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Yeah, that’s gone. Because this puppy followed me home last night That’s a Nova Comet II Midi Lathe. 12” swing, 16” bed extendable to 42” which means I can make everything from pens to baseball bats. A mid sized lathe in a mini sized footprint. Sucker is heavy at ~80# and absolutely the quietest power tool in the shop. Variable speed via a dial, plus 3 pulley combinations for extra speed / torque. I got it from Bowls for Good, a fantastic organization in St. Petersburg that gets returned &...
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Loved it. The entire Star Wars universe is now ready to be turned into billions of dollars worth of merchandising. And I’m totes OK with that.
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Is how you discover you have the ability to leap over a car hood even though you’re physically tired. At this point, I’m still not convinced the SOB wasn’t actively trying to run me down. I was at an intersection, trying to cross. Idiot Driver was turning right, but stopped for long enough that I assumed he was letting me cross. As soon as I got in front of where he’d be turning, he took off. I managed to leap up, putting my hand on his hood to vault over and landed on my feet. Idiot Driver...
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