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They finally have a good story to pin on everyone why OC is such a terrible idea. Security guard today just tried to physically dis-arm me. Grabbed my right arm with his left hand and attempted to grab my pistol grip with his right. Elbow to the face and a back step rear kick/shin scrape to his right knee/shin...turned and hit him with a full body roundhouse punch. Knocked his a$$ out cold. Because the cops were called I can't give full details until everything is settled but it was at a...
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Phil over at Random Nuclear Strikes has a link to some article about HSA's and how evil they are. The comments are telling, as "Wingnuts" are dismissed as 'non sentient', a great method of making one's enemies sub human. People who supported slavery did the same thing to blacks, as do jihadists for the same reasons. Anyway, the main thrust is that some HSA CEO stole money (which is illegal) and therefore HSA's are bad ideas. For whatever reason, most articles hatin' on HSA's seem to...
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But damn if it doesn't jump up and down, pointing its fingers and going "Pssst! Look over THERE" With just two days left in the year, according to preliminary numbers from the police department, the District has had 138 homicides compared with 184 at the same time last year, setting up the city to record the lowest number of homicides since 1964, when 132 were reported killed. Now, nowhere in the article does it mention the fact that thugs now had to take into consideration that...
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From Say Uncle You'll shoot your eye out. And the neighbor's eye. And possibly your neighbor's neighbor's eye. But then it'll jam on the next shot.
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My home grown blogging platform, Ansible, has been churning along just fine. Now that I have a decent job where I'm coding a lot more, I've not really had the need to do extra curricular activities at home, and Ansible has take a bit of a back burner. Alas, there are still several things I really need to do. First, I need to complete the transition to LINQ as well as using the Entity Framework. I'm partially there, but the code isn't in a decent state right now. When I switched servers, I once...
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So, I've already complained about last year's dearth of firearms purchases. This upcoming year doesn't look to be any more promising. One of my biggest issues is that technically speaking, I've got all my 'needs' covered. Shotguns, Evil Black Rifles, .22s for training, CCW pieces, revolvers, competition rigs, etc. I don't need anything. So, considering that I might only get one chance at purchasing a firearm this year, what should it be? Here are some things to consider. First and foremost, I...
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Sebastian digs up some scary shit from the MAIG group. It is out in the open now, they can no longer hide that they are a gun banning organization. Not that we didn't know this already, but at least it's in print where they can't deny it. The scariest part is that, like Sebastian says, this group knows the ATF and how to get around that pesky Constitution and avoid anything that has to deal with voters and whatnot. The Brady's and the VPC are as good as useless for anything except soundbites...
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This year saw only ONE firearm purchase. So far, 2010 doesn't look to 'purchase happy' either.
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You'd see signs at the airport that say Due to increased airline security, federal regulations require that all firearms remain concealed and loaded with frangible ammunition. If you are carrying a weapon, please let your stewardess know so that you may be placed at strategic locations throughout the aircraft.
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Some idiot tries to blow up a plane with his underwear, the "Alleged Hawaiian" gives INTERPOL full immunity, and a little girl is suspended for bringing peppermint oil to school. Grrr…
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Outdoor Life is taking a poll as to who has done the most to promoting hunting, fishing, and conservation, and I was wondering if you would give a mention to Lowell Baier, whose voting page is here: Lowell is a friend, and a serious hunter and shooter. President of Boone and Crockett, cofounder of Safari Club’s National Capital Chapter, Life Member of NRA, member of International Wild Sheep Hunters’ Association. Last...
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The Anti's always tell us "More guns = More Crime". Are they right? Most emphatically, no Preliminary statistics released by the FBI for the first half of 2009 show that violent crime continues a downward trend that began in 2006. The figures show crime falling in all categories–robbery, aggravated assault, motor vehicle thefts, etc.–with murders down a remarkable 10 percent from the previous year.
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At one of the Gun Blogger get-togethers, I joked around about what gun controllers must do for entertainment – hit up the anti-gun range or go to an anti-gun show. We all had a good laugh over that, but it stuck in my head for a while, and I think I've finally got a handle on why that pithy statement meant something to me. Think about it – this past weekend, both Breda and I took a new shooter to the range. In both cases, it was pretty evident we've created new shooters. At the least, we've...
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So, this weekend I managed to take a new shooter to the range. A coworker of my wife called because her 18 year old daughter was home from college and was looking to rent a gun somewhere and try some shooting. The local range no longer rents guns as they had a few suicides last year and made that decision. I commented that I would be more than happy to provide the pistols, ammunition, targets, and training. I was planning on paying for the range time too, but her father took care of that. ...
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I think you're an idiot. I DARE you to try to imprison me for saying so you statist piece of crap. For those of you not in the know, Alan Grayson, a soon to be single term shit stain congress weasel, has threatened a blogger who runs Alan Grayson is Nuts with 5 years in prison for her website. Think about it folks. He has made a direct threat to silence someone who dares to go against him, violating the very basis of the First Amendment. He does so by trying to claim fraud and constantly...
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Apparently, my iPhone version of Bookworm is tired of me The most irritating part is I couldn't use it as a word.
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  One of the things I've always admired about the Jewish culture is what appears to be an ingrained trait of perseverance. You can see it today with Israel and her constant battle against forces that would want to see her wiped off the map, and you can read about it in the story behind Chanukah When the Macabees went out to battle, they had no feasible chance of winning. Not only were the Jews fewer and weaker than the well-oiled Syrian Greek war machine, but amongst the Jews...
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US Citizen is looking at a Dual Ma Duce. I couldn't afford to feed that thing for 10 seconds.
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A year ago, my native home town of Atlanta decided that people with CCW's were ok to ride mass transit carrying their weapons. And just like every other time the law abiding are allowed to exercise their rights, nothing happened. It's almost like the anti-gun forces are lying to us.
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Complete with human sacrifices. Just die off already!
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My deepest condolences to the bloggers at Carnaby Fudge.
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A few weeks ago, I was flossing and managed to pop out a filling on a molar. Didn't hurt, but it was uncomfortable to chew. I put in some of that temporary filling stuff, but it only lasts a few days at best and food would constantly get jammed between the teeth, making the gum sore as hell. The soonest I could get the appointment was today, which kind of sucked because at the time I made the appointment, I had insurance. Now, I'm temporarily self insured during my probationary period at he...
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So… What bands / musical artists are you surprised to learn they have more than one song. As in, each and every song sounds pretty much the same? Off the top of my head Red Hot Chili Peppers Rage Against the Machine Stevie Ray Vaughn Let the battle begin.
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JayG takes his newly acquired lightsabers lasers out for a spin and has an astute observation One thing that jumped out at me as I was shooting with the laser sights was that it wasn't a panacea for shooting issues. I had expected to sight the laser in on the X-ring, then be able to chew out the X with boring precision. It doesn't work that way at all - things like smooth trigger control, sight picture, etc. are still important and can still wreak havoc with your shooting even with a laser..
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While both are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, one right gets treated a little differently Before engaging in new free speech you must pass an instant background check by a government authorized free speech dealer.  Sorry, if your name is like someone else prohibited from speech and religion, it is up to you to prove you’re not that person. (NICS instant background check and Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993) Any speech or work with more than 10 sentences per page...
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When you are taught that a sign is all the protection you need from criminals, this isn't surprising. The business end of a pistol makes the same point, only with a bit more emphasis.
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Glock vs. 1911 AK vs. AR-15 My invisible man in the sky vs. your invisible man in the sky. Best Metallica cover / original song.
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Yesterday at lunch, the restaurant happened to have CNN on the boob-tube. I couldn't hear it, it was across the room and probably muted, but from the splashy graphics I could tell it was all about the dire warnings of how people are dying in the streets by the droves because of a lack of medical care. "UNEMPLOYED AND UNINSURED!!!!", "BREAKING NEWS – OVER 20,000,000,000,000 AMERICANS NOW WITHOUT INSURANCE!!", "LACK OF HEALTH INSURANCE TO BLAME FOR GLOBAL WARMING!",...
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The Firearm Blog has a post up regarding Magpul's new Angled Forward Grip. This is something that looks very interesting to me as I've never liked vertical grips on any rifle, especially an AR pattern. If you look at the picture of me from Blackwater using the Para USA TTR, you'll notice I completely forgo the front grip and grab pretty much in the same manner (however I had to grab much closer than I prefer mostly because the forward grip was in my way). Definitely something I'd like...
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If you have to rely on waiting until the Point of Sale to stop the wrong people from obtaining firearms, you're deluded. Apparently, that's the metric Paul Helmke uses to calculate success. Thanks Paul for validating my statement. Notice how "blocked sales" are his metric of choice. Not a reduced crime rate, not lower shootings, but simply the number of times the cash register doesn't go 'ding'. It appears false negatives are also included in that number. You know how to tell that...
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