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I’ve been working on some ‘glamor shots’ of my pistols. Literally my setup is a Nikon D5000, an SB-800 flash, a desk lamp and some printer paper. With a bit of Photoshop, I've gone from this To this (click to embiggenate)    My poor Dan Wesson is starting to show its age. Bluing is starting to fade, the endless nicks and scratches from 17 years of handling it, but still it’s a fine shooting firearm. Basically, I shoved a gum eraser behind the firearm to raise it up just a bit...
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So in the comments of a previous post, an interesting thought experiment was posed It'd be interesting to see what would happen if a 1st-rate industrial design studio took on re-designing the defensive handgun, and what affect that may have on firearms training. That got me to thinking, which was painful enough, but honestly I don’t see any monumental shift in how a gun could be redesigned. For a quick experiment, pretend you’ve lost your vocal cords in a horrific badminton accident and...
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My wife is awesome. She made me Guinness Stew Pie last night. I’m about to have it for lunch. Bonus – She only needed one bottle of Guinness.
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Very little assembly required. The congregation of the Church of John Moses Browning will not be pleased.
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But Linoge’s artwork puts all mine to shame I think that you can boil down the anti-gunner’s argument into one basic word – deodand. They either believe truly or at least try to make others believe that the gun is the cause of the crime and if we could just put the toothpaste back in the tube and rid ourselves of objects, then there would be peace amongst men, the lion would lay with the lamb, and Han wouldn’t have had to shoot first, he’d have talked out his issues with Greedo. Linoge does...
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2 men dressed as Santa rob a Swedish castle guard of his *loaded* AK5. Seriously, we need to ban Swedish guards as they are an easy source for illegal weaponry. Full auto, illegal weaponry if my memory serves. This happened in the middle of the night where I’m sure that boredom overrode Condition Yellow into White. I also don’t know if the Swedes are allowed to shoot. He may have not had that option, or he may have just been jumped, the article doesn’t give much detail. All I can say is make...
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Me? I overindulged a bit on Christmas dinner and spent the vast majority of the day in bed yesterday. Still not 100%, but that’s what I get for making a pig of myself (no drinking, just eating too much). May be a while before I can even consider eating ham. I’ll keep you up to date.
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For to us a child is born,    to us a son is given,    and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
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I’ve made more money this year on this blog than the VPC has raised in donations That’s better than anything I could find in my stocking! Hat tip Joe Huffman
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The Gunblogger Conspiracy had a Secret Santa gift exchange this year. I got Caleb’s name and ended up designing him a great mug. My name was drawn by the lovely Dixie and I received an awesome set of Gunsmith’s Brass Punches No more using my nail setting punch to remove pins any more! I’m ecstatic about the gift as it’s something I’ve needed for quite some time but just never got around to getting it. I may never get my guns back together, but dammit they’ll come apart much easier! Thanks...
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I got a package in the mail today. It was my wheelbarrow full of cash I LOL’d. Thanks JK
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Sends in his goons to punish the little boy who pointed it out SACRAMENTO, CA - An airline pilot is being disciplined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for posting video on YouTube pointing out what he believes are serious flaws in airport security. … The YouTube videos, posted Nov. 28, show what the pilot calls the irony of flight crews being forced to go through TSA screening while ground crew who service the aircraft are able to access secure areas simply by...
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My apologies for the distinct ‘non-blog’ feeling of the blog. Have been ultra busy at work, the dead ‘puter, and just the general hectic life that happens near the end of the year. The next year, however, is going to be a lot different. Looks like I’m going to be stepping out from behind the keyboard and getting my hands dirty in the behind the scenes political machinations here in Florida as well as having a lot of reviews slated, and more than just ammo ;) It’s sad that I have a lot to say...
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Got a new video card today. During it’s installation, the motherboard died. Had to buy a new mobo. Windows 7 refused to open. Had to reinstall. Am reinstalling right now. Did I mention this sucks?
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At this precise moment, I have a headache. I’m also dog tired and could fall asleep at my desk on a moment’s notice. Why? At precisely 2:15 AM-ish, my alarm went off. I sluggishly got out of bed (do you know how damn near impossible it is to swipe the “Slide to Unlock” on an iPhone at 2 in the morning?), got dressed into some sweats and my coat, and woke up my oldest daughter, Georgia. Irelyn was too sleepy to get up. We then went outside and watched the lunar eclipse. I chose that time...
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Merlin discusses its role in our society You know, I wish inanimate objects did have the ability to perform actions without the influence of humans. Then my computer would be writing code for me.
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Even thought I’ve always enjoyed Bond movies, up until now I had never read the original Ian Flemming books. I’m reading Casino Royale right now and grudgingly have to admit that Daniel Craig matches the Bond in the book more closely than any other actor, including Connery. In fact, in my mind I was originally seeing the Sean Connery Bond but the deeper I got into the book, the more the Craig version stood out.
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The original Tron was something of a watershed in my youth. I knew after watching that movie that I was going to be a geek and was happy about my decision. Something about Frisbees and black-lights mesmerized a 10 year old me and then there was that whole “OMG! A computer drew that!” portion that was so amazing (as a side note, only about 15 minutes of the film are actually computer generated). Fast forward nearly 30 years and we have Tron Legacy. When I first heard this was coming out, I...
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So, like most of the gunnies I know, I’m pretty anal about eye protection. If you ain’t got something covering tus ojos, you ain’t shooting with me. However, in some ways, I’m pretty hypocritical about it. I’ve never really purchased a set of eyes that cost more than $8. If I’m shooting outside, I just wear my sunglasses. These aren’t exactly the best things I can do to protect my vision, and it’s time to change that. When training at Blackwater, I had a .45 casing get lodged twixt my...
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JayG gets his review on for Gun Holsters and Gear reviewing the backup gun’s backup gun – The North American Arms Mini revolver. I can say that writing ‘semi-professionally’ is a lot harder than it seems. You have to balance the desire to drop an f-bomb for a humorous effect with the need to ensure the article is taken seriously. I’m still working on that balance, by the way. Let’s just say sometimes what I send them doesn’t exactly make it into the final article ;) I look forward to more...
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My post the other day asking people to describe what makes a handgun caliber effective without describing or naming a particular round was meant for more than hornets’ nest stirring or blatant link whoring (that was just a happy side effect). It was an attempt to illustrate that the definition of what makes a handgun cartridge effective for self defense covers a wide swath of calibers. The interesting thing is that the definition of ‘effective’ changes per person, and often per situation per...
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Turns out the nut who offed himself after shooting up a school board meeting was a convicted felon. State prison records show Duke was charged in October 1999 with aggravated stalking, shooting or throwing a missile into a building or vehicle and obstructing justice. He was convicted and sentenced in January 2000 to five years in prison but was released in January 2004. One, it’s impossible to get a gun into a ‘gun free zone’. Two, the Brady Background Annoyance Check prevents...
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Let’s say I’m at a school board meeting. Because it’s a school function, I’m disarmed because there is absolutely no reason to have a gun on my person and I’m a law abiding citizen. Should I die because I’m law abiding? Reporter Nadeen Yanes told her station that he then pulled a handgun and started talking. School Board member Ginger Littleton struck the gunman with her purse and he pushed her to the ground and started firing randomly. This guy was assured that none of his victims...
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My latest ammo review is up at Gun Holsters & Gear
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Mayonnaise packets – apparently they do expire at some point in time.
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You know what, Michelle Obama? Why don’t you take your child nutrition pabulum and shove it up your ass (which, by the way clearly shows you and ‘healthy eating’ aren’t exactly on speaking terms)? I am perfectly capable of looking after myself as well as my family. I don’t need you or your thunder-thighs telling me how to feed my kids. And I definitely don’t need you or your husband extracting my hard earned money out at gunpoint to ensure some other fat slob doesn’t send little Johnny to...
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Tam sent me this
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Especially when you’re a gun banner. I think I’m pretty much done with japete. She’s useless and really only gets traffic from us gunnies anyway. Plus, she’s so afraid of alternate points of views, she moderates her comments. She’s banned Sean and one I put up today never made it through as have a few others I’ve left. I don’t moderate here. I can’t. I never wrote moderation code to make it happen. And I let every comment stand that isn’t clearly spam, hasn’t been warned ahead of time, or...
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Strictly speaking handguns, what makes a particular caliber good? What makes them useful for self defense? What criteria should you look at when selecting a firearm insofar as it’s caliber is concerned? Here’s the trick – Discuss why you should choose a particular caliber, but you are not allowed to mention any caliber by name / size / Dewey Decimal Number / etc. You must describe the properties of the round that makes it useful for self defense, period. Can you do it? I will get all japete..
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Bill Quick opines about the difficulty in retrieving some firearms of his from another state and bringing them back to California. One of the commenters mentions that technically, he could drive to IN, disassemble the firearms, store the parts in separate containers, and not even have a casing of ammo in the car and be within the laws. To which I replied, if we’re having to do all that to obtain weaponry, then it’s kind moot to get them anyway. This is why I fight against gun laws. I’m 100%...
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Senate Bill 234 has been introduced Firearms: Provides that a person in compliance with the terms of a concealed carry license may carry openly notwithstanding specified provisions. Allows the Division of Licensing of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to take fingerprints from concealed carry license applicants. Limits a prohibition on carrying a concealed weapon or firearm into an elementary or secondary school facility, career center, or college or university facility to...
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Hartsfield airport to no longer hassle people carrying guns into non-sterile areas. Tampa Airport (TPA) considers everything off limits the instant you step out of your car. Lord knows it doesn’t make a lick of sense and there are certain, local gun bloggers who may have committed accidental felonies multiple times by carrying in there because he or she didn’t realize that TPA had such stupid rules. If we can be trusted to have weapons in pretty much any place in the state, it’s only common...
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Yes, your new pizza is much better than your old stuff. Yes, I appreciate you sending me emails informing me that I still can get 2, 2 topping, medium pizzas for only $5.99 each. While annoying, I do realize sending me emails telling me I can get artery clogging lunch for cheap too. However, your pizza does most emphatically not make for a good Christmas gift idea.
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For elves?
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From an email conversation discussing having to mail a pistol to an FFL and pay for a ‘transfer’ if you simply want someone else to try it That’s retarded, with a piquant bouquet of predictability and a faint aftertaste of bureaucracy. I’d say the aftertaste is overwhelming, but yeah, like that.
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From the esteemed Tam The FBI is beginning to remind me of a guy I used to know who would mutter "I just saved your life!" every time he drove past a pedestrian in the street.
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Cops are complaining the .40 S&W is too wimpy and need something with a bit more oomph. What really happened is some cop shot a 10mm and decided the entire department should have that kind of awesome on their belts. As a side note (before I get pdb in here showing me pictures of jello with holes in it), I am well aware that it’s a handgun round and woefully underpowered for dispatching goblins effectively. My view is you carry the most gun you can shoot accurately, has enough capacity,...
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.380 ACP. Not a lot of fun to shoot out of a puny Kel-Tec P3AT, but it’s vital that you practice, and I got to test a few types of inexpensive ammo that makes for good practice. Although the next time I’m asked to pop off 150 rounds of .380, I’m asking for more money. FTC Disclaimer – I’ve been hitting the treadmill lately and the glutes are just so smoochable!
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This is one of the many reasons why Global Warming Cooling Climate Change is a farce – the people who support it are so scientifically illiterate that they fall for the ‘Ban the Use of Dihydrogen Monoxide’ gag. These are people who are gathering for nations to decide on how to best transfer wealth punish the United States combat Global Warming Cooling Climate Change. You’d think they’d know enough about science or at least be curious enough to ask questions in regards to something they don’t...
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Pizza delivery guy shoots choir boy who was only looking for ‘forced donations to feed the needy’. A person who read the story was concerned that said delivery person would be terminated for his audacity in defending his own life. Chain owner replies While I do not own the Nippers Corner store, I wanted to assure you that the policies of both the Nippers owner and my own are such that we not only allow, but encourage our drivers with valid HCPs to carry while working. HUZZAH!
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Plastic cases for ammunition. Shotguns use them albeit with a brass base. Seems like a strong enough plastic could be a heck of a lot lighter, cheaper and easier to make. Now, heat transfer is a bonus when it comes to brass cases. A lot of the heat gets dumped with the casing as it exits the firearm. I don’t know how much that affects the firearm or if it’s significant enough how you would counteract the heat buildup while using plastic. If I recall correctly, that was one of the big issues...
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Florida has preemption when it comes to gun laws. Cities or counties cannot regulate firearms stronger than state law. Unfortunately, like most governmental agencies, many a mayor or city councilweasel believe themselves to be above the law and have passed ‘laws’ that interfere with Floridian’s right to keep and bear arms. Currently, the laws themselves are nothing more than an annoyance. Due to preemption, you will be protected in the case of an arrest from one of these ‘illegal laws’....
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Otherwise, I’d spend an inordinate amount of time faking up all sorts of conspiracy related documentation and ‘adding’ them into Wikileaks. Could you imagine what the conspiracy theorists would do with an entire years worth of flight plans for the chemtrails, photographs of the other snipers in position for the Kennedy assassination, and the prop list for the moon landing set?
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I’ve enjoyed reading RobertaX’s I Work on a Starship series. I started in the middle and have been wanting to start over so that I have a bit more context to work from. When I found out she was going to publish it, I was ecstatic! A few days ago, Roberta emailed me asking if I could work on a logo for her ship, the USAS Lupine. The parameters were fascinating – The Lupine was originally a military vessel that is now a commercial one. Lupine indicates something that is akin to a wolf, and the...
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A double decaf mocha latte about 3’ tall. That, and a company with a ‘no-gun’ policy deciding after an employee carries a concealed weapon against their rule and ends up protecting his own life while at work decides to reevaluate their policy Then there’s the barista’s boss, Travis Boersma. He and his brother started the Dutch Bros. coffee chain in 1992. Instead of firing the young man for violating company policy, Boersma told, “Under this unique circumstance, the...
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Sometimes, it’s probably not the best idea Hat Tip Linoge
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A while back when I ordered my CED M2 chronograph and other items from MidwayUSA, I noticed that after a few days, my items hadn’t shipped. A quick email and I got a response apologizing for the delay, but that they were installing a new warehouse system and that my order had gotten displaced during the switch over. Honestly, I didn’t really think too much about it. Things like that happen, and Midway has always been great for customer service. Today in the mail, I received a letter from...
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