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Harper Collins omits Israel from maps because they wouldn’t want to offend Gulf customers. Don’t think on this one too long. You’d not want to miss the 2 Minute Hate or be late for Morning Jerks.
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But I made a group so you can watch the progress of La Pistola. Feel free to join!
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And now, ladies & gentlemen, I will finally give context to all the mysterious posts that have popped up over the past few weeks so that my 12 readers can finally rest at ease. I have an item on my bucket list that I am going to be able to fulfill. I have had some extra work come my way that took quite a bit of time & effort, and my reward is being able to tick something off that list. Ever since I started playing guitar back in the late 80s, I’ve always eyed the high-end customs. Eyed...
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#20 Look for the explanation soon.
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This guy right here. And to celebrate, here are two rollercoaster rides at Busch Gardens I rode yesterday The first is Montu, the second, Falcon’s Fury.
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Yell Nazi / Racist We also had a guy claim that putting up a “Concealed Weapons Permitted” sign was… ready for it? RACIST. Which is funny because the guy assumed that only white people owned businesses & were pro-gun. Didn’t even bother responding because, well, it’s a waste of time. The good thing is the base for gun control are a bunch of low information voters whose only action is Pavlovian reaction. They can’t argue on merit, they can’t refute the logic, if they have ‘statistics’,...
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This is what ‘higher education’ gets you? You’d think someone with a degree who taught kids could construct a coherent thought based in facts and using basic logic & reason. Alas, no, you get the standard hyperbole, insults, and examples plucked fresh from the ass-farm.
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Because this story calls for a box or two.
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But there seems to be a strain of gun-haters on the Interweb tubes that honestly believe that without guns, there would be no violence. In a way they are right. I recall how David met Goliath for tea & snack cakes to talk over their differences. Then there’s the Greeks, who hid inside a giant wooden horse and snuck out at night to give the Trojans a stern talking to about proper home security. Finally, the British brought fleets of grief counselors to the colonists to help begin the healing...
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Man, bring up Open Carry and you get a LOT of “I’m a 2A supporter but…”
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I need a few (3 or 4) pieces of .45 Colt brass. Anyone have any they can spare?
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Next context-free image to go with the wood image from the other day When this project is done, they will have to redefine the word ‘epic’.
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Until then, you get no context This is going to be… amazing.
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Florida Carry Action Alert In light of the recent FSU shootings and sexual attacks at UF, Rep. Greg Steube and Sen. Greg Evers have filed companion campus carry bills. Frankly, we have had enough. Recently, a deranged former student entered the Strozier Library on the campus of Florida State University and opened fire. Thankfully there were no fatalities however one student was left permanently paralyzed and a member of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus was shot in the leg; another student...
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Looks like Sitemeter went full-spammer. I get that they need to make money and that I was using a ‘free service’, meaning I’m not their client, I’m their product. However, I don’t really give a shit about hits any more, I’ve not checked those numbers in eons anyway, and the less scripting I have to send across to you all the better. If you’ve gotten any nasty redirects from me, so sorry. Shan’t happen again until Google Analytics or GunUp start doing that kind of thing.
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My daughter is awesome She has suddenly fallen in love with the blues and tonight was using my Paul Reed Smith for her lessons. She was rockin’ it too!
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Practically anything. Even butter knives when applied with enough force.
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Just been so damned busy at work and after work with family & side jobs that I’ve not been able to post much lately, and I’m really sorry about that. I do have a question for you’se guys. I’m not really a wheelgun guy. As it is, I only have a Dan Wesson Model 15, but I have the need for some wheelgun graphics. I would think an older style wheelgun would work better than a modern version for what I’m thinking, but not being familiar with models & whatnot, I don’t know what is considered...
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To celebrate 1,000,000 likes* on the Bookface thing, Shooting Illustrated is having a giveaway (*this is the minimum amount of likes a person needs to get that kidney transplant)
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