you've got an extra day of work still ahead of you.
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You know what gets my goat? Commercials that push their products by telling us interesting sounding things that we've no idea what they are.I mean seriously. What the hell is Retsyn™ and why would I want it in a mint?And shampoo? Most people wouldn't know if Menaquinone was part of the vitamin b complex or not. Why not just say "We put all kinds of shit in here to make your hair shiny. Don't worry how."? How many people sit around at home and say "Gee, honey. That shampoo has...
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Look. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:Fascism - a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition Do I need to explain and compare each point to Bush goals and policy? How close are we? Are you scared?- You should be. Now try to scare me with...
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I see a phrase pop up here and there and I want to simply be anal and correct people (like when they say they feel nauseous.....).Blogs aren't a new idea. They're popular. I had a BBS back in the early 80's that allowed me to post whatever I felt like whenever I felt like. I've ran many database driven sites that allowed me to update via web interface.The tool set for doing this has gotten much better and now it's a popular thing to do, plus it has a nifty catch-word: blog. But this type...
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There is abso-frikken-lutely too much seriousness on this front page.Don't make me whip out this picture again.
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Yes, I ranted yesterday a wee bit about tiring when it comes to political blogs. Part of it is the stupidity of the politicians, the other part the stupidity of people commenting on politicians.For example, check out this comment from a post over at Pennywit regarding the whole Gannon / Guckert affairThis is no mystery to me. However, I'm curious about who gave "Gannon" his scoops and why, not so much from a "let's persecute him" perspective as a "why was he somebody's favorite reporter"...
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My daughter Georgia has fallen in love with watching Disney's Cinderella and while at 2½ she doesn't quite understand the whole story, it's not a bad tale for her to learn.Granted falling in love isn't a dance at a ball, Cinderella shows spirit that is sorely lacking in today's cartoons. Abused and neglected, she shows that the human spirit can survive. And even when the ball is over and she has lost everything she had, she simply says 'thanks' and appreciates what she was given, temporary...
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click for larger imageSay hello to little Irelyn Mackenna. At least it's Irelyn Mackenna and spelled that way right now. We're still experimenting with what we think looks best, so it's bound to change.This was the best profile sonogram we got. These things are simply amazing in detail. In this scan, you can also see fingers and arms (the shot is from the head, down)click for larger image
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I'm seriously thinking about cutting out 80% of my political blogroll. To be honest, I've grown weary of the idiocy that masks as politics these days (from both sides). And those blogs with comments either turn into echo chambers or vitriol-pits, neither of which further my knowledge of current events.Some bloggers seem to be on a kind of high right now. Blogs are doing a fantastic job of 'watching the watchers' so to speak when it comes to the MSM, but I'm getting this feeling that...
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Damn. If it's not one thing it's another. The Mrs. had to switch out the cable modem to see if that was what was causing all the outages. Hopefully we're back in business for a while although I'm still thinking there's something wrong with the actual cable itself, but I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time...
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It's 9:15 AM on Sunday, and I'm anxious for my wife to wake up so I can finish pressure washing the fence.Egads.....I've been domesticated.....
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It's A Girl!!!!The sonogram was very, very, very detailed and they were able to make some fairly accurate measurements. We saw arms & legs & fingers & kidneys & cerebellum & cords & everything. The sonograms are just simply amazing these days. You could make out every bone in the spinal column. And there was little doubt Georgia is having a little sister.Everything is progressing fine & she looks to be perfectly healthy so far! The SaaM household of course is...
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Were you expecting posts today?Sorry, right. I'm all over it.Update:I guess I wasn't all over it.
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Insty linked to this post from Vodkapundit where Will Collier takes a rather large Clue-By-Four and does a fair bit of dental rearrangement to a poor fellow by the name of Steve Lovelady of the CJR.Mind the crunchy bits, will ya. Steve may need those pieces of his skull back some day.Oh, and VP guys, if you happen to read this through trackbacks and decide to reciprocate the link-love, please file me under homebrewer.
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Sorry for the outage. Somewhere in the neighborhood, a cable got cut and was playing hell with our Internet connection as well as cable (started watching Shaun of the Dead but it crapped out on me last night).We're back! Sorry!
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Scene: Agent Jack Bauer stands outside an interrogation room with CTU Director Erin Driscoll. An elderly woman is being questioned.Bauer: What have you found out so far?Driscoll: Well, her ID checks out as does her address at 2318 Shady Acres Retirement Villa. We've had her in interrogation room B for 30 minutes but so far, not much else. We may have the wrong suspect.Bauer: Bullshit, Erin! Nobody flies Delta carrying both nail-tweezers and a set of knitting needles. This granny was part of...
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Guy at work got a new Bluetooth enabled phone and one of those remote earbuds to go with it. Wears it all the time. I mean, all the time even when he's not on a call. Looks like a Borg implant or something. At least it doesn't glow blue or anything.I make it a very specific habit to not look at it or say anything about it.
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And now I keep tossing garbage in my recycling bin. How's a fella supposed to get any work done if the cleaning crew is always switching around my disposal bins?
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Luck is not real. It is completely unreal. Lucky people are just unlucky people with nice haircuts.Why Topic Drift is a daily read for me. You just can't get this type of insight anywhere else.
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Plain as day and several times. There have been a few times where I was pretty sure, but if you've ever put your ear on a pregnant woman's belly before, you realize how active the internal organs are and how loud everything is.But tonight, beyond any shadow of a doubt, I felt several kicks (Kari confirmed them with "Didja feel that!!?!").Friday, we go in for the ultrasound and see if we can determine the gender. I'm so excited!
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Even with the name Smuckers, it isn't that good....
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Glenny boy links to this article about British bloggers.Last month a left-leaning White House journalist was revealed to have used a false identity to obtain his press credentials by boggers from The Daily Kos. {emphasis mine}First. A left-leaning journalist was outed by the Kossaks? When did this occur? I thought they only cared about outing Republican homosexuals who ask soft-ball questions. Did I miss something?Second. Boggers? Well, if you mean people who get mired down in their own fecal...
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2/15/2005 1:02 PM - Dean Esmay posts an article.2/15/2005 1:10 PM - Rabid Esmay reader, Robb Allen from Sharp as a Marble reads article. Notices hyperlink pointed to wrong story.2/15/2005 1:12 PM - Rabid Esmay reader, Robb Allen from Sharp as a Marble emails author as to the issue2/15/2005 1:30 PM - Email received from original author about post being fixed.In less than 30 minutes (and a lot of this time transpired because of the 10 minute delay in my email client and when it checks for new...
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So there's this whole brouhaha about some Whitehouse staffer being 'reportedly' seen at a gay bar and that's supposed to be big news? That's what it takes to become a top-level reporter? Kick ass, because I know someone else who, as a conservative type person also went to a gay bar on a regular occasion and I'm about to out him!!!Ladies and Gentlemen (and you too Nathan), I, Robb Allen, CEO and Editor of Sharp as a Marble used to frequent a gay bar in Tampa many years ago. I admit it freely.I...
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I'm back at work, much to the chagrin of my coworkers. If I could sell mucus at $.03 a quart, I'd be a rich man by now and would be blogging this entry from my yacht. But I can't, so I'm sitting here on dry land trying to work through a haze of Sudafed and Tylenol.I am pretty upset though. It was a hard weekend for bloggers, wasn't it? We were called all sorts of nasty names by people who apparently don't like it when their bluff is called. Which is funny because I didn't do any of the...
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I'm not sure I really do trust the Gorton's fisherman.
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Microsoft Plots Fixes to IE Browser Microsoft Corp. recently held a secret Webcast with some of its closest partners to discuss ways in which the company might improve its Internet Explorer browser and customer confidence in the platform.Sources said Microsoft officials discussed potential "fixes" to IE as the company is losing market share to other browsers, such as the open-source Firefox. Though the strategy is still in its initial phases, Microsoft is looking to resolve some fundamental...
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Blegh! I don't know what this is but it is miserable. First, I get the sniffles, then a full blown flu. Then the Mrs. gets it, and being pregnant she can't take much outside of Tylenol and Sudafed. Now the little one has green gunk pouring out of her nose.My sinuses are hurting so bad that my teeth hurt and it feels like someone has repeatedly kicked me in the kidneys.
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Just noticed that the amount of battery power on my laptop has been steadily increasing over the past 20 minutes, and I ain't plugged in.Either the indicator is faulty, which is highly unlikely or the power emanating from my crotch is supplying the laptop with extra energy.I'm opting for the latter.
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Politics is a major talking point in the blogosphere. There are plenty of threads about everything from taxes to outlawing zebras within city limits. Very often I enjoy the conversations, even the heated ones, because I learn a lot from them.It is easy to dismiss me as a Republican, but it would not be fair. To be honest, I'm not sure where I fall into the political spectrum and am seriously considering turning independent as I don't believe the Republicans do much besides whatever it...
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And will do anything to destroy it. No, I'm not talking about Arabs or Iraqis, I'm talking about journalists. Read this heart wrenching story from Black Five about a little girl who helped point out a landmine and the tale of the journalists who would rather scoff and turn nasty than report good news.I'm really getting sick of all the news from the so called MSM. It seems like you can't even trust the weather pages any more.Today's weather - High 65, Low 47 Partly Cloudy with a 70% chance of...
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But for right now, I'll forgo my mind & personality and just accept my role as a potential beef cake.Yeah, there might be better looking bloggers than me out there, but how many of them are cradling their infant daughter, eh?(thanks, Beth)
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And feeling like hell. You'll get limited SaaM blogging today and you'll like it.
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Hmm. Something I think I can approve of!
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Well, I had my polysomnograph done last night. It was awful. I had enough wires poking out of me to get R2D2 all hot & heavy. Funny thing though is that the wires weren't the bad part. The part that annoyed me the most was the stupid O2 sensor clipped to my finger. That damn thing kept waking me up and I couldn't get back to sleep.Actually, even adding into consideration how uncomfortable I was, it was pretty much the same type of sleep I get anyway, which is to say not much. And...
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It should be illegal to have large chunks of celery in stuffing. Period. I mean, lethal-injection type illegal.Stuffing is not meant to be crunchy folks.
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My brother-in-law does wedding videography and just recently switched to digital. I'm helping him out with some technical aspects, and got this in the in-box this morningWant to know if there is anything I need to add or change on my computer to run that software. Currently I have a 1MHZ processor with 1.25 GB RAM I didn't know you could do video editing on an Atari 2600.
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Michele shows off her bumperstickers. I'm showing off mine.Now if I could only get her to show off her headlights....Update:
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Looking through my referral logs today I see that 90% of my traffic is for things like "teacher sex", "teacher sex scandal", "27 year old sex", etc. They're hitting this post here where I talk about Deb Lefave.I can't tell if these people are perverts looking for steamy videos / pictures or if they're just looking for news. Either way they're screwing up my numbers by inflating them artificially. I know for a fact nobody reads this site and that all the comments are left by me when I suffer...
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Going in for the actual sleep test tonight. It was really odd yesterday going to the doctor because the examination room looked more like a Motel 6 than a doctor's office. But now I'm getting a bit nervous. I mean, although it will be pitch black in the room, they have infrared cameras to watch me all night. Since I'm asleep, I have no idea if I do anything embarrassing throughout the evening.What if I have a good dream about that Go-Daddy chick and end up pitching a tent? Maybe I'm a...
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As most of my 14 readers know, I host SaaM out of my own house. I use my broadband connection (Road Runner) which is limited in upload speed. I am anxious for fiber to get put in but it appears that while they've laid the actual fiber lines through the neighborhood, that's all they've done.For reasons I've not been able to track down, my overall bandwidth has simply disappeared over the past few days, both up and down. You may notice some slowdowns with the site, and I apologize for that, but...
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There's a guy at work who constantly wiggles his foot (nervous habit, I guess). When he does, it makes a loud clicking noise which drives me batty.I'm trying to figure out how to approach the situation in a decent manner.Anyone know of a good place to hide the body?
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David Gilles posting over at Daily Pundit has this gem of a phrase referring to Oliver "Of Course I want to Super size that combo" Willis I think this is a proposal that no right-thinking person could find fault with. It's the only reasonable tactic when dealing with the horrid mixture of shrill swivel-eyed hatred and morbid gynecomastia that finds its ne plus ultra in old 'Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?' Willis. That is just too damn funny.(definition here)
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I have my appointment today with the sleep disorder clinic. I figure they're just going to ask me routine questions then set up another date for testing so I probably will be just as tired tomorrow, but at least it's a start.Until my doctor prescribed me a trip to Dr. Snoozefixer, I never considered that I had a sleep issue. Apparently, lack of quality sleep can cause headaches, anxiety, and heartburn. I just thought I had all those separate issues and never thought they had anything to do with...
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Who was that chick on the Go-Daddy commercial and were they real?Sorry, it's been bothering me all day....
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But it ain't nothing compared to the fist. 
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We share a horrible sickness.Several years ago, I was sitting in my cube at work listening to some music and working away. Within 15 seconds I was scrambling to find my letter opener to end my life. At the time I had no idea what had happened, only that I couldn't breathe and the sense that I had lost all ability to rationally filter my world. In an instant, for no apparent reason, I developed severe panic attacks. My life has never been the same since.I actually had been suffering from...
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When GMail invites were hard to come by and even being auctioned on eBay.Now I've got 50 of the damn things.If you want any, lemme know. They make great Valentines' Day gifts for the geek in your life.
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Click the montage above for some photos from yesterday's brewing session.Photo-collage created using Picasa 2 from Google.
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It is with a sad, heavy heart that I must announce that a dear friend is no longer with us. The last bottle of my first batch of beer was consumed this evening at a friend's Super Bowl party. My India Pale Ale left to accolades and several "I'll have another one, if you don't mind"s.I'm actually quite happy that it was as successful as it was. I have a friend who has brewed 2 batches already, neither very successful.I was a little worried about the brew I did yesterday as this morning there...
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According to MSN Search, I'm #1 for Cat Porn.
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Well, I'm sitting here watching wort boil. Smells very good. No bee swarms this time.It's such a beautiful day to sit out on the porch. There's a cool breeze here and there that wafts the scent of hops and barley across the lanai. I've got a f*&#ing headache which I'm desparately trying to ignore. 2 Excedrin and 2 Tylenol later and it's just as bad as it was this morning, but since I started the yeast on Thursday, I had to use it today and wouldn't have had another chance to brew until next...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my new Wort ChillerJust built her tonight. For those wondering just what the hell this thing is, it's called an immersion chiller and is used for cooling down the boiling liquid called wort (pronounced wert) which is the unfermented beer.Basically, when you brew beer you are making a liquid environment for yeast to grow in. The yeast eat sugars and nutrients in the wort and produce 3 things: alcohol, CO2, and more yeast. The problem is that wort is a perfect...
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All over the blogosphere people are using SOTU when referring to Bush's State of the Union speech.I can't help seeing STFU instead.Which, in my miniscule opinion, is quite apropos.
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Let's pretend for a second that the blogosphere was around on November 9, 1989. I wonder how lefty bloggers like Kos and Oliver "Thank You Mr. Soros, May I Have Another?" Willis would have viewed the tearing down of the Berlin Wall?Kos: The tearing down of the wall is simply, in my estimation, an exercise in pretty pictures.O-Dub:  You know, I really wish Germany were having an honest, safe, real unification. But that isn't happening, and that's a shame.I don't understand what makes...
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Heard a song on the radio on the way home yesterday that was one of those songs that I misheard the lyrics.From Stevie Ray Vaughn's Cold ShotActual Lyrics: That's a cold shot, babe.What I heard: Mexico shopping. 
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Where the hell is my coffee?
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At, I looked up the definition of the word recursion. At the end of the page, it says (no kidding)recursionn. See recursion. Luckily a coworker was able to jump in my cube and rescue me. I'd have been there for weeks.Update:To truly enjoy this post. Follow the trackbacks. Then follow their trackbacks. And so on, and so on...
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Yes, we're still pregnant (and I'm really beginning to show. More than my wife at this point). We take all the magic out of the whole thing in 2 1/2 weeks when we find out what we're having.What do you think it's going to be?My wife swears it's a boy, but I think we're going to have another girl. I think this because it would probably make my wife want to try for another one to 'complete the set', so to speak. Luckily, I have an uncle that had a boy so I'm no longer the last Allen able to carry...
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SATURDAY!!! SATURDAY!!! SATURDAY!!!Hmm, the whole Superbowl of Motocross voice just doesn't come over well on a blog. Sorry.Just picked up the ingredients for my "Goodnight In Mexico" (Buena Noche clone) recipe. Several varieties of hops weren't available so I substituted Hallertauer pellets which have the same AAU as the ones I was supposed to get (German Spalt).I also bought 6.8 lbs of extract, 1 lb. of rice powder, 1/4 lb of roasted barley, 1 lb. crystal malt, yeast, Dehydrated Malt Extract,...
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Made for Jeff because I was bored.
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Unlike many computer users, I am not a religious zealot when it comes to any particular OS / Machine. I use PC's, primarily Windows flavors with the occasional Linux thrown in. I would gladly install Mac OS if it ran on Intel hardware that I already own. It costs too much to switch over to Mac at this time. Maybe the next PC, who knows.Ever since the iMac, I've been impressed with Apple's marketing. They took a so so computer, put it in what I considered an ugly, clear case and sold them like...
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Over to the right (your left if you read this using a complex set of mirrors and have your back to the monitor) is my testimonials gadget I wrote in about 23.8 seconds. It randomly selects a testimonial from a table. It works and that's about all I wanted out of it.UpdateThe source code, demo code, compiled dll, and installation instructions are now available here.
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Ok, my Español might be a bit rusty, and I'm sure there might be an alternate spelling that explains this, but there's no way I'm ordering anything from this Taco Bell. Life in a wheelchair isn't apealing, even if you wrap it in a tasty bread shell.Yeah, it's blurry but that's because we were driving and it was dark.
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