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Who's there? Well, sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. The little chat button doesn't seem to indicate when I'm actually not here, so if you say hi and I don't respond in a minute or two (*cough*Breda*cough*) don't give up hope!
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If she sees this I don't think I'd be able to withstand the whining if I didn't buy it for her.
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My wife found this recipe a while back, and let me tell you it has been a family favorite ever since. You'll need the following ingredients Fresh pineapple rings. The canned stuff just doesn't cut it. Cheddar cheese (I like the chipotle slices if I can find them) Sliced ham Bagels BBQ Sauce. I highly recommend Sweet Baby Rays, especially the chipotle kind if you like a little heat First, toast the bagels a little. Smear each half of a bagel with BBQ sauce, top with ham, then pineapple,...
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Why shouldn't we require licensing for having children? Nobody would be "denied" having children, but you'd have to take courses, pass a mental competence test, waive your 4th amendment rights from time to time for surprise inspections and have 20,000 laws which dictate exactly how you may raise your children - laws which differ from county to county, state to state and pay a fee that has to be renewed from time to time (only several hundred dollars). By poorly raising your child, he or she may...
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David at War on Guns Boy, if it's not who it looks like it is, someone is going to a lot of trouble to set up circumstantial evidence to frame him. That's why my call for an independent investigation is the only way to resolve this. I totally agree. While the evidence is circumstantial, it's fairly damning to Alex Riley. However, if it isn't Alex posting as NRAFOUREVER, whoever it is needs to be brought to light.
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I hear it all the time. The blood dancers scream "30,000 people die each year from violent firearm deaths!!!!!" It is repeated so often that most people probably take it for a fact. I'm here to kill that rumor once and for all. And I'm going to do it using the CDC's data itself. Go here to start. It's the WISQARS Injury Mortality Reports, 1999 - 2004. For question 1 1. What was the intent or manner of the injury? (Select one) Choose All Intents For question 2 2. What was the cause or...
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So I took the family to Busch Gardens yesterday. Before you go in, they have tables to go through your bags and backpacks with a stick. They ask you to take cameras out of their cases. Never was my hip checked for the pistol I carry*. So much for security... Now, there are no signs anywhere that indicate you are not allowed to carry into the park. There are no metal detectors that I am aware of. I looked online and saw no rules against CCW. But to go through everyone's purses does exactly what...
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For many of you out there who read gun blogs, this is going to be a little anti-climactic, but it's time we started putting the spotlight on one of the worst anti-rights individuals out there. First and foremost, let's have some up front honesty. Some of the information I am about to share with you will have to be taken on faith. If I can merge my face in with a Victoria's Secret model, I could easily fake the following screen shots. I assure you this is not the case and I would testify in...
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I just shaved off my beard. I don't recognize myself any more...
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It's going to get nasty here in a few days folks. I'm on vacation, spending time with my family, and just enjoying life for a few days. But when I return in earnest, I fully plan on blowing the lid off an anti-gun activist and his sock-puppetry vis-a-vis a huge strawman. I know many of my other fellow gun-bloggers are on this as well. Someone is in deep shit and is already trying to cover his tracks. Unfortunately, he left plenty of tracks here and at other blogs. Stay tuned.
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Remember I was talking about doing a comic strip? I finally nailed down the look of the main character. Meet Cooper. This, of course, is just a sketch (using a 6B pencil). Mostly it's going to be ink outlines with no shading, but this was an attempt to give him a little dimension to make sure it would work. Cooper is loosely a mix of an English sheepdog and a Greek sheepdog (Hellenikos Poimenikos). I wanted more muzzle than the English had but wanted to keep the fur to cover the eyes (I had...
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From all of us at the Sharp as a Marble compound, we wish you the most joyful of holidays and a very merry Christmas!
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In response to another "The Founding Fathers couldn't have foreseen advances in firearm technology" letter In counter, I'd like to suggest a five-day waiting period on publication, while the government background checks facts for accuracy, after which time Hammerle can spout off in a paper he prints with lead type and distributed on horseback, just as our Founders intended. Emphasis mine.
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A while ago my wife and I saw a commercial for some popcorn place. We both love it and the commercial was a bunch of people raving about how good it was, yadda yadda yadda. Now, we love popcorn but were skeptical that anything you ordered online could be worth a darn. However, this place was offering two free bags at the time so she went ahead and ordered some. That was the worst mistake she has ever made. What we got in the mail were two bags of popcorn from Dale and Thomas popcorn....
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I'm #1 on Google for "Christmas Carols for the Mentally Disturbed" Here's what they're looking for
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"Your ass being handed to you on line two". Good job Deb!
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Oleg considers the new ban on light bulbs Some days I wonder if I got lost on my way to America and ended up elsewhere... No, buddy. You made it here. But here is slowly moving somewhere else under our feet. This is what I was talking about when I discussed how our freedom is slowly eroding away. A light bulb here, transfat there, a specific "looking" firearm all around. Slow boiling of the frog.
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Alex Riley, formerly of "ILoveChuggingManChowderMoreThanYouLikeYourPistol" fame has decided to put himself in the spotlight by joining Cease Fire PA as a board member. Now, Alex was probably my most vicious commenter I've ever had here. Now he's gone and tried to hide his tracks by deleting his blogs (and trust me, he was a hateful, misogynistic, bigot). Alex Riley forgot that the Internet doesn't forget. Thirdpower reminds us of some of his greatest hits. Guess what Alex? When you were just a...
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And a filthy liar at that. I want to send as many people to the liar's page as I can. I want them to watch as we dissect his lies. I want everyone to see how he only can call names and lie to get his point across. There is no truth in what he speaks. I feel sorry for his brother who was killed in the line of duty. Not only that he lost his life but that his own brother uses his blood to dance in. Again, do not take my word for it. See it with your own eyes. Go read the liar. Read his words....
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We'll have to see how this goes, but to the right you will see a Windows Live Messenger window. If you see (online), feel free to say hello! I picked this up from a blog I just visited. I was looking at some code and had a question. The guy happened to have one of these on, and I saw he was online. So I asked a question. And got a response. I figured, maybe this would work for general blogging. So, do me a favor and send me a message to let me know it's working, or if you're having problems...
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A man defends his and his child's life - This man [Labidou] was clearly in fear for his life and felt like he had no other options than to use his legally-permanent hand gun, firing several shots to defend himself sticking both men. Emphasis mine. WTF is a legally permanent hand gun? Hat Tip Greg
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I like this turn of phrase A gun is a joy of engineering.  It is a nifty machine that throws a rock in a straight line.  It is classically civilized. It's an interesting (albeit a bit morbid) article that talks about the difference between knife and gun fights. It's actually a good read to understand why personally I think crimes committed with a knife are worse than those with a firearm. With the knife, it's personal.
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Mom is in her 3rd chemo treatment today. 3rd of 6 total. While technically "halfway" will be 10 days from now, as far as treatments go this is the middle. She's been able to hang in there. Tomorrow she'll be ok, Thursday she'll start feeling rough and will be out of commission on Friday and possibly the weekend. Then after that, she's ok until the next treatment with only the standard issues normally associated with chemotherapy. But, at least it is, for the most part, halfway over.
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Civil Liberties Insurance Device I like it. Thanks Scott!
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That someone being Greg. Here is my .22lr rifle that I own, brand new. I've had it for so long and it's some company I had never heard of, so I assumed they were defunct. It's good to know I can get some more magazines for it. I wonder how much for a new stock since mine is scratched up?
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Remember the "gun buy back" I talked about? Seems like out of the 270 million firearms in the US, they got 20. What a great way to spend $1000 of taxpayers' money! Especially when you read things like this "It is silly for us to think that the bad guys are going to bring their guns in,” said Jay Frank with the Sarasota Police Department. “We know that that they are not going to do that." [emphasis mine] And yet you hold these "symbolic" gestures that cost us money and quite often destroy...
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Dusted off my drawing gear... I might have something in the works soon.   It's been ages since I've done any drawing. I've wanted to do a comic strip since I was a kid. I can draw, but what I have a hard time doing is drawing consistently. Now that I can simply scan in my sketches and convert them to digital assets, I can use the computer to store the bits and pieces and simply put them together as needed. Plus, the computer can help me with things like perspective and scenery. Let's see if...
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That didn't take long, now did it?
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Well, it's not gun free if people get shot Despite the outlawing of handguns and clamping down on other firearms in 1997, after the massacre the previous year of 16 school children in Dunblane, the gun menace continues to escalate in the UK. Gun-related murders rose by 6 per cent to 53 in England and Wales, according to official figures for the year ending June 2007. Emphasis mine. Think about it. It's not like the US where you can find a gun shop every 10 miles. It takes a small act of God to...
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So, the oldest walked in when I just happened to see this And of course instantly claims she wants it. Great, my daughter will probably get an AR before I do...
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You honored my blog with your presence and you will be missed. Kind of interesting to think about how our blogs make us known to people we've never met, yet it's not like "celebrity" - the people who know us *want* to know us. Triticale was a regular reader here and vice versa. Sad day indeed.
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Should The Public Be Able To Get The Types Of Guns We Use In Iraq? I asked this question last week of the candidates for President now campaigning in Iowa, and I think that for most of the American people [pdf] the answer is clearly “no.” You know, for a report saying 85%+ support X, there's absolutely no push to get any laws passed. Hell, the only way Cook County can pass laws is to slide them under the radar. If so many people supported such gun control, why isn't it happening Paul? Probably...
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The back is rather hilarious as well
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Not here... Here Last month, we reported that Akron City Council president Marco Sommerville "accidentally" carried a loaded .38-caliber through security at Akron-Canton Airport. Seems he didn't notice all those big ass signs saying "No Guns Allowed." Well, according to the police and everyone else involved in the investigation, there is no need to put scare quotes around accidentally. Here's something to help you sleep at night, sweetie - I carry so often that I've walked into places with...
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In a town, not too far away, some idiot has decided to host a "gun buyback". Buyback? Did the city actually own the gun in the first place? How can you buy something back that was never yours? The rules as I see them are Up to $250.00 in cash will be paid for handguns, long guns and assault rifles. The guns must be in working condition and unloaded. Anyway, I'm thinking I could turn in Sasha. I only paid $80 for her, plus $50 for a new stock, but for $250 I could pick up a nice, used rifle at...
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I think the death penalty is warranted here LAKE WALES - While robbing an insurance business Thursday afternoon, a man set fire to two female employees, one of whom was five months' pregnant, according to police. He also shot a man in the face as he tried to help the women. None of the victims died, but that doesn't change the fact that this goblin tried to murder them. Just because he's lucky doesn't mean he's not deserving of having his birth certificate revoked. Of course, he had a...
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Breda worries about how much her blog is worth... Mine is worse... My blog is worth$-11.20 You actually owe us money.How much is your blog worth?
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Triticale is not doing well. I'm ashamed. His last post was in November and I totally didn't see him drop off the radar. Godspeed Triticale.
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It is considered "reasonable" to restrict 2A rights when the "greater good" is served. Law abiding citizens are told that it is in their best interest if they are closely monitored when purchasing firearms, licensed to do so, registration, fees, etc. since these "reasonable infringements" will somehow lower the number of guns in the hands of those who would use them with ill intent. The justification for this is that we have a crime problem. Some of that crime is committed with a firearm. And...
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JR has a wonderful conversation with a man who shot himself in the legs during an ND. As gunnies we're more inclined to call everything an ND rather than an AD and this case actually has some merit to the whole "negligent" angle. One thing to pull from this is whatever you carry, practice with. A gun you're not that familiar with can be a very dangerous thing.
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The first two paragraphs of this (sad) story Hillsborough County Animal Services took custody of these two dogs after a 9-year-old girl was bitten Wednesday afternoon. A 10-year-old girl was rushed to a hospital this afternoon after a dog bit her on the face, said Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Vida Morgan. By the end of the story, she was 97 and in a nursing home
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Breda indicates a, odd placement of a cannon and a nativity scene Clicky to Embiggie
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Anwyn writes Gun Advice Question, and sorry for the somewhat off-topic: I really like shooting the Ruger 22-45. But I'm guessing the 22 isn't really a good handgun to keep in your closet to use on intruders, eh? A 22 only slows bad guys down, is the general wisdom? So assuming that's true, what do you get for a bigger handgun that will stop an advancing thug but that is user-friendly without a ridiculous amount of recoil? Recoil is the main reason I don't just plan to buy a Glock 9mm, although...
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Seriously. What law is so powerful that even the deranged are cowed by its authority? He found Jason Wenger, 27, a graduate student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. According to the documents, Rogers told police he shot Wenger a few hours later during a carjacking at Wenger's West Anchorage home. When he wasn't able to get Wenger's body out of his Bronco quickly enough, Rogers fled on foot to a wooded spot, where he took a nap, he told police. At that point, he told police he was no...
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Tom Coburn does something I can respect The spurt of last-minute activity often makes the final weeks of a legislative session among the most productive. The time crunch, however, also can give a single lawmaker an opportunity to run out the clock on legislation by using procedural maneuvers. Coburn, 59, said he may do just that as lawmakers try to rush bills, sometimes without reading them, because there is a lot of pressure to pass them and go home. ... Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the...
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Just when you thought anti-gun idiots couldn't sink any lower. Seems a particular NRAFOUREVER troll wasn't too happy about getting her comments removed at various gun blogs, so said troll starts her own blog* posing as a Illiterate Gun Owner™ linking to us instead. So far, I've received one hit from the blog, and it's from NRAFOUREVER clicking on her own links. No wonder you guys are losing! *No link. You starve trolls by ignoring them or mocking them relentlessly by exposing them.
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Well, linking to Carolyn McCarthy is bound to produce PSH but ABC does nonetheless On the eve of the 14th anniversary of her husband's death at the hands of crazed gunman on a Long Island Railroad train, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy went to the house floor on December 6th to talk about another senseless shooting, this one at a mall in Omaha, Nebraska. "Yesterday's shootings was a terrible tragedy.  But unfortunately events like this happen almost every day. Every year we lose over 30,000 people to...
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Matt Sanchez, as interviewed by Right Wing News' John Hawkins Personally, I'd settle for gays serving, if Congressman John Murtha would stop outing himself as a Marine
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A lot of people are talking about the recent shootings. Some of it are conversations I've overheard, the others are through my news alerts. The big thing I see and hear is the concept that Gun Free Zones are useless. Anywhere. Everyone seems to be on the ball that an armed good guy is not the problem and is the only one who will obey the rules anyway. I have a feeling we're about to see a significant shift in gun rights. Just a hunch. A lot of these places I've read in my alerts have nothing to...
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I want to know how I can get a scholarship to Thug-U. You know, the school where criminals are trained in the art of disarming gun wielding victims? Because I hear that charge all the time - "If you have a gun, the criminal will simply take it from you and use it on you." Wow! There must be a pretty intensive course you take on how to disarm people if criminals are that good. Not only must you pass a rigorous hand-eye coordination drill, but I hear the written part is a bitch. No, the reality...
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Insty links to this A GUN-FREE ZONE LIABILITY ACT: "If you create a gun-free zone, you're liable for any harm it causes." Maybe instead of making it a penalty thing, we reward them instead? "Unless you create an environment that prevents self defense, you are not liable for any damages caused by other's violent actions" Seriously. If I'm in Macy's and some guy comes in shooting everyone, why should Macy's be held responsible? Businesses generally have "no gun" policies simply to cover their...
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Jeanne Assam is a hero. There is nothing I can laud upon this woman that makes what she did any greater of a feat. But I don't want to focus on her right now, I want to focus on this (from the Smallest Minority) If what I heard on the radio this afternoon is correct, there were three armed security people at the church in Colorado Springs. Only one willingly engaged the shooter, calmly walking towards him, firing the entire time. Jeanne Assam fired approximately twelve rounds, and took down...
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Took the crumb snatchers to the Winter Wonderland at the local zoo Friday night. We ended up getting their faces painted and they were so cute the face painting lady wanted the picture for her web site. We're sending this out in our Christmas cards. If you put your coffee or tea near the screen, this picture will sweeten it. I promise.
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Couldn't get any of my music to play at work, which makes working hard (I like tunes when coding). I clicked on the volume icon and was greeting with a loud "DONK" informing me there were no sound devices available. So I clicked on it again to hear the warning sound. And sure as hell, it "DONK"ed again at me. Which reminded me of the computer I used to have that would read "Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue".
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If this guy is for real (and I have no reason to doubt it at the moment) and he has a CCW and was forbidden to carry it at the Von Maur mall, then he should have standing for a lawsuit. Here's someone who happened to be at the right place at the right time disarmed for all the wrong reasons. It's time to make businesses like this mall (and, my own experiences, American Signature Furniture) pay for their insistence that we remain sheep for the slaughter. Update: I should learn to read better. He...
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This blogger is a classic example of the Reasoned Discourse™ we've come to expect from anti-gun bigots. I found the link from Snowflakes in Hell and decided to follow it over to see what was going on. Sure enough, another undereducated (when it comes to firearms) blogger was going on about needing more gun laws. Like most anti-rights bloggers, this one "moderates" his comments. Now, many people moderate comments to prevent nasty trolls or spam. While I prefer erasing them after the fact, to...
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This is not something I normally do as I don't mind it when people disagree with me, even those who are rude. But this NRAFOUREVER chick is especially noxious and I'm not going to let her use my space to spread her venom. I see she's left steaming piles over at Days of Our Trailers and The Real Gun Guys. Who knows where else. I guess there's not much to do in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
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Over at Daily Pundit, I wrote You know what's different between a used car salesman and a journalist writing about guns? The salesman knows he's lying.
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I signed up for my local rag's "Online Alerts". I basically get a screen shot of the home page sent to me twice a day, and any Late Breaking News. This is what I get treated to ================ BREAKING NEWS ============================== Breaking News Update: Former American Idol star Jessica Sierra pleaded not guilty to charges filed Saturday. She will stay in jail until at least Dec. 20. Details at Seriously. Who the $^(*&# gives a shit? Last week was all "Hulk...
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Wrap 'em in meat!. Yes ladies and gentlemen, when it comes time to enjoy asparagus, nothing beats coating them in olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper, then wrapping their little green carcasses in partially cooked bacon and shoving them in a 425° oven for 12 minutes. Nothing. My oldest daughter runs around the house all excited when we make asparagus. It's her favorite. She ate two of those bundles you see up there. Oh, how the tips simply turn crispy and how the fat from the bacon just absorbs...
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Mail from Sharp as a Marble:Sender: u better chill yo ugly ass up kidEmail: Hamid_pmp@yahoo.comIP Address: little boy we bet the hell out of yall little hatrs! Anyone care to help me decipher this? I don't speak idiot. Update - Looking through my logs, it seems this love letter comes way of someone from Franklin, Ohio who apparently wasn't too happy with my article wishing a loss on the Iraqi Soccer Team. Like most of the hate mail I've...
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I get really tired of people telling me the 10 Commandments are "written in stone". Well, technically they were written in stone, but that's not what I mean. What I mean is that the so called "Laws of God" mean something different today than they did thousands of years ago and it's time we started treating the 10 Commandments as the Living, Breathing Document it truly is. Take for example #1 - I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. The archaic language notwithstanding...
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That's a great way to describe pacifists. I'm sure even parasites like Kelli~ have no problems with police officers risking their lives and using violence. I mean, why dirty your own hands when you can just pay someone $30k a year to do it for you and you get to pretend you're still holding the high ground?
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Here's a proposal. It's something I've said before, but I'm wanting to repeat it here. The general populace should be allowed to own the same firearms as their local police. If the police are allowed to have fully automatic handguns, so should John and Jane Citizen. The S.W.A.T. team is armed with concussion grenades and 50 Cal. sniper rifles? I should be able to purchase them without any restrictions. If you cannot trust J&J Citizen then you need to disarm the police as well. Nothing says...
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Nicki calls Laura Washington a 'twit'. Deservedly so, if I might add.
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Kari says:     want to go to Nashville for the FSU vs. Kentucky bowl game?Robb Allen says:     Have fun...Kari says:     why wouldn't you want to goRobb Allen says:     Because then it's *twice* as expensiveKari says:     I'm not serious, though I think one year it would be fun for us to go to a bowl game together. The game is on new year's eveRobb Allen says:     We have... Don't you remember having to suffer through "Proud to be an American"?Kari says:     I mean one that is out of state and...
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I don't mind that you can pick up Uranium Ore off of Amazon This isn't the stuff you put in bombs and it's not going to give you cancer if you hold it. It's very, very, very weak stuff. No, what bothers me most is this... I'm... speechless... Hat Tip Evan at Brain Terminal
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