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I’m proud of myself. Today, I took this And successfully swapped out the parts in my M&P40. It’s no longer the same gun. This isn’t the forward sear set, but the competition action enhancement kit (which I just realized are two different kits). Uptake is still long, but smooooooth. Breaks like glass too, there’s hardly anything to it at all. Installation was a breeze, even for my first time taking apart a pistol to that degree. More later…
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This is one of those times.
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I hope everyone had a good Christmas and that Santa was generous with his goodies (I got coal… again). I was at the inlaws’ for Christmas dinner and had one of those run ins with reality that aren’t that pleasant, but… it’s reality so you have to face it. My wife’s family is very conservative. They own guns, have the shrine to Reagan in the house, support the Tea Party, etc. You would think that with those types of views, the following conversation couldn’t have happened. Brother-In-Law:...
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"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this."  -Isaiah...
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Local fun-store is still awaiting on their shipments of Apex Tactical triggers. Going to call them again today to see if the Brown Truck of Happiness delivers the goodies, then I’m going to break the sound barrier getting there to drop off the pistol. Doubtful it’s a ‘while you wait’ kind of thing so it will probably be next week before I can take it out for a spin, but I’m dying to get this thing.
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And you don’t want God upset about the state of your AR Rifle, right?
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But don’t click this link. Seriously, don’t do it. Think of the children. Think of your retinas. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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Even a .22 can be lethal
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They have to go and create lies out of whole cloth to try to get their point across. Short of it all – Someone leaves a comment on the Brady’s FB page that’s not on message. The Brady’s delete it, then leave a comment saying that the author must have deleted his own comment. Filthy cretins. They should be treated with all the respect of a Klansman. Well, I don’t want to insult Klansmen like that. At least with the KKK, they don’t go around trying to tell people they’re actually concerned...
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Sean explains why there are limited opportunities to fix our gun rights here in Florida. As a side note, when I challenge people to find actual cases of someone OC’ing that resulted in a loss of gun rights, I actually know of a few. That there story contains one.
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tell me I had something to do with the inspiration for Wendell.
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In a post, Tam links to my Ford EarthF*cker poster from a while back. That post was simply a response to something Say Uncle said and in no way illustrates my desire to drive a vehicle that serves absolutely no purpose other than to piss off hippies. I may joke around about doing stupid things just to tweak the greenies, but jokes are all they are. Look, I drive my VW GTI because it gets 25 to 30 mpg depending on how I baby the gas pedal. I used to drive a 95 Jeep Wrangler but got tired of...
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Now that we have put teeth in to the state firearms preemption law, usually when we contact cities and counties about their preempted firearms ordinances we have great success in having their unlawful gun control laws removed from the books. Mostly we get cooperative and constructive replies like this one received yesterday from The Town of Lady Lake: Dear Mr. Nascak, Thank you for bring this to my attention.  We have recently removed a section in Chapter 10 regarding firearms...
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But this is kind of odd. I mean, IDPA? Really?
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Apparently, not a .22 Hat tip Mad Rocket Scientist
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Skinhead Decides to Attack Black Man Wearing a "Spokane Boxing Club Champion" T-Shirt My favorite line Abbey told authorities he thought Baker hit him with a "brick." Hat tip Salamander, who, from what I hear, actually does hit people with bricks.
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Because… daaaaaaaamn pdb opined the other day that the ‘cute chick in the tank top talking about guns’ gets more hits than videos like these, and yes, that can be sad since these ladies are awesome. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Randi Rogers and Jessie Harrison shoot and they make it look so easy you feel like you could just pick up any pistol and do what they do. You can’t. They can. I appreciate seeing women show interest in the shooting sports and guns in general given that our realm...
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This ad is genius. We’re winning folks!
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Are those of politicians whining about their chestnuts being in the fire. As expected, the media and local politicians who have been flaunting state preemption for years with no reproductions, have been foaming at the mouth ever since this bill was passed in Florida. I’ve probably seen at least an article every couple of days condemning it. That’s a good sign we need to bring this idea to other states, like Pennsylvania, who have plenty of local worms who pretend preemption is a mere...
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A while back when I was talking about getting a POV cam for USPSA, emailed me and asked if I’d like to review the Epic HD1080 High Definition Adventure Camera (at a discount) to which I replied “Duh!” Not but a few years ago, any video camera that was mountable and not a bajillion dollars ran at 15fps at 640x480 and made your webcam look crystal clear in comparison. Technology marches on and today you can get a high-definition video camera like the Epic HD1080 for under $200. ...
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Somehow it got in my eye Hat Tip ChrisM from #gunblogger_conspiracy
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Last weekend at USPSA, another shooter had an M&P with an Apex trigger system in it. I hadn’t put much stock into pistol triggers, assuming the nicer ones acted more like a single action where the break was ultra-crisp and that eventually I’d get one but it was down on my list of things to do. However, after trying the trigger on an M&P 9, I now know there is no way I can ever shoot this gun again until I get that system into my 40. I have never felt such an amazing trigger. Once you...
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Is that Faux Shizzle?
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But hey, that's a lot better than last time!  At 12:16pm the Virginia State Police responded to the shooting of a police officer on the Virginia Tech Campus. Just before 12:30 pm VT Police were notified by a witness that one of their police officers had been shot on campus.  VT police officers were dispatched to the scene of the shooting at that time. At 12:36 pm, VT Police dispatchers finally issued its first alert  which went out by text messages, e-mail, Twitter, and...
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I don’t really have a dog treat I think you’ve been put on the defensive on this topic enough that it’s turning into a reflex. Yes. I have. I apologize if my instant response to a negative OC story was Pavlovian. It comes from battling gun owners fighting me to keep OC from being legal here in Florida.
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But you’ve heard it all before. So, I’ll just keep it short. To say Open Carry makes you a target based on one or two incidents every few years is the same as the anti’s saying one or two CCW holders committing crimes represents all of us. Like Uncle says, as OC becomes more prevalent, there will be more cases of people having their gun taken from them, but to assume that OC is dangerous is just as silly as saying carrying a gun is dangerous and therefore you shouldn’t do it! The added danger...
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Destinee reviews the Baretta Nano I haven’t gone through her other videos, but there appears to be a considerable treasure trove of ‘em out there. You don’t see Japete putting up reviews of the latest anti-gun measures now do you?
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At UC Davis, there were no winners, only losers. In St. Louis, the cops came out on top with nary a molecule of capsaicin sprayed The rest were advised to please continue to protest, over there on the sidewalk … and what happened next was the most absolutely brilliant piece of crowd control policing I have heard of in my entire lifetime. All of the cops who weren’t busy transporting and processing the voluntary arrestees lined up, blocking the stairs down into the plaza. They stood...
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Went in to the popo to get a case number so the bank and associated parties can do whatever it is they do for these kinds of things. I’m the one reporting the crime, and let me tell you, after the 19th question that had to do with what I had for breakfast, I realized how thorough the cops are in ensuring they know every detail about anyone who walks through their doors.
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That was easy
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This Sunday I shot USPSA and was able to film all my stages using my new Epic HD POV cam I picked up from (review coming shortly). Using a head mounted camera, I can watch my shooting and try to pick up on anything that might help me improve as well as provide my readers an endless font of entertainment. First, the video And the standings. I came in 28th out of 42 and for my 3rd outing (only 2nd being scored), I’m pretty happy with that. I would have probably done a bit...
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Linoge is holding a Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser and giveaway. Let everyone know, mmkay?
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More people moving here to make guns! You don’t hear Pat Quinn making press releases about the Brady Campaign opening up an anti-gun factory in his state, now do you?
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The NY Times poops out another misinformed, rhetoric laden, fact free diatribe and that in and of itself is nothing special. However, this little gem gave me a chuckle. I don’t think Uncle Mikes makes a pocket holster for that model, unfortunately. Hat Tip Bob Owens, who takes the article to task.
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When those horses have already run away. Sebastian discusses a question from an anti-gunner on private sales. I respect that a lot of gunnies don’t want their  guns to end up in the hands of criminals, but I take exception to the whole “I won’t sell to anyone I don’t know personally” thing because it plays into the anti’s hands for no gain. Look, the problem isn’t selling a gun to a stranger any more than selling a set of knives at a yard sale is. You have no clue that the nice lady...
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A sad fact of life is that controversy and bombast bring in the hits. Many gun bloggers build their reputation by being aggregators of good stories, some beguile us with their wit and snark, some discuss the intricacies of the politics behind the Second Amendment, others discuss shooting competition or new hardware. And then there are those who only seem to have one button *insert eyeroll here*
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